China Sourcing: Best 7 Steps to Source from China In 2023

January 22, 2023 eCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

If you’re into dropshipping or ecommerce business, there is no other place better than sourcing your products from China. However, some of you might find it difficult to source from China because it may be confusing and hectic most of the time. You might as well ask “Do I need to go there?” Of course not! China sourcing can be super easy and stress-free if you just follow the steps that’ll be discussed here. Continue reading to discover the best 7 steps to source products from China in 2023.

Do Market Researching

You should research about China sourcing before setting up your business. As you know, there is a lot of competition in the market. And if you jump into the crowded marketplace, it’ll be challenging for you to reach your business at the top.

Furthermore, you have to struggle to reach your goals. So it’s vital before applying for any business. Your first step must be complete, compelling research. If you want to earn more profit, it’s impossible to skip this step. It’ll be nearly impossible for you to compete with the market and replace the old sellers.

Get In Touch With Chinese Manufacturers

Some people prefer not to contact manufacturers when China sourcing for different reasons. It doesn’t mean that they don’t know this, but they’re confused about where to start or how to do it. The process of this is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is go to online wholesale websites to find the products you want to buy.

Then, send messages to at least 12-15 suppliers. Have a brief chat with them, talk about different criteria, and take advantage of their experiences. After that, select the manufacturer that you think fits best to comply with all your needs and then start working with them and source products from China.

Negotiate With Your China Sourcing Suppliers

Every day, Chinese companies receive so many emails about samples. Sometimes, those people are asking for samples because they don’t have enough money to invest even in the first shipment. If you place orders for large volumes of products, factories will earn more money as they usually offer low prices. So the more the project, the more they’ll earn.

Therefore, you have to show the idea that you’re planning something big from the start. Once you have finished finding your reliable companies, you can send them the following messages to play with them and get better pricing. It’ll be best to place orders for around 50 or more units for the first time. Ordering only one to two products will give them the impression that you don’t have enough cash to invest and in this way, they cannot make more money.

Start to Order Samples

After receiving the manufacturer’s’ quotes when China sourcing, you can now pick the best price among everything and order your first round. Then you need to select the location. It could be a warehouse or your home, send them a message asking for payment methods and also about the delivery date. Now sit back and relax, wait for your ordered product to arrive.

Meanwhile, you can work on your site, your marketing strategies, your pitch, and all other aspects as well. When you get your initial t, inspect at least five to ten units to check the quality level and defects. If you’re not feeling satisfied, contact the factory and ask them for replacements or simply go through other factories.

Order a Bulk Amount

Once you’ve followed all the steps correctly, you’re set to order a bulk amount from China. But pay attention to the payment in case face a scam. Many China sourcing suppliers require a deposit of around 30%, and the remaining amount would be paid before shipment. This means that you’re risking your deposits, but you have full control over the remaining balance, which needs to be paid after quality control and lab testing.

Re-Order or Pivot

When you’re making more than you spend, you’re good to go. When you’re losing money on each product, you have a hard decision to make. You could risk a few more months and order more inventory but you might lose more cash. If you’re in doubt, always pivot. Sell the rest of your inventory and use the leftover money to buy a different product from China. Fortunately for you, the next one could be your lucky break.

Arrange Ocean Freight Or Air Freight

This stage requires that you familiarize yourself with shipping incoterms involved with China sourcing. Incoterms are business trade terms that are used internationally for determining where and when the cargo will be transferred.


During China sourcing or when sourcing products from China, there are a lot of moving pieces. Knowing what to do will help you move swiftly with confidence and precision. However, if you fail any of the steps above, you’ll lose money. Ensure you have an excellent product, relationships, happy customers, and tons of profit by implementing each step wisely. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself as the sales roll in and your bank account grows.

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