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With e-commerce as the current order of the day, new entrepreneurs are emerging by the hour. People want to engage with the leading and best platforms available. One name that comes to mind is Amazon. Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms today, boasting hundreds of millions of sellers and buyers. Most people shopping online associate with Amazon. As a way of helping sellers sell more products reach out to more customers, the platform offers Fulfilment by Amazon or Amazon FBA.

Fulfilment by Amazon, also known as Amazon FBA is a service offered to Amazon sellers whereby Amazon stores your goods and does the order fulfilment down to returns. Having such a large customer base increase helps get more sales and ultimately high profit. Therefore, it’s understandable you want to join the Amazon world of e-commerce or increase sales and revenue as an existing seller. Here are nine important tips for selling on Amazon in 2021.

Research and Narrow Your Niche Properly

Going head to head with the best sellers on Amazon is not a good idea as a newbie. Research competitors regardless of whether you are a newbie or a pro. This gives you an insight into what kinds of products are popular. Most sellers tend to pick products that have high demand and low competition. Your research should help you narrow your niche. Build your products in one or two niches pick the best selling products that you got from your research. You might as well customise your products for your target audience

Consider the Sales Rank

It’s very important to consider the sales rank. Low ranking products are slow sellers which incur long term storage fees but there is little competition. This makes it easier to become the dominant seller for this type of listing. High ranking products on the other hand sell very fast meaning there is a lot of competition. Studying the sales rank gives you a good idea of what you are against and helps you in choosing your products.

Take Advantage of Product Bundling

Winning the buy box on Amazon is one tip you don’t want to ignore. In situations where many sellers are on the same listing, winning the buy-box becomes very hard. Combining an extra dice bag with a board game for example gives you a unique listing that shows up when customers search for the main product (board game in this case). People would tend to click on your listing and hence buy from you, competition is reduced or eliminated.

Build Your Unique Brand Identity

Amazon has millions of sellers, to be successful you need to create your unique brand and stand out. Having a deep understanding of your target buyers as well as creating great titles descriptions and styled product images should be done consistently. Having a strong brand name isn’t achieved overnight, it’s done with consistent customer satisfaction over time. A good brand name would have buyers come again increasing your sales and revenue.

Implement the Best SEO Practices

However, it can be difficult to get your products discovered on Amazon because of the pool of sellers and products there. It’s also a very massive and highly competitive market. More like Google, on Amazon keywords are valuable to have your listing appear on the first page with the right keywords. This is key to generating more sales. Using keywords in your product listing is crucial to getting noticed at the top of the pile. Research what keywords people use when searching for your products and insert them accordingly in your product listing.

Include a Descriptive and Concise Product Title

The product title should be as descriptive as possible but concise, Amazon only allows 250words. Using all 250 words isn’t a good idea. Amazon suppresses product listings that have excessively long titles. It should include the brand name product name and features such as color, gender, size etc. Customers would have an idea of what they are buying and you would also be able to insert keywords.

Add Excellent Product Photography

Excellent pictures of your product are very valuable as they constitute your customer’s first impression. Since the purchase is online the pictorial representation of your product must be as detailed as possible. Have images of the product in different angles, with the various features up close, show it in action so buyers can see how it should be used. Create videos to make the audience see it in close action making your photo description more engaging.

Write an In-depth Product Description

Well, all you felt necessary to put in the product title can be posted here. Leave your customer with little or no doubts about your products meaning they should have a complete description of your products and instructions. Add more photos, videos, tell your brand’s story and provide a clear comprehensive description of your product and brand. Feel free to go overboard and create an emotional connection with your customers. Let them have a clear understanding of the products they are getting and also let them know who they are purchasing them from.

Get Reviews

This is one of the most important tips for selling on Amazon successfully. Make sure you gather reviews at all cost. FBA is such that it goes all the way from storage to fulfilment and even customer care; review is one way you can boost sales on your own. This particular section is very important because buyers tend to associate with brands or products with positive reviews. People are more likely to purchase products with positive reviews. When buying a product it feels safer and common sense suggest we go for a product that has 70 positive reviews than one that no one is talking about. Customers also follow this school of thought when unsure of a certain product or just trying it out


Amazon has a lot of potential customers out there hundreds of millions to be precise for sellers to capitalize on. They also boast millions of sellers which brings a lot of competition to you as a seller. Take note of the tips highlighted above and be a standout seller on this ever-expanding e-commerce platform.

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Today, the competition between ecommerce businesses is now fiercer than ever. Custom branding and custom product packaging are among the ways to distinguish your ecommerce or dropshipping brand from other businesses. It involves boxing products using customized packaging that are specifically tailored to your business or products you are selling or shipping.

Furthermore, custom product packaging makes your product stand out. It helps boost your marketing endeavors, and gives your products a professional and more refined appearance. Also, customized packaging encourage the use of boxes that are tailored to specific product sizes, thereby reducing shipping costs. If you have an ecommerce or dropshipping business, here are some custom packaging ideas to help your brand stand out.

Simple Eye-Catchy but Professional Design

Packaging plays a big part in a customer’s decision and you want to get your audience’s attention not put them off. Overdoing the design might work against you, a simple design that is interesting and attractive that isn’t too far from the boundaries of your industry should be utilized instead. An edible font that highlights the product’s best attributes should complement your design.

