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Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons on this side of the globe. What with the lengthier days, beautiful weather, parties, and whatnot. But it comes with a toll for dropshipping businesses. A lot of trends have to adjust to match the demands of the summer season. The thing is, most folks will not be spending a lot of time on their computers ordering a lot of things. Those who find the time to order for stuff will be focused on summer-based trends that help them enjoy the summer season.

If you are looking to keep your dropshipping business thriving during the summer season, you might want to focus on the products most folks are looking to get their hands on. Thankfully, we have been able to compile some of them in the rest of the article. Read on.

Twinkle Lights

There are two types of Twinkle lights that you can add to your dropshipping offerings for summer. First, there is the one that comes with a string that can be wrapped around a pillar. Then there is the one that comes like a curtain that you can hang on a wall or used as décor. Regardless of the type, twinkle lights are great for parties and private events, and since that is all the summer is about, the demand for them is about to skyrocket. So act fast!

Magnetic Car Sun Shade

Many folks get on road trips during the summer season because the weather is excellent for traveling and stuff. But then there are the UV rays and heat from the sun that can damage your vehicle. So most folks who want to travel prefer a magnetic car sunshade that keeps their cars safe from heating up. The car sun shades also protect people from harmful UV rays. This summer, there will be much demand for them, especially as people might want to experience some sun after the COVID-19 restrictions and all.

Pool Beer Pong

The summer heat makes drinking beer a very pleasurable pastime, so there is bound to be an increase in the demand for pool inflatable products. The weather is hot, so it’s only natural for people to take dips in pools/beaches and enjoy a game of beer pong while they are at it. Pool beer pong is a big deal during the summer, and you want to tap into the market for the products.

Crop Tops 

What’s the point of working hard at getting a summer body if you cant show it off? Summertime is the season for crop tops. First, it is hot, so most folks will want to wear as little as possible. Plus, many folks have been putting work at the gym and watching their food intake so that they can get that summer body. In both cases, the crop top is a natural choice, and they come in so many variations that you can never go wrong if you choose to add them to your summer offerings.

Playful Beach Towels

Summertime and the beach are inseparable, and a trip to the beach is incomplete without a beach towel. There is a range of beach towels to explore, so you might want to stock as many as you can lay your hands on. It is a must-have accessory for the summer. In addition, it should be a must-have product for your summer drop shipping offerings.

Flat Sandals

Like beach towels, flat sandals are another excellent summer product you should stock up for the summer. It is the summer, and the flat sandal is the best footwear to explore this season. It often comes in a range of bright colors and eye-catching designs and is perfect for a day in the city or a stroll along the beach.

Your Marketing Techniques Will Have To Change

It is one thing to stock up on the products that folks will give an arm to get in the summer, but if you don’t market your offerings the right way, you may not make enough sales. Therefore, you’d need to adjust your marketing strategy during the summer. A great way to go about this is to incorporate social media into your marketing. Using social media ads and Google Shopping will get your products out there since more people will spend time on social media than on other sites. Use great product photos and deploy hashtags effectively. If social media marketing is not your alley, you can contact influencers in the fashion niche or contract the right professionals. It is well worth the investment.


Regardless of the argument about how summer affects the dropshipping business, you can still make the most of the summer season if you know how to go about it. Understanding and adjusting to the dropshipping trends described in this article will prepare you for a great summer season.

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Your dropshipping business caters to a range of customers who patronize you for several reasons. You would be wise to keep them updated about any changes in pricing, product offerings, or business operations because keeping them updated is vital to retaining the old ones and attracting new ones. Here are some essential tips you might need to keep your customers updated about your business.

Have a Plan

You’d need something of a plan (we’ll call it a communication plan) on how you intend to keep your customers in the know about your business. Your plan should incorporate “mini-plans” that all work together for the bigger plan. It would be best if you designed your plan in a way that makes it easy for you to impart essential updates on your dropshipping business in a seamless process.

Invest In Professional Product Photography

As a drop shipper, you deal in products that are tangible and easy to see. That is why you need top-notch photography. Great photos of your latest offerings will hook your customers. Once you have new products that you want your customers to know about, use pictures. People are primarily influenced by what they see, and one of the best ways to keep your customers abreast of your products is via great product photos. Avoid generic, low-quality shots by all means.

Start a YouTube channel

You might choose to take things up a notch from excellent product photography with catchy videos. If great product photos can captivate customers, a well-shot video will inform and compel your customers about your latest offerings. Let the video be focused on the product, and your customers stand to gain from getting the products. You can include the links to the video on your website or your social media pages.

