Fulfillman Vs WIIO

April 6, 2020 eCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

In this day and age, more digital entrepreneurs are exploring means of broadening their portfolio. This is part of the reason that so many of them are embracing the dropshipping business.

Many of us understand the dropshipping business but we do not understand how many of its platforms work, especially given its high proliferation. We are eager to understand every bit of the feature that each of them possesses.

Fulfillman and WIIO are two popular dropshipping sites that many entrepreneurs are making efforts to wrap their heads around. In this post, we will try as much as possible to clarify the differences between both platforms.


Fulfillman is a dropshipping site created in 2006 that provides high quality, reliable and professional dropshipping services. They are among the leading service providers of dropshipping, third party logistics, warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing and more. With their state-of-the-art machinery and technology, they are willing to assist dropshippers to actualize their visions. There are several benefits from using the Fulfillman platform. They include:

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

This dropshipping site can be accessed from both desktop and laptops, offering clients the privilege to operate their businesses across varying mediums. The features of both mediums are well laid out and easy to use.

24/7 Customer Support

There is the round the clock availability of customer support that is well trained to receive complaints, estimate any issue and offer a lasting solution. The support team is highly efficient and reliable to make your operation on the platform worth the while.


The items offered on Fulfillman are cheaper compared to most other platforms. Not only are these items of cheap price, but they also have top-of-the-shelf quality. The affordability of the Fulfillman items has been one of its features dropshippers bank on to increase order placement and revenue generation. This is a vital selling points that you can use to increase order placement and income generation.

Quick Delivery

Fulfillman offers quick delivery services in the dropshipping business in China. This is normally done in a bid to help dropshippers enhance the relationship with their clients, boost sales and income.

Product Branding and Videos

Fulfillman also has a reputation for branding products. The branding is essential to distinguish dropshippers from its competitors. If you want to market your items using their videos, WIIO can offer you a high-quality video of these items.

High-Quality Product Sourcing

For dropshippers that are unable to source the items to have in their inventory, Fulfillman takes on this responsibility to ensure that you have topnotch items in your stock. This avails dropshippers more time to work on other areas of their businesses.

Easy Access to Information

Once you have created a Fulfillman account, you have several information about the sales, sold items, pending orders, and the number of items in inventory. These information will be displayed on the dashboard. Such a feature is important. It enables sellers to make informed decision and determine how best to boost sales in the dropshipping business.

Product Sourcing

Furthermore, Fulfillman provides products sourcing services. If you are unable to source products by yourself, Fulfillman can help you out. Products will be available at the cheapest rates. The company will also source the best quality products for you. These will be added to your stock. This gives you more time to work on other areas of your business.


In addition, Fulfillman makes room for third party logistics, and availability of product images to dropshippers and more. Other benefits of using Fulfillman include super quick processing times, automation software and more.


WIIO is an all-in-one dropshipping platform that offers fulfillment solutions to e-commerce businesses. They have a sole vision that involves making dropshipping business for you while you focus on the marketing aspects. Based in China, they have over 200 professional workers working behind the scenes to ensure that your dropshipping business is made as easy as possible.

Benefits of Using WIIO include:

One Sales Channel: WIIO offers dropshippers a one sales channel eliminating the need for multiple vendors like Aliexpress. Dealing with multiple vendors is highly time-consuming and this is what WIIO has eliminated with its one sales channel.

Customer Service: The customer service on WIIO is topnotch. The response is quick and very professional. There is a chat function on their website that enables you to talk with them if you have any dropshipping issue. The customer support team is available to you 24/7 to make your dropshipping business better.

Quality Control: Products stored in their inventory are kept under good conditions that preserve their qualities. Before products leave their warehouse to a customer’s destination, quality control is conducted on them to ensure that they in great shape. This is done in line to assist their clients to build and sustain healthy relationships with their customers.

Affordable Prices: How affordable the items on WIIO are has been one of its features that are making it the dropshippers destination. Items offered on this platform are cheap compared to Aliexpress and other dropshipping platforms. The product that they do not have, they source it from Aliexpress. The products are cheap and of great quality.

Inventory: There is a dedicated warehouse to help dropshippers hold their items. The warehouses are in good condition to help dropshippers preserve the items’ qualities.

Manager Account: There is a dedicated manager account made available to you run operations easily with your supplier on a single channel.


Fulfillman and WIIO are two of the most used dropshipping sites by dropshippers. However, Fulfillman comes with outstanding features that make it very handy. Whether you are a dropshipper, online entrepreneur, or affiliate marketer, you have a lot to gain by using Fulfillman. With Fulfillman, you can have the edge to maximize your productivity, boost sales, and create a strong foothold in the e-commerce business.

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