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91% of people prefer using their smartphone cameras to take photos. In the world of dropshipping business, having great product photos is very important. However, you can be wondering how that can be possible without the aid of a multi-thousand-dollar DSLR camera. Understand that smartphones can do unimaginable wonders to creating photos that can generate revenue for your website. Continue reading to discover 8 tips to take great product photos with your smartphone.

Learn What Your Camera Can Do

Take time to know what your phone’s camera is capable of. Analyse the auto mode and look at how it focuses and takes an exposure to light, this is done by touching the screen where you want the focus point to be, but it’s good to check.  Does the smartphone camera have the manual settings? If so, know them. Some cameras allow you to use more manual settings. These will help you to take better photos when you know how to use them.

Use Editing Tools

Another tip to take great product photos is to use photo editing tools or apps. You have easy access to them, whether in the camera smartphone built in editor, or by using more advanced phone apps like Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. With these apps, you can crop and touch up your photos in seconds.

Avoid Digital Zoom

Digital zoom almost always produces poor results as it reduces the resolution of the photo. Avoiding it is one of the basic photography tips for taking better product photos. However, optical zooms are fine as they don’t affect the quality of the photo and these are becoming more common on smartphones. If you only have a digital zoom, then instead of using it, just move closer to the image maintain the quality.

Use Gridlines to Balance Your Shot

Taking photos with your smartphone require you to turn on the camera’s gridlines. That superimposes a series of lines on your smartphone’s camera screen that are based on the “rule of thirds”. It’s a photographic composition principle that says an image should be broken down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so you have nine parts in total. If you place points of interest in these intersections, your photo will be more balanced, and viewers will be able to interact with it more naturally.

Set Your Camera’s Focus

Cameras automatically focus on the foreground of your frame, but not all pictures you take on your phone has an obvious subject. To adjust where you want your camera lens to focus, open the camera app and tap the screen where you want to sharpen the view. If you’re taking a photo of something in motion, it can be difficult for your camera to follow this subject and refocus as needed. Tap the screen to correct your phone camera’s focus just before snapping the picture to ensure the moving subject has as much focus as possible.

Use Natural Light

Flash most times make a photo look overexposed, negatively altering colors and making human subjects look washed out. Take advantage of natural light sources you can find. This gives you a chance to play with shadows, or create a silhouette with other ambient sources of light. Once you’ve taken a photo, play with the “Exposure” tool in your favorite photo editing app to see if you can make the photo slightly brighter, without making it too grainy.

 Consider Buying a Tripod

Truly, smartphones make it easy to snap photos on the go, there’s never been an easy way to ensure the shot stays level and balanced when you shoot. Mobile tripods allow you to mount your smartphone for quick hands-free shots. Most mobile tripods are barely bigger than your smartphone and can bend to any angle. This will ultimately help you to take better photos.

Take Different Perspectives

Taking photos with your smartphone makes it possible to take as many photos as you want. Also, taking photos from a unique, unexpected angle can make them more memorable. It creates an illusion of depth or height with the subjects. It also makes the image stand out, since most mobile photos are taken either straight -on or from a bird’s eye view. Once you’ve taken a set of burst photos, you can then select the best shots.


The photos on your website are worth more than just words and a great one will make you to stand out from your competitors. Note that there are a handful of tips to take great product photos with your smartphone but the insightful tips discussed here are enough to take you to the next level. The best tip of all is to practice. Work out what you are doing right and wrong. Keep on improving and you’ll see your business soaring high.

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Studies proved that 75% of purchase decisions are derived from the emotion of customers. And so to make customers form such an emotional attachment, growing your brand is very important. Continue reading to unveil 9 branding ideas to grow your dropshipping or ecommerce business.

Define the Paradigm of Your Business

Most popular brand around the globe has picked a popular recognizable character to help remember their brand to their target audience. Therefore, choose a character that provides a close image of your business model as this strategy will define who you are and the way you’re willing to hold your brand name to the world. Hence it stays in their memory for a longer period of time and they identify it right away whenever they want to purchase products.

Create Unique Site And Brand Logo

Create an attractive and unique webpage design and logo for your business. Your branding efforts might go in vain if you have an unprofessional-looking site and logo designed for your business. Your logo and official website should be such that everyone who sees it remembers it.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, as even the simplest of the logo can turn out to be a great one that may set you for unstoppable growth.

Create Engaging Videos

54% of the people prefer to watch video content from their favorite brands. There are ways you can visually attract your target audiences, but info-graphs and video materials top that list. So when you are setting a plan to grow your business, creating and circulating inventive videos about your products should be at the top of your list. This helps in your branding making the presence of your business felt among your target audiences.

