2 in 1 Drill Chuck Ratchet Spanner


Ordinary drill chuck wrenches are laborious and time-consuming to replace the drill bit. Then our 2 in 1 Drill Chuck Ratchet Spanner can help you solve this problem!
The double-head design is suitable for most chucks, and the ratchet function allows you to work faster.

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Product Description

Made of high-quality steel, wear-resistant, and has a long service life. The handle is non-slip and comfortable to hold.
Use to tighten or loosen the chuck. Perfect for most electric drills and power tools. The ratchet function makes changing the drill bit more efficient.
Two sizes help you work perfectly. Small head diameter: 12.7mm, big head diameter: 17.5mm.
[Dual-purpose Design]
With a positive and negative ratchet switch, it can rotate forward and reverse, and quickly loosen and tighten the drill chuck, which is simple and convenient.
Material: Steel
Packing Weight: 121g
Length: 150mm in total length
Diameter Of The Two Ends: small end 12.7mm, large end 17.5mm.
Package Includes: 1*2 in 1 Drill Chuck Ratchet Spanner



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