The first impression created by your product is very important, so make it count. The quality of your product may be great but customers need the motivation to purchase it to discover this. Keep your design professional, clean and neat to attract customers. Professional packaging may require a little investment but it’s worth it in the long run. Your company brand would reap the benefits as this attracts customers raising your income in the long run.

Relevance to Your Product

Ensuring the design is professional simple and straightforward should be followed by relevance to the product. The best packaging ideas would be useless if it isn’t appropriate for your product. The packaging must align with the product. The more specific a design is the more it attracts customers. Using the best design for a beverage would be totally out of place on a beauty product.

Target Your Market

One of the best ways to make your product stand out is to understand and target your market. Make sure the packaging is attracting the right customers. Children products shouldn’t have a design appropriate for adults, a male product should be masculine. Have your target audience in mind when designing and packaging your products this helps them identify with it. You don’t want a different audience getting enticed by your product then get disappointed with what they get later on.


In addition, the packaging color makes a huge difference in how your customers perceive your products. Different colors spring different emotions in different people. Using the relationship people have to different colors to your advantage makes your product more attractive.

Packaging Size

The packaging shouldn’t just be attractive it should offer protection, easy to transport and use. Don’t unnecessarily use larger packs. Customers appreciate packaging that makes the product easy to use and consume. Making it stackable for storage also counts here. The packaging should suit the product and consume less space on the shelf. A simple but quality packaging design that gives customers a basic idea of what they are purchasing and ensure a safe carriage home should be the goal here.

Use the Right Imagery

Using relevant imagery does your brand a lot of good and makes your product stand out. An image is worth a thousand words and that is a proven fact. When a customer browses through shelves, a fitting image gives your brand the edge. An image tells an instant story about your product that attracts the customer. Customers take just a few seconds to scan through possible options, the luxury of reading a novella on your package may not be available to them. The image should however tell them what is inside and prepare them for what to expect. Make sure the image relates to the product totally and is eye-catchy.

Honesty: What Are They Getting Exactly

This idea makes a repurchase highly likely. Let your customer know what to expect when they buy your products. Becoming a leading and profitable brand requires an honest description of your product. Some companies sell goods based on false pretenses, while this may bring sales it’s on a short time basis. People won’t make a repurchase when consumers’ discover that the product isn’t what it was presented to be. No one would buy a product that was falsely advertised again. After all, what you seek is a strong regular base of loyal customers.

Indicate How to Use the Item

Sometimes you buy a product, get home and realize you don’t know how to use it. Well, that happens but when purchasing another time such a person would love a product that indicates how to use it. How and where to open should be indicated with clear instructions, this would entice a repurchase as it gives a memorable experience to the buyer especially being a first-timer.


There you have it! Above are some custom product packaging ideas to help your brand stand out. Your brand stands to gain a lot by using great packaging ideas such as the ones listed above. There you have it, let’s make your product the one that stands out positively. Even if your product is of high quality a dull packaging would have a negative effect on how people perceive your products. So let your brand stand out today with these awesome ideas.

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Customer service is the backbone of all successful businesses, this is an undeniable fact. Good customer service begets loyal customers who give positive reviews that in turn get you a lot of new customers. In dropshipping, the role of customer service cannot be overestimated. These customers identify with you, and not the supplier. Therefore even after delivery the drop shipper must still stay in contact the client.

Keeping your customers happy, willing to make a repurchase and invite others to your store should be your goal. High traffic is very essential for a successful dropshipping platform, this is a great way to gather and keep customers. Here are 10 customer service best practices for your dropshipping business.

Make Your Staff and Employees Your First Customer

When your customer service team and general staff are happy, they transfer these vibes to the customers and vice versa. This applies to dropshipping companies that have a customer service team. Train your staff especially your customer service team. Even If you are the sole customer service provider Endeavour to acquire exceptional customer service skills also. Be sure to Set customer service expectations for your customer service team.

Have Full Knowledge of the Fulfilment Process

A customer places an order then you tell your supplier who then ships the item to your customer, so you just sit back and relax? If you seek success the answer is NO. First, you must know your products inside out. Imagine what the outcome would be when an already frustrated client asks about a delayed order or returns and you are blank?

You won’t just be losing a customer potential referrals would be cut off as well as a negative feedback that mars your brand’s reputation. Save yourself all this stress and follow up with the fulfilment process from the supplier.

Take Responsibility

Yes, the supplier messed up, but the customer knows only you. Never shift the blame always take responsibility. Let your customer be assured you are in control of the situation. Your customer doesn’t know you are not the one fulfilling the orders, keep it that way. Try pacifying the customer while you work with the supplier to find solutions in case of delayed shipping or the return shipment.

Provide Swift Response to Customer Inquiries and Complaints

This is very essential in customer service. Address them by their name when responding. It keeps your already irritated customer a little calm, and potential customers are encouraged knowing you are readily available. You don’t want your customers waiting hours or days to get a response be it an enquiry or complaint. An “I am looking into the issue and would get back to you soon” does you a lot of good. Since a third party is involved swift responses ensures you save time by working on the problems as soon as possible with your supplier.

Follow Up On Feedbacks and After-Sales

Make your customers feel valued by contacting them after they give their feedbacks. Reply to their feedbacks and review. A thank you message after sales carries a lot of weight also. Don’t wait for issues to arise before taking action. These gestures make customers feel important and make them loyal.

