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“How do I increase the profit margin of my business?” This is one question ecommerce business owners and dropshippers mostly ask themselves because it’s one great way to measure the success or fall of their business. Naturally and actually, you would hope for a successful business. Continue reading to unveil some amazing tested and trusted ways to increase the profit margin for your ecommerce and dropshipping business.

Focus On a Profitable Niche

Products like smartphones, gadgets, and fashion wear are always in hot demand. This means you’re going to face significant competition when trying to serve these niches. To increase your profit margin, instead of targeting over-saturated niches, find a profitable sub-niche with a customer base whose needs are largely going unmet. You should focus on satisfying a small but evident customer base to gain an upper hand in that sector. The less competition you face, the better your profit margins will be.

Retain Your Customers

Getting new customers is more expensive than retaining existing customers. Customer retention is the ability of a business to keep customers on board over time that can also help increase its profit margins. So, consider looking at your existing customer base, if you want to generate more revenue. You can start by creating a blissful business relationship. Ensure that your customer service provides top-notch customer support. Show them that they’re getting serious mileage out of your offering. Ask for their feedback and act on it.

Upsell Your Products

One of the most potent ways to increase your profit margins is upselling your products. You can offer premium counterparts or add-ons to your existing products to increase the average basket value. You can upsell to your customers before purchase, while a purchase is being made, and after a purchase has been made. The amazing trick to upselling successfully is to understand your customers’ needs and make a pleasurable shopping experience for them. You can do this by comparing products to highlight the value of your premium offerings, and reward customers who spend more at your store.

Cross-Sell Your Products

In addition to upselling, it’s advisable that you subtly suggest related alternatives or complementary products that would meet each customer’s needs based on what they initially chose to buy. This is known as cross-selling in the ecommerce or dropshipping industry. Research suggests that you can boost your revenues by around 10-30% using this amazing strategy. More so, it doesn’t require you to find new customers to increase your profit margins.

Update Your Product Catalogue

There could be some products in your product catalogue that could be updated or replaced with products that offer better quality and value. One great way to increase your profit margin is to remove products difficult and costly to ship, frequently returned, refunded, or stereotyped by negative feedback and reviews. Replace them with strategically selected alternatives that will keep your customers coming back and ultimately boost your profits.

Negotiate Prices with Suppliers

A successful entrepreneur doesn’t make customers pay a premium for a product. Rather, it’s the one that can force suppliers to reduce prices, thus increasing the profit margin without increasing the cost. Meanwhile, on one hand, you avoid upsetting your customers by lifting prices, and on the other hand, you make more sales.

Increase Your Prices

If you feel your prices are a little low, increasing the prices of your products is an easy way to increase your margins. Correctly calculating your mark-up without overcharging or undercharging is key and can ensure you make as much profit as possible. If you set your prices according to market demand and the standards for ecommerce or dropshipping products, your customers will perceive your products as being more valuable, and many of them will be happy to pay more.

Leverage on Social Marketing

Chances are that your business already has a digital presence. However, you should stretch your budget further and gain valuable exposure by marketing your products across multiple social media platforms. Sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. are free to use for marketing purposes and provide excellent exposure of your store to a global audience.

Final Thoughts

At least 80% of entrepreneurs have to deal with tight profit margins at one point or the other. And the goal of every business venture is to make a profit and have a decent profit margin. The ecommerce and dropshipping business model is no exception. It’s important to understand that competing for above-average profit margins should be your objective. You need to find ways to make a consistent profit to succeed. Use these intelligent strategies mentioned above to increase your profit margin and maximize the success of your business.

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Order fulfillment is the complete process from when an order is placed, or a sale takes place to a customer receiving the package. Two of the top qualities customers consider when they shop online are cost and the estimated time of delivery, the latter influences 68% of customers’ decisions to purchase.

A successful order fulfillment process relies on a third-party logistics company (3PL) or a fulfillment center to complete all of the processes required. What goes on in the fulfillment center may seem to be a mystery, but it doesn’t have to be. The process of order fulfillment is about creating a brilliant experience for your customers. Continue reading to know more about the order fulfillment process, what it entails, and how it works.

Receiving Inventory

The first process to order fulfillment is receiving inventory from suppliers. Products may come from a third party, another company department, or a company warehouse. In any case, the incoming inventory must be counted, inspected, and double-checked to ensure the proper amount was received and the quality is acceptable. The bar codes on the arriving products are used in the receiving and storage processes, and to retrieve goods from internal storage later.

Inventory Storage

Once goods are received in the fulfillment center, they are inventoried. Then, they’re either immediately disbursed or sent to short- or longer-term storage. Products are ideally stored just long enough to help organize the orderly distribution of goods for existing sales, rather than to hold products for future sales.

