Body Rolling Foot Wakers


The Tool That Can Help Alleviate Foot Pain!

Whether caused by fatigue, unsupportive footwear, weight, or muscle dysfunction, unaddressed foot pain may affect one’s lifestyle, or worse, cause severe injury. The Body Rolling Foot Wakers can help dig deep into sore and tired muscles, stimulate blood circulation, and target reflexology points! With Foot Wakers, it is easy to add foot fitness to your daily routine. Use them sitting at your desk, watching TV, or relaxing. Use while standing up for increased intensity.

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Product Description


-Stimulates the feet and improves circulation
-Versatile, convenient and easy to use
-Compact, portable and perfect for travel
-Used for people with fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, sore feet, reflexology, bunions and hammertoes


Material: PVC
Size: 16.5×8.5cm



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