Dropshipping: 7 Great Tips to Start Over in a Different Niche

February 22, 2022 eCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

Are you considering starting over your dropshipping business in a new niche? At times, things don’t always turn out how we anticipated. It might be that your current product is simply very difficult to sell profitably online. In that case, starting over in another niche can give you the opportunity of picking a captivating product that will be much easier to sell!

Another benefit of starting over in a different niche is that you can learn from your past mistakes. Thankfully, starting over in another niche isn’t as hard as some individuals make it out to be. You could debate it’s even less work than starting a Dropshipping business as a total beginner since lots of things won’t be new to you anymore.

Pick a New Niche

Targeting a niche market with your Dropshipping store can be an awesome way to make profits. Go through Google Trends and do some research into the best niches that have great potential, these could be perfect niches that will help you gain a competitive edge in the Dropshipping market. You can also decide to target a seasonal niche like blow-up toys, which will possibly sell well during the summer season.

You’ll have fewer people to compete with when you start selling items or offering services around niche product trends, as you’ll be getting to a smaller audience. This means that your marketing budget will be much cheaper, particularly if you’re thinking of using social media ads or Google Ads.

Research Your Competitor

Take a look at your competitors and research their products, the origin of their products, and how they sell them. You can also try and decode their pricing strategy or predict potential new products that they will go into? By being one step ahead of your competitors, you can remain ahead. If your competitors are selling a product you are thinking of going into, but you cannot find the origin of this product at an identical price, issues could arise.

It would be an awesome idea to take this product off your list for now. After you have developed a tough brand and customer allegiance, you can come back to this product type. Ensure that your competitor’s product research does not last all day. Doing a quick Google search for a product can show multitudes of competitors in a matter of seconds.

Avoid Underpricing Your Products

Dropshipping allows you to uphold a lesser product cost. The price of a product is often fairly close to the wholesale price, allowing you to sell goods at market price and make a profit. A Dropshipping business aims to make a profit and this is true whether or not you are starting in a new niche or are maintaining your previous niche. If you’re selling a ten-dollar product, then you should charge what you consider a fair price for it.

You need to consider the price of the product, business expenses, marketing, and finally hiring a team. If other brands are undercharging, don’t join them just because you are just starting in this niche. As long as your prices are decent and within market value, you should still be able to make a profit.

Ensure You Design a Presentable Website

One of the most essential Dropshipping tips for starting in a different niche is to ensure your website is easy to understand. By that I mean your website shouldn’t be difficult to use. Many new and old store owners start marketing their stores when their web page is missing pictures, has proxy text and all of their products are bundled together in one big category.

Before starting over in a new niche, take a look at other websites in this niche. After noting down all the layout and look of different stores in this niche, glance through the Shopify app store to locate apps that allow you to structure your website after other successful brands.

Offer Extraordinary Customer Service

There are several ways to stand out when starting over in a new niche. One of the most accurate ways is to offer awesome customer service. Offering cashback and diligently responding to customer questions is essential but it doesn’t separate you from many of the big brands into the same niche.

Tell jokes to your clients. Write them appreciation cards if they buy from your store several times. Organize monthly giveaways exclusive to your most loyal customers who’ve ordered multiple times from you. The goal is to make each client feel appreciated and valued.

Be Active Daily

Running a Dropshipping business successfully requires regular effort. You don’t need to spend eight hours a day working on your new niche but you’ll need to at least use an hour a day on your store as you develop your sales. Every day, you’ll need to process sales so that goods get to your customers on time.

You’ll also need to reply to client questions within 24 hours so that clients can depend on you. Marketing efforts will also need to be carried out every day.

Find the Right Supplier

The success of starting over in a new niche depends on the authenticity of the products offered by your supplier. If the supplier you pick provides mediocre products or cannot punctually deliver properly-packaged goods, it can destroy your reputation and the integrity of your business. So, it’s essential to take your time in choosing the right supplier. Take your time and research several suppliers and look at characteristics such as how returns are carried out, cost, shipping times, how frequently they alter their inventory, and so on.

Bottom Line

If you have made your mind to start over in a different niche, the seven tips given above should help you to make the transition a little bit easier. Do not forget that starting over in a different niche is not a failure. After all, choosing a lucrative niche to start with is never totally guaranteed, particularly if you are a novice and still have to develop your instinct in the ecommerce industry.

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