Automatic Fishing Bracket


If you’re tired of the long wait, the Automatic Stainless Steel Fishing Rod Holder will keep fishing rods in position until a bite comes in, hands-free!
Strap In and Walk Away
Set up the fishing rod holder, secure with the adjustable strap, drive into the ground and leave it so you can do other things as you wait for a bite.
Pulls The Rod Out Automatically
Once the fish bites, it activates the trigger and automatically lifts the fishing rod holder up to keep the fish from getting away.
Why Use This Fishing Rod Holder

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Product Description

-Hands-Free. just drive it into the ground so you don’t have to keep holding your fishing rod all day.
-Versatile. fits most fishing rod handles because of the adjustable strap.
-Stainless Steel. expect no rusting with these holders.
-Portable. you can easily bring it along anytime you want to go on a fishing trip since it’s not bulky.
Automatic fishing! After the swing, no special protection is needed, just sit and wait for the harvest.
The sensitivity of large and small fish is adjustable.
Stainless steel is durable and rusty.
The weight is foldable, light in weight, and easy to carry.
The high security and stability of the new mechanism.
Material: Steel
Item Weight: Approx. 422g
Package Size: Approx. 32*6*6.5cm /12.6*2.3*2.5inch
Your Order Includes
1 x Automatic Stainless Steel Fishing Rod Holder



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