Order Processing

An order processing management system dictates product picking and packing activities per each newly-received customer order. In the online marketplace, order management software can be integrated with the shopping cart on an ecommerce or dropshipping website to automatically initiate order processing.


A picking team or automated warehouse robots select products from the warehouse according to a packing slip’s instructions. The packing slip contains specific information, such as a list of product bar codes, product colors, sizes, number of units, and location in the distribution center’s warehouse.


Packing materials are selected by the packing team or automated fulfillment robots to achieve the lowest practical dimensional weight, which is calculated by multiplying package length times width times height. Since space on delivery trucks is at a premium, optimizing dimensional weight is important to speed transport while also potentially lowering shipment costs. Furthermore, packing teams often include return shipping materials and labels in case the customer wishes to exchange or return the product for a refund later.


The order is sent to a shipping node or a transportation channel to be shipped to the customer. Shippers and carriers, whether freight lines or airlines, FedEx, the U.S. Postal Service, or other carriers, determine freight billable costs by whichever is greater: actual package weight or its dimensional weight.

Even if the actual weight is low, such as with a t-shirt, packing it in the lowest dimension is often worth it to keep the packaging from adding significantly to the overall package weight. Likewise, most carriers have packaging rules to optimize their profits from the shipping space they have available. Failing to meet those requirements can delay shipping if carriers refuse to accept the order.


It is common for shipping routes to involve more than one carrier. For instance, FedEx may pick up a package at the fulfillment center that will later be delivered by the USPS to the customer’s home. There are many reasons for these hybrid shipping methods. One common example is that the USPS delivers even to remote areas where most other commercial carriers don’t. It’s simply just practical to use the USPS for the last mile of delivery in those cases.

Returns Processing

92.0% of customers say that they’ll buy from a business again if the returns process is easy. Returns processing begins by including shipping materials and a return label with the original customer’s order. When a customer returns a product for an exchange or a refund, the process must be executed carefully to ensure it’s appropriate to restock it.

If the product malfunctions or is damaged or soiled, then it can’t be restocked. Returns processing includes quality control checks and sorting returned products accordingly. Return products are then restocked, returned to a manufacturer for a distributor refund or credit, or sent to a recycling center.

Take Away

The order fulfillment processes differ depending on the type of fulfillment strategy you use. But a general idea of what the order fulfillment process looks like for an ecommerce retailer, dropshipper, or online business owner has been discussed.

Now that you’ve been enlightened on how the order fulfillment process works, how you get products to your customers faster is by optimizing your inventory management, double-checking the products before shipping, improving relationships with suppliers, and being transparent with customers. Finally, you’ll be on your way to satisfying them. Good luck!

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If you want to be successful at your dropshipping business, you need to know what products to sell. Why? Because not all products are sold at the same rate. In this article, you’ll discover products that will help make massive sales. Continue reading to discover the top 10 dropshipping products for July 2022.

Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle

Hydrogen water is simply water with extra hydrogen molecules added to it. In water, hydrogen is bonded to oxygen. So, your body can’t absorb the full benefits the hydrogen has to offer. Luckily, extra hydrogen molecules have been added to the bottle to make the body accessible to its benefits. Benefits such as detoxification, better blood circulation, brain power boost, faster recovery from disease, and many more. Once you make your customers aware of the huge benefits of the Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle, you’ll be surprised at how much sales you’ll make.

Fish Scale Knifes

To enjoy the freshness of some fish, its scale needs to be removed. However, removing fish scales is quite difficult. And every chef and home cook is on the lookout for such item that could make such task easy. The Fish Scale Knife product is very efficient and simple to scrape scales, making it one of the top dropshipping products you should include this season.

Dark Spot Corrector Remover

Skin issues are one of the most common health problems faced by people across the world. People are searching for a good and reliable product that could help them eliminate dark spots caused by acne, fine lines, wrinkles, insect bites, dull and dry skin, etc. The Dark Spot Corrector Remover works fine in just a week. Customers would rush over to your store once they discover that you have such a product.

Breathable Silky Mattress Cover

Life is all about making things easy and stress-free. And this product is one of them. The Breathable Silky Mattress Cover covers a mattress firmly, which saves the time one needs to lay the mattress daily. The microfiber is also treated to prevent fading and shrinkage after washing, thereby extending the life of the mattress cover by keeping it in good condition. Owning it will make one’s bed perfect, and smooth, and make one experience a good night’s sleep. This is also a top product you don’t want to miss out on the gains.

LumbarMate Orthopedic Lumbar Support Belt with Magnets

This product was reviewed by The Bob & Brad Crew, associated with “Bob & Brad” The Most Famous Physical Therapists on the Internet. This product relieves lower back pain caused by a variety of conditions. Lumbarmate is recommended by chiropractors in relieving back pain, making it a top product.

