Essential Tips to Change Products and Adjust Ad Copy on Your Online Store during Coronavirus

June 1, 2020 eCommerce Tips

It’s been over three months since the Coronavirus started to flip everyone’s lives upside down. Businesses are suffering; jobs are being lost, salaries are being slashed, the economy is suffering. In short, it’s been hell on earth.

Now, we have to practice social distancing, washing our hands, and constant wearing of face masks. The world is really sick. The impact of this pandemic on every country and business have been devastating; with no cure in sight, businesses are now working quickly to adapt to the new normal.

There have been several tips on how to bring business through this pandemic. In this article, we’ll be giving you some other tips on how you could change products and adjust Ad Copy on your online store during this or any other trying times.

Adjust Your Ad Copy

Adjusting your Ad copy is one of the first things to do in order to adapt to a new situation like the one we are experiencing now.  The closing of the traditional stores has opened some doors for e-commerce as e-commerce traffic has now gone through the roof.

The traffic is something else!  People are now queuing on the internet just to get their needs. Most of these needs are what can make life more comfortable during the lockdown. Hence, the need to adjust your ad copy to align with these needs. 

The way you sell products should change now. Instead of selling products as you were before the pandemic, you need to change it and entice customers by pointing out how this product will be useful during the lockdown.

If you sell exercise equipment before, now is a good time to adjust the copy to point out how useful these exercise equipment can be for indoor workouts since your buyers are indoors. You don’t need to stop your ad for products; you only need to pivot to point out how your services can help during this period.

Stop Ads on Low Demand Products

While it’s good to alter ad copy and not to stop it totally, there are some products that aren’t going to be in high demand during this period. So, instead of running ad for these products, why not hit pause on them for some other time.

If you notice a particular product is now of low demand, you should hit pause and try alternative products. Life’s changing, and people are trying to adapt to the new normal. They will be looking to buy products they suddenly have a need for like home office equipment, home gym equipment, or things that could make life easier at home.

It’s easy to figure out, just think about stuff that you, your family, or friends need at home right now, or recently bought, these and related items are items you should sell and do ads on.

Adjusting Product Page Copy

Just as you adjust your ad copy, you need to make some adjustments on your on-page product copy as well. This is where you can make your final push to selling your products. Hence, the need to make sure this page entices, and inform your customers.

You could add a quick note about your business status on the product page; this means you add a line at the top of your product page that tells the shopper whether you are still operating or not, or any relevant information about the status of your business.

Some dropshippers think that informing customers about delays in shipping may deter buyers. However, this is not so, as many have done it without any issue. You can also add new sections to your product page, talking about how your product can be used indoors, and how beneficial your product can be for shoppers this period.

Changing Banners and Home Page

The same way you change ad copy and product page, you need to change banners and some other pages like the homepage on your store too.  If your website has an announcement bar or banner, you can use it to send a message to your customers.

You could use the banner to tell your customers your store is still opened and operating. It can also state that there will be shipping delays. It can also be used to thank customers and show gratitude for their trust in your business. It’ll make them feel valued and part of your business.


There you have it! Above are some tips to change products and adjust ad copy on your online store. The good thing is many of these tips can be done in minutes, therefore taking a few minutes out to adjust ad copy, change product page, or switch banners shouldn’t be any stress compared to the many gains and strong business-customer relationship you’ll be getting.

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