Listen and Empathize With Your Client to Find Solutions

Listen to your customer, read and understand the context of their text perfectly before responding. Put yourselves in their shoes, empathizing with your customers is great but go one step further to find solutions. An ordinary apology and empathy are passive steps, advocacy one the other hand is taking actions and measures to calm an irate customer down.

Respond With Respect and Positivity

Its inevitable nerves get stepped on when dealing with frustrated customers, never let your emotions get the better of you. You are also frustrated by the situation when your supplier messes up. It’s important to not let your emotions overtake your desire to make a customer happy. For all the negativity you get always stay positive and let that show in your response. Address your customers with respect. All these turn furious buyers into faithful loyal customers.

Encourage Crystal Clear Communication

They should know this or that should be debunked. Leave no room for sentences or phrases that may seem offensive or sound uncaring from your path. Let your communication be clear and simple but professional. Avoid unrealistic expectations. Don’t over market a product or your services to something it’s not.

Handle Customer Returns Effectively

Effectively create a standard on customer returns. Work with your suppliers’ return policies to create your terms and conditions on returns. Make sure you can deliver at the time promised. Do not make promises vaguely, pay from your pocket if that is what it takes to not fail on your promise.


Answers to commonly asked questions should be found on your e-commerce website. Some questions are repeatedly asked frequently, collate these types of questions and provide adequate answers. Create a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, let it be easily accessible. This help saves valuable time.


Since dropshipping involves a third-party, customer service is very essential. These best practices help you in getting loyal customers and make their experience worthwhile. Positive reviews help build a strong customer base, your dropshipping store needs all the traffic it can get.

In case you will like to know more about dropshipping or other services we offer, contact us today at Fulfillman. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. An amazing experience awaits you.


There are tons of articles on dropshipping, rightly so it’s one the most crowded e-commerce platform today. It’s easy to start up, with a relatively low capital you can go into dropshipping. It also seems convenient, a customer orders then your supplier does the packaging and shipping. You make your profit easy money right? Well trust me it’s a lot more complicated than that. Here, we would be pinpointing eight hard truths about dropshipping.

Low-Profit Margin

One fact that must be made clear is that dropshipping isn’t going to make you a millionaire overnight. Yes, the capital is low since you don’t need to store or manage your inventory, well so is the profit. While it’s true that you need to put less money in, you also get less money out. That means you need to make high sales to make a profit and stay in business. Most of the money goes to the supplier, so basically, your profit is streamlined from the top.

You Need High Traffic

Your profit as stated above is directly proportional to your traffic, customer base. Starting from scratch with little or no traffic can be quite challenging as you would be struggling to make sales. It’s thereby advisable to dive in only if you already have a regular source of traffic. You would only make reasonable profit enough to sustain your business and also pocket if you have large traffic and get to maintain the customer base

Competition is High

The low start-up capital makes it easy for a lot of people to start dropshipping, this makes competition high. When many people sell the exact product(s), customers would rather buy from the cheapest source. Your rivals with more resources and years of experience undercut their prices, this cuts your profit margin down considerably. An extremely specific niche is needed to reduce the competition, focusing on unique products might help but this requires a lot of research and workload.

Supply is Out Of Your Hands

When you receive an order you are totally at the mercy of your supplier. You can only hope your customers get their products safe and as at when due without issues. The order fulfilment process is totally out of your hands. When your supplier fails to deliver appropriately, your business suffers negative feedback and impact. Since you don’t inspect, pack and ship the products personally, you would be stuck between the supplier and customer. Getting the right and the credible supplier is very essential.

Legal Liability

Another hard truths about dropshipping is legal liability issues. This is overlooked mostly, but some suppliers aren’t as legitimate as they claim. You don’t always know where the goods come from. Some suppliers also illegally use another supplier or company’s intellectual property or a trademark logo as their own. You should know that by working with such suppliers you are complicit in their illegal activities. So this is one area you should focus on when sourcing your suppliers.

Logistical Nightmare

Managing inventory is almost impossible in dropshipping. Since you depend on your suppliers’ stock to sell to customers, it’s going to be a nightmare if their stock is low or out without your knowledge. You would end up selling products that are out of stock. If a customer orders from 3 different suppliers through you, of course, they would receive 3 different packages at varying times. Goods cannot be consolidated in this model, as the distributors have different locations and shipping times.

Customer Handling and Customer Service is Lacking

Order fulfilment is never complete without a proper customer service platform. Although the supplier indeed does most of the fulfilment processes you are the one the customer identifies with. When issues arise from the supplier’s part you take the blame, and this affects your brand negatively. If the supplier handles it well, great, otherwise your reputation takes a dip. The relationship you have with your customer goes a long way to making or breaking your business.

In dropshipping, unfortunately, you have very little control over customer service, since you are not in charge of product fulfilment. If a customer makes a return, it gets frustrating as you must get your money back before providing a refund. Some suppliers are willing to take back faulty products and even reship, don’t count on this. You may have to buy a new product on their behalf and ship it to them from your already streamlined profit. Having dissatisfied customers doesn’t help your e-commerce store. You must also remember you need a large customer base to make a reasonable profit.

