3D Kids Toy Printing Pen


3D Pens are an amazing new invention which use the same technologies like 3D printing to offer you fun and unique creative tool. They’re used by artists, craft hobbyists, and children to create all kinds of amazing three-dimensional objects.

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Product Description

How Do These 3D Pens Work?

3D pens let you to draw real-life three-dimensional objects. As you draw a line, rather than ink, a thin line of melted plastic comes out.

Similar to 3D printing, you can build up layers on top of one another to form a three-dimensional drawing.

Suitable for painting workers, product designers, enthusiasts, children, students,gift for friends,ect.
Develop your imagination to create Things you want
Products lightweight , thin hand parts.With LCD display, easy to adjust
Intelligent standby function. Speed adjustable, temperature adjustable


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