Order Fulfilment: 8 Essential Tips to Reship an Order Efficiently

February 27, 2021 eCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

Order fulfilment is only complete with returns processing. Even though not all orders get to this stage, it’s paramount that this stage is taken with utmost seriousness. This is because effective and efficient reshipping helps your e-commerce store hold on to customers and make them loyal. You won’t want to lose a customer because an order got lost in transit. The ideal solution may be to reship an order.

Furthermore, an order might need to be reshipped for many reasons. The original shipment might get lost in transit, become damaged while shipping, or as a result of an error in the size, color or the actual product. Even though the error might be from either the shopper or the shipper, having painless returns processing helps you hold on to your customers and get a great rating to attract more. In this post, we will be providing you with eight essential tips to facilitate re-shipping an order.

Plan Ahead Properly

Planning return policies in place and as earlier stated returns processing is a very essential part of order fulfilment, unfortunately, it’s often overlooked which is doom for your business. Having a great return policy gives shopper’s confidence to buy from your store, be sure to have this in place.

As you plan for your delivery routes, make sure returns are planned for as well. This makes the reship process less confusing and stressful. You don’t want to have unhappy customers, even when you reship orders it must be efficient and very swift.

Ensure Clear Communications

The order was placed and it failed to reach the shopper or the shopper is dissatisfied, now how do you avoid the same? Simple, have clearer communication with your client than when the order was placed initially.

Reshipping of products or orders is a result of some misinformation and or plain error. Whichever it is you don’t want to repeat the same mistake and provoke your customers more, clearly customers would be dissatisfied whether the order was lost, incomplete or was a wrong one altogether.

Whoever’s fault it might be can be quite frustrating for both parties. Therefore, going over the terms all over again to the finest details is very essential to reship efficiently.

Personalize the Return Slip

This often seems like it makes it too easy for the customer to return, but this is one of the first steps to ensure swift return. The label should include the customer and the item to be prefilled leaving the customer with only the task of indicating why the item is being returned, preferable this should be in both paper and electronic form.

Have a Pre-Paid Label on the Shipment

Another aspect that is often overlooked is having a return label in or on the original shipment or package, this however when done plays a critical role in calming down a frustrated customer. Adding a tracking id number to the return label enables both parties to follow up on the status of the return shipment which in turn helps assure the customer. A one-click purchase is an awesome well a quick-drop return is a norm in the e-commerce world.

Ensure that Return Process is Transparent

Today there are still some e-commerce stores that make the return process very difficult for shoppers this often backfires and harms the business feedback, you don’t want that. They hide or don’t even list their return policies for orders, these practices should be avoided at all costs, having said that a clear and transparent return process is essential for reshipping efficiently. Constant communications at all stages are mandatory.

Speed Up Return Processing

The shopper should be informed immediately the returned goods or failed order is received. In the case of returned goods, the retailer can place the goods if not damaged in the inventory for future sale and generate revenue. This goes both ways as the shopper also gets the reship on time, as well as the retailer having the goods available for resale (where applicable).

Goodwill Rules with Minimal Exceptions

Prevention they say is better than cure. When rules are unclear or with extensive exceptions, complications are bound to occur from time to time. Thus, leading to loss of sales and inevitably customers. A simple return policy with little exceptions helps to make shoppers happy and ready to come back. This also helps the customer service personnel have clear rules to follow also preparing them with knowledge and competence to indecently decide on the next steps for a reship or return.

Consider Returns Processing As an Important Service Practice

Customers care about returns, so it’s of benefit to your business to have the option of a convenient and simple return on your e-commerce store. E-commerce stores that provide a seemingly less complicated or stressful return processing are more likely to have repeated customer’s patronage and increased revenue. Great Emphasis must be made on return processing to ensure a smooth and efficient customer experience. Going over measures needed to make a reship a tool to earn and keep more and more customers.


There you have it! Above are eight essential tips to reship an order efficiently. You don’t want your customers to get more pissed after a failed order. This is why you should make adequate effort to ensure a successful reshipment. Moreover, getting an order reshipped efficiently after the initial order failed is a great way to boost your e-commerce business. This way, you can gain new customers and ultimately increase your income turnover.

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