Autofill Ink Pen

Auto-fill ink pen, no need to worry about ink spilling all over the place!
It is very convenient to use! undefined
The automatic fountain pen can be used for N times indefinitely, thus reducing the troubles when inking the ordinary fountain pen.

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Product Description

1. Automatically pick up the ink, you can put the ink on it with a single plug, it will not stain your hands, and it is more convenient than the previous way.
2. The shell is made of Plastic material, comfortable and durable.
3. The nib is made of Stainless Steel, and the writing is smooth and smooth.
4. Classic pen holder that can be carried on your clothes or clipped on a book 5. 0.38mm/0.5mm nib, writing more smoothly, making your words more beautiful

Material: Plastic+Stainless Steel
Pen Size: 14.4*1.1cm
Automatic ink absorber: 12.8x7cm
Box Weight: 309g
Nib: 0.38mm/0.5mm
Package Included:
1* Automatic Pen

1. When the ink of the automatic filling pen is used up, you can continue to add ink to the automatic pen container. it will not stain your hands, it is more convenient than the previous way.
2. When the ink is used up, you can add other inks without repurchasing ink.

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