Appliance Roller

Safely Move Your Appliances Safely move your appliances.
Superior quality, Innovation, and Longevity.
The Appliance Roller™ is made of sturdy metal and can carry up to 1400 kg, which makes transporting heavy devices quick and easy.

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Product Description

Quick And Easy Space care
Put your washing machine, fridge, or furniture on this amazing poseable roller and gently slide your devices back and forth with just one hand!
Moisture proof And Waterproof
These Rollers are made of strong pressed steel and have a corrosion-free service life due to the deep powder coating.
The castors are equipped with a support saddle for additional stability and enable non-slip and friction-free use on a smooth surface.
Heavy Duty Extendable Rollers
Heavy appliances are not easy to move, A set of Heavy Duty Extendable Rollers to help you move heavy objects easily.
Smooth Action Rollers
The appliance rollers are equipped with 6 rollers on each side. Design to be kind On Floors.
Hard Break Design
Stabilizes your washing machine. The bottom has a perfect adsorb body, Will does not slide on the floor.
Lift Appliance By 4,06 Cm
Keep the bottom of the device ventilated, which is conducive to increasing the service life of the appliance. You know that it is advisable not to put your fridge on the ordinary floor, for your refrigerator to last long, you must put something underneath. Once your fridge is laid on top of this special base, it will enable you to roll your fridge or washing machine to any part of the house easily.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the maximum weight this product can carry?
The Appliance Roller™ is made of heavy and robust metal and can carry up to 1400 kg. Does the sliding system also work on the carpet?
Yes, The Appliance Roller™ Sliding system rolls flawlessly over dense or low-pile carpets. How much does this system increase the height of the device under which it is placed?
The height of the rolls is 4.06 cm. If you put them on the flattest point under the device, the height will increase by the same amount.


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