Fulfillman Vs Importify: Which One is the Best?

August 24, 2020 eCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered what dropshipping is all about? It is a new type of entrepreneurial business that is widely embraced across the globe for various reasons. For a starter dropshipping costs next to nothing to start. Fulfillman and Importify are two popular dropshipping sites that many entrepreneurs use for their dropshipping business. The business model is less risky to run as there is no need to have an inventory as this is taken care of by a supplier.

Furthermore, for you to run your dropshipping business successfully, you require a platform that is favorable to the dropshipping business model. There are numerous platforms to conduct dropshipping and Fulfillman and Importify are some of them. But which of them is better? Read on to discover more as we discuss Fulfillman vs Importify and enlighten you about how they work uniquely.

Fulfillman Vs Importify

Features of Fulfillman

Below are some of the amazing features and advantages that Fulfillman one of the best websites to run your dropshipping business.

Capital Requirement

With Fulfillman, you don’t need to invest a huge amount of cash before you get started. With little capital, you can start to live out your dream as a dropshipper. You only need to stock your inventory when an order has been made.

Discover Trending Products

With Fulfillman you can easily find the products that are trending in the market. After logging into your account, go to the dashboard and start looking at the top products that are trending. This way you will be able to add these products to your inventory and maximize your sales record.

Authentic Suppliers

To be able to hit the ground running in the dropshipping business you have to find the best deals from verified suppliers. Using Fulfillman helps you take away the need to search for reliable suppliers. It has in its repertoire lots of suppliers that will offer you the best deals.

Product Discounts

Another amazing feature that Fulfillman provides is a discount when a bulk order is purchased through it. If many orders are placed through Fulfillman, you are guaranteed of getting mouth watering discounts. This in turn will help you save lots of money by people shopping on your e-commerce store.

Brand Building

Building your business brand is a great way of building a relationship with your customers and spurring the sustainable growth of your business. Fulfillman has an amazing brand Building feature that you can utilize to organically build your business towards the right trajectory.

Product Affordability

The product affordability is one of the features that magnet dropshippers to this platform. The products on Fulfillman are cheap compared to other platforms. Not only are they cheap, but they are also of amazing quality. Dropshippers because of this use this platform to conduct their dropshipping business. Consequently they drive up order placement and revenue generation.

Product Sourcing

As a dropshipper, you may not have enough time on your hand or be experienced enough to source the right products into your inventory. If you are experiencing such a situation worry not for Fulfillman has got you covered. Fulfillman can help source the appropriate products into your inventory.

Quick Delivery

Do you want a dropshipping channel that will enable you to deliver products to your customers as quickly as possible? Fulfillman is just the place to achieve this. The platform helps you to quickly deliver your services to enhance your relationship with customers and build your customer base.

Features of Importify

Importify is a dropshipping app that enables you to find products from various warehouses and add them to your inventory. It allowed you to import products to your Shopify or WooCommerce stores. Importify saves you time and makes management of your dropshipping business efficient and easy. Below are some of the features of Importify:

Product Customization

This feature allows you to edit the items in your inventory according to your preferences. The effective Built-in editor can be used to edit the price, title, category, tags, variants, and more. One is required to be a tech guru before they use this as it is very easy to use.

Unlimited Products

There is a wide array of products to import to your e-commerce store using this app. What’s more, they are very easy to import just by a click away. With Importify you can import unlimited Products and automate your business.

User Interface

The last thing any dropshipper or prospective customer wants is to visit an e-commerce site and find it difficult to navigate because everything is poorly laid out. Importify’s user interface is wonderfully designed such that it makes navigation seamless. It is not difficult to use like most other apps.

Customer Support

The customer support is great. They will offer you the opportunity to select your products according to your preference. If you are having issues with a specific niche this is a feature that will come in handy. Also, they work round the clock to ensure that they are always there for you.


Fulfillman and Importify are two amazing dropshipping tools to use. However, Fulfillman comes out on top as the more suitable dropshipping avenue. It comes with features that ensure all your need to run smoothly and effectively a dropshipping business is met. With Fulfillman, you will maximize your sales and productivity.

Best Importify Alternative: Fulfillman

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