 2-in-1 Vegetable Chopper Dicing & Slitting

This product helps to quickly dice and slit all kinds of vegetables and fruits, conveniently and easily, with no additional tools or even a cutting board. More so, it doesn’t require one to touch sharp blades as compared to using the knife for such a task. This is great! Ensure you include it in your store, for a successful dropshipping business.

Baby Squeezy Spoon Bottle

Sometimes, feeding babies can be fussy and messy. The Baby Squeezy Spoon Bottle is flexible, soft, and feeds babies easily, like using a spoon, while making less mess. You should consider including it in your dropshipping store, as many mothers will want to get it for their babies.

Pet Cleaning Hair Removal Comb

The Pet Cleaning Hair Removal Comb removes up to 95% of a pet’s dead hair and detangles them in 3 minutes. And it works most gently without scratching or causing pain. Many are unaware that this item exists. Include it in your dropshipping store.

Pressed Garlic Chopper

The Pressed Garlic Chopper can prepare ingredients quickly, saving time and effort. It’s suitable for mincing garlic, slicing peppers and onions, and handling a variety of ingredients. It’s mess-free, with no smell on fingers. It works easier and neater than a cutting board, making it among the top products of all.

Baby Head Fall Protection Pillow Cushion

Mothers don’t need to worry anymore while their babies are playing. This product is perfect for crawling, standing, and walking. The head protector will stay tightly secured to easily protect kids’ heads when they lose their balance. i.e, it creates a safe barrier between them and the floor. Once parents know that you have such a product in your store, they’ll come over to get it from you.

Start Selling

In conclusion, the fastest way to know what products to sell anytime is to know what products would make the lives of your customers easier and better. Luckily, this article has done justice to unveiling the top 10 dropshipping products to include in your store for July 2022. Start selling! A successful dropshipping business experience awaits you.

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Video ads can capture the attention of your customers longer and more thoroughly than any other advertising medium. 85% of brands use video marketing. Producing professional-quality videos are essential to promote your business and brand more dynamically. The reason is that you can’t leverage your brand in places where images and text cannot go, like YouTube. Video production is quite tasking, but it’s worth it once you have the final product. Continue reading to discover some video marketing ads you can use to promote your brand.

Branded Short Film

This is one of the most effective video marketing ads you can use to promote your brand. It is done by creating a short story related to your brand. Then you include your product or service in between. A story will help your customers relate to your brand. Therefore, a branded short film creates an emotional connection with your potential customers.

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are also among the most popular video marketing ads. The best part of it is that it increases engagement. It can include options like a sign-up link, click to know more, and so on. That way, you’ll be able to promote your brand beyond your imagination.

Reels, Stories, and Shorts

By now, you probably know that social media advertising is super lucrative. Customers are all over social media platforms. These platforms such as Instagram reels, Facebook stories, YouTube shorts, etc. have now introduced short-form videos. So, if you want to promote your brand and attract new customers, this idea is a must. You can either create this video yourself or pay influencers to make videos for your brand. The bonus you would get from influencers is that you’ll be able to leverage their audience as well.

In-Page and In-Text Videos

In-page videos don’t need a specific video streaming platform. They are placed on the web pages. Meanwhile, in-text videos are placed within a text. They appear between any two paragraphs of an article. It auto-plays when you reach the video and stops when you scroll further. Leveraging on these can help you promote your brand far and wide.

Product Demonstration

The purpose of a product demonstration video is to flaunt your product or service to your people. It’s about showing off its features, perks, and benefits. Product demonstration videos typically feature a charismatic host that speaks passionately about the product. Animated videos also work well, too. Don’t be afraid to get creative with product demonstration videos if you want to promote your brand.

Comic Content Videos

Do you know that the idea of stand-up comedy is getting more and more popular? These comedians not only make us laugh but also know how to promote a brand in between. This means that you can create funny dialogues, stories, or animation and relate them to your brand. It’s always a good idea to advertise your business and brand in a fun-loving manner.

The Explainer

If your business offers a product or service that isn’t immediately understood, an explainer video on your homepage or a landing page or your website may be just what you need. These videos could feature animation with a voiceover that explains what your business offers to the audience. Note that explainer videos don’t have to be animated. Time lapses of illustrations, a live-action recording, or any other visual way of telling your story are likewise appropriate. You would also be able to promote your brand through that.

Customer Review Videos

Another popular video marketing is customer review videos. You can request your customers to send their video reviews about your brand. In this video, your customers speak about their successful experiences with the brand. This allows other potential/ new customers to see the advantages of existing customers. After that, they will trust you, patronize you, and help you advocate your brand.

