Baby Head Fall Protection Pillow Cushion

Perfect For Crawling, Standing, & Walking
Don’t tirelessly hover over your child to prevent head injuries.
The head protector will stay tightly secured to easily protect your child’s head when you can’t catch them.
By creating a safe barrier between them and the floor, there’s nothing to fear when they lose their balance.

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Product Description

Instant Shock Absorption
No tears, bumps, or surprise emergency visits.
The ultra-soft cotton padding is like landing on a pillow.
It’ll instantly absorb the force of the impact, so your child won’t feel a thing.
The reassurance and peace you’ll get knowing your child are safe is priceless.

Unique And Adorable Design
Let this fall protection pillow add to your child’s cuteness and angelic presence.
He will be the center of attraction wearing this and will probably be one of the most favorite little ones in town.

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