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Crowdfunding is a response to the financing problem of innovative projects in an environment of severe economic downturn. Since its establishment, the number of successfully completed projects has grown to a point where it has started to be the result of a new project. If you’re about to launch a crowdfunding project, you might be wondering how to go about it. Luckily, some tips can help you raise money and awareness for your project. Continue reading to unveil some insightful order fulfilment tips for your crowdfunding project.

Do Research

Doing research requires that you check and choose an awesome crowdfunding platform, take a look at other successful projects to get an idea of what they did right, and so on. These resources are a great place to start with. Knowing as much as you can about crowdfunding before you launch the campaign of your project sets you up for amazing success. Plus, you’ll be able to coach others who start their crowdfunding campaigns in the future.

Plan and Prepare Your Project Campaign

Much of your crowdfunding project’s fulfilment will be determined by your marketing efforts. For the best results, plan and prepare for the campaign. Spread the word through your social media accounts. Give potential backers every chance to locate you. Taking time to develop a plan and build excitement around the campaign of your project, can help you hit your crowdfunding goal.

Ask For Donations Early

Don’t make the mistake of setting up a campaign page for your project and assuming that people will find it. The chances that people will stumble across your crowdfunding campaign and feel compelled to donate to a stranger are extremely low. Almost all crowdfunding platform has built-in sharing mechanisms that allow you to spread the campaign via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Promoting your campaign on the same day you set it up, and the early days that follow, you can position yourself for crowdfunding fulfilment.

Request from the Right People

Not everyone is going to be as enthusiastic about your project as you. Therefore, if you want to increase the chances of your crowdfunding project’s realisation, you shouldn’t reach out to people who aren’t likely to contribute. For instance, someone who has lost a loved one to cancer will probably want to contribute to a crowdfunding project that’s raising money for cancer research. Similarly, if you are running a crowdfunding campaign for a certain politician, you probably aren’t likely to receive any donation from anyone who has dissimilar political ideals. Do your best to focus your energy on outreach that will have the highest return on your investment. By asking the right people for donations, you can establish a strong and supportive donor base. This strategy is much more effective than making a mass appeal to every single person you know.

Be Blunt About What the Donation Is For

The more specific you are when talking about how donations will be used, the better. Very few supporters will want to give to a crowdfunding project campaign that doesn’t even hint at where the funds will go. If you can, try to separate donations into levels that delineate what each amount will help you accomplish. Being clear about where you’ll allocate the funds you raise establishes transparency with your donors, making it more likely that they’ll be comfortable, trust you, and give to your project. They feel confident knowing that their gift will go towards something productive instead of wondering how their money will be used.

If Possible, Offer Incentives

Offer a range of rewards that entice donors to back your project, because you have given them reasons to remember you. This gives your fundraising efforts a boost. Meanwhile, make sure that you choose incentives and perks that donors will be interested in.

Write a Compelling Pitch

Personalize your communications and promotions to help your crowdfunding campaign stand out from the rest. Use your posts and emails to tell your story/motive and persuade your friends, family members, and followers to give to your campaign.

Update Your Crowdfunding Page

An updated page looks more appealing than one that hasn’t changed since the day it was set up. It shows that you’ve invested in your project. When you update your page, you keep your donors in the loop. People who have given or who are considering giving to your campaign want to know the progress of your project. When you post updates and keep your page looking fresh, you give your supporters an idea of what their donations have done or will do. Including updates about your crowdfunding project can help boost your fundraising fulfilment.


Well, there you have it; the top 8 order fulfilment tips for your crowdfunding project. How you implement these tips will likely depend on the type of project you’re running and the platform you’re using. The success of your crowdfunding project depends on your ability to capture the interest of many people and build a relationship with your base.

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According to studies by Justuno, 93% of shoppers consider visual appearance the major factor in their purchasing decisions. If you’re running an ecommerce or dropshipping business, you already know how amazing your products are, but until a shopper has your product in hand, all they have to rely on are the images on your website. Having amazing product photography and quality images can influence the buying decisions of online shoppers. Therefore, you must build an online store that catches their attention and keeps them intrigued. The best way to do this is through amazing product photographs, which is the key to sales. Continue reading to discover some of the amazing product photography tips to instantly improve your images.

Set Up Your Background

Choosing the right background not only keeps the focus on the product you are snapping; it also helps to simplify the editing process, when it’s time for post-production. Try to use a light or white background, it makes it easy to remove unwanted objects and retouch images.