Start Product-Based Blogging

Blogging is a great way to keep your target audiences updated & well-informed about your business updates. Create one to start writing blogs about your products regularly. Focus on including info-graphs and write problem-solving content related to your business. And soon you’ll see that such a way of regular blogging on your site will build lots of trust among your target audience attracting more potential customers to your store.

Make Your Presence Felt in Social Platforms

72% of people tend to purchase from the same brand that they follow on social platforms. Social platforms come with many ideas to help promote brands. It plays a big role in building & bridging a connection between brands and its customers as well. The value and return you get back from branding through social platforms is not something you should overlook.

Promote via Email Marketing & Banner Ads

When it comes to branding, many businesses tend to neglect the significance of what a right email marketing campaign can do. Along with email promotion and other advertising practices, the banner ad is also something you can use to brand your business. The Google ads platform can be a good choice to run banners or re-targeting ads all over the internet and in search engines. Banners ads should be run for a certain amount of time, only then will your business get enough exposure to grow.

Give Back To Reward Loyal Clients

Don’t forget to introduce some customer loyalty program for those devoted customers who stuck around with your store for a long time. Reward them with anything that would excite them, such as a gift voucher, exclusive discount coupon, free upgrade to premium membership services, etc. dedicated only to show your appreciation for their loyalty towards your brand. This is how your business will grow developing a dignified reputation.

Be Honest And Real

Your effort to grow your business won’t work if you are faking or being disloyal to your customers. Nowadays people read reviews, and take recommendations online. There is no shame in admitting the weaknesses of your business and assuring your potential customers that you’ll soon address them to overcome them. Such honesty brings complete transparency to the mind of customers resulting in them growing more faith in your brand.

Make A Plan To Stay Engaged

Understanding the mindset of your customers is a vital thing for any business domain. Find new ways to stay engaged with potential customers to understand their changing mindset every time. If you want your brand to stay in the mind of your target audience, you need to find several innovative ways to stay connected with them. This way, you stay connected and engaged with them forever.


These business branding ideas are more likely to work when you have concise plan to execute them. And I’m sure you have noted down all of them. Whatever you do, ensure to be inventive enough to turn these ideas into a rock-solid plan that can transform your branding and take your business to a whole new level.

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It’s so amazing that dropshipping sales amount to nearly 5.2 trillion dollars worldwide. This indicates the massive profitability rate of the dropshipping business model. And if you’re on the fence about starting your dropshipping business, this blog will serve as a guide to teach you everything you need to know to make a great entry and emerge victorious. Continue reading to discover 8 amazing tips for first-time dropshipping business owners.

Commit To Starting Your Dropshipping Business

Just as with any other business, dropshipping takes significant commitment and a long-term perspective. If you’re aiming for a six-figure income from six weeks of part-time work, sadly, you’re going to be disappointed. By approaching your dropshipping business with realistic expectations about the investment required and your profit potential, you’ll be much less likely to get discouraged and quit. Committing to starting your dropshipping business will allow you to learn how the business operates inside and out, which is vital for growing your business.

Choose A Niche/ Dropshipping Business Idea

Another important tip is choosing a niche. Just as if you were opening up a retail store and looking into the different locations, competitors, and trends, you want to investigate a niche you’re interested in and make decisions based on how profitable it can be. Meanwhile, the truth is, coming up with validated product ideas to sell is tricky. Google Trends can help you determine if a product is trending upward or downward, as well as the seasons they tend to trend in.

Do Competitive Market Research

Now that you know what you’re going to sell in your store, look at your competitors and understand the way they work. Your competitors may hold great clues to success and can help you build a stronger marketing plan for your dropshipping business. If your market has a lot of competitors, limit your research to about five of them.  It’ll help you keep focused and plan your next steps.

Choose A Dropshipping Supplier

Choosing a dropshipping supplier is a critical step toward creating a profitable and successful dropshipping business. Without suppliers, a dropshipping business would not have any products to ship to customers and, ultimately, cease to exist. At this point, you’ve vetted what dropshipping products you want to sell and know they will be profitable. Now you want to make sure you find a dropshipping supplier that gives you the high-quality service you need to grow your business.

Get Your Finances In Order

One common mistake first-time dropshipping business owners make is blending their personal and business finances. This confuses, makes accounting more difficult, can lead to the personal assumptions of business liabilities, and is a big red flag if you’re ever audited. Keep your business and personal finances separate as much as possible. The best way to do that is by opening up new accounts in your business’s name.