Question and Answer Videos

Question and answer video marketing plays an integral role in advertising a business. It does not only promote your brand but also helps you know your customers better. A company or organization can collect questions from customers and answer them in the video. This is a great method of marketing, as it ultimately builds customer-company relationships. Then, you’ll be able to promote your brand.


Advertising is the most essential part of any brand or business. People don’t have the time to read and research a brand. They prefer videos to other mediums. Video marketing ads are more understandable and interesting. They are a must if you want your brand to reach your target audience/ customers.  Luckily for you, 8 video marketing ads that you can use to promote your brand have been discussed. This helps customers to know about a brand in a fun and easy way. Therefore, if you really want to promote your brand, you should invest in video marketing for advertisements.

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Dropshipping is unarguably a lucrative business model of the century. Now, with several established brands and new entrants to compete with, anyone that wishes to be successful in dropshipping must be willing to learn every day. There’re many websites and blogs to follow with lots of information about dropshipping. Therefore, you should follow them for accurate and up-to-date information. Continue reading to discover the top ten dropshipping websites and blogs to follow in 2022.


Amazon is a top website you must follow if you want to make it in your business. It offers millions of products in almost any category possible and its order fulfillment speed is second-to-none. It is also used as a tool to sell the best dropshipping products. This is so commonly used that many entrepreneurs follow Amazon to learn how to dropship on the platform.


The Fulfillman company has earned itself a reputation for providing a comprehensive array of professional, high-quality, reliable, and customized sourcing services for clients interested in importing products from China. They have been able to adjust to the ever-changing industry, and they have kept this possible thanks to their state-of-the-art technology and a range of services we will be looking at in a bit. Following their blog will give you access to up-to-date and insightful information about dropshipping, China sourcing, order fulfillment, and so forth.


Shopify is a very popular dropshipping platform. It’s highly respected by dropshipper and has an awesome blog that you can learn a lot from. Following their blog will give you access to highly important information that can push you to success. The Shopify blog covers a wide array of topics on business ideas such as how to increase your customers and sales, and so on which you’ll find helpful as a dropshipper.

Do Dropshipping

This is also a top dropshipping website you must follow. The website was created after the creator saw so many paid dropshipping courses online. Note that these courses or most of the information inside these courses are available online for free. The goal of Do Dropshipping is to teach people about dropshipping for free. It currently contains over 250 awesome articles, which you don’t want to miss.


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin for converting a regular site into an e-commerce store. It offers basic functionality to dropshipping websites and stores. That’s the reason why it’s the go-to option for many dropshippers. It’s easy to understand and use for beginners and it’s more user-friendly.


Oberlo is one of the fastest-growing dropship businesses worldwide, having sold 85 million products in a little amount of time. Oberlo’s blog contains lots of detailed information, including the best products and how to start an online store. This blog offers a broad look into dropshipping and answers all questions related to dropshipping.


Salehoo has been a powerful tool for researching the right products and suppliers. Salehoo’s blog has many sections that allow you to categorize the blogs, which include e-commerce and dropshipping. Dropshipping contains blogs on introductory topics like the challenges for an e-retailer, benefits of dropshipping, the best product niches, etc. Its main advantage is its simplicity and straightforward writing.


This website is good for finding dropshipping supplier directories, running a digital storefront, and more. It also has a robust library of dropshipping articles when it comes to running an e-commerce business. Even if you search for dropshipping for newbies, help finding the best business bank for eCommerce, or recommendations for the best dropshipping books and dropshipping courses, BlueCart got you covered.


Another top player in this field is AliExpress. It’s an online marketplace used by a majority of dropshipping businesses. It’s often called the Amazon of China. They offer a very wide range of products for sale from a variety of suppliers. This means that you can find products that fit your particular store fairly easily. The site is so popular that dropshipping jobs and automated dropshipping tools are built wholly around surfing it for the best deals.


Spocket is an order fulfillment service that gives ecommerce or dropshipping stores access to a range of wholesale merchants around the globe. Spocket also integrates with several other ecommerce platforms, so you can easily browse through merchants’ products and add them to your store in a few clicks. Additionally, it offers a branded invoice feature to get a custom invoice for your brand. And that will help your brand image and retain customers. You shouldn’t miss following the Spocket website.


There are a ton of dropshipping websites and blogs to follow. Meanwhile, if you deem it fit and make a concerted effort to follow the top 10 dropshipping websites and blogs discussed above, you’ll be fine. I mean, you’ll encounter little or no stress in your dropshipping journey. Finally, you’ll teleport yourself into a successful and flourishing dropshipping business.

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When it comes to selling your products on your dropshipping store, the way your products look matters far more than you think. 75% of online shoppers rely on product photos before deciding on a potential purchase. This is why product photography is important for the success of your dropshipping business.

