Bring your beloved pet the Avocado Catnip Wall Ball Cat Toy to bring energy and vitality to your meow life and let your cat play to its heart’s content.

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Product Description

Beneficial to health: Made from catnip, which can be very good to improve the vitality and appetite of cats and effectively relieve boredom and depression. Catnip not only makes kittens happy but also helps to expel feces.
Safe: Made from pure natural plant extracts, catnip balls are completely safe and edible for cats, and do not contain any chemical additives. It can also effectively reduce plaque and tartar, freshen your cat’s breath and improve their oral health.
Rotating design: With a rotating shaft, the ball is not easy to fall off and prolongs the service life; with a 180° rotating design, it can well attract the attention of cats and allow them to lick easily and evenly.
Easy to install: The self-adhesive design makes it durable. It can easily stick to smooth surfaces with strong double-sided tape on the back, such as glass walls, windows, doors, and tiles, except for some plaster surfaces.
Make sure you press firmly to adhere it firmly to the surface to prevent it from coming off.
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