Invest In Online Ads

Did you know that you could use suitable ads to update your customers about the latest products in your dropshipping business? Yes, you can, especially with the multitude of ads that you can run across all your social media platforms(assuming you already have social media pages). Of course, Google displays ads will put you right in your audience’s face, but if you have functional social media platforms, try running ads on them. Preferably Instagram and Facebook.

Exploit Email Marketing

Although social media is quite prominent in the dropshipping landscape, email is still one of the best ways to keep your customers abreast of the latest trends in your business. An email newsletter allows you to contact all your customers at once and is a great way to let them know the latest products, offers, and changes in your business. In addition, with an email newsletter, you are no longer subject to the almighty internet algorithm that governs social media. So it is a great idea to send regular emails to your customers to let them know about the changes that are taking place in your business.

Use Social Media

Most of the world’s population is on social media. That is why it offers an excellent means of keeping your customers updated about your business. You can post just about anything you want about your business on any of the social media platforms you are on. First, however, you need to understand the uniqueness of each platform and how to leverage it to your advantage. To do this, you’d need a viable social media strategy.

You also get the opportunity to engage your customers by answering their questions or address any issues that they might have using your social media page(s). If you have multiple social media channels, some tools can even help you manage them simultaneously to get as much information out to as many customers.

You Can Post Updates On Your Website

Disseminating vital info is one of the reasons why you created your website in the first place. So one great way to keep your customers updated about your business is to make regular posts on your website. You might opt to do this using a banner or conspicuous links. Another way is to create a page that is dedicated to any updates you want them to have.

Share Informative Resources

By informative resources, we mean content that gives your customers more information about the changes, modifications, or trends in your business that they need to know. The resources could take the form of blog content or just informative that throws more light or addresses any issues or queries. You should try as much as possible to share these resources across multiple channels to ensure that they get to as many people as possible.


Without your customers, you wouldn’t have a dropshipping business. You are bound to increase and improve your product offerings in addition to other changes. The best way to keep your customers satisfied is to keep them updated about your business. Use the tips shared in this article to keep your customers abreast with your dropshipping business.

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International ecommerce is fast becoming a business trend since the internet made the world a global village. There are so many benefits to selling your products internationally that you would be missing out on a lot if you have not started doing so. If you are looking to launch an international ecommerce business, here are some amazing tips we believe can help you along that path. Read on.

You’d Need an Ecommerce Website

An ecommerce website is an online store where you showcase your products for the online world to view what you are selling. Again, having an ecommerce website is one thing; having one good enough to attract customers is another thing. In any case, you need to hire a reputable ecommerce website builder (except you are one) to get you a website that can cater to the needs of diverse internet users. That would mean getting a multi-lingual that offers an excellent user experience.

Determine and Focus on the Right Markets

If you are to record great sales of your products, you’d need to make sure that you are servicing the right markets for your products. Take the time to research the market for your products. Take a look at the linguistic and cultural differences across the international space. You also want to study how the political and economic conditions worldwide affect the demands for your products.

Get With a Reputable and International Online Marketplace

Thanks to the expansion of the ecommerce landscape, there are many international online marketplaces where you can sell your products. All you need to do is establish a seller account, create listings for the available products, ship internationally to customers, and voila! You are in business! The catch is that you must do this with a reputable marketplace that has a reputation to uphold. There are tons of benefits to be had from working with such a marketplace. You get to establish warehouses at different places, and orders can be speedily delivered at cheap shipping charges. We recommend marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Take a Look at the Laws and Regulations

You see, the thing about international trading is that every country has its set of laws that it works with. And for you to be able to trade successfully across the world, you’d need to be conversant with those laws and how they affect the sale of your products. What are the import, export, and customs laws that govern the countries? Are there taxes and duties that you need to know about before trading there? Are there specific regulations guiding the sale of your products? What about stuff like packaging, safety, and labeling stipulations?

Promote Your Products

Promoting your products gets people to see what you have to offer. There are loads of other folks in the same business as you, so how else do you get out there? Promotions are the only way out. Thankfully, there are tons of techniques that you could use to keep your products in the faces of your prospective customers. You opt to get your customers to write product reviews that convince people looking to buy your products. You could also buy sponsored posts on reputable marketplaces so that your products can show up on search results pages. Other promotional techniques include working with social media influencers, purchasing ads on social media, setting up promotions, special deals, contests, and giveaways.

Get the Right Global Payment Provider

Since you aim for a global reach, you’d need to work with the right payment provider so that international payments become a seamless process for your international customers. Ensure that such a provider can implement popular payment options and gateways that make trading with you convenient, secure, and fast.