Do you know that people form their first impression within a mere 50 milliseconds? That’s quite a little time to grab the attention of your potential customers. This means you have to make every second or every millisecond count. You can only do this with amazing photos of your products.

In dropshipping business, great product photographs have the power of converting visitors to buyers. This will ultimately boost your conversions. Continue reading to discover some amazing product photography ideas to help you increase sales in your dropshipping business.

Take a Product Detail or Texture Shot

According to Forbes, 88% of shoppers characterize detailed product content as being extremely important to their purchasing decisions. Brands do this because it works. It gives a truthful look at what customers can expect in your packaging before purchasing. Around 23% of product returns are a result of inaccurate depictions of the product. When doing texture or detailed product shots, let them be realistic and eye-catching. It’s about showing the features of the product and displaying them as pleasing as possible.

Create A Scene

EMarketer found that 83% of online buyers consider photos the most influential factor in making any purchase. When you create a scene, you allow customers to see your products in action. Instead of wondering what it’s like to own an item or product, you share the experience with them. This idea applies to the saying: “Don’t sell the mattress, sell a good night’s sleep.” The environment of your product photo can help customers to imagine themselves using it, which is also going to help you sell more.

Manipulate Your Photos

Photo manipulation is a technique you’ll need more than just a camera to pull off. To manipulate your photos, you’ll need to make use of editing software like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. However, this software isn’t as simple as ‘Download and Go’, so you may need to look for some online tutorials on YouTube. Better yet, you could hire a photo editor to help you. Photo manipulation is super useful if you want to get your product’s core offering across cleverly and memorably. That way, you’ll increase your sales.

Show All Product Variations

When customers buy online, they want to look at as many photos as possible. The confidence that your customers develop through this will convince them, that they’re going to be happy with their purchase. As such, it helps, to show all product variations from different angles in your product photos. Never rely on your customers to simply imagine what your product looks like. If your competitors are not using this idea, then this will help you get ahead and sell more.

Show People

Customers love to see other people in advertisements and product photos. Research by Toluna says that more than half of people connect more with media that features real people. An even higher percentage, 62.3%, agreed that a brand featuring ordinary, real people will more likely understand its customers. When you feature people in your product photographs, it speaks to your ideal customers. They can recognize themselves in the photograph, and imagine themselves using or wearing your product.

Use Props

Adding props to your product photos will help to add creativity to the final look. These props could be flowers, objects, trees, or fabric. These props will enhance the visual experience and ensure that your work stands out no matter where they’re placed. And that will increase your sales.

Show Your Personality

Taking photos of your products is not only an opportunity to showcase to your customers, but it’s also a chance to get your personality across. When customers identify you with the personality of your brand, it strengthens your relationship and can encourage a sense of loyalty in them. And because of the trust they’ve built in you, you’ll be on your way to making more sales year in, year out.

Take Shots Of Your Product In Use

Another great product photography idea you can use is to take shots of your products in use. This could be content created by a model or social media influencers. This idea is especially great for products that your customers will need to use actively.

Bonus Tip: If you want to take great product photos, then you should invest in a decent photography setup. This includes finding the right good camera, a tripod, and some artificial lighting if you want to be professional.


In the dropshipping world, the product photography is one of, if not the only way that you can use it to visually grab the attention of your potential customers. Now, even smartphone cameras can take amazing photos. If you want to increase your sales, you have to stand out. Think outside of the box. Adopt the 8 product photography ideas that have been discussed above. Then you’ll be one of the lucky ones who make great sales in dropshipping.

At Fulfillman, we specialize in offering excellent Product Photography services. We are experts in Ghost Mannequin Photography, Hero Shots, as well as Jewelry Product Photography. Our services are well-detailed and highly professional. We offer the best quality photos that highlights your product in a way that will get your customers to pay attention. Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. An amazing experience awaits you.


Order fulfillment is the process of warehousing, packaging, and shipping the products to the end-user. Easier said than done, this process can be complicated and stressful. So far as you as a business owner, order fulfillment issues are a common encounter. However, it’s only smart of you to know ways of solving them. Continue reading to discover feasible solutions to some common order fulfillment issues.

Locating Inventory

When customers order a product, you need to easily locate or order the product. If your warehouse is poorly organized or your communication with suppliers is mismanaged, you will have trouble locating the right inventory at the right time. And that will cause shipping delays. If customers pay for expedited delivery, they’ll get annoyed at delayed shipping.

To avoid this, maintain real-time data on your inventory. Hire warehouse workers you can trust. The faster you can locate your inventory, the faster your inventory will be delivered.

