Acupoint Body Acupuncture


Traditional moxibustion bar for heat treatment, Use moxa rolls to warm the meridians, increase circulation, boost immunity.
By warm stimulation enhanced local blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, promote the dissipate absorption of inflammation, adhesions, exudate, hematoma, and other pathological products, cause the proliferation of cerebral cortex inhibitory substances, the moxibustion treatment plays the role of sedative and analgesic, promote the absorption of drugs at the same time.

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Product Description

With our AiJiu Acupoint Body Acupuncture, you can make the moxibustion at home easily to improve chronic diseases, such as arthritis, rheumatism, and so on. The fire is gentle with uniform heat that can warm the acupuncture point and the strong penetrating could make feel relaxed.
To regulate the discomfort resulted from the physiological period and to expel the body’s cold and moisture. Drawing out poison and reduce heat, a health method to maintain the beauty and keep young. Burn off fit more easily!
The higher purity moxa rolls are easy to light because they contain fewer impurities.
Easy to Use with the Self-adhesive Candle Base. The vent at the bottom of the base offers better heat dissipation to protect your skin. Great home care practice which is helpful in moving pain. When used correctly therapeutic effects can be achieved.
You can read or work during the moxibustion, as it won’t fall off after stick to your body.
Note: Please use it in a ventilated environment since it is not a smokeless type. After moxibustion, drink hot water and help eliminate body waste.
Moxa Stick Size: 40mm
Package Include
1Box Included
50 pcs 45:1 Mini Moxa Sticks +
50 pcs Updated Candle Base
2Boxes Included
100 pcs 45:1 Mini Moxa Sticks +
100 pcs Updated Candle Base



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