Have a Top-Notch Customer Service

Many international customers are wary of shopping with just about anyone because of issues like incorrect delivery, return and refund, and after-sales service. That’s why you need live customer service that caters to these concerns. Try as much as possible to get customer service agents that speak different languages and have a great understanding of your products to easily manage any issue that arises.

You Need a Better Social Presence

Social media is an excellent platform for reaching a lot of people. It is one of the best ways to connect with your customers. As someone in the ecommerce business, you need to leverage its potential for product promotions and customer interactions. Ensure that you have a great social media presence that allows you to find and get customers for your products.


Selling your products on the international scene just got easier these days, all thanks to the internet and digitization. Once you get the hang f international trading, you could tap into the potential of the global market. We hope these tips will point you in the right direction to becoming successful at trading internationally.

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As an e-commerce retailer, summertime comes with mixed feelings. On one hand, it is a great time to just soak up the sun and do lots of fun things. On the flip side, summertime comes with reduced revenue because everyone is out having fun and only a few of them have the time to make online purchases.

But do you know that you can rewrite that narrative? All you need to do is to prepare your e-commerce store for the summer to turn things in your favor. Here’s how to go about that.

Make Your Site More Mobile-Friendly

One of the major reasons for reduced e-commerce revenue during summertime is because fewer people take their computers on those fun-seeking forays during the summer. A mobile phone is handier and since people easily surf the web with their mobile devices, a laptop becomes unnecessary. Unfortunately, a lot of e-commerce retailers have not mastered the science of making their stores more mobile-friendly.

You don’t have to be in that club. Since people use their mobile devices more during summer, find ways to make your store compatible for purchases from a mobile device. That way, people can order whatever they want from your store regardless of their location. All they need is internet connectivity.

Leverage Summer Products

Summertime comes with its peculiarities and market demands. You can align your store’s offerings to incorporate some of the products that are in high demand during the summertime. Hence, launching products that are summer-oriented is one great way to get prepared for the market forces that hold sway during summer. Switching to products that sell during summer will keep your store “open” during the summer season.

Organize Contest Giveaways

During the summertime when conversions are low and whatnot, a contest giveaway can change all of that. Heck, you don’t even have to wait that long. You can get the giveaways done long before that. The thing with these giveaways is that they increase engagement and conversions while creating buzz about your products. You might have to partner with some affiliate marketers to get it right though.

Plan on a Summer Sale

Holding a summer sale is a great idea especially if you have some stock that you have not been able to get out of the store. A summer sale is a great way to boost sales and increase your income. It is also a great way to reward customers that have been loyal to you all year round. A summer sale allows you to clear stubborn stock, make some money and stay in the good books of your customers. That looks like a win-win situation.

Work On Your Content

You will be needing some kind of content to get your customers primed for your summer products and all the other good stuff you have lined up for your customers during the summer. The idea behind this kind of content is that it offers key insights that they need about getting the product, what benefits it offers, and so on. Generating this kind of content about your store’s offerings for summer also gives you a chance to enhance your SEO as you get to include new keywords.

To get the most of this content, you’d need to plan your content. A great way to go about planning your content is to get a detailed content calendar. That way your content generation for your ecommerce store is more productive and effective.

Use Chatbots

If you handled the tips above right, you’d need chatbots to handle the influx of questions that will be coming from old and new clients. A great chatbot strategy ensures that a significant aspect of your store’s customer service needs is met. Chatbots increase your efficiency as they can easily answer the common questions customers ask leaving fewer and more complicated questions for you to handle.

Invest in Your Visuals

One of the first things that clients notice about your store is the way it looks. In a season when most ecommerce retailers are struggling for the available clients, you must invest in the way your store looks to the visitors who find their way there. Find ways to improve your brand’s image. Ensure that your promotional materials are designed to arrest attention and compel the readers/viewers into some positive action. Invest as much as you can into your product photography because the more attractive the products are the more likely they are to be ordered.


A wise man once said that your success in any endeavor is down to your level of preparation. The summer season can be trying for the uninitiated ecommerce retailer. With some preparations, you could turn things around and get the best summer sales yet. Use the tips described in this article and get your ecommerce store ready for the summer.

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Great product images have the power to influence your website visitors to click the right buttons to order your products. On the flip side, your conversion rate will stay low if your product images are not on point. We don’t want that for you. That’s why we offer you the following product photography tips to increase your conversion rate and help show potential customers what your brand is all about.

