Balla – Balls Shaver For Men

Men! It’s time to nip those pubes in the bud. And no, regular clippers and trimmers won’t do—you need something that doesn’t give you anxiety every time you’ve got to groom down there. You need Balla.

Not only does it turn your little guy from a hairy grizzly to a well-groomed gent, but also lets you trim excess hair from sensitive areas around the crotch area. So go on, get busy grooming your mini-member.

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Product Description

Nicks, No More: Ever tried to groom your sensitive areas with a regular trimmer and got snags and nicks? Our blade guards shield your skin from coming in contact with the ceramic blades while ensuring a clean cut of the hair without any tugging.

From bushes to stubble: Got a full-grown caveman down there or an evening shadow? Whatever it is, Balla The ULTIMATE Balls Shaver For Men can work on hairs of all sizes and textures.

Shower Friendly: You don’t have to stand awkwardly over the toilet seat to get a quick trim. The Balla Balls Shaver For Men works under a shower too.

Wireless Design: The rechargeable battery offers you up to 90 minutes of trimming. So unless you’re grooming an elephant, one charge will last you for many uses.

A team player: The Balla Balls Shaver For Men doesn’t just help groom down there, but the rest of your body too. Now that’s what we call a real team player.



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