Antibacterial Moisture-proof Refrigerator Shelves Mats (4pcs)

Keep your fridge clean and dry while extending the life of the food inside.
They serve as a barrier between food and the refrigerator.
So when spills, leaks, and messes occur, all you have to do is remove the mat and wash, instead of struggling to clean the entire fridge.

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Product Description


Keep your fridge clean and dry. These pads keep your fridge spotless and neat. Simply line them in your fridge’s shelf and bin and they will catch all the spills and leaks. They promote air circulation and resist odor and mold as well, so your refrigerator will stay smelling fresh, too.

Extend the life of your food. Made from BPA-free, odorless, and anti-bacterial silicone material, these fridge pads are safe to be used in contact with food directly. They feature a cushioning effect that prevents bruising, keeping your fruits and vegetables fresher. They’re moisture-proof and waterproof too and deter mold growth that helps preserve perishable foods longer.

Multipurpose. They can be cut to fit your needed size and can also be used as placemats or as decorative liners for your cabinet, drawer, wardrobe, countertop, dining table, and kitchen.

Easy cleanup. These pads are anti-grease and stain-resistant so they are easy and convenient to wash and clean. When they get dirty you can easily pull them out and toss in your dishwasher. Fast to dry.




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