Know Your Audience

Humans are easily affected by visuals because we tend to process what we see faster than we hear. Interestingly the way we process these visuals differ from person to person. You’d need to factor that into your product photography. Who are the products for, and what kinds of visuals influence them the most? Is the product a male-oriented one? Is it targeted at millennials, Gen X or Gen Z? Knowing your audience’s likes or dislikes will help you get the right product images that click with them.

Try to Capture the Right Context

Here’s an illustration to put things in perspective. If you are selling health and fitness products, you’d be better off with a product image that includes a fit model than you would with just the products themselves. It might cost an extra dollar to get a model to be part of the photo, but people will imagine themselves looking as fit as the model if they use the product. Naturally, they will want to get the product as soon as they can.

The Right Background is Key

It would be best to have the right environment to make that product image good enough to arrest some attention. Try taking your product photos against backgrounds that are as natural as they are captivating. You might want to try the popular white background that allows for contrast and clarity. You might also choose to experiment with a background that serves to reinforce the context of the product.

Provide Different Viewing Angles.

Nothing promotes your product better than showing the different angles to it. So when taking your product photos, aim for shots that show every aspect of the product. That way, the customer can ascertain the size of the product. Providing different angles also lets your site visitors envision what using the product will feel like since they already have a complete view of its size, branding and other key details. One great way to do that is to take close-up shots at a short distance so that the finer details of the products are revealed.

 Pay Attention to the Lighting

The lighting of the photo is just as important as the product you are taking photos of. While there are lots of studio lights that you might, nothing quite beats natural light. Aim to use it as much as you can when taking product photos. If possible, you should aim for the brightest part of the day and the location that offers the best natural light.

Capture All The Options You Stock

You want your site visitors to get an idea of all the products that you stock. That is why you want to take as many product photos as possible. Capture all the options of the product that you have to offer. For example, if you have a product that comes in different colors, you should try to capture all of those colors so that your visitors can choose which suits them the most.

Factor In The SEO Angle.

Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website ranks high on internet searches. A well-rounded SEO practice will increase your conversion rates.SEO requires metadata and captions for the photos of the products you put on your site. You’d need to include top-notch metadata that improves your SEO practices.

Use Social Media

We live in a digital age, and one of the biggest tools there is social media. Social media, among other things, is a photo-oriented platform that allows you to get traction for your website using different channels. You can do this by allowing your product photo to be shared. It is one of the best ways to get your products out there and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Get Professionals

You could go the DIY route with your product photos, but it is highly unlikely that your work can beat a seasoned product photographer. So it might be a great idea to let professionals handle your product photography. That way, you are assured of product images guaranteed to sell your products in the best light.


Believe it or not, your product photos are linked to your conversion rates. If people are not impressed by what they see, they are less likely to want to order. Use the tips we just described to create product photos that make site visitors want to order your products.

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Finding reliable dropshipping suppliers and products is a crucial step towards achieving success in your dropshipping business. However, there are tons of suppliers out there, each professing to be the best out for you to work with. That’s why finding the dropshipping supplier can be tricky. The wrong supplier can cause you unexpected delays and bad customer reviews, while the right supplier can help your business grow exponentially. Therefore, how do you know which one to choose? Read on to discover eight important tips to help you find reliable dropshipping suppliers & products.

Use Internet Searches Extensively

Businesses now exist in a digitized environment where an online presence is essential to succeed. So one place to find a great dropshipping supplier is on the internet. There is the argument that you need to do much more than an internet search to land the best dropshipping suppliers and get the best products. The truth is that an internet search will be more helpful than you know. A supplier with a website with a real-time inventory, an online searchable order or an exhaustive online catalog is very likely to be the kind of supplier you need for your dropshipping business.

Check Verified Supplier Directories

Here is another great way to get a dropshipping supplier that deals with quality goods. Signing up for a suppliers directory allows you to come in contact with reliable suppliers. Supplier directories are third-party organizations that list different suppliers, including their locations, products, and pricing. These directories only put up suppliers that have been seriously vetted so that you can count on the suppliers you find in such directories. You are expected to pay for the service, though.

Get Direct Contacts of the Supplier

So let’s say you happen upon a product that you would love to dropship. Contact the manufacturer and ask for the suppliers that work with them. You can then contact the suppliers directly to discuss your business proposition. It is a fairly good way to get a reliable supplier that understands the dropshipping business. You get to gauge them first-hand without any interference or third parties.

