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Private Line

New generation of delivery method!

Meet Our

Private Line

New generation of delivery method!!

We established collaboration with one of the best private line couriers in China. Leader in the direct-to-global business line.

They have more than 500 professional logistics service personnel around the world Private line is a self-developed channel. it is a special line service, with really fast deliveries, time-saving and with competitive price Delivery is faster and safer than any other delivery company in China, and for sure better than regular ePacket delivery.

Moreover, this private line is also able to deliver smoothly to places that other delivery companies, like ePcaket, have issues to deliver to. This new delivery method will take your business to the next level!

Shipping time around 7-15 days.

Attentions on Transportation Mode
About liquid transportation methods

Our Private Line is unable to transport sensitive products such as liquids cosmetics, and powder products. Customs stipulates that they cannot be transported and if found, all will be destroyed or returned. However, we have special transportation methods for such products. The transportation time is within 20-35 days, and there is no complete tracking information. At the same time, we do not make any commitment to provide tracking information for this mode of transportation.

About products below 50 grams

We have two kinds of transportation methods. The first method will deliver successful information, and the timeliness is fast about 7-15 days. The second method is economical transportation, the price is cheap, but it takes between 20-35 days. We do not make any commitment to provide delivery information and timeliness of such products.




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