Set Up Your Product

The time to bring your product to light comes to play after choosing the right background. Although, this sounds simple and easy, setting up your product might take a few tries to get the angles, lighting, and position correctly.

Frame Your products

Shooting a product all by itself makes it boring. Ensure you place your products in a frame that helps convey the story. It could be people, flowers, trees, nature, or other different objects. This will create an atmosphere that makes your photos much more interesting.

Use and Adjust Your Light Source

One of the most essential elements in capturing an amazing product photograph is having perfect lighting. Without lighting, neither the product nor the background will appear the way it looks to you in person. A light source shows as many details as possible by getting rid of all the shadows in the image. It also creates some nice reflections to help potential customers see the details in your products.

Set Your Camera Aperture Low

When it comes to showing off products, a lower aperture (a high f/stop) has a lot of benefits. It helps to capture all the details of your product in your shots, and that’s the whole purpose of product photography.

Use a Tripod

To prevent your images from getting blurred due to shaky hands while shooting, use a tripod. Tripods are stands that stabilize your camera. This will make a huge difference in the clarity and quality of your product photographs. Luckily, you can get it for as low as $20 on Amazon, and it will last you for many years.

Take Multiple Shots From Different Angles

It’s time to set your product photography in action. Taking multiple shots from a variety of angles, distances, and positions will show your customers what your product looks like. Additionally, it will give you options when it’s time to edit the images. The beauty of product photography is that you have the chance to take multiple shots and strategically choose the best one.

Edit Your Images

Editing is a skill that can make a significant impact on the quality of your product photos. Once you notice you’ve taken enough photographs, upload them to a computer to see how they turned out, because the small screen on your camera probably might not give an accurate view. You will find it helpful to use software programs like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop to organize your photos and edit them.

Retouch Your Images

Now is the time for post-production. Retouching your images is a crucial step that will elevate the quality of your product photos from average to being the best they can be. It’s more or less like completing the editing process, and eventually, giving your image that amazing and perfect look.

Optimize Your Photos

Sadly, the larger the image on your website, the slower the page load speed. Time is money. No shopper is willing to wait for an online store that isn’t loading fast. So, you must optimize your images to get the best quality possible, more so keep an eye on the page load speed. Finally, ensure you name your product photographs correctly and keywords that will help improve your search ranking.


Alright, there you have it; a handful of tips to revamp your product photography and start enjoying the rewards. You don’t need to implement all these improvements at once. Creating consistent, high-quality product photographs takes time. Once you achieve the results you desire, you’ll be able to wield your product photography, not only to take beautiful photos but more importantly, create a visually appealing brand and successful ecommerce business.

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In the last two years, every aspect of warehouse fulfillment has been impacted by disruptions. Port congestion, Factory shutdowns, space restraints, labor shortages, extreme weather events, trade conflicts, increasing delivery delays, tariffs, and costs have caused unheard challenges.

While numerous people are quick to blame the pandemic, the real issue lies in the inflexible, traditional supply chain models that are incapable of quickly reacting to unprecedented changes.

Though there are doubts, there are also opportunities in warehouse and supply chain management as we focus on 2022 and beyond. Those opportunities are guided by technologies, as well as by alterations in consumer behavior.

With experts anticipating many of these problems persisting, here are four ways you can improve fulfillment warehouse operations to create more energetic supply chains and succeed over disruptions in the New Year:

Supply Chain Resilience

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, it has been a tough period for warehouse fulfillment operations. The reasons are varied and include labor and material shortages, and shipping issues. Those things most likely won’t last forever, but the more general experience of interruptions has radiated a spotlight on the problem of supply chain resilience.

Creating a supply chain resilience requires a wide strategy, with agility being a necessary factor. With agility merged into your supply chain, you can move when disruption takes place. You might even be able to move before the disruption has an effect.

However, if you want your supply chain to become more agile, you need information. Information increases clarity and helps with decision-making, both of which are needed for an agile approach. Therefore, we can expect more companies to establish more supply chain resilience throughout 2022 and beyond by making digital supply chains that optimize integration at all points.

Distribution & Fulfillment Networks

The increase in e-commerce activity and supply chain interruptions is driving the want for industrial real estate, resulting in record-low vacancy rates and growing rents that are assumed to continue through the end of 2023. With warehouse space greatly limited, many business owners still rely on a single central warehouse, with 41% of business owners self-fulfilling multiple channels from one major distribution network last year.