Attend Trade Shows and Conferences

Trade shows and business conferences are great places for you to find the suppliers of the products you intend to start a dropship. You get to meet different suppliers and manufacturers in the niche you want to explore in your dropshipping. You also get to see the products and decide if they are worth the hype. Most suppliers who attend these events also have a reputation to protect, so you are more likely to be the reliable kind.

Pay Attention to The Product Quality

Since your business is built on the product you intend to dropship, the quality must be top-notch. When looking for a reliable supplier, you should pay attention to the quality of products they deal in. Opt for suppliers who deal in premium-grade products that are likely to get your clients hooked. After all, having satisfied customers is the reason why you are in business, right? These kinds of suppliers might be pricey, but nothing beats having a reputation for offering the best dropshipping products.

Does The Pre-Order Fee Work For You?

A per-order fee is something that you pay suppliers for all the heavy lifting that they do to ensure that you get your products the way you want them and how you want them. Some suppliers might charge high fees because they know the quality of the services that they offer. While getting quality products and services might not come cheap, it is good for your business to get a supplier that charges fair per-order fees that work for both parties.

Test the Product or Service Provided by the Supplier

You can get to see if the supplier is all that and more by testing their services. Place a few test orders to see how they run their business and see if their products are as good as they claim. From a trial dropshipping order, you get to get a first-hand assessment of how the dropshipping supplier manages their business operations.Their shipping speeds for their product , in particular, are important because they determine how soon your clients get their orders. You’ll also get the chance to ascertain the quality of the products that they offer.

Review the Level of Experience of Their Staff and Sales Representatives

The staff and sales representatives of dropshipping suppliers are the first points of contact with them. Their level of experience and understanding of the industry will impact the way they handle your interactions. The best suppliers understand this; that is why they only hire sales representatives and staff knowledgeable about dropshipping. In some cases, you have a designated sales representative that handles any challenges that you might have while transacting with them.


Find the right kind of supplier need not be a problem anymore. All you need to do is act on the tips you just read about, and in no time, you should be able to land a reliable supplier for your business. In case you will like to know more about our dropshipping services, contact us today at Fulfillman. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. An amazing experience awaits you.


Ecommerce businesses are expanding in different parts of the world. The reason is that ecommerce businesses enable people to acquire products with ease. Regardless of the kind of products or services you want to promote, the fact is you will make money from this business. As a wholesaler, you have to remain competitive and ensure that you offer the best services at all times. To achieve this, you must have an ecommerce presence to promote your brand. Read on to find out how adding ecommerce to your business can help enhance your wholesale business

Direct to Consumer Potential

Most wholesalers have decided to opt for direct-to-consumer with online products and sales; thus, they don’t go through intermediary any longer. They have created an online mechanism that enables them to use a direct-to-consumer option for their business activity. Also, if you don’t want to make sales to your consumers directly, you can boost your brand visibility. The use of an ecommerce element will enable a plethora of potential customers to access your products. Note that customers are interested in seeking out specific products to meet their interests and needs. Thus, ensure that you boost your brand visibility so that your products can be among those that are visible to the customers.

Increase Promotional Opportunities

If you don’t share images of products with potential customers on social media platforms, you can remedy this situation with an ecommerce wholesale operation. The use of an ecommerce medium will enable you to stream and download any image you want to post on these social platforms, thereby making it easier to create email blasts and manage social media. The benefit is that this provides efficiency and ease in your business operations. Creating an ecommerce business facilitates product promotion and enables you to have more time to focus on urgent matters such as; fostering relationships with buyers.

Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

If you want to save unnecessary costs in your business, consider how a warehouse or a physical showroom can be eliminated or reduced in size by using a robust ecommerce business. Proper website design can offer interactive experiences for individuals to explore your product catalogs and identify the products that meet their needs and expectations. Also, ensure that you create promotional videos for your products and reviews to assist potential customers.

Create Room for Mobile Browsing

The interesting fact is that most customers purchase items on smartphones and also, retailers enjoy these benefits. Buyers don’t have much time and are constantly moving from one place to another, which implies that they need to access wholesale product catalogs remotely to facilitate re-orders and browsing. By allowing buyers to access your online product catalog, you have already given your brand a competitive edge.

Consistent Buyer Interaction

Unfortunately, many wholesalers perform woefully in this aspect, thereby missing opportunities to link up with their buyers. Many use the email marketing strategy to stay in touch with their customers, but this isn’t a practical or consistent method to boost buyer interaction. Nevertheless, Ecommerce enables wholesalers to provide a 24/7 online product catalog that keeps customers interested and engaged in product promotion while building hype for new items.

