Baby Waist Carrier

Baby Carrier Waist Stool Walkers is a unique, strapless baby carrier that helps you carry your kids comfortably & easily access the things you need.

Let’s be real: Carrying your kids is a big fat pain in the neck, back, arms, hips, a**. Between hoisting them up, shifting them from one side to another, smooshing them into hot little sacks, or strapping them into complicated carriers, it’s surprisingly difficult. It’s not easy. But it should be. Ditch the annoying sacks, packs, and strap-ons, and say hello to Baby Carrier. Baby Carrier Waist Stool Walkers is a soft and simple baby seat that sits right on your hip. It’s just one safe, sturdy buckle to put it on. BOOM!!! That’s it.

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Product Description

Made for comfort. For real. evenly distributes your baby’s weight so you don’t have to constantly adjust your position to get comfortable every five minutes. Waist Stool Walkers are made with high-quality, washable fabric, and YKK zippers, lined with a plush pad around the abdomen for you, and have a squishy memory foam seat for your baby’s cute little tush. It also puts your kid’s hips in the pediatric recommended “M” position, which means your peanut is sitting pretty for proper hip health.


Stash everything you need in convenient storage pockets. Leave your clunky carrier, purse, and diaper bag in the minivan, Y’all. Throw diapers and wipes in the storage beneath the seat. Access your keys, phone, and pacifiers in the side pocket. Attach toys to a loop in the front. And fold it right up for easy transport. You no longer need four bags to leave the house.

It’s not just for moms and dads. Baby Carrier Waist Stool Walkers are great for any caretaker, of any age.



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