Market Your Dropshipping Store

Now that you know how to start a dropshipping business, let’s talk about marketing your new dropshipping store. To stand out in your market, you may want to put extra effort into your marketing and advertising efforts when building your dropshipping business plan. With so many things about dropshipping being automated, you can spend time focusing on marketing and promoting your business using paid ads, influencer marketing, branding, social media marketing, email marketing, and so on.

Build Your Website And Optimize Your Store

Another great tip is building your dropshipping business website. This will be the abode where you send traffic, sell products, and process payments. Once you have spent time building your website, brand, and marketing, you can start to analyze the results of your hard work. You may find that certain marketing activities are hugely successful while others are not so much. Optimizing your store will help you to increase the revenue that you generate online.

Analyze And Improve Your Offering

After you’ve been marketing and managing your dropshipping business for some time, you can start looking at the results of your hard work. This will allow you to know what practices that can make your business grow and shove out the unnecessary ones that eat away your time and breeds no result.


Yes, dropshipping is a great way to start selling online as you are not responsible for shipping or manufacturing. It’s a low-risk business model that doesn’t incur huge costs like a wholesaler would normally have and you can earn a good profit margin with the right suppliers. Whether you’re a first-time or veteran business owner, a dropshipping business can be a profitable business model for you. Hopefully, these tips inspire you to create a pathway to success and financial freedom, so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of, like so many other dropshippers.

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The global dropshipping industry is expected to reach $557.9 billion by 2025. This means you must always dropship profitable products. Meanwhile, you might be wondering what products to dropship in your online store. Continue reading to discover the top 10 winning dropshipping products to sell in April.

Ergonomic Handled Microfiber Car Window Cleaner

This Microfiber Car Window Cleaner has a microfiber cloth that makes cleaning car windows easy. Complete contact with the glass allows customers to reach into corners and other areas they simply could not get to easily. It’s a trending product that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Portable Neck Fan

The Portable Neck Fan brings a cooling, chilly breeze during the summer. A novel neck fan that can send the wind without clogging hands by simply placing it on the neck. It’s designed without wings, and can be used safely by everyone. When the fan is in use, customers don’t have to worry about their hair getting caught on the fan blades. It is also ideal as a companion for working in hot weather.

Shoes Whitening Cleaner

Once stains and colouring appear on shoes, it makes them look old, ugly, and dirty. The Shoes Whitening Cleaner is a high-quality product that removes dirt and colouring or yellowing from your shoes, and effectively maintains the bright white effect. It’s a top product you should add to your store.

Innovative Rebound Knee Strength Enhancement Support Pads (2pcs)

“I bought these for my 84-year-old father to support his knees and they do help a matter of fact it was like having my Dad back to normal. We had seen him walk normally in a long time. I also think they are going to give him the stability that he needs to keep him from falling”. Of course, there is no family that doesn’t have an old one at home. This review by a customer who got the Innovative Rebound Knee Strength Enhancement Support Pads should get you on your toes to add this product to your store.

Magic Dry Hair Spray

This lightweight dry touch finish spray gives lift and fullness to shapeless hair, holding textured style all day with a finish that’s non-tacky and not stiff or weighed down. It’s an innovative micro-mineral powder formula that delivers a flexible grip so customers can rework to keep their hair styled full. Plus, you won’t believe how fresh and clean-smelling it leaves the hair. Incorporate it among your dropshipping products.

USB Insulation Baby Bottle Warmer

This bottle warmer is made of premium quality borosilicate glass. It’s heat and thermal shock resistant. Also, the nipples of the bottle are designed to reduce colic acid and discomfort by venting air away from baby’s tummy. Mothers will be highly delighted to get the USB Insulation Baby Bottle Warmer product from your store.

Soluble Collagen Film

Collagen plays a crucial role in maintaining skin elasticity, firmness, and hydration. However, as we age, the body’s ability to produce collagen naturally begins to decline. This decrease in collagen production can lead to a loss of skin elasticity, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, which are all signs of aging. And because no one wants to age quickly, you’ll see customers rushing to your store to purchase the Soluble Collagen Film once they find out that you have it.

Men’s 2 In 1 Quick Dry Breathable Active Gym Workout Shorts

Gym training shorts should be made from super breathable stretch polyester fabric, smooth and gentle to the skin, with no irritation. This product is the ideal shorts to keep customers cool even while doing workout in hot weather.

Multi-Surface Lint Roller And Fur Removal Tool

This is a perfect grooming on the go top product for frusted pet owners. The Chomchom roller for pet hair keep clothes and home fuzz-free. It works like a charm on furniture, upholstery, and anything riddled with fur.

