5pcs Magnetic Positioning Screwdriver Bits


Always wobbling or easy to damage walls when twisting screws?
Get these Magnetic Positioning Screwdriver Bits which will help you fix and twist the screw accurately, and limit the penetration depth of screw in order to protect walls.
No messy work anymore! Making your work more efficient and effortless!

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Product Description

Accurate Positioning
These bits help you fix the screw exactly in place without worrying about wobbling or misdirection. Speed up the process of twisting screws so you can work more efficiently and easily!
Limit The Screw Depth
Magnetic collar design limits the penetration of screws to the board and prevents damage to walls or boards by twisting screws overly. Make your work hassle-free.
Magnetic & Non-slip
The magnetic and non-slip design allows the screw to attach to the bit without falling off, making your work easier and effortless.
Strong and Durable
Made of strong chromium-vanadium steel, which is wear-resistant, durable, and with high hardness. Suitable for gypsum board, woodworking board, drywall, and more.
Wide Compatibility
Widely compatible with electric screwdrivers, manual screwdrivers, electric drills, hand drills, etc., for easy screw installation and removal. Suitable for maintenance and installation of equipment in the home furnishing industry.
Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
Size: 25x15mm, 50x15mm
Interface to Electric Drill/ Screwdriver: 6.35mm/0.25” Hexagon Shank
Package Includes: 5pcs * 25mm Bits;5pcs * 50mm Bits



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