Sale of Products to Customers Regardless Of Their Location

A typical physical store can only sell its items to individuals living in the area and its environs. The good news is that ecommerce helps to eliminate this challenge. Wholesalers can sit at the comfort of their house and sell their products or services to individuals living in different parts of the world. You can partner with efficient shipping services to deliver the items to customers. With an ecommerce store, the world is your oyster.

Sales of Products 24/7

This benefit cannot be overemphasized as wholesalers can sell their products and services for the entire period of the day. When managing a physical store, it isn’t possible to keep running it for the whole day. Even if this is the case, the fact is that you will spend lots of money on operational expenses. Implementing an ecommerce store will eliminate this hassle as the store will keep running 24/7, thereby enabling wholesalers to boost their orders. Also, they don’t require anything extra to enhance the number of sales.

Collation of Data

With ecommerce businesses, wholesales can evaluate data and use it to acquire advanced products in the future. Somebody can evaluate the data inputted by customers when registering with an ecommerce store, and the data collected at the time of buying the products can be evaluated to understand the market pattern and customer preferences. These data are beneficial for introducing several changes to the items provided to the market. Physical store does not create an avenue for collating data, and it is practically impossible to evaluate the market compared to an ecommerce store.


There you have it! Above are some ways that wholesalers can benefit from using ecommerce. Ecommerce offers several benefits to both wholesalers and retailers. To the wholesaler, ecommerce can help connect them to customers directly, increase promotional opportunities, eliminate unnecessary cost, and ensure continue running of the business. If you’re a wholesale, you should consider taking advantage of ecommerce.

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Do you want to create captivating animation video ads to boost the sales of your ecommerce business? You are on the right path to achieving your goals! It is pretty challenging to create awareness of your product and services as customers can’t check the items physically. Thus, these brands must do something extra to promote their business and boost their sales. These videos provide detailed information about your product, thereby educating the viewer and enhancing their interest in the product. Read on to find out the guidelines on how to create captivating video ads for your ecommerce business.

Mind the Length

You have to understand that people are busy and wouldn’t probably have time to watch a long video. When they click on the video link, they can’t invest an hour in learning about a random item they found on the internet. The appropriate time length for a promotional video shouldn’t last more than 1 minute. Also, ensure that you captivate your audience with the video; in simple terms, make it short and sweet.

Target Potential Customers

Targeting potential customers imply managing who views the video advertisements and content. You have to consider the individuals who would view the video ads. For instance, direct response video advertisements can target your potential customers. Note that you don’t use the same technique to create ads on conventional television programming as applicable on social media. You have to understand that the mediums are different. Your business can target customers based on previous interactions, interests, parental status, age, and a host of others. For YouTube, ensure that you upload the email addresses of individuals who have subscribed to your newsletter.

Target the No-Sound Audience

Capturing the no-sound viewers is essential; so, ensure that your pace is fast and keep your message in the center of the screen. The inclusion of sound for highly engaging participants and subtitles for the no-sound audience ensure you can get across to everyone faster.

Keep Your Message Clear

Grabbing the customer’s attention doesn’t translate to passing across your information. The fact is that you will lose the customer without a crystal clear message. Instead, ensure that you hit the nail on the head and keep that message consistent for the entire duration of the video.

Think Mobile

Always think mobile. The reason is simple; when it comes to the videos’ elements such as logos, emojis, text overlays, etc. – these features are often overlooked. Ensure that these elements are incorporated into mobile devices. If not, your overall USP, CTAs, and message will be missed.

Avoid Hiring A Product Videography Expert

You don’t need to hire product videography professional. Although it is beneficial to have an expert involved, the use of a high-end phone camera will enable you to edit and record a video without any external support. Also, this will enable you to cut costs, mainly if you are a new entrepreneur getting started in the business.

Let the Visuals Speak

A fantastic voiceover can be an essential tool for a persuasive explainer video. However, in some instances, it is better to allow the visual elements to perform the communication. These videos shouldn’t have spoken text, using other audio and video elements to make the sale. For instance, most of the videos shown on social media platforms like Facebook don’t usually come with sound. Also, statistics have shown that most of the audience prefer the videos to come without any sound.

Show Some Personality

As applicable to another form of advertising, animation video ads need to be captivated and show reasons to be successful. Most potential customers might not be interested in purchasing your products when they click on the video; however, one that reveals the brand’s personality will likely be prioritized by your viewers.

Focus On the Difference

Animation video ads are appropriate for showing the best features of a product. But there is still much more to consider, and this is by demonstrating the product’s benefit to the larger audience. Thus, ensure that you focus on the difference of the product and ways it can impact their business and life. For instance, someone marketing a weight loss product has to focus on the benefits of this product and the weight they can shed within a particular period.