The Vegan Liver Cleaning Nasal Herbal Box

The Vegan Liver Cleaning Nasal Herbal Box activates the liver cell regeneration, repair the liver, enhance liver detoxification ability, and eliminate inflammation. It effectively treats a wide range of diseases. It also help to remove waste and mucus from the lungs, making breathing easier and improving respiratory health.

Sandproof Beach Blanket Lightweight

Many families love the beach but can’t stand sand sticking to their body. The Sandproof Beach Blanket Lightweight is a product that gives solution to this. With it, families can visit the beach anytime and you can save them the hassle of dealing with sand or dirt everywhere with this product.

Start Selling

There you go with the top 10 winning dropshipping products to sell in April. Don’t limit yourself to what you get here. Step out of your comfort zone by learning everyday and doing extensive research on profitable products to dropship. Remember, perseverance is key to achieving success in your dropshipping business.

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Research proves that 17% of consumers may not shop with a retailer again after receiving one late shipment. Also, over half of the consumers wouldn’t shop with a retailer after two or more late deliveries. You don’t want this to happen to your business, right? Knowing how to have efficient on-time deliveries is essential for your dropshipping business. For the order fulfillment of your dropshipping business, continue reading to discover the 9 amazing tips to deliver on time.

Use Forecasting Methods and Invest in Additional Inventory

Sharing forecasts for the next few months or year can be especially helpful in supply chain operations. Several forecasting tools are on the market to help dropshipping businesses gain visibility into their supply chains and determine how to prepare. Research and decide which forecasting method is best suited for your business.  Understanding your lead time will make it easier for you to keep a proper in-stock rate and prevent stock-outs or excess inventory. Consider using additional inventory management systems to optimize order frequency and keep costs down.

Open Local Warehouses

Depending on the size of your business, you may want to consider opening local warehouses. Many large online stores have multiple storage facilities located throughout the country, which makes it easier for them to distribute their products quickly. First analyze what locations you send the majority of your shipments to. Then determine whether it makes sense financially to open up warehouses in these locations so you can meet your customers’ needs and deliver on time.

Determine Product Demand

Review your previous sales transactions and customer data to determine what types of products are the most popular. This can help you predict product demand. Once you’ve identified what items are likely to be popular with your customers, you can increase your stock accordingly. This can help you fulfill orders faster and increase your revenue margins.

Offer Real-Time Order Tracking

Invest wisely in a reliable order management software program to help you track the location of your delivery drivers and shipments. Then provide your customers the option of checking on the status of their delivery online. This will improve communication between you and your customers, by showing them where their shipment is at different stages of the delivery journey. It’s also a good way to keep your customers informed about unexpected delays.

Improve Supplier Relationships

Maintain solid relationships with suppliers and other members of the supply chain.You can create a scoring system to measure supplier performance. In this system, important factors must be considered, such as pricing attributes, response and lead times, willingness to stock inventory, and meeting quality specification expectations

Maintain A Steady Production Rate

Keeping your production steady gives the sales and marketing team visibility on production so they can make accurate projections. Don’t overload your production line, and avoid making last-minute schedule changes at all costs. A minor change may seem beneficial in the short term, but the medium- and long-term effects are crucial. Waste increases, production employees are put under added pressure, shipments are likely delayed, and customers are likely to be dissatisfied.

Provide The Correct Delivery Address

It is very important that you provide the delivery address clearly on your purchase ordersespecially if the products are to be delivered to a different address. This will help reduce the risk of sending your products to the wrong destination. In addition to the delivery address, you may also add more information like contact person & phone number, email address to forward the Tracking number, .

Have Flexible Coverage

Ensure you always have backup options. Whether it’s bringing in more drivers when necessary or more vehicles, you need to make sure that on time delivery service is happening, no matter what the situation.

Understand Supplier Timelines And State Your Preferred Method Of Delivery

Understanding your supplier’s operations and bottlenecks can help you better plan to deliver on time. Imagine there are two substitutable products, where product A takes 30 days for production and product B takes 10 days for production. In such a case, it is better to place orders for product B instead of A to increase the shelf availability. Also, as, at the time of placing your orders, inform your suppliers the way you would like to receive your products. There are different methods of deliveries. All these work together to ensure that you deliver your customers’ products on time.

Take Away

The fact that 57% of customers won’t return to a retailer after three late deliveries means that delivering on time is a critical factor in customer satisfaction and retention. The bottom line is that delivering products on time will help you to improve operational efficiencies, get better reviews for your online store, generate higher revenue margins, and ultimately increase the success of your business.

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Over the past decade, Amazon’s marketplace has grown exponentially. It was reported that third-party sellers were responsible for 55 percent of sales. This level of growth opens the door for amazing opportunities for brands and businesses that want to succeed online. With growth comes increased competition because everyone makes a play for positioning within Amazon’s algorithm and consumer confidence. Continue reading to unveil the 10 insightful Amazon FBA tips for a successful business.

