Bird Shaped Plant Self Watering Glass Globes

💦it can supply water for 2 weeks continuously, even if forget to water or go out to travel also need not to worry about plants dry.
Transparent glass can attract a lot of flower and plant growers.
These self-watering bulbs look classy in the garden yet provide great help to your plants when you’re away on vacation.
They know exactly how much water your plants will need and add an elegant decoration to your backyard!

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Product Description

Main Features:
Self-watering: To grow healthier plants by preventing excessive or insufficient watering. Automatically water your plants for up to 2 weeks, perfect for vacations and useful for your plants. The results may vary depending on different conditions, soil, or plant types.
How to use: First fill the bird-shaped self-sufficient plant watering ball with water; Then wrap the spout with a sponge or permeable cloth to prevent clogging, and finally use other tools to dig a hole in the  soil, and then insert the watering bird into it.
Reliable Packaging: No worries about a breaks during shipping – bird clear durable glass globes prevented from breaking in polyfoam box.
Gift: Beautiful bird Design glass watering globes – best choice for a holiday present, gift for friends and families.




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