Feeding babies can be a little difficult. Sometimes, they would be fussy about their food and might cause a mess. And when that happens, you will also have to clean up their mess.
Get these Baby Bottle Spoon Feeders to ease yourself when feeding your baby!
Feed your baby easily like using a spoon, while making less mess!

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Product Description

Baby Squeezing Feeding Spoon (2-in-1) – AyoNaija

Easy & Clean Feeding:
Functions like a baby bottle feed like using a spoon. Squeeze the bottle for the soft food to come out to the spoon, and then fed it to the baby without being messy.
Safe for Baby Feeding: Made of food-grade silicone rubber, non-toxic & safe for food consumption, especially for babies. Also, flexible soft rubber material to avoid injuries on babies’ weak gums.
Free from Bacteria & Dust: Comes with food-grade PP plastic cover to cover the silicone spoon securely, leak-free & preventing contamination on baby foods inside the bottle.
Baby Squeeze™ Baby Spoon Bottle Feeder Squeeze Bottle Weaning Feeding Cup Tool – Pink Blush Avenue
Material: (Food Grade) Silicone + PP Plastic. BPA Free.
Color: Blue, Pink, Green, Orange
Capacity: 3.04 oz(90 ml)
Size: 2″ x 7.9″ (5 x 20 cm)
Wash: Dishwasher and by hand


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