In today’s uncertain world, it is no longer enough to operate out of a single facility. One bad weather, labor strike, or other localized interruptions can bring your whole distribution operations to a standstill. In addition to supply networks and manufacturing, businesses should explore other ways to increase their distribution and fulfillment networks, such as dark stores, micro-fulfillment centers, ship-from-store fulfillment or even subcontracting it to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider.

Delivery & Pickup Strategies

While the ecommerce industry has been facing issues with a driver shortage for years, this issue was further worsened by increased e-commerce sales and labor restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has had a harsh impact on railway shipping as well as last-mile delivery, the most costly and tedious part of the shipping process.

In response to increasing capacity constraints and package volumes, conventional parcel carriers like FedEx and UPS are continuing to increase surcharges and rates in 2022, creating more issues and costs for shippers this year.

Despite current supply chain problems, most sellers plan to offer same-day delivery by 2025, up from the 35% that do so today, according to a recent survey. To achieve this goal, numerous business owners are exploring backup delivery providers and strategies, including on-demand delivery services like Instacart and DoorDash and in-store pickup alternatives such as buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup.

Manufacturing & Supply Networks

Business owners that depend heavily on overseas manufacturing have been hit a bit harder by current supply chain disruptions. Numerous furniture and apparel manufacturers that transferred production from China to Vietnam after the U.S. imposed tariffs on Chinese products in 2018 were left in a wobble when the second wave of COVID-19 swept through the country last fall. Port congestion, inflated ocean freight costs, and capacity shortages caused more headaches for toymakers going into the holiday season, with Hasbro reporting that $100 million worth of orders went unfilled in the third quarter of last year.

While onshoring is a heavy undertaking and might not be appropriate for all companies, it is essential to expand your supply and manufacturing network beyond one country. Unlike numerous other dressmakers, Levi Strauss & Co. fared well through interruptions, thanks to a diverse network that spread over more than 20 countries. This vast network not only allows the denim brand to move production when essential but also maximize its supply chain to reduce costs and increase delivery and production speeds.

Bottom Line

Retail has significantly changed than it was just a couple of short years ago, thanks to the universal health crisis. The ecommerce market has grown nearly beyond recognition, placing warehouse fulfillment operations in some tough positions. All the trends on this list will help warehousing fulfillment and supply chain operations improve throughout 2022, becoming more productive ambitious, and efficient, while also increasing revenue. It is a time of transformation, and that brings issues, but there are breath-taking opportunities too.

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It is vital to have a thorough knowledge of the market you’re venturing into. This knowledge will help you to determine your customers and plan your strategies. Creating a good plan and effective business strategies are requirements to improving a dropshipping business. Just opening a Shopify store doesn’t guarantee that your dropshipping business will be successful.

The ratio of prosperous Shopify store owners to the number of people that own a Shopify store is disproportionate. The high percentage of unsuccessful dropshipping business owners results from a lack of business strategy. In simple terms, your dropshipping will only improve when you use effective marketing strategies. Here are some tips:

Focus On Mastering Marketing

With so many facets of dropshipping business being automated, you’ll have more time to focus on branding and marketing. While editing a website, creating a logo, and designing graphics can be fun, marketing and advertising are the money makers. You’ll need to spend time learning how ads can increase your traffic.

Ads and search engine optimization can help improve sales by generating more traffic to your store. Do not forget that most Shopify stores convert at a rate of 1-2%. That means if your Shopify store has less than 100 visitors you probably won’t be getting any sales.

Avoid Underpricing Your Products

Dropshipping allows business owners to maintain a lower product cost. The cost of products is generally fairly close to the wholesale price, allowing you to sell goods at market price and make a profit. Every dropshipping business aims to make a profit. If you’re selling a ten-dollar product, you should be charging around $29.99 for it. You need to consider the cost of products, marketing, business expenditure, and ultimately hiring a team.

If other brands are reducing their prices, don’t reduce yours. As long as your prices are impartial and within market value, you should maintain a lucrative price point. You should also work to improve the average order value so that you make a higher profit from every sale. Design strategies that will allow you to make more money generally.

Design a Digital Marketing Funnel for Clients

It is essential to expose your goods to a variety of customers. A wide range of exposure will make numerous customers discover your goods. Exposure can be achieved by placing advertisements on your product to reach several people. The next step after exposure to your product is to persuade customers to consider purchasing your products. Then create a good relationship by offering an appealing offer for your product.

