Algae Repellent Agent


Thinking of setting up a fish pond or aquarium but concerned about time-consuming cleaning and algae? Lessen your troubles with this Algae Repellent Agent! This specially formulated water cleaning agent helps keep your pond and aquarium by repelling unsightly algae and clearing cloudy water.
It’s easy to use, effective, and contains natural active ingredients specifically to filter and remove excess growing algae, moss, and other unwanted microorganisms from your fish pond and keep the water clean. It also helps to maintain the natural quality of the water and eliminates residue by breaking down dead algae and digest leaves and grass clippings to lessen manual clean-up all without harming your fish’s ecosystem.

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Product Description

Effective water cleaner – Helps get rid of excess algae, moss, and other unsightly microorganisms that makes your fish ponds and aquarium cloudy and green.
Active ingredients – Specially formulated with natural ingredients that clumps together floating matter such as dead algae and grass clippings to lessen residue.
Removes all kinds of algae – Works on eliminating most algae species such as string algae, staghorn algae, filamentous, hair algae, and many others.
Easy to use – No more manual clean-up by simply applying the cleaning agent to cloudy water for instant purification.
Fish-friendly – Contains non-toxic and natural compounds that will not harm your fish and is safe for freshwater ponds, fish and pond plants, as well as the surroundings.
Balances fish ecosystem – Blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that helps balance your pond’s biological needs.
Weight: 50g
Material: Plastic
Algae removal: 3 grams per 100 liters of water;
Preventive use: 1 gram per 100 liters
1 x Algae Repellent Agent



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