Create Consumer-Friendly Listings

Set a solid foundation by employing consumer-friendly listings. This starts with creating clear, concise titles and descriptions easy to read and engaging for consumers. Make it informative, and adhere to the character count specifications Amazon provides. Additionally, use high resolution products photos and provide multiple angles to show functionality and size. As customers search online for products in your category, beautiful images and well-optimized titles and descriptions make a difference in how your brand appears online.

Sell Within Core Categories

It’s better to meet the high demand of built-in audiences by selling products within enduring consumer categories, such as health and wellness, home and kitchen, etc. These categories represent areas that are core to everyday life, which creates more stability when selling these products. Diversifying product offerings within one of these main areas can attract repeat sales.

Keep on Top of Your Inventory

It’s sucking to have a lousy inventory management. Running out means losing customers and sales while carrying too much means super high long-term storage fees. But that Goldilocks spot right in the middle? That means you’re able to meet buyer demands and capitalize on competitor mistakes. Invest in a good inventory management system and develop smart ways to put yourself in the sweet spot.

Automate Your Operations

There are reasons why you should put things like repricing, keyword research and product sourcing on the backburner. However, if you’re feeling stressed at the idea of ramping all that up a level, use software to reduce your work load. It’ll save you time and help you keep on of things.

Invest in Amazon Advertising

Take advantage of advertising opportunities to initiate growth. Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Stores all help increase your visibility on the platform and allow you to reach potential shoppers that will buy your products. Each is an efficient approach to your online growth strategy. It’s easy to control costs with pay-per-click ads, which allows you to work within a set budget and track spending to optimize your Amazon advertising campaigns and maximize results.

Optimize Product Descriptions

Another Amazon FBA tip is to provide details and benefits that are informative, unique to your products and brand, and incorporate keyword-rich language. This content should align with information provided in your bullet points. Show customers how your product works and how it can be used. Finally, take a look to ensure your product descriptions are free of misspellings and typos.

Review Performance Metrics

Taking time to review performance metrics on at least a monthly basis will help you scale and grow your business. Your performance impacts your ranking on the platform and opportunities for growth. Identifying any problem early on can prevent the loss of multiple sales in the future. It can also show where changes may be necessary regarding your listings, pricing, and variety of profitable product offerings.

Know About Arbitrage Restrictions

These days, it might seem like online arbitrage is getting tougher. Each marketplace and country has its own list of rules and restrictions you need to follow. Not doing so means you can lose out on potential sales or get your account suspended.

Use Automated Pricing

One of the best tips for Amazon FBA professional sellers is to automate activity, when possible. Much like monitoring your inventory, regulating your pricing to maintain competitiveness is important. On your first Amazon product launch, you may individually price each product. Once your business begins to grow, with multiple orders and thousands of dollars in monthly revenue, automating this process makes it simpler and more cost-beneficial to your business.

Expand Your Audience Reach

Expanding your audience is the next thing once you’ve reached a level at which you can better predict sales and customer interactions. This could mean expanding globally and/or offering new products within your niche. Continue to build upon the tips proven to work and scale in a way that’s manageable. Once you’ve established yourself as an Amazon seller and reliable brand, expansion will guide you to the next stage of financial growth and opportunity.


Launching and nurturing the growth of your Amazon FBA business takes time and attention to the details that allow you to become profitable. Establishing a strong foundation allows you to adapt with changes easily on the platform, economic trends, and consumer expectancy.

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China’s product sourcing has grown immensely over the years, and dropshipping businesses, either well-grown or starters, select China as their sourcing agent. The leverage in China over other countries is that you get high-quality products at affordable rates. If you’re a business owner or purchasing manager looking to get variety, quality, and budget-friendly options all in one, then sourcing from China is a viable option for you. However, sourcing from China is cool and amazing, but trading thousands of dollars with some non-native suppliers you met online is risky. Continue reading to know 8 tips and tricks to master China product sourcing.

Conduct a Comprehensive Market Research

Doing market research is crucial before sourcing products. The overall impression of importing is enticing. However, you must be careful as the market is full of fraudsters. The way to conduct your market research is by looking out for suppliers through online business directories. Then, look out for your niche products and shortlist your concerned sellers. Check out their business website for verification and visit the seller’s social media account, like LinkedIn, to see reviews. These stepwise strategies will help you to conduct market research efficiently.