Damaged or Incorrect Inventory

After a customer has waited for days or weeks for a much-coveted product, receiving the wrong or damaged product can be infuriating. Some entrepreneurs knowingly send out slightly damaged inventory in the hopes a customer won’t notice. Rest assured, they notice. When they do, it costs you money to replace the product. At worse, the customer might think twice about ordering from you again.

Proper inventory management on the front end can prevent many of these issues. House your inventory safely. Ensure it is double-checked before sending. Invest in quality packaging, and always pay for insurance.

International Shipping

International shipping can take a week to several months. While international buyers don’t expect to get their products overnight, they will look elsewhere if they’ve to wait too long. Offer a range of shipping options to your international customers. Don’t be surprised that many are willing to pay a significant premium to get their products sooner. You might also want to consider negotiating a bulk international shipping rate if you do a large volume of international business.

Shipping Expenses

Retailers struggle with two distinct shipping-related expenses: determining how much to charge for shipping and keeping shipping costs reasonable. The simplest way to set shipping expenses is to do so by weight. If you don’t want to or can’t do that, then try establishing shipping costs based on price. Customers expect to pay more when they purchase more. So they’re less likely to balk at a slightly higher shipping fee.

Inadequate Customer Service

Customers would contact customer service if their product is missing, delayed, or damaged. Inadequate customer service may be the worst fulfillment mistake you make. If your customer service representatives can’t quickly and competently respond to customer concerns, why bother hiring them? You might also light your money on fire.

Invest in quality customer service representatives, even if it costs a little more. They’ll be better equipped to manage fulfillment issues, and you’ll have fewer angry customers on your hands.

Poor Inventory Management

There is nothing more frustrating to customers than purchasing a product only to discover that they can’t have it, or that they have to wait long to get it. Without diligent inventory management, you’ll sell out of products before you realize it, forcing you to issue refunds and incentives to disappointed customers.

Create an inventory management strategy to keep track of every product. Then ensure it automatically updates your store. If there’s a chance a product won’t be available, or you know it’s already on backorder, clearly notify customers of this fact in the listing.

Replacing Lost or Damaged Products

No matter how diligently you manage your store, some products will get lost or damaged. Replacing them can be costly. Therefore, consider purchasing shipping insurance for every product. Don’t charge customers for returned merchandise. Otherwise, you’ll have a bevy of irate consumers. Instead, you should offer them a free return envelope and pre-printed label for easy returns. Make the return process easy, and you’ll turn the mistake into a good experience that creates a loyal customer.

Moving Forward

Note that encountering order fulfillment issues are inevitable. Now that you are informed, that will give you an edge on having a prepared solution to any order fulfillment issue you might face now or in the future. Luckily, this article has done justice by giving you ways to solve 7 common order fulfillment issues. That will improve your likelihood of turning your one-time customers into your lifetime customers. Good luck!

Do you need a reputable order fulfillment services company for your ecommerce business? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We provide a wide range of services including Global Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Drop Shipping, Third Party Logistics, and lots more. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.


Finding a profitable niche is the most important criterion that goes into building a successful dropshipping business or ecommerce business. But, do you know that 42% of online businesses fail because they couldn’t find and select a profitable niche?

Choosing a profitable dropshipping niche can be tricky, but at the same time rewarding. You need to find and select an area of expertise to help focus your business and attract the right customers. Unfortunately, if you are among the 42 % who don’t know the exact process of finding a profitable niche, you can take a sigh of relief. In this article, we’re be discussing amazing tips to select a profitable niche for your ecommerce or dropshipping business that will give you multiple monetization opportunities.

Follow Your Passionate Niche

If you penetrate the niche you’re passionate about, then it won’t be difficult for you to sweep great profits from this market. Also, following your passionate niche would help you know the communities and groups where these topics are discussed. This will assist you to know where you can easily place your product at the right time to make it a profitable one for you.

Check the Value of the Niche Market

Before jumping into any niche, you must have a clear idea about its worth. This idea will help you in the decision-making process as to whether to venture into it or not. For example, entering into the Anti-aging Devices niche that will be USD 43.331 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 8.6% will give you more confidence rather than a niche with zero data.

Research and Evaluate Past & Current Trends

Another amazing tip to select a profitable niche is to search the niche on sites like Google Trends, eBay, Aliexpress.com, etc., and analyze the trends. The process is very simple. For Google Trends, just go to Google Trends and type your niche. That’s all! Meanwhile, the key factor you should be looking out for is the stability of the niche. It should neither be seasonal nor a fad.

Make use of Amazon’s Help

Amazon is the world’s biggest retailer and they sell pretty much everything under the sky. That has made it one of the best places to find profitable niches and the products that are “red hot”. Amazon is especially great to assist you to find a super niche and the products that sell best. There’s no way you can’t find a profitable niche on Amazon, or at least have a good brainstorming session browsing the site. Amazon’s “Best Sellers” page is updated hourly making it a solid resource for profitable niche selection.

