Beauty Blender Mini Washing Machine Cleaner

Both Signs your beauty blender or makeup brushes need a cleaning.

All too often we get caught up in day to day activities and don’t clean these items enough. Now you can easily clean them every day with this fun mini washing machine!

This make up brush and beauty blender cleaner is exactly what you need!
Keep your favorite brushes clean and sanitary with this adorable beauty blender washing machine.
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Product Description

This mini electric washing machine is battery operated to rinse and spin your favorite makeup brushes for a quick and effective rinse cycle without making a mess.
This mini makeup brush washing machine can sit on-top of your vanity so you can wash your brushes even without direct access to water.
Load your cosmetic brushes in the washer, add some water and brush cleanser, and turn it on for a quick clean.
When the cycle is done, drain the dirty water with from the attached tube and give it a rinse!

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