Learn About Your Supplier

Once you have shortlisted a few suppliers for sourcing your products from China, verifying their credentials is very important. You may find some basic information about them online. Apart from that, you should know if they are indeed a manufacturer and not a middleman, and if they have the technical expertise, product manufacturing abilities, processes, and resources to live up to their claims of quality and delivery. You can verify this in several ways by asking the supplier for their audited accounts, checking out their Value Added Tax invoice, etc. You can also verify the supplier’s name, location, and the local government office.

Ask for Samples

Before the organization places its order, it must first ask for a sample of products. The samples that you will check will enable you to decide if you will order or not. The samples will tell you if it suits the quality and requirement that you expect.

Stay on Top of Communication

A lot of clients tend to forget that when sourcing products from China, language may prove to be a barrier to communication. While the more established suppliers do have English-speaking customer support, a lot of the problems between clients and suppliers are rooted in misunderstandings in the communication process. This is why it’s important to have all the specifications and instructions put in writing when doing your dropshipping business.

Understand the Chinese Business Culture

For a truly successful partnership with your Chinese supplier, you’ll need to understand the way business is done in the country. Doing so will be in your best interest as your competitors may have already developed their network of connections while going beyond the terms and conditions of the contract. Their contract will merely reflect what they agreed upon over a game of chess or even a meal.

Monitor Quality Inspection

There is no doubt that China offers quality and affordable prices simultaneously. However, keep a check during the manufacturing phase. The reason is to avoid a crisis. Diligent sourcing agents don’t like to break bad news to dropshippers. Therefore monitoring quality inspection during the work-in-process can help you prevent unseen losses. To do this, you can hire quality inspectors to keep you updated, check out the packaging standards to avoid damage during shipment, stay in touch with your supplier, and provide him with the objective criteria to avoid conflicts and ensure the correct documents are in hand to avoid the problem at customs.

Prepare for Unexpected Situations

Another tip you should keep in mind is to prepare yourself for unexpected situations. This is very common in sourcing products from China to face an unseen crisis, and dropshipping businesses can only suffer a lot if it has no backup plans. Meanwhile, if you weigh the opposite view of whatever decisions you make while sourcing your products, it’ll give you an insight into what to do to tackle the situation if any problem arises.

Calculate Your Profit Margins

Even if China is the most viable option for sourcing your dropshipping products, you should consider calculating your profit margins asides from manufacturing costs. Dropshippers make mistakes by underestimating the shipping cost and other fees that eat their gross profit. That’s why calculating the profit margin is vital before making an order.

Parting Words

There you go with the insightful tips and tricks to master China product sourcing. From sourcing an efficient supplier and doing due diligence to fulfilling professional obligations to establishing positive interpersonal relationships, you will have to look into all these crucial aspects to be successful in your dropshipping business.

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About 81% of consumers are demanding sustainable packaging. And customers are becoming more aware of their environmental impact. Shoppers are now moving towards making more ethical, environmentally-friendly purchases. For your dropshipping store, sustainability is more important than ever. This blog will take you through the latest eco-friendly packaging ideas to get you inspired. Continue reading to know eco-friendly packaging ideas for your dropshipping store to try in 2023.

Reusable Packaging

As the population increases, more waste is being produced, which often ends up in landfills. One way to help reduce this is by creating eco-friendly packaging that can be used again and again. Perhaps your packaging could transform into something else once it’s been used. For example, a glass bottle tables up as a vase after it’s served its original purpose. You could even include instructions on the packaging for how to reuse it, so consumers know exactly how to get the most out of the materials.

Eco Poly Bags

There’s no doubt that our use of single-use plastic needs to decrease. It’s estimated that five trillion plastic bags are produced worldwide each year and it can take up to 1,000 years for a bag to decompose fully. However, there are still instances where plastic packaging is needed, particularly further up the supply chain, where it’s essential to protect a product as it goes through transit. That’s where eco-friendly packaging alternatives come into play. The single-use plastic bag has come a long way. Many recyclable, recycled, and biodegradable plastic dropshipping poly bags are available today, meaning you can reduce the amount of plastic waste your brand is responsible for.

Cardboard Boxes

Another eco-friendly packaging idea is cardboard boxes. Often, you can find boxes that are made from recycled materials. They’re affordable, sturdy, and biodegradable, meaning they’re more eco-friendly than plastics. If you’re worried about them damaging your products double it. Triple-walled cardboard could also be a useful alternative. Cardboard isn’t the most visually appealing material on its own, so personalize it with packaging labels or logo stickers. This way, you’re able to add a personal touch and improve your brand.