Go Back To Basics

Several things might seem basics. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that they don’t work. For instance, graphs, rockets, pets, retro items, etc., may be the basic techniques used by promoters, but the fact is that these techniques work! These techniques have been tested and tried several times and have proven effective; so, try it and ensure that you follow the procedures to promote your brand. Follow the tips provided in this post to create captivating animation videos to woo your potential customers.


There you have it! Above are some tips for creating inspiring animation video ads for your ecommerce business. For more information about our custom animation video ads and other dropshipping services, contact us today at Fulfillman. We offer affordable, reliable, and detailed services. Our experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and excellent services. A fantastic experience awaits you!


China has always been the go-to place of sorts for quality, affordable goods. That’s why most people do their dropshipping business there. However, you can’t have a successful dropshipping business without the right sourcing agent. That is why we will be looking at two of the best sourcing agents in China: Fulfillman and Amanda INTL Group.


Fulfillman is one of the most prominent players in the Chinese dropshipping space because of its revolutionary approach to product sourcing. The Fulfillman team recognizes the significance of innovation to the dropshipping business, so they keep getting better over the years. Indeed going by their popularity, it is difficult to believe that they have been in the business for only 5 years! Let’s take a look at why there is such a demand for their sourcing services

First-rate Dropshipping Software

This is probably their most significant selling point. Dropshipping is such a big deal because of the convenience that it affords online entrepreneurs. Much of that convenience comes from the software being used. And Fulfillman has one of the best software that there is in the dropshipping business. Its desktop and mobile platforms are easy on the eye and are just as intuitive as they are efficient.

Product Sourcing and Quality Checks

This should be a given, right? Well, you’d be surprised to know the number of sourcing agents who take this essential process for granted. Fulfillman has many seasoned and professional agents in China who have the right networks required to source the best products. What’s more, these guys also effect quality checks on the products so that you only get the best products from China.

Product Branding

Fulfillman understands how the right product branding can set your brand apart and generate client retention. That is why they offer product branding services that set your products apart from your competition. Interestingly, the excellent product branding they offer is on the house; you don’t pay for it.

Speedy Shipping Services

With Fulfillman you can get shipping services that deliver your products to you on time. No hassles or delays. Once you opt for Fulfillman sourcing services, you can rest assured that your goods are delivered to you ASAP.


Fulfillman offers sourcing services at the lowest rates. This makes it easy for drop shippers on a budget to still get the best services without having to drain their pockets. Better still, their pricing is as transparent, so you get to see what you are paying for.

 Customer Support 

What’s a business without a great customer support system? The Fulfillman team understands this, so they have built one of the best customer support services in the industry. Clients have 24/7 access to excellent, prompt support when it is needed.

Amanda International Group

With over 10years in the export business, the Amanda International Group is another China sourcing agent to be reckoned with. They have mastered the ability to integrate both domestic and international small commodity markets. As a key player in China’s import and export industry, they offer some of the best sourcing services and an evolving supply chain management system. Here’s what you should know about them.

Multilingual Agents

The Amanda Group understand that language can be a barrier when dealing with online entrepreneurs from all over the world. That is why they have a team of multilingual agents (over 500) that can speak a horde of languages between them.

A Great Sourcing Network

Amanda INTL Amanda INTL has a network of over 20,000 factories and 5,000 certified supplies all over China. This allows them to quickly get you the kind of goods that you need for your business. Regardless of the product standard (EU or USA) you are looking for, they can help source the products.

One-Stop Sourcing Solution

Theirs is a one-stop sourcing solution for a vast range of products. In addition to sourcing great products, they also help you with shipping and settlement services at the most competitive prices. That way, you can rest assured that you will get your premium products on time.

Free Quality Control

They have agents who check the goods before and during the production process to ensure that the quality is up to par and that they will be delivered on time. Their agents also look into the quantity of the product being loaded and the condition of the container.

Logistics and Warehousing

The Amanda INTL group has warehouses all over China.The smallest one has a capacity of 5~7 x 40ft HQ, while the largest one is about 5000 square meters and is over 10,000 Square Meters. So storage and quality checks of products are a lot easier.

They also have special rates with FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, and a network of forwarders, so moving your products takes less time.

Our Verdict

Although the Amanda INTL Group offers great dropshipping services, Fulfillman is your best China sourcing agent. They are constantly evolving so you will have a great time working with them. Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We provide a wide range of services including Global Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Drop Shipping, Third Party Logistics, and lots more. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.