Brand building is difficult

You sell amazing products but it’s packaged without your logo or e-commerce store name it’s delivered neutrally as the supplier’s products. Your competitors also sell the same products with the same packaging. Like behind the scene songwriters or ghost-writers, all the credit goes to your supplier in dropshipping. Well, the negative feedbacks affect your store significantly though.


There you have it! Above are some hard truths about dropshipping you need to know. There are several complexities involved in operating a dropshipping business. However, knowing what to expect can help prepare your mind and make potential issues more manageable when they arise. These aforementioned facts should help potential and existing dropshippers navigate through the complexities of the business model.

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Sourcing is one of the key factors that determine success in dropshipping. China is also recognized as the best place to source products. Finding the right China sourcing agent, therefore, will be a major step towards meaningful dropshipping success. Fulfillman and EJET Sourcing are among the top China sourcing companies to work with.

However, the truth is that there are too many sourcing agents and companies in China. Finding a reliable one can be a real challenge if you don’t know where to look. But if you really know where to look, you will know that Fulfillman and EJET Sourcing are among the reliable ones.

Actually, Fulfillman and EJET are among the top China sourcing agent companies. They are both highly regarded by dropshippers, but one must certainly be better than the other. Read our Fulfillman vs. EJET Sourcing comparison article as we take a look at both companies and establish which is truly the best China sourcing company.


One of the first important things to know about Fulfillman is that it was launched to revolutionize China sourcing. In about five years of existence, the company has done so much for dropshippers that it has become the most popular platform for successful dropshippers.

Fulfillman was launched at a time that can be considered as a challenging period for dropshippers. From the very first day, the team was set out to address some of these challenges. So far, they have done so well, which is why most dropshippers are using Fulfillman.

Fulfillman is an ever-evolving China sourcing company. Most users will tell you that the company and its services keep getting better with time. Here are some of the reasons the company is attracting more dropshippers on a daily basis:

Excellent Software for Dropshipping

Fulfillman has one of the best software that supports dropshippers in their business. As stated earlier, the company entered the industry at a challenging time. One of the issues dropshippers were facing at that time was the challenge of mobile optimization. Fulfillman responded with the best desktop and mobile platforms for dropshipping.

Over the years, Fulfillman has improved its software in many ways. When you choose the company as your China sourcing agent, you can be sure of having excellent desktop and mobile platforms to run your business.

Product Sourcing and Quality Checks

Fulfillman performs the primary function of product sourcing in a manner that gives dropshippers peace of mind. The company has agents on the ground who will source from some of the best manufacturers in China. They don’t just stop at sourcing the products for your business; they carry out quality checks to ensure that your customers receive quality products.

Product Branding

Fulfillman understands the importance of branding and does that in the most effective way for their clients. The best thing about using Fulfillman is that branding is done without extra charges for the clients.

Fast Shipping Service

Fulfillman offers a fast shipping service to ensure that your customers get their products in time. This helps dropshippers to attract more loyal customers as online buyers are often thrilled to get their products in time.

Transparent Pricing

Dropshipping doesn’t have to be tricky. Fulfillman offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees at all, and this makes it easy for dropshippers to price their products properly.

Excellent Customer Support

Fulfillman is also loved by dropshippers because of the excellent customer support. The company actually has the best customer support service in the industry. This means dropshippers and their customers will get the best support when they need it.

EJET Sourcing

EJET sourcing is recognized as one of the top sourcing agencies in China. The company is recognized as one of the old-timers in the game, having been active in China sourcing for about 15 years. In the last few years, the company has done a lot to make its services dropshipping-friendly.

EJET Sourcing claims to have sourced over 25,000 products, and we can’t dispute that. The company has been around for several years and has built relationships with some big-time manufacturers in China. The company also has more than 100 experienced staff, who work hard to give you worry-free product sourcing and other services.

Services Provided by EJET Sourcing

EJET sourcing offers a one-stop China Sourcing agency service. They can be your all-in-one supplier for risk-free China sources. Here is a highlight of the service the company provides:

  • Sourcing and consulting
  • Travel arrangement
  • Buying service
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Custom product
  • Factory audit
  • Warehouse
  • Amazon FBA PREP Service
  • Financial Support


Fulfillman and EJET sourcing are among the best China sourcing companies you can work with. EJET Sourcing has been around for several years and has earned an enviable reputation. Fulfillman, on the other hand, has been around for a few years but has already revolutionized the industry in many interesting ways.

It is difficult to claim that one sourcing company is the best, but we believe that Fulfillman deserves that respect. EJET provides a great sourcing service, but Fulfillman provides exceptional all-round service that will make dropshipping easier and more profitable.

Do you need professional help and guidance in sourcing products from China? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We are a reputable service provider of China Sourcing services. We also provide Drop Shipping, Third Party Logistics, Warehouse Fulfillment, Product Photography, Private Label Dropshipping, and many more. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you outstanding and exceptional services.


Engaging with a third-party logistics provider for your ecommerce business should be done with proper consideration. After it’s clear that a 3PL is the next step for your business, carefully considering what 3PL company is best suited for your company is very essential.

There are a lot of great 3PL companies however picking the one that meets the specific demands of your company is key. Before you embark on choosing a Third-party logistics provider, your needs should be clearly outlined. This would help simplify the shortlisting process of potential 3PLs. Read on to discover some important factors to consider when choosing a third-party logistics provider for your business.