Compostable or Biodegradable Packaging

Whether it’s compostable plastic poly bags, biodegradable papers, or water-soluble packaging peanuts, the wealth of compostable and the availability of biodegradable packaging options is now broad. As brands look to be more sustainable and investment in producing eco-friendly alternatives increases, more options are accessible by the day. The benefit of compostable and biodegradable options is that they break down over time, meaning there will be less plastic waste in our environment.

Recycled Materials

In current years, just like biodegradable packaging, recycled materials used for packaging have come by leaps and bounds. With 79% of our plastic waste sent to landfill or the ocean, the need for increased recycling into new products is more crucial than ever. Thus, what options are available? Waste polyester can now be recycled into new garment labels. Waste silicone can also be repurposed into new clothing badges. Waste lycra can be used for new garment tapes and, waste leather can be transformed into new trims. And the list goes on and on.

Sustainable Papers

For brands looking to clean up their carbon image, paper is a very good option. It is used for products such as swing tags, sustainable papers are an obvious, easy swap for greener, cleaner branding and packaging. There’s a whole range of eco-friendly packaging ideas using paper. There are FSC-certified options, kraft gift boxes, and recycled paper using waste bamboo and straw. Most papers are biodegradable and compostable, meaning their environmental impact is less harmful than plastic alternatives.

Reusable Gift Packaging, Boxes, and Bags

For eco-friendly packaging to become a norm, brands, and customers must shift their attitudes from single-use to reusable. Just because a product of packaging has been used once doesn’t mean it’s ready to be disposed of. Offering customers reusable alternatives is a great way to reduce your negative impact on the environment and reach sustainability targets. Gift packaging and boxes repurposed for gifting or storage are sustainable and offer added value to customers. Fabric bags can be reused again after the initial purchase.

Take Away

64% of consumers will buy from dropshippers that provide sustainable packaging. And 50% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging and delivery. This is a clear message to you that eco-friendly packaging is the way forward for your dropshipping store to incorporate.

A snapshot of the eco-friendly packaging ideas has been discussed, but there’s much more for you to explore. This way, you will increasingly align towards customer demands while also gaining a strong environmental reputation. Good packaging along with a reliable inventory management solution will help you run your dropshipping business successfully.

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Customer engagement is very crucial to your dropshipping business. Knowing how to effectively engage your audience/ customers will help you attract and delight them at every turn in the customer journey. Also, it will create a memorable and unique experience with each customer, which sets you apart from your competitors. Continue reading to learn how to engage your audience or customers for your dropshipping business.

Monitor Social Media Feedback

Social media is a powerful feedback tool that provides up-to-date insight into how customers feel about your brand. 47% of your customers with complaints will use social media to voice their opinions and most expect a response within minutes. This creates an excellent opportunity for your service team to delight the frustrated ones among them.

By responding to posts and comments, your service team showcases your customer service quality. If you successfully resolve the problem and satisfy the customer’s needs, your social media following will witness it as well. And, that’ll lead to conversations with new leads and free word-of-mouth marketing for your brand.

Build A Community Forum

Community forums are a fun way to communicate with potential customers who are passionate about your business. They bring customers together, giving those who love your brand a chance to tell others why it’s so amazing. You can also leverage your forum as a customer service resource where reps answer questions that were not addressed in your knowledge base or FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Ask Questions

One of the easiest ways to personalize a customer interaction is by asking questions. If you’re working with a customer over the phone, in person, or a chat thread, ask them questions that don’t relate to the inquiry. Even asking about their day is a great step toward developing rapport with them. Meanwhile, consider timing.

If a customer seems eager to resolve an issue, it may not be appropriate to ask a personal question. They may think you’ve lost focus or aren’t interested in resolving their issue. Instead, wait for a lull in the action where no party is doing much talking and you want to keep the conversation going.

Follow Up On Customer Feedback

Collecting customer feedback is good, and putting it into action is even better. But, a step that is often overlooked is following up. Reps should respond to customers whenever they leave a review, whether it’s positive or negative.  If it’s a positive review, your rep should thank the customer to let them know that their feedback is been noticed.

Conversely, if it’s a negative review, your rep should spring into action to prevent potential churn. Regardless of the situation, your rep should be looking for ways to extend customer engagement after a problem is resolved.

Create A Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty programs are efficient because they add value to the customer experience that goes beyond the initial purchase. This keeps customers engaged and interested in your brand’s content and product, even if they’re not actively looking to buy at the moment. By giving your audience access to promotional deals, discounts, or coupons, they will continue to open your newsletters, read your ads, and consider your products store until they’re ready to make a purchase.

Host A Company Tour

Sometimes it’s not only the product that makes your brand great, it’s the people and systems that are supporting it that are incredible as well. Giving an inside look at your dropshipping business and how it operates is an amazing way to attract potential customers and make them fall in love with your brand.

