How to Select Free Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Store

January 15, 2020 eCommerce Tips

Dropshipping requires working as a team. To increase your chances of success, having a reliable business partner is essential. For your online business or store, your dropshipping supplier is one of your most important partners. When a product is ordered from your store, the supplier will ship the product to your customer directly.

For your online store, you have the option of teaming up with free or paid dropshipping suppliers. Most online entrepreneurs often opt for paid dropshipping suppliers. Nonetheless, it is possible to select a free dropshipper that will still meet all your business requirements. Thus, helping you save cost while still delivering excellent customer service expected. In this post, we will be discussing how to select free dropshipping suppliers for your online store.

Why Do You Need Free Dropshippers

Here are some reasons why you may need free dropshipping suppliers:

No Fees

Dropshipping has been winning the hearts and minds of a lot of people due to its flexibility. Also, it requires little or no capital to start the dropshipping business. Fortunately, if you use a free dropshipping supplier, you won’t need to pay for anything. In fact, you can even earn some extra money if you decide to use some suppliers. Such dropshipping suppliers offer you a cashback system that allows you to earn a certain percentage of the orders placed through your store.

No Restrictions on Doing Business

Also, most dropshipping suppliers have no restrictions on doing business with them. Regardless of the number of items ordered or price placed on the items, free dropshipping suppliers are always ready to do business with you. They are always ready to corporate with online business owners.

Warehouses Across The World

Free dropshipping suppliers also have warehouses across the world. This will help eliminate any concern of finding suppliers that store their products in your target area or countries.

Tips to Select Free Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Store

In order to select the most reliable partner for your dropshipping business, you need to analyze their profiles and evaluate these free dropshipping suppliers by several parameters. Below are some useful tips for selecting free dropshipping suppliers for your online store:

Years of Experience

How long has the supplier been selling goods or offering dropshipping services? When it comes to providing quality dropshipping services, experience is important. The last thing you want is to partner with a novice supplier because they are offering free dropshipping. Hence, ensure that you partner with a supplier that has at least a year of experience.

Online Review

Another tip to help you choose the right free dropshipping supplier for your business is the online reviews. These online reviews will tell you the experience of both current and previous customers that have partnered with the dropshipping supplier. Dropshipping suppliers with over 90% of positive feedback is good enough. Anything less might be a red flag.

Customer Feedbacks and Comments

Are the comments and feedbacks trustworthy? Today, some con artists fill their websites with fake and reviews. This shows that the reviews may be fake. Take time to read through the feedback and comments. A supplier with real comments and feedbacks is reliable and can be trusted.

Communication and Customer Support

In every business, customer support and communication is essential. How fast does the supplier reply to customer inquiries and concerns? Your supplier of choice should be in constant communication with customers and partners. Only partner with a dropshipping supplier that customers are satisfied with the supplier’s communication.

How Long It Takes to Ship or Deliver Products

Furthermore, dropshipping suppliers are responsible for shipping products to your customers directly. To ensure that products are delivered on time, the supplier must ship the product early. Hence, before you choose a supplier, ensure that the supplier delivers products to customers quickly.

The “Top Brand” Badge

Finally, always be on the lookout for the “Top Brand” badge when choosing a free dropshipping supplier. This indicates that the supplier is experienced and reliable. Your online business will benefit a lot from partnering with a supplier with the “Top Brand” badge.

There you have it! Above are some tips to help you find free dropshipping suppliers for your store. Choosing a reliable partner or dropshipping supplier for your ecommerce business is essential. Whether you are just starting your dropshipping business, you want to change your niche, or you want to expand, free suppliers can be a great option for your online store. By following the tips above, you can find a free dropshipping supplier that is reliable and trustworthy. Thus, helping you save dropshipping cost while providing quality customer service.

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