Instagram Influencer Marketing Guide

August 1, 2018 0eCommerce TipsSocial Marketing

Instagram is no doubt one of the best platforms for business and brands to partner with influencers for them to reach new audiences quickly when it comes to influencer marketing. In fact, the social platform has an average 3.21% engagement rate compared to its other social counterparts 1.5% making it the best performing channel for social action. Instagram influencer removes the barriers of traditional advertising and helps you get to an audience via a more trustworthy source (influencer) making the platform marketing so effective.

You must have probably been seeing influential users promoting brands and products if you use the platform more frequent and if you are wondering how Instagram can work with your own business too, then read the following guide that gives more details on Instagram influence marketing.

  Why Use Instagram for Influencer Marketing?

The first thing to consider before jumping into Instagram influence marketing is to know if your business is compatible with the type of campaign you plan to run and if it will yield a result. You already know that this type of marketing is effective, but you still need to determine if choosing your campaign on Instagram is the best option. Instagram influencer marketing removes the barriers of traditional advertising and introduces your brand to a new audience which is a big reason why Instagram is so effective, and your business will also be advertised through a more trustworthy source, your influencer partner. A great place to raise awareness about your business has an Instagram influencer marketing strategy in place.

         How Much Does Instagram Influencer Marketing Cost?

Social media influencers, especially on Instagram, have become indispensable especially for business online and there is no doubt about that. But when there are so many factors and options to choose from how do you come up with a fair price?  A report by Collectively’s latest influencer marketing says “the guiding principle for influencer-brand collaborations is simple: influencers and brands are in a position to mutually benefit each other. There are more than one-way brands can provide value, but cash is king.” So, be ready to pay hefty price tag if you want to work with influencers that are in the 100k+ range.

  • How to Find the Right Influencers

With all that has been said it all boils that to finding and choosing the right influencers. This is no doubt one issue many people face whether on Instagram or any other influencer marketing platform. A study by Econsultancy once found it to be the biggest challenge of working when you plan to work with influencers. However, for you to overcome this challenge you need to be clear about what you’re looking for in an influencer. The things to consider include if they are creative and engaging and if they are relevant to your brand and campaign and also it should depend on your campaign goals.  You will be able to narrow down the best influencers for your brand by defining your ideal influencer.