Bloom Napkin Holder

Simple Napkins Turn into Romantic Roses Impress your Family and Guests with a Unique Table Setting.
It takes only three seconds for napkins to make tulips, roses, calla, etc. Suitable for any occasion, parties, reunions, dinners, and events.

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Product Description

Create lovely blooming folded flowers on your table set up.
Craft different floral types that you want, from tulips to roses, calla lilies, and more.
Set it up on a plate, in a champagne glass or vase for added sophistication.
It functions as a napkin holder & a table decoration Cat at the same time!
Replace common napkin rings with an innovative and fresh design.

Easy to use:

3-Step Method, fold, insert and twist into a flower!
Insert a folded PAPER NAPKIN in the designated slot and twist.
It’s that simple when folded, Bloom Napkin Holder forms a beautiful and elegant flower bud that can be showcased on a table, planter, vase, or plate.
Color: Green
Material: ABS plastic

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