Financial Stability

Top 3PL providers should be able to provide you with an honest picture of their financial situation. You don’t want to get distressed by the inability of a logistic provider fulfilling an order. Therefore, it’s important to have a proper insight into their financial situation. Having the company close down suddenly or unable to carry out fulfilment processes ultimately backfires on your ecommerce store. Therefore finding a partner with a solid payment history and financial stability is very an important factor to look out for.

Experience and Reputation

Furthermore, it’s better to work with a provider that has been in the industry long enough than one just starting. This is very important because they would be well equipped to handle the challenges better. While experience is great, looking out for their reputation is just as important if not more.

Check out their ratings and reviews properly. Look at the customers they have serviced and how many of them are long-term clients. The 3PL provider you settle upon would be the face of your business depending on how much you engage them. Considering they would be handling a substantial portion of your ecommerce business, you must choose a reputable one with good reviews.

Technology and IT Services

Today, technology is the order of the day, especially in logistics. The kind of IT services and level of advanced technological solutions they provide is an important factor to consider when choosing a logistics partner. Logistics sophistication is dependent on the right technology backing it up. Make sure the logistics provider you are considering has the latest technology and a great support IT team.


In addition, the type of services they offer must align with your ecommerce store requirements. Lookup a third-party logistics company that provides the specific needs of your ecommerce store. You should carefully note down your needs and evaluate which 3PL provider would work best for you. How rapid they respond to orders should be taken into consideration as well. Responsiveness, when an issue arises, is also another aspect to look out for. They must be able to provide prompt solutions in such situations.


The potential 3PL provider should be able to scale service up or down depending on your ecommerce business needs and order volume. Businesses are established to grow, how well your potential 3PL partner can accommodate both your current order volume and anticipated order volume is essential. 3PLs tend to be long time partners, so this factor ensures your choice of Third-party logistics provider is a perfect fit for your projected order volumes as well as your current one.

Some 3PL already have their minimum order volumes set when working with ecommerce stores. Therefore, make this a priority when choosing your logistics company to avoid searching for a new partner when your store expands. Always look for a provider that can still satisfy your business when demands skyrockets.

Customer Service

This is probably the most important tool used to hold on to customers and even get new customers in the ecommerce world. You should go for a third-party logistics company with great a customer service platform, as the company would be the face of your business. Look into how effective their customer service is, as well as how they handle situations such as returns. Returns processing is a very crucial part of the fulfilment order. Hence, it’s of great importance to be sure of how the company represents its clients in such situations.

Safety and Security

Finally, how well a 3PL company deals with the safety of its operations in terms of transportation and protection of goods and materials as well as their personnel gives an insight into their integrity and how the organization conducts itself. Make sure they comply with the ever-changing safety regulations in the industry. It’s crucial to have your data and financial information protected. This is also an important consideration to factorize.


There you have it. The complications involved in choosing the right 3PL partner would be considerable reduced by following the factors stated above. Above all, try to be proactive and pay attention to these details to make your ecommerce store bloom with the perfect third-party logistics provider for your business.

Do you need help with your ecommerce or dropshipping business? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We are leading service provider of Dropshipping, Third Party Logistics, China sourcing, Warehouse fulfillment, and many more. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and discuss your needs. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can help you achieve your short and long-term business goals. An amazing experience awaits you.


Order fulfilment is only complete with returns processing. Even though not all orders get to this stage, it’s paramount that this stage is taken with utmost seriousness. This is because effective and efficient reshipping helps your e-commerce store hold on to customers and make them loyal. You won’t want to lose a customer because an order got lost in transit. The ideal solution may be to reship an order.

Furthermore, an order might need to be reshipped for many reasons. The original shipment might get lost in transit, become damaged while shipping, or as a result of an error in the size, color or the actual product. Even though the error might be from either the shopper or the shipper, having painless returns processing helps you hold on to your customers and get a great rating to attract more. In this post, we will be providing you with eight essential tips to facilitate re-shipping an order.

Plan Ahead Properly

Planning return policies in place and as earlier stated returns processing is a very essential part of order fulfilment, unfortunately, it’s often overlooked which is doom for your business. Having a great return policy gives shopper’s confidence to buy from your store, be sure to have this in place.

As you plan for your delivery routes, make sure returns are planned for as well. This makes the reship process less confusing and stressful. You don’t want to have unhappy customers, even when you reship orders it must be efficient and very swift.

Ensure Clear Communications

The order was placed and it failed to reach the shopper or the shopper is dissatisfied, now how do you avoid the same? Simple, have clearer communication with your client than when the order was placed initially.

Reshipping of products or orders is a result of some misinformation and or plain error. Whichever it is you don’t want to repeat the same mistake and provoke your customers more, clearly customers would be dissatisfied whether the order was lost, incomplete or was a wrong one altogether.

Whoever’s fault it might be can be quite frustrating for both parties. Therefore, going over the terms all over again to the finest details is very essential to reship efficiently.

Personalize the Return Slip

This often seems like it makes it too easy for the customer to return, but this is one of the first steps to ensure swift return. The label should include the customer and the item to be prefilled leaving the customer with only the task of indicating why the item is being returned, preferable this should be in both paper and electronic form.

