Air Sanitizer Necklace


Today, clean air has become more of a luxury. Issues that have come to light taught us that air, one of our basic necessities to survive can now lead us to harmful substances.

There’s no need to panic. We just need to adapt to the situation and equip ourselves with the proper tools during these times.

The Air Sanitizer Necklace functions as an invisible shield that forms a 1-meter square protective zone around you.

The science behind this protection is in the 6 million NEGATIVE IONS that this device emits. Researchers at the University of Leeds have tested the effects of negative ions in hospital intensive care wards for a full year and the results are incredible.

“The infections rate fell to zero during the year-long trial.”
Source: New Scientist.com

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Product Description

It is scientifically proven that negative ions DISINFECT the atmosphere, INACTIVATE germs, bacteria and STOP the transmission of infection such as influenza and etc. Now you can have a nifty device around you that constantly emits 6 million NEGATIVE IONS to keep you safe!

This device is not just a preventive measure, it also helps promote metabolism, activates cells, refreshes and relieve motion sickness. How? Through the large amounts of OXYGEN ANIONS that this device releases!

Wear this to create a cleaner zone of healthier air while traveling or in public places. You can never be too safe from germs, bacteria, and other contaminants. This device is especially beneficial for children and the elderly. It’s the perfect accessory to protect you and your loved ones!


YES! It Works Against disease-causing germs like Cold, & Flu
YES! It is Anti-Allergy and Removes These Allergens From The Air
YES! It keeps you safe from second-hand smoke
NO! There Is No Filter To Change. Just a battery to charge.

Works in crowded areas- if you are frequently traveling on the subway or in crowded areas, this device protects you from contracting disease-causing germs.
Quick-charge through USB charging where the battery lasts up to 5 hours.
Uses millions of negative ions and is scientifically proven to eliminate most of the bacteria, dust mites, odor, smoke, cooking smells, pollen, and even PM2.5 air pollutants, improve mood and sleep.
It helps you breathe better and can also improve your lung and heart health and helps prevent allergy and asthma.
It has powerful purification, it can release 20 million Pcs/cm3 Micro Negative Ions.
Designed like a necklace for wearable, easy use and convenience. A portable air purifier that you can easily bring along anytime, anywhere!



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Posted by Crimson Reviews on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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