Guide to Video Marketing – How to Start

May 21, 2020 Video Marketing

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular and most visited website on the web? Yea! It is that popular and rich. It has become the go-to website for users who want to watch videos. This says a lot about the way people now prefer video as a means of getting information, and how video can serve as a significant and excellent working tool in marketing.

A lot can be done with video, from engaging customers to promoting brand awareness to introducing products and services, and many more. Video marketing, as the name implies, is the act of using video or incorporating videos into your business to serve as a marketing tool, or campaigns.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Business

Video marketing can do a lot for your business. Here are some benefits of video marketing for small businesses.

  • It increases brand awareness
  • Boosts social media engagement
  • It helps in driving traffic and sales
  • You can use it to launch new products or services
  • Building customer relationships

Types of Video Marketing

Here are the types of videos you can create for marketing purposes.

Brand Videos

Brand videos are videos created to generate brand awareness. They are often created to be used on social media and to drive in more traffic. These types of videos are usually created around the brand’s culture, mission, and vision. They tell the story of products or services being rendered.

Explainer Videos

Just as the name implies, explainer videos are used to explain how a product works. Brands create and use this type of video to explain how their products work and how the audience can benefit from them.

Live Videos

A live video is used to broadcast live to your audience, to engage them in real-time, and tell them about a service. Most of the social networks allow users to stream live video, – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Live, or Twitter. It provides the avenue to promote interviews, presentations, and more.

Event Videos

Event videos are the videos created during a business event. A business can hold an event, inviting several other businesses from the industry, a video made for this kind of event can be called an event video.

Educational Videos

This is also called the “How-To Videos.” Brands use educational videos to teach their audience something they want to know. Brands use educational videos to inform their customers or audience on how to get most of a particular product or how to create something.

Demo Videos

Demo videos are just like explainer videos, although they go more in-depth than explainer videos. They are created by brands to showcase their products. They go deeper by highlighting all the benefits a customer stands to gain from a product or service being marketed.

Starting a Video Marketing

Now that you’ve seen the different types of videos and how to use them let’s go through the steps you can take to start video marketing.

Choose Your Target Audience

This is usually the first step in any marketing video creation. Who do you want to see the video? Therefore make sure to define your target audience before making a video. This way, you can tailor the video’s type, content to the needs of your viewers.

The kind of video and content you’d do for people new in dropshipping is different from what you’d do for those that already know about dropshipping but want to learn how to sell clothes.

Identify What You’re Trying to Achieve

Now, what’s the point of the whole video marketing? Is it to increase your brand awareness or sales or drive traffic, or you want people to sign up to your mailing list. Whatever the purpose of the video, you need to be clear about it and match it towards your goal.

Plan Your Video Marketing Budget

You need to check the size of your pocket too. Check your budget and the resources available for this video. Do you want to use the service of a professional videographer, or you want to shoot on your phone?

Choose a Type of Video

Now that you’ve identified your audience and video goal. You need to choose the video format that best suits your goal, and come up with the best video Marketing idea.

The Platform to Publish the Video

You need to decide on which platform you’d like to publish the video. So you could tailor the video to align with the requirements of the platform.

Decide How You Will Measure the Success of Your Video

Measuring the success of a video will depend on the goals you’ve set in the earlier steps. It’s the only way to know the impact of your video and how to improve on them. If your aim is to create brand awareness, then you can measure the success by the number of views, likes, and shares you’re getting.

 Editing the video, publishing it with the best SEO practices, and promoting the video are the last steps in the guide to video marketing. It is important to know that viewers, especially those that would be interested in your service, prefer videos that are raw and authentic over staged ones. Luckily, this guide has all you need for you to give them just that!

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