Have a Pre-Paid Label on the Shipment

Another aspect that is often overlooked is having a return label in or on the original shipment or package, this however when done plays a critical role in calming down a frustrated customer. Adding a tracking id number to the return label enables both parties to follow up on the status of the return shipment which in turn helps assure the customer. A one-click purchase is an awesome well a quick-drop return is a norm in the e-commerce world.

Ensure that Return Process is Transparent

Today there are still some e-commerce stores that make the return process very difficult for shoppers this often backfires and harms the business feedback, you don’t want that. They hide or don’t even list their return policies for orders, these practices should be avoided at all costs, having said that a clear and transparent return process is essential for reshipping efficiently. Constant communications at all stages are mandatory.

Speed Up Return Processing

The shopper should be informed immediately the returned goods or failed order is received. In the case of returned goods, the retailer can place the goods if not damaged in the inventory for future sale and generate revenue. This goes both ways as the shopper also gets the reship on time, as well as the retailer having the goods available for resale (where applicable).

Goodwill Rules with Minimal Exceptions

Prevention they say is better than cure. When rules are unclear or with extensive exceptions, complications are bound to occur from time to time. Thus, leading to loss of sales and inevitably customers. A simple return policy with little exceptions helps to make shoppers happy and ready to come back. This also helps the customer service personnel have clear rules to follow also preparing them with knowledge and competence to indecently decide on the next steps for a reship or return.

Consider Returns Processing As an Important Service Practice

Customers care about returns, so it’s of benefit to your business to have the option of a convenient and simple return on your e-commerce store. E-commerce stores that provide a seemingly less complicated or stressful return processing are more likely to have repeated customer’s patronage and increased revenue. Great Emphasis must be made on return processing to ensure a smooth and efficient customer experience. Going over measures needed to make a reship a tool to earn and keep more and more customers.


There you have it! Above are eight essential tips to reship an order efficiently. You don’t want your customers to get more pissed after a failed order. This is why you should make adequate effort to ensure a successful reshipment. Moreover, getting an order reshipped efficiently after the initial order failed is a great way to boost your e-commerce business. This way, you can gain new customers and ultimately increase your income turnover.

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Suppose you’re looking to get funding for your business idea, without easy access to big-spending venture capitalists or angel investors. In that case, a crowdfunding campaign might give you that initial push to make your dreams come alive. Money makes the world go ’round. It is an irreplaceable part of all business endeavours. Without adequate capital, all you have is a pipe dream.

Investors are mainly concerned about the returns on their investment. Hence, traditional funding platforms such as the stock market are primarily skewed towards well-established and highly profitable companies. Asides from the fact that risks and challenges facing the survival of a new business are gargantuan, it is difficult for new companies to prove or at least convince investors or banks that an idea will be profitable.

Crowdfunding is one of the unorthodox methods for new or distressed businesses to acquire enough capital hit the ground running. In recent times, platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have provided ample avenues for companies to raise much-needed capital through crowdfunding. However, for a crowdfunding campaign or crowdfunding fulfillment to be successful, it requires meticulous planning and strategy. Fulfillman provides professional crowdfunding fulfillment services. Here are seven key factors to consider for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Create a Brand Story 

A compelling story will make any idea more captivating to the public and increase your chances of success. To achieve this, you have to employ excellent communication skills, use the right words, and channel delivery appropriate for the industry you’re trying to operate.

A brand story should be inspiring, clear, unambiguous and delivered with an appropriate mix of personal and professional tone. It needs to be long enough to provide all necessary product information and short enough to avoid the audience losing interest.

An overly professional tone will make the brand seem cold and un-relatable to your potential donors. Remember that it is not a board room presentation, don’t be afraid to explore humor and color in your campaign materials.

Create a Reward System 

Crowdfunding backers are also rational people who want incentives for their efforts. Do not forget to establish a transparent reward system that communicates what’s in it for each investor. It would help if you tied this to the magnitude of contribution.

To draw in many backers, you have to offer them unique or outstanding rewards for their time, effort and money. For instance, you can provide unique access to your products, exclusive access to prototype products, create exclusive product features to reward backers that contribute up to a certain milestone amount.

Crowdfunding communities tend to be passionate groups who would love to have some exclusivity level to a product they help create. A reward system helps them feel like they are also part of the process.

Facts, Figures & Visuals

No right-thinking consumer will stomp up money into your product that they do not know enough about its workability or long-term sustainability. Hence, the onus is on you to provide them with as much information as required to keep them informed of your success prospects.

To attain this, you need to make use of relevant facts and figures to point towards your product’s success. It would also help if you presented these figures in a visually attractive way as it is proven that humans can assimilate visual information much quicker than texts.

Real testimonials from people that have tried your prototypes or a short video of your product in motion/action will provide a first-hand feel for your potential backers.

Provide Progress Report & Feedback Loop 

Communicating with your backers will significantly improve the chances of your crowdfunding campaign succeeding if you devise a means to keep your backers involved in the whole process. If you discontinue communication with your backers, they could lose interest or move on to other things. Your credibility can only be as high as what your backers can see or perceive about your product.

When you share regular updates, you increase your chances of securing more funding or attracting more backers. Most crowdfunding platforms have tools and features built-in to enable your to provide updates about your products or send direct messages to your backers. Ensure you take full advantage of these tools.

However, be honest and realistic. As much as you want to inspire your audience, it would help if you also were transparent when things are not going as planned. Provide honest updates and back it up with messages of assurance that you can achieve the goals you promised!

