3D Tangram Tetris Game

Wooden Puzzle Tangram Jigsaw toy
This wooden puzzle game will never get old. It has bright colors that are a plus when you need to get a toddler’s attention. It was fun and challenging which keeps your little kids away from screen time.

There are multiple ways to solve it, it’s good to develop a toddler’s fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and cognitive abilities.

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Product Description

Great learning game for all ages, sturdy and well made. The puzzle pieces are a decent size and they are perfect for children’s little hands and free of sharp edges. Perfect for home or travel and lightweight and easy to pack.

Challenge & Fun
This STEM toy is a fine motor skill gift for a child, There are multiple ways to solve it, and it’s utterly replayable. It comes with a guide to get you started as well. When you got to the end, the pieces didn’t fit to complete the puzzle, you can use the picture of the sample puzzle that was included to put it together again. Full of a challenge but not boring.

Brain Teaser Puzzle
Coogan wooden puzzle Includes 11 bright colors and 11 block pieces. You need to get these wooden blocks all back together on the board without spaces. Try to fill in all the blocks together with your kids, and bring you a happy family time! This would be a great gift for your kids.

Size: 6.3 ” x 7.1″ x 0.4″
Color: 11 colors



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