This Automobile Chassis Cleaning and Road Cleaning Nozzle uses smaller start-up pressure and faster speed for better cleaning outcome!

This chassis power washing machine cleans road grime, oil, and fuel contaminants under cars, trucks, SUVs, commercial-size vehicles and trailers. It has 4 nozzles for cleaning car chassis, that makes it easy to control.

Moreover, this chassis washing machine features easy cleaning narrow gaps to avoid crawling under a vehicle.

Furthermore, this washing machine is suitable for both hot and cold water. Besides, this machine is ideal for sweeping loose debris, such as sand, leaves, light mud, etc.

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Product Description


-4 x 40° nozzle cleaning car chassis

-Easy to control Easy cleaning narrow place Using the new design

-Smaller start-up pressure

-Faster cleaning speed

-Better cleaning effect


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Working pressure max: 30Mpa
Operating temperature: 10-60 ° Inter size: 1/4″
Application: The machine is connected with the air source to Chassis Cleaning.

PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 x Automobile Chassis Cleaning Nozzle



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