Acrylic Periodic Table Display With Real Elements


This Remarkable Glass Holds The Perfect Educational Tool For Your Kids! Tired of having to look at random letters and symbols on every periodic table? Know exactly what each element represents with the mind-blowing Periodic Table! This amazing educational tool provides you with an in-depth look at what every element in the periodic table looks like! Get a glimpse of the brilliant shine of Gold or the smooth metallic surface of Palladium as you stare into this amazing piece!

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Product Description

It’s the perfect educational tool for your kids!
Inspire your kids and evoke thought and learning with the unique and remarkable Periodic Table!
Elegant Acrylic Glass Display!
Extremely durable Acrylic glass display!
Product Specifications:
Material: Acrylic
Size: approx. 170*120*24mm
Package Includes:
1 * Periodic Table Of Elements
It’s the perfect gift for chemists, teachers and so much more!
Teach, inspire, and get a visual representation of the elements in your hands with the remarkable Periodic Table!
An Amazing Educational Piece For Your Classroom!
An amazing educational piece for your classroom!
Its exquisite glass-based construction provides you with a stunning and elegant decorative piece for your classroom!
Complete with the full representation of every periodic element to provide your students with a better understanding of each one!
Now you don’t have to force your students to have to stare at letters and symbols any longer!
It’s a must-have educational table for your class!
Get better engagement and appreciation from your students as you teach chemistry with the amazing Periodic Table now!



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