Dropshipping business model enables you to manage your store’s operation without the need to hold any products. Anytime you make a sale, the supplier will be responsible for the logistics activities involving the transportation of the products from their store to your customer’s doorstep. This business model is great for budding entrepreneurs as it can be automated, easy to start up, low cost, and low risk. However, unless you understand the nitty-gritty of the business, you won’t derive these benefits.

If you’re looking to start a new dropshipping business or if you’re struggling with your existing business, this post is for you. Whether you intend to maintain the loyalty of previous shoppers, drive traffic to conversion, or gain new customers, we have several strategies to boost your dropshipping business. Continue reading to discover some essential tips and tricks that will enable you to stand out among your competitors.

Build Trust by Including Customer Testimonials, Ratings, and Reviews on Your Site

If you have a dropshipping platform, the fact is that shoppers wouldn’t trust the quality of the items you’re selling. To build trust, ensure that you add customers’ testimonials, ratings, and reviews to your online store. Product reviews will enable the potential customers to see the ratings of the previous buyers and their experiences using the product. By doing this, you can ginger an individual to make a purchase. For instance, dropshipping store owners from stores like AliExpress take a screenshot of a customer’s feedback and incorporate it into their website. However, as you increase your customer base, ensure that you include your product testimonials, ratings, and reviews.

Run TikTok Ads/Facebook Ads to Suit Your Marketing Budget and Goal

Facebook Ads can be personalized depending on your budget, goal, and audience. You can select the ads format and choose the platform you want your ads to be seen, such as; Workplace, Messenger, Audience Network, Instagram, etc. Also, it enables you to manage your ads and evaluate the results effectively. For TikTok Ads, it has emerged as one of the biggest sites for advertisers to promote their products due to their massive number of active users. Regardless of the platform you choose to run advertisements and promote your products, ensure that you use these tips; invest in video content, target ads to individuals on your contact registry, and be patient.

Share Social Videos to Drive Engagement and Traffic

Furthermore, social videos now serve as a means through which businesses can drive traffic and engagement. As a result, dropshipping businesses should shift their focus to video content to promote their shop or promote their product to boost their brand awareness. This might be challenging for a small-scale dropshipping business to create social videos due to the creativity and thought process involved. Alternatively, look for popular videos on platforms like BuzzFeed and post them on your social media platform.

Avoid Losing Potential Customers

The majority of visitors won’t purchase on their first visit, thereby posing a challenge to merchants. Thus, retargeting can enable you to recapture the customer. Retargeting is a marketing technique targeting visitors who have been engaged in your eCommerce platform but didn’t make any purchase. Using retargeting will enable you to display relevant advertisements to those visitors. Once you do this, there is a higher chance that these visitors will be converted to your site.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog will drive traffic to your site and is a low-cost strategy to reach your target market. The significant benefit of blog marketing is to generate more sales and traffic and also build your audience. You can use the blog as a means of redirecting visitors to your site. But the most vital purpose of blog marketing is to enhance your SEO result.

Identify Your Niches on the Internet and Join Their Group

A niche refers to an interest shared by a specific group. The majority of dropshipping businesses have their personalized niche. Thus, exploit this advantage by identifying your niche community in different platforms like blog or Facebook. Once you identify them, ensure that you join these groups to know your target customers’ interests.

Target Visitors by Using Compelling Email Pop-Ups

Capturing the email addresses of your visitors is an essential step for lead conversion. Nevertheless, to convert your visitors into subscribers, ensure that you use a marketing technique that fascinates them to do so. You can incorporate a pop-up email form into your website and motivate them to join your email list. Once you capture their email addresses, use those leads to engage them with your business and direct them to purchase.

Encourage Shoppers to Purchase More with Cross-Sell and Upsell Marketing

The implementation of cross-selling and upselling techniques can enable you to maximize your value. The two strategies are much similar; the reason why they combine them as a single marketing technique. But, both strategies help in growing the revenue and increasing impulsive purchases.


There you have it! Above are some essential tips and tricks to succeed in a dropshipping business. Everyone starts a business with a major objective to succeed. However, the steps you take or you do not take can make or mar your business. By following the tips and tricks provided above, you can improve your prospects of running a successful dropshipping business.

Do you need help with your dropshipping business? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We are a leading service provider of Dropshipping, China Sourcing, Crowdfunding Fulfillment, Product Photography, Warehouse fulfillment, Third Party Logistics, and many more. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and discuss your needs. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can help you achieve your short and long-term business goals. A wonderful experience awaits you.