All-In-On Microphone Mixer Kit


All-In-On Microphone Mixer Kit Sound Card Audio Podcaster With Condenser Mic&Earphone For PC Phone
Product Description
Maonocaster AM2000 is a comprehensive solution for audio processing that integrates audio collecting, processing, and output controlling. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. It is plug-and-play with no extra driver required. The built-in DSP digital audio processor makes it possible to vary your voice and add more sound effects to your podcast with one single button, which will make your Livestream more entertaining.
Electronic Music Key Changer
There are 12 keynotes: A, Bb. B.C, Dd. D, Ab. G. Gb. F, E, Eb. Short press the “Electrical Tone” area to switch to the
corresponding electronic tone and long press to close it.

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Product Description

Features :
1. Maonocaster Lite AU-AM200 is an all-in-one mixing console designed for live streaming, podcasting, and song recording.
2. Dual microphone input for two people live stream. Features pitch changers, key control, and reverb modes to enrich your
3.Instant layback of 4 customizable vocal FX and sound effects is supported to make your live streaming or recordings more entertaining to your audiences.
4. Maonocaster Lite features a built-in battery that supports up to 8 hours of off-grid live streaming/recording.
5. Stream to up to 4 devices that include computers and smartphones. Compatible with Windows and macOS.
Custom sound effect:
This sound card provides users with 4 custom sound effects buttons. Users can record audio clips and import them to the sound card through a microphone or an external sound source to use these sound effects in live broadcasts.
Bluetooth / Default sound effect:
This area presets 8 default sound effect buttons, including opening, applause, gunshot, laughter, booing, awkward, cheering, slapping. The user can press the corresponding button to trigger the sound effect. Each sound effect button has an indicator light which will be always-on when not triggered; after pressing the sound effect button, the button light flashes until the sound effect ends. And it restores to be always-on.
Microphone / Accompaniment volume control:
Rotate the control knob clockwise to increase the volume of the microphone rotates the control knob clockwise to adjust the volume of the external accompaniment music. When in use, you can turn clockwise to increase the volume of accompaniment music or counterclockwise to decrease the volume of accompaniment music.
Vocal FX
There are six function buttons in this area, which are EFFECT, PITCH, MUSIC ONLY, DENOISE, PK, SIDE CHAIN.
“Dodge” mode, when turning on this model in the live stream, the sound card will automatically lower the volume of the background music and highlight the voice of the human, suitable for live chat scenes. The light will be on when the mode is on, and off when the mode is off.
“DENOISE” mode can automatically reduce the ambient sound from the microphone input. Press the button to turn this function on and off, correspondingly button lights on and off.
“EFFECT” The button has 4 modes corresponding to different light colors, including the original sound mode (cyan), professional mode (red), pop mode (green), and yelling mode (blue).
” PITCH” button has 4 modes corresponding to different light colors, including male to female (red), female to male (green), girlish voice (blue), robot (white). “EFFECT” and “PITCH” can not be triggered at the same time.



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