Fulfillman Vs Oberlo

September 8, 2020 eCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

Are you wondering how you can make money on the internet today? If you are interested in how you can build an online business with minimal cost and zero worries you should consider dropshipping. Dropshipping is the real deal today for online entrepreneurs. It is safe and profitable. However, for you to start the dropshipping business you need a platform where you can source for products and sell them. Such platforms include Fulfillman and Oberlo. In this post, we will dig into the features of these dropshipping platforms, Fulfillman and Oberlo, and how you stand to benefit from them.


Fulfillman is one of the leading providers of dropshipping services. They provide a platform that offers complete service for dropshippers. Created in 2006, Fulfillman provides professional, high quality, and reliable dropshipping services. The platform comes with several features that make it greatly demanded. Let us find out below.


The products found on Fulfillman are cheap and of high quality. The affordability of the items on this platform has been one of the features that drive dropshippers to utilize this channel in accomplishing their e-commerce goals. The items’ affordability is what dropshippers can capitalize on to increase sales and profit.

Fast Delivery

One of the benefits you are assured when using Fulfillman is that products will be shipped on time to your customers. Fast delivery is one of the ways of building customer trust and engagement. In addition, you will increase customer base, sales, profits, and authority in the dropshipping niche.

Product Sourcing

Fulfillman enables dropshippers to quickly source products that meet their requirements. This platform ensures that products of high quality are stocked in your inventory. All you need is go the dashboard and input details of the product you are searching for in the search products section. In a matter of seconds, the desired products will be listed to you.

24/7 Customer Support

Every dropshipping platform is expected to have customer support. Not just any customer support but one that can be relied on. Fulfillman has a customer support service that ensures that users’ complaints are addressed in the appropriate way and satisfactorily.


Oberlo is a dropshipping app that enables dropshippers to source and export products from Aliexpress and imports directly to their Shopify store. This app allows you to ship products directly to your customers just by a few clicks away. The Oberlo app was founded in 2015 and was designed to be user-friendly.

Easy Source and Export of Products from Aliexpress

Oberlo enables users to run dropshipping from Aliexpress with ease. After you have found the product you are looking for on Aliexpress via Oberlo, you click the Oberlo button to automatically export the product to your Shopify store where it will be sold.

User-friendly Interface

Oberlo’s user interface is carefully designed to make navigation less complicated. You can easily search for products and import them to your Shopify store with ease. All the items on the menu are carefully laid out to minimize the difficulty in tracking your sales and profit.

Product Customization

Products can be edited on Oberlo to reflect your brand’s image. In dropshipping, branding is essential to help you beat the competition and increase customer engagement. Through Oberlo, you can change product images and descriptions on your Shopify store and even edit product titles using SEO keywords.

Sales and Shipment Tracking

Sales tracking is important to give you a picture of your dropshipping business progress. Oberlo has integrated a feature that allows you to know how much sales you are making. Also, during the shipping of products, customers would want to be updated about its navigation. Oberlo has a feature that enables you and your customers to track shipment until they get to their doorsteps.

Pricing Markups

If you are selling lots of products, setting the price can be difficult. With Oberlo, you are allowed to set your own markups for products. It takes away the headache involved in setting the price for multiple products.

Easily Change Product Suppliers

Product suppliers are part of the soul of dropshipping. They are required to supply you with goods that meet your requirement(s). When they are falling short of expectations, it is expected of you to go for new ones. Oberlo allows you to easily change product suppliers for those that measure up to your expectations.

Multiple User Accounts

As your dropshipping business expands, the option to have multiple user accounts becomes useful. Oberlo has pricing plans that include multiple user accounts to help you evolve your business for growth.


There you have it! Above is a detailed comparison between Fulfillman and Oberlo. As a dropshipping business owner, choosing the right company or platform for your business is crucial. If you are trying to decide which of these two companies to go for, Fulfillman is the ideal choice for you. Fulfillman will continue to be a preferable dropshipping tool as the platform comes with all the necessary features to scale the dropshipping business.

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