3D Sponge Guitar Strap Belt


introducing Our New Bass & Guitar Strap, Adjustable Length from 45″ to 55″ with 2 Safety Strap Locks and 6 Picks.
🎸Effective Comfort: 3.5 inches 3D sponge filling and neoprene material guitar strap with special design. The strap’s unique 3D sponge filling on the underside offers flexibility and cushion that deliver unparalleled lasting comfort.
🎸Flexibility: Fully adjustable length from 45″ – 55″ to fit most players and instruments. The guitar strap has the characteristics of softness, shock resistance, and strong compression resistance.
🎸Breathable design: This bass strap lays smoothly on the shoulder and back, moves easily on clothing or skin, and wicks away sweat to allow your shoulder to breathe. Suitable for musicians looking for comfort in their long-hour rehearsals.
🎸Safety: The strap ends feature top-grade stitched genuine leather for durability and a secure fit onto strap buttons or strap locks. It will enhance the control over your instrument.

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Product Description

Neoprene Material – No Sweat!
Shoulder, neck, and back pain is caused not only by the weight of the guitar, but also by decreased blood circulation from a strap that cuts into your neck, and a build-up of sweat that can cause a painful rash.
The 3D Sponge Guitar Strap Belt reduces sweat build-up, and improves blood flow by dampening the shock of the guitar’s weight during extended play, Helping you to stay fresh for longer and survive the stage when crowds demand “More!”
● Flexible, breathable, and moisture-wicking.
● Unbelievably soft, padded, and comfortable to wear.
● Even weight distribution, Huge reduction in neck pressure.
● High-quality neoprene material that won’t cut into your neck.
● Looks amazing on whatever style of guitar you play.
Fully adjustable length and Perfect Fit!
This is a regular-sized strap offering a wide adjustability range from 45 to 55 inches.
Leather ends.
Fits smoothly across your shoulder.
Elastic & stretchy without being bouncy.
The guitar strap is soft, shock resistant, and strong compression resistant.



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