Find Ample Products to Promote & Sell

“Are there enough products to sell online?” You must be looking for a yes answer. To get product ideas you can brainstorm from multiple platforms such as Amazon’s bestseller page. Just do this page and break into your niche and sub-niches to see what good products are there to sell in your niche that can be easily promoted.

Check Reviews

If you are willing to finalize on any niche, you must have a clear answer to this question “are my audience willing to pay?” The answer should be “YES” only. These reviews will give you a clue as to whether customers are in love with a product. Once they are in love with a product, boom. This means that that niche is profitable. Don’t sleep on it!

Analyze the Competition from Existing Websites

Check if there are websites on search engines against a search query. This activity will help you to analyze any niche quickly. Analyze your competitor’s websites and look for the opportunities that they’ve missed. Also, you create content or offer products that give extra value to your customers than your competitors. Just go through the content of your competitors, take inspiration, and provide additional value, simple! Then, whatever niche you might have chosen will be profitable.

See Online Advertisement of Niche Market

The best to measure a profitable niche is to see if companies are willing to invest in their advertisements. While doing your research, if you find websites advertising for search queries, this could be a sign of a profitable niche.

Establish Strong Affinity/Association with Your Target Audience

Strong affinity/association with your target audience leads to more fruitful results in terms of income. Facebook Audience Insights is a great product research tool that can help you find niche markets and trends. Using Facebook Audience Insights, you can quickly get an idea of strong affinity niches. If the answer is “yes” to almost 85% -95% of your questions, then you can sit back and relax, grab a cup of coffee and start working on that niche!


With these tips in mind, you will be able to select a niche that you understand completely. When you begin your ecommerce or dropshipping business, the most important part is, knowing the cards-understanding the product, the market, and how you use your niche’s strengths and weaknesses to your benefit. Once you have those taken care of, the rest of the game is easy. Best of luck!

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Dropshipping is booming with new business opportunities every day. If you’re willing to start dropshipping or you’ve started, there’re many things that you need to put into consideration. One of the most essential considerations is the type of niche that your business will be operating in. Some ever-green dropshipping niches are always in high demand. Continue reading to discover the 8 best dropshipping niche ideas that will set your dropshipping business up for great success.


A good and healthy lifestyle is promoted by people everywhere. Now, people care more about their health and fitness. They want to improve their fitness levels. They want to release stress. Whatever the reasons are, Google Trends shows a strong increase in its interest recently. And this is where you should jump in and make money. There are many products for you to choose from. They can be yoga accessories, exercise equipment, sports clothes, and so on. Fitness products are good dropshipping niches ideas in 2022 and beyond for your business.


The beauty niche can still be very lucrative with the right business strategy. Beauty is one of those niches in which many people are willing to spend money on products. Therefore, having quality inventory and competitive prices can ensure your success in this niche. According to Common Thread Collective, sales in the beauty industry are expected to grow to $784.6 billion by 2027. This means that if you want assured success with your dropshipping store, it’s important to know what the top beauty products are on Amazon right now. Some of which are facial steamers, jade rollers, hot-air brushes, makeup products, etc.

Pet Supplies

The pet supplies niche is for you if you want something that sells well without being too complicated. Products such as cat litter, dog food, etc appeal to people who have pets but do not have much time for shopping around town. Once people are aware that these items are available in your store, they will come and buy from you, as people love to make their pets happy.

Baby Products

If you look on platforms like Amazon, baby products are among the best sellers. Baby products are more than any other product category (including books). It has been observed that unique baby items have a high demand because parents want their children to stand out from the crowd. Plus, many moms will buy another product if they believe that it’s better quality or safer for their children.


It’s no longer surprising that far too many people are always looking for the latest technological products that can make their lives easier and more interesting. This has also made gadgets one of the best dropshipping niche ideas to venture into.

Women’s Clothing

Truth be told, many women love to shop, especially for clothing. Just take a look at any department store across the world today, you’ll find women looking to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. According to IBIS World, the market size of the online women’s clothing sales industry is approximately $37 billion. There’s a great chance for a successful dropshipping business if you tap on the women’s clothing niche.

Home Decor Products and Kitchen Accessories

Home decor products and kitchen accessories are becoming more popular. For home decor items, you can begin dropshipping simple products like doormats or rugs, hanging flower pots, flower vases, table lamps, etc. Although, they are very affordable but sell well in this niche. Together with kitchen accessories, home decor products are also one of the best dropshipping niches ideas.