A popular example of this concept is brewery tours. Breweries will host tours where customers can walk through the facility and sample products. Since beer is an extraordinarily crowded industry, this creates a personal connection between the brand and its customers. Customers don’t just buy beer because they like the taste; they buy it because they have the memories of touring the facility and engaging with the staff.

Provide Self-Service Resources

Customer self-service is viewed as a retention tool. However, it also engages people who haven’t purchased your product. For instance, Hyundai has augmented reality user manuals where customers can explore the interior of a vehicle through overlayed features on a tab’s camera. This service simplifies anything that could be a confusing user interface.

Instead, customers know exactly what each function does in the car and can recall information without having to ask the sales rep. These kinds of candor lower friction within the customer experience and help you as a salesperson to close deals.


There you have it! Above are some insightful tips to engage your audience/customers for your dropshipping business. Actively engaging your audience or customers regularly can be a great way for your business to stand out from the competition. Implement these simple strategies to drastically improve your retention rates and skyrocket the success of your dropshipping business this year.

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Retention in dropshipping or e-commerce is your business’s ability to keep existing customers long-term. It’s very crucial as it cost less to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Also, research has proven that 20% of customers produce 80% of sales. You can imagine how massive the gain would be if you increase your retention rate. Continue reading to know 7 tips to increase retention rate for your dropshipping/ e-commerce business.

Exceed Customers’ Expectations

These times, customer expectations are set at an all-time high. And the only way to retain them is to exceed or surpass their expectations. Therefore, carefully commit to what you can deliver to your customers. Don’t promise anything if you can’t accomplish it. Customers feel happy when they get more than what was expected. For instance, suppose your business policy states that a product will be dispatched in 5 working days, but it is shipped within 3 days. This means you have over-delivered what was promised. In this scenario, your customers will feel delighted, increasing the chance of repeat sales.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

96% of customers are ready to leave a brand for bad customer service. You surely don’t want to make such a mistake. Offering excellent customer service is another way to increase retention. Meanwhile, how do you ensure your customers stick to your brand? Start by proactively listening to your customers, clearing their doubts, and resolving any issue at the earliest. Interaction with your customers shouldn’t feel like robotic talk. Add human touch to the conversation. You can do this by assigning a separate team consisting of professional customer representatives. Ensure to train them in understanding the customer’s needs and offering personalized solutions.

Resolve Your Customers’ Queries Quickly

90% of customers rate an immediate response as very important when they have a customer service question. The speed of the response plays a huge role in determining the customers’ experience. And the quicker you are to resolving your customers’ issues, the more satisfied your customers will be. Implementing live chat software is one of the best ways you can use to address your customer complaints 24/7. By reducing wait times, you can improve customer experience, which will help you increase your retention rate.

Utilize Social Media

Above 58.4% of people use social media across the globe. That equates to more than half of the world. Many times, customers will probably not contact you by email or over the phone. Instead, they might use social media to reach out to your brand. They may view your social media profile, ask questions, and leave a review or comment. So, it becomes vital to engage your audience over different social media platforms. Responding will show customers that you care about them, which will ultimately improve their experience with your brand and increase your retention rate.

Look For Ongoing Relationship Opportunities

Seek opportunities to provide lasting value to your customers. For instance, if you sell mechanical equipment, offer a service program or a free annual check-up on all purchases. By doing that, you are turning a one-time transaction into an ongoing service-based relationship. This will help you increase your retention rate and ensure you remain a vendor of choice.

Design a Customer Loyalty Program

A customer loyalty program reward customers for their continuous support. It works on a simple principle. The more customers shop from your brand, the more rewards they get. Offering incentives to your loyal customers will make them feel valued and help you increase your retention rate. You can reward your customers by providing them with free brand merchandise, free shipping, discount coupons, gift vouchers, etc. You can likewise design various contests like giveaways to attract your customers. These types of programs will foster an emotional connection with customers and motivate them to purchase again from you.

Be Transparent

If you have technical issues in your delivery system, try communicating them with your customers. Or else, customers may get annoyed while waiting for their products to arrive and move to your competitors. If you don’t provide complete information about a product, it may seem like you are hiding something. Therefore, try to offer comprehensive details about the product or services you provide to become a reliable seller in your customers’ eyes. Not only will you foster a culture of trust but also increase retention.


While it may take some effort, increasing customer retention is important for any dropshipping or e-commerce business that wants to thrive. An increase in retention rate signals satisfaction with your products and services and position you for growth. The tips discussed are virtually for any type of business. Utilizing them will build you a loyal and satisfied customer base that will sustain your business for many years to come.

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