Astronaut Colorful LED Cloud Night Light

Do you want to brighten up your child’s nights?
The Astronaut Night Light features a colorful cloud with a dreaming astronaut reclining back, just looking at the stars. Or perhaps you will choose the sweet little astronaut sitting on the cloud holding a heart or flowers.
Astronaut Night Light will be your child’s favorite toy and will be a great way to add fun and magic to the room whether it is day or night.

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Product Description

Would you love a peaceful, happy bedtime routine?
Astronaut Night Light makes a perfect night light, is safe to use, does not disrupt your child’s sleep at night, and helps to reduce stress and anxiety at bedtime so is perfect for helping little ones settle in their room and drift off into beautiful dreams.
Does your child like to have fun?
– Astronaut Night Light comes with a remote control so your child can tap and change through the various colors.
Kids will love it! Are you looking for something unique?
– If you are trying to find the perfect gift for your children, family, or friends, this lamp has got you covered. It is ideal for both big kids and little kids alike and will make the perfect present.




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