Jewelry is one of those items that can make an impressive first impression on customers, and it’s also very competitive. The good news is that dropship jewelry can be easy to sell on social media. With increased interest from customers who want more personalized items like custom name necklaces or even customized rings, you must communicate well and understand your customers. They need to know what they’re getting.

Bathroom Accessories

The last but not the least dropshipping niche idea that will be discussed here are the bathroom accessories. People are concerned more about how to make their homes practical, more convenient, and more organized. Some best-selling bathroom accessories are toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, soap plates, towel radiators, toilet roll holders, etc.


There you have it! Above are some of the best niche ideas to help you begin your dropshipping journey. We hope these ideas that have been discussed above have given you an insight into the  niches you should consider to be successful in your business. You should leverage these ideas when you want to start dropshipping business or are already into dropshipping. However, this list should not limit you. It should rather serve as an idea generator for you. Best of luck!

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The biggest issue dropshippers encounter is discovering and selecting what products to sell. Meanwhile, if you do your dropshipping product search the right way, you can expect the whole process to be much easier. Some products sell easily while others are just a waste of time and resources. Here, you’ll discover the top 10 dropshipping products for June 2022 that sell greatly and ultimately skyrocket the success of your business.

Hair Pure ReGrowth Centella Purifying Scrub

So many males and females out there need a magical formula that can help grow their hair in a few months without expensive surgery and toxic chemicals. Luckily, there are secret compositions present in the HairPure ReGrowth Centella Purifying Scrub that can help them achieve that goal. You’re sure to sell massively once customers discover that it’s included in your dropshipping store. This is quite a top dropshipping product you don’t want to miss out on the gains.

Pro Mambo Baby Swimmer

Do you know that many low-quality inflatables pose a huge threat to a little one’s life as most parents only realize that there’s a leak after discovering that their child is slowly sinking into the water?  It could have been worst. The Pro Mambo Baby Swimmer is the perfect swimming aid for babies. You should consider including it in your dropshipping store, as many parents are on the search for such products.

Nail Tip Styling Nail Art Jelly Stamp

This is a product that can help create professional nail art styles. The Nail Art Jelly Stamp is made of transparent jelly, allowing you to seal any fine line on the nail effortlessly without unsymmetrical results. Not only line drawing, but customers are also able to apply nail pattern stickers with precise alignment, by just applying nail gel to stamp and seal it on the nail. Many female customers are on the lookout for this kind of product, making it among the top products to include for a successful dropshipping business.

Pool Cleaning Tablet

So many products out there are ineffective in cleaning pools. However, the Pool Cleaning Tablet is a product that’s professional and effective for pool cleaning and guards against algae and any dirt. You are sure to see customers buy this product if you add it to your dropshipping store.

Turmeric Dark Spot Corrector Serum

“This is absolutely an amazing product! In the short time, I’ve used it, it seems to be effective in lightening my dark spots. I started getting compliments on how great my skin looked within a week”- this is one of the reviews made by a customer that used this product. Once those customers who are battling hyperpigmentation see this review and get a glimpse of this product, they’ll be compelled to buy it. It’s undeniable that you should include the Turmeric Dark Spot Corrector Serum in your store every month, year in, year out.

BPA Free Microwave Double Cup Perfect Eggs Poacher

This healthy, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and harmless edible silicone drain egg cooker can make homemade poached eggs in a matter of a few minutes. Customers would love to have this product in their homes when they find out that it can do the above for them swiftly and easily. You shouldn’t forget to include it in your store.

Avocado Cube Slicer

The Avocado Cubes Slicer is a product that makes cutting avocado for salads, soups, and other dishes. Customers would surely go for it after knowing that it will make their dish less messy and neater. Ensure you include it in your store.

Under-Cabinet Hanger Rack

This product offers a convenient way to hang cups, cookware, gloves, or anything you want to hang under the cabinet. The Under-Cabinet Hanger Rack is a product for all homes, as customers who are in love with their kitchen utensils organized and coordinated won’t think twice about buying it. Also, add this product to your store.

Smart Broom

It’s not surprising that 90% of people have an interest in products that makes their daily activities easier. The Smart Broom product works like a robot, as it has been designed purposely to work quicker than a vacuum, and better than a broom, making it among the top products.

Triple Action Blemish Skin Corrector Serum

Any time, any day, your customers will want to look good. At least 70-80% of people are battling with one skin problem or the other like acne, rash, boil, blackheads, etc. This is a product that can reduce these problems, and in some cases, cure them. You’ll be surprised at how much sales you’ll make once your customers find out that you have it in your store.

Start Selling

The quickest way to know what to sell and sell big is to know what products your customers need at a particular time or what product would make their daily activities easier. Well, this article has done justice to unveiling 10 top dropshipping products you should include in your store this June 2022. Go ahead and start selling and embrace a flourishing dropshipping business.

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