Use Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is also called SEO. It is used to sway search results of the search engine so that your Shopify store is placed on the first page about searched keywords. There is high competition on keywords and dropshipping business. SEO takes enormous effort and time, but it is certainly worth it. SEO is one part of the efforts, and writing useful content is another. And you will have to write each post with tactical keywords.

You can also write welcome notes on your website and personify the experience of your clients. Personalizing your client’s experiences will give them a friendly and important feeling. You can never go wrong by making your customers feel important.

Ensure Your Website Is Presentable

One of the most essential dropshipping tips is to ensure that your website is user-friendly. By that I mean your website shouldn’t be difficult to use.  Numerous Shopify store owners start marketing their stores when their home page is missing images, has placeholder text and all of their goods are clustered together in one big section.

When you want to improve your sales, take a look at professional websites in your niche. What does their home page contain? What’s the style of the copy on their main page? Do their images consist of logos on them? What kind of pages does their website have? Which apps or features does the store include on their website?

Offer Exceptional Customer Service

There are many ways to offer unique services when selling the same products as everyone else. One of the most effective ways is to offer exceptional customer service. Offering refunds and replying to customer questions is essential but it doesn’t separate you from many of the major brands out there.

Tell jokes to your clients. Write them complimentary cards if they order from your store several times. Organize regular giveaways exclusive to clients who’ve ordered from you in the past. Do whatever it takes to make every customer feel wanted and valued.

Monitor Your Competition

Another effective dropshipping tip is to monitor your competitors on all social media platforms.  Go through their websites and social media pages frequently. By liking their posts, you’ll start receiving information about their product, find out which products they advertise, and whether or not that product gets a lot of response such as shares or comments.

By policing and watching your competitor’s every move, you’ll know which products you should be selling on your Shopify store. When you carefully go through the types of posts your competitors add to their social media accounts, you’ll know what type of content people within your niche find appealing.

Join the Most Relevant Communities Online

Getting to your customer starts with knowing where they are. Once you have discovered which online communities they are part of, join them and be friends. Quora and Facebook are great places to join groups and communities. Quora and Facebook are the best places to answer clients. Put efforts into making your customers delighted. And find a way to resolve problems with unhappy clients. Make your clients your friend. This relationship will help keep your clients and make them tell their friends about you.

Bottom Line

There you have it! Above are some business tips to improve your dropshipping sales. Running a dropshipping business is not an easy task. You need to do all you can to boost your sales figures. Pay attention to the tips above, include sincere efforts, and give it your all to improve your dropshipping sales.

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An efficient ecommerce pricing strategy can grow or perish your business. Do you set prices low to stay viable but decrease profits? Or, do you set higher prices but risk losing out on lots of new customers? Using the appropriate pricing strategy for your ecommerce business can take your business to the next level and grow your profits and revenue. Although product pricing is a hard task, there are ways to determine the best pricing strategy that suits your business. In this article, we’ll go over the eight ecommerce pricing strategies every entrepreneur should know.

Cost Pricing

This is the most basic pricing strategy, but it is business-centered rather than customer-centered. In other words, the product price is based on how much you want to make, rather than how much a client may be willing to pay. You’ll likely need to adjust the pricing until you find the best price with this strategy.

Add together the price of your products, including marketing and shipping, and the profit margin you would like to accomplish and that is your selling price!

Competition Pricing

This pricing strategy is generally used for commodities and is based on offering better prices than your competitors. This means comparing your prices to the price of identical products offered by your competitors across all platforms and making pricing alterations accordingly.

For instance, if you run a hoodie brand that targets Gen Z college students, you may need to use a competition-based pricing strategy to contend with other hoodie brands targeting Gen Z. Allocating time and effort to research your customers can yield profit for your business.

Value Pricing

Value-based pricing is centered on finding out the highest amount a client is willing to pay for your product. Value-based clients focus more on authenticity and ‘fairness’ than anything else. Clients like this need to know that the product you’re selling is of standard quality, eco-friendly, fairly sourced, and/or difficult to come by.

For example, if selling shoes online, costume shoes would be priced on the lower side because the client is aware it’s made with inexpensive materials. Higher-end shoes, like a shoe from Gucci., would sell at a higher price because customers are willing to pay more for superior materials.

Dynamic Pricing

This pricing strategy is what its name suggests, malleable. The prices set with this strategy are subject to change based on the supply and demand in the market. A company can increase or decrease the cost of its items according to the competition predominant in the