Work With an Established Company in Your Value Chain

One way to ensure a successful crowdfunding campaign is to build trust. Showing members of the public that they can trust your company, your credibility, or your judgment is usually quite complicated. Mostly when if you have not made any giant public strides in the past. One way to bridge this gap is to have your brand affiliated with a well-established name, company or relevant industry influencer.

For example, having your books of accounts audited by a notable big-four firm, getting raw material supplies from a well-known firm or getting a celebrity to endorse your product can all do you a world of good.

Promote Your Campaign

This is probably the most crucial step in crowdfunding. To ensure success, you have to deploy every trick in the book to put the “crowd” in the crowdfunding campaign. This involves getting as many people potential backers as possible to become aware of your campaign.

Even if you are cash-strapped, there are many relatively cheap ways to spread your gospel to millions of million without breaking the bank. You can use your social media platforms to spread your message with Ads and organic reach. It could also help if you reach out to a team of media and bloggers relevant to your industry to get some organic coverage for your campaign.

Your campaign is doomed to fail if nobody knows about it, so ensure to leverage your social relationships and make use of every marketing channel available within your Budget.

Product Credibility

You must ensure that your products work as promised and deliver all solutions that you have projected in your marketing material, props and prototypes. This denotes that you have to complete the project, deliver on all goals, rewards, and promises and ensure that you maintain constant communication with your supporters along the line. Only when you have achieved all of these can you confidently declare your crowdfunding campaign a successful one.


There you have it! Above are some things to consider for a successful crowdfunding campaign. The world has changed. Access to capital has never been this easy and straightforward. However, always remember the cardinal rule that, your campaign does not end when you reach your funding goal. It is only over when you have fulfilled the goals, milestones, and solutions you promised in the process.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of structuring and positioning your web content so that you can gain organic visibility and achieve optimal ROI on your marketing efforts. To achieve success in e-commerce, you need to get constant visits from internet users. Ecommerce SEO is critical to this as it helps you reach the highest numbers of potential customers in the most cost-effective manner. These are seven easy steps to optimize your online store, boost your web rankings, traffic and ultimately increase your sales!

Step 1- Perform a Comprehensive Keyword Research

Keyword research is arguably the most important aspect of SEO. Identifying words target significant search volume, moderate competition, and have the potential to generate substantial traffic.

Efficient ecommerce SEO involves identifying words that your potential customers are typing into various search engines and search bars on various shopping sites. You will then build these words into your marketing materials, product labels, or page titles.

You can conduct your keyword research by typing words related to your products and taking notes of categories, locations, and other terms or questions that pop up next to it. You can use a tool such as Keywords.io and Keyword Tool Dominator to automate your research process.

Step 2: Optimize Your Site Architecture

This involves how your e-commerce website is structured into relevant pages and categories. When setting up your site architecture, your users and search engines’ seamless experience should be high on your priority list. A good site structure helps search engines crawl and index and increase your e-commerce site’s chances of getting ranked. It will help ensure that Google bots and crawl spiders of other search engines can easily navigate each page on your site.

As a rule of thumb, you should keep your structure simple, scalable, and easy for search engine bots to crawl. Every page has to be within three clicks from your homepage. If pages are buried deep in your website, or they are not appropriately linked, search engines would either not find them or simply not index the pages. A solid e-commerce architectural structure is one that helps your site appear with unbroken site links in search results.

Step 3: Optimize Your On-Page SEO

Majorly, On-Page SEO is about making sure that your pages get the most traffic and ultimately generate leads/sales for you. One major way to achieve this is by optimizing your Title Tags and Metadata descriptions.

The main aim of optimizing your Metadata descriptions is to insert your target keyword into your page, including visuals and pictures embedded in your site. This helps search engines identify your site as a relevant page to what a user is searching for.

To achieve this, you have to craft title tags and headings that are compelling to lure searchers to finally click through to your site. Deploy target keywords, such as Best, Free, Cheap, Sale, Delivery, etc. Also, remember to focus your On-Page SEO efforts on your product pages so that users can move a step closer towards making a purchase.

Step 4: Perform Technical SEO Audits 

Furthermore, ecommerce SEO goes beyond optimizing keywords and titles. There is also a technical side to it. This involves factors like site speed, UX, mobile-friendly pages, and working backlinks. In summary, it is about providing the best possible user experience to visitors on your site.

A Technical Audit of your site gives you an overview of the quality and standard of your e-commerce site. You have to look out for broken links, missing metadata, duplicate or thin content, etc. These things have negative impacts on your search engine rankings.

Step 5: Develop Your E-commerce Content Marketing

It is crucial to note that most people use google searches intending to solve a problem, buy an item or seek information. Hence, you need to develop quality content that addresses the primary needs of users with content related to popular informational searches and then build an advert for your product into the blog post or article.

The focus should on informational keywords like “how-to’s,” “reviews,” “tutorials,” “comparisons,” and so on. Although you aim to market your product, do not mortgage the core answers to the questions that the users have asked. Ensure you provide well-detailed and useful information that can genuinely help your visitor. The better the content, the higher it ranks, and the higher your chances for more conversions.

Step 6: Improve E-commerce SEO with Link Building

One of the critical factors in SEO is the authority that search engines accord your site. It is hugely influenced by the number of external links that point to your site. This is also called back-linking.

A successful SEO strategy requires backlinks to boost site authority, drive higher organic traffic, and earn direct sales. If you have good content, owners of other sites and blogs may include links to your site in their pages. You can approach other blogs for cross-marketing or affiliate marketing arrangements where you can link one another’s pages—this quite an easy way to earn some link building.

Step 7: Measure Your E-commerce SEO Progress

The last and final step of e-commerce SEO is to gauge your search results. It is crucial that you track your performance and examine your wins and look out for areas that need to be improved. Some key performance indices are site ranking, website performance, and the number of organic visits. You can check your organic search performances by using the Google analytics Acquisition search report. Google Analytics is also useful to track your website performance holistically.


Getting organic traffic consistently on your e-commerce website can yield very lucrative outcomes for your business. Although the intricacies and technicalities involved in SEO might seem daunting at first, when you consider the consistent traffic that you can earn for free, it is undoubtedly worth it. Follow these few easy steps, and you too can begin to dominate search results and generate sales conversions.

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Product imagery is a crucial part of both online and offline advertising. It involves the visual techniques that business owners use to showcase products on their store. Using high-quality product photography helps showcase your products in an attractive way that draws attention and entices potential buyers to purchase the products.

Few years ago, product photography was seen as a task that involved paying top dollar for professional photographers who had all the high tech equipment.  Nowadays, things have changed drastically. The competition for the market visibility and attention of potential customers has never been tougher in human history than it is today.

Displaying your products using high-quality images can be the charming difference between no sales at all and a high rate of conversion. In this article we are going to delve deep into some essential tips to take high-quality product photos.

Choose a Great Location

Location is unarguably the most crucial rule in photography of any kind. You must find a location that well lit up, clean and appropriate backdrop for the image that you want to create. This does not mean that you have seek out a professional studio (especially when you don’t have the budget for it).

If you are lucky to have some stunning outdoor landscapes in your surroundings such as Mountains, Flowers or a beach, they can also come in handy as perfect locations for your product photography. Just look at the spaces you have around you and make the best of them.

Select the Perfect Background

To create eye catching images of your products, you should select a well-lit and with good back drop. As a rule of thumb you should use a white or light backdrop, as they are very easy to remove when editing and putting final touches on your images. If you must use colored backdrops, ensure that the colors are well coordinated with the products in order to create a well-organized image. You can invest in a few elegant wallpapers if you can afford it.


Excellent lighting remains a crucial factor in taking excellent pictures of your products. Lighting can literally make or break the visual story that you are trying to create.  Lighting equipment can be quite expensive. However you can improvise with a few house hold items such as cardboards, curtains, candles and the good old Natural Lighting.

Furthermore, you can draw your curtains to simulate a darker or silhouette type of backdrop. Hunting torch lights at a close distance can also provide a good flash-effect.  Also, never forget to clean your camera lenses. A bit of dirt on your lens can make significant on the lighting of your images.


Focus is another really crucial and easy method to grab the user’s attention towards your product rather than items in the background. It is really easy to execute this on a camera. Most cameras have this feature built-in. Usually, you just need to know the right button to tap. You can have a look at your device’s manual for simple tips on how get this done.

Don’t Move the Camera

This is a really basic rule. You really don’t want your pictures looking blurry and unclear. It is the number one mistake that photography beginners make. However, if you have shaky hands you can simply get a tripod. If you’re using a smartphone, you should consider getting a selfie stick. You can also check out marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to source for affordable camera holders. The importance of a steady camera cannot be stressed enough.

Adjust Your Camera Modes

This seems quite straight forward but some people still can’t get around it. Most smartphones have different camera modes and settings built in. Each of them are designed to take pictures in different conditions. You should take time out to experiment and test them all.

For example you can turn off your flash, turn on the HDR (High Dynamic Range) option. There is also the options to choose between the Portrait or Landscape modes all of which can really make a difference in your images.

Edit Your Pictures Properly

Picture editing is no longer as complicated as it used to be years ago. Almost all smartphones and cameras contain built-in editing functions that are ready to use. You can take it a step further by downloading some photo editing apps such as Vivo, Flickr or SnapSeed. They are all available on your IOS Appstore and Android Playstore.

When you edit your pictures you should look out for key features such as Cropping, Color tones, and Picture resolution. You should optimize all of these towards the platform that you wish to post them on. For example, Pictures you want to advertise on your website should be optimized to a larger resolution for PC display, while those you want to have on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter should have relatively smaller resolutions to enable users view them easily without having to zoom or scroll. Take time out to find out the recommended picture resolution for each of these platforms.

More is More

The phrase “less is more,” is usually thrown around a lot, but when it comes to product photography it doesn’t exactly apply. The more amazing pictures of your products that shoppers can see, the more closely you are able to draw them towards making that final buying decision.

Another reason you should take as many pictures possible is that each extra shot you take increases your chances of arriving that that one perfect shot that every photo-artist so desires. The hack to this is to ensure that you delete all unused pictures so you can create space for more shots another day.


There you have it! Above are some essential tips to take high-quality product photos. Having high-quality website images and stunning product photography is enough to convince your customers to click the “order button”. Whatever you do, ensure to find creative ways to find a balance between making your pictures eye-catching and getting them to look professional.

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