In order to withstand the strong wind and snow outside in winter, one often has to wear a thick hat, warm scarf and sometimes even a mask. It is very inconvenient to bring these clothes with you whenever you go out. Our Beanie Hat with Scarf and Mask already has these three parts. Now you can wear this single product and always stay warm!

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Product Description

Main Features –

3 functions in 1 product – With this Beanie hat you can do without scarf and mask. The special design of this product has combined a cap, a scarf and a mask together. This will keep your head warm and comfortable without having to bring along 3 garments.

Versatile carrying – you can choose how you want to wear this beanie hat. The mask and scarf are removable so you can use this product according to your needs. Very convenient!

Comfortable and warm – gently wrap your head with this product. Soft and warm Flannel interior keeps your head warm while not irritating the skin. The fabrics are skin-friendly, cuddly and comfortable. A must-have for winter!

High quality premium skin friendly materials are used. The distribution of the flannel is very even. No sloping lint. Soft and warm! The fabrics are thick, warm, soft and very comfortable. In addition, the materials are very breathing and dehumidifying. It offers you a cozy feeling.


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