Fulfillman vs. Jingsourcing Company: Determining the Best Sourcing Agent in China

April 21, 2021 eCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

One of the major hubs of international trade is China, the destination of choice for businesses worldwide that are looking to procure the products they need. This is where sourcing agents like Fulfillman and Jingsourcing Company come in. These sourcing agents are responsible for sourcing and buying products on behalf of their clients (international businesses looking to buy goods outside their reach).

Furthermore, sourcing agents offer a range of services, including supplier selection, price negotiations, quality control, shipping and logistics, and product testing, among others. There are a lot of sourcing agents in China that claim to be the best. That’s why we will be comparing Fulfillman vs. Jingsourcing Company sourcing agents so that you can make an informed decision.


Fulfillman is one of the leading sourcing agents in China’s trading space in particular and the global trade landscape. The secret behind Fulfillman’s reputation is simply their ability to adapt to the changes in the dropshipping world, adding new services when necessary and making drop shipping as easy as possible for everyone. Here are some of the services that have made Fulfillman one of the sought-after sourcing agents in China.

Easy Access

Fulfillman has a dropshipping platform that you can easily access on both desktop and mobile devices. The Fulfillman platform is user-friendly as it is captivating, so new users can easily affect transactions with minimal hassles. Better still, you can easily access all the information you need on the sales, sold items, pending orders, and the items in the inventory from the dashboard.

Regular Updates

This is a crucial element in the dropshipping business. Fulfillman has a system where information about a client’s purchase and fulfillment are stored in an Excel file. The information is also shared with the dropshipper while the transaction is ongoing. That way, last-minute changes are accounted for.


Fulfillman offers quality branding for your packages, business flyers, and custom boxes, among others. You needn’t worry about contracting someone else to do branding services for you. Fulfillman has mastered the art of providing premium branding that distinguishes you from your competition.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

With the Fulfillman dropshipping platform, buyers are guaranteed round-the-clock customer support that is just as efficient as it is reliable. This allows you to get answers and directions to any issue that may crop up in the course of the drop shipping transaction.

Highly Affordable Packages

Fulfillman offers some of the most affordable rates out there. You are sure to get prices at 5-10% cheaper than what is offered on most ecommerce platforms. The best part is that the low prices are for high-grade products, not knock-offs.

Prompt Delivery

Fulfillman provides one of the best delivery services based on their understanding of the importance of prompt delivery to businesses.

Third-Party Logistics

With Fulfillman, you are guaranteed efficient and reliable third-party logistics. You get to enjoy a 3PL warehouse management system built to facilitate the efficient and timely fulfillment of orders.

Product Sourcing

Fulfillman also offers product sourcing services. They source the cheapest, premium products for you so that you could focus on other aspects of your business.

Product Images

Fulfillman has a team of in-house graphic designers and photographers who can develop quality images that can enhance your inventory.

Jingsourcing Company

Jingsourcing is another reputable sourcing agent in China. They offer a range of business models that you can easily customize to meet your peculiar business needs. To help your dropshipping business, they offer four service plans, namely: Free, Basic, Pro, and Extra. The free services are free, while the Pro services are about the same as the Basic plan. On the other hand, the Extra services are quoted case by case. Here are some of the services you can access across these plans.

Product Sourcing and Follow Up

Jingsourcing agents help you search for suppliers and the most competitive prices in China based on your product. They also help you coordinate with factories to ensure that the products are made according to your specifications.

Product Sample

Jingsourcing agent also you collect product samples from various suppliers which they vet before shipping to you. They can also help you customize your samples with your logos and any other specifications you have.

Consulting on Import, Export, Compliance

They offer free consulting for any knowledge related to import, export, compliance, certifications, etc.

Free/Lifestyle Photography

Jingsourcing offers five white background photos of each product for free. They also have in-house designers, and that can help you make lifestyle photos by applying low-cost solutions.

Free Warehouse

They offer free warehouse services in China for 1-2 months. They then charge a $10/CBM/month warehouse fee after this period.

Quality Inspection

 They randomly inspect some  20-30%  of the cartons of your products. They also offer one by one product inspection services.The inspection can be done at the suppliers’ factory or their warehouse.

Great Shipping & Logistics

Jingsourcing ships products from China to your address or Amazon warehouses. They are responsible for all the import & export processes, whether courier service, sea freight, or air freight. You are also sure of a very competitive shipping price.


Although there are many sourcing agents in China, Fulfillman stands head above the shoulders of its competition. If it came down to a choice between Fulfillman and Jingsourcing Company, we recommend that you opt for Fulfillman.

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