How to Build Brand Identity with Custom Animated Marketing Videos

July 18, 2020 eCommerce TipsVideo Marketing

Brand identity is the image, personality, and values that set your brand apart from the others. It is how the world views your brand, and it is critical for every business to have one, a very good one. The reason for every business to have one or maintain one is not farfetched. To succeed in the world of business today, you need to commit to your customers truly. You need to show them how exactly you understand their problems, why they need to solve them, and how your brand is the best option to go to for the solution.

A lot of online content could help you in building this brand identity. However, there’s one that stands out, and it involves using custom animated videos.  In this article, we’re going to show you how to build your brand identity with custom animated videos.

Create a Buyer Persona

The first step in the creation of any brand identity is knowing your target audience. Creating a buyer persona works in such a way that the brand gets to create a detailed character that represents the target audience.  As a brand, you need to learn as many things as possible from your audience to create that perfect representation or character you’re going to use for the animated video.

Some insights you can use are: the average age of audience, location, dress style, how they talk, and any other valuable information you can get.  All of these incorporated into a virtual character will then make a buyer persona that will be used to portray your target audience. This action prompts immediate identification and trust within your audience, as they feel the animated video is about them.

Use a Voice the Audience Can Relate With

Somewhat related to a buyer persona, a voice that the audience can relate with will make the audience feel as part of the animated marketing video, and trust the message you’re trying to pass across.

Therefore, when building a brand identity with an animated video, the brand should ensure they use a professional voice, preferably a voice from the native area the message is meant for. A video that’s intended for Africa audience might not work effectively if an American native gives the voice-over. A voice that feels like them (African) would be much accepting, and the purpose of the video to build brand identity will be well served.

Your Brand Colors and Style is Important

Your brand color is also your identity, and you need to make sure they are in all your brand stuff. Be it the products, pages, website, social media, and other related things pertaining to your brand. Custom animated videos are for your brand; hence, you’d need to apply brand color to it.

When making these custom animated marketing videos, brands should ensure that their brand color can be seen at every point in the video as much as possible. These explainer videos speak directly to your audience and frame the entire perception of your brand.

Choose the Right Animated Video Style

When it comes to animated marketing videos, there are many of them in different styles. It is then up to you to choose the right style for your target audience. There’s whiteboard animations, cartoon, and motion graphic videos.

If you want to build your brand identity effectively, then you need to choose the style that allows optimum character animation and some humor/human approach. This style would be able to communicate your message with great visual quality that the audience can relate with.

Go Social

The brand needs to make these videos social as much as possible. As a brand, if you want to get close and personal with your audience, you need to have a good strategy. Luckily, you have a video now; the next thing is making it be a hit online.

Video marketing happens to be the best online strategy with the highest ROI, and it is the most thriving and cost-effective content on social media. You can build that brand identity fast by using the custom animated video vis-a-vis leveraging social media to get to a large base of your target audience.

Be Authentic

Lastly, if you want to build brand identity and trust with your customers, you need to be yourself. It’s no time to be a copycat; it’s time to show your audience that you’re authentic and unique. You need to be your true self to build a top brand identity and stand out from the competition. Also, ensure this uniqueness shows in the custom animated video your brand makes.


There you go! From creating the best possible buyer persona to incorporating your brand’s color and style in videos to having a voice over that your audience can relate with. You can not go wrong with these tips when trying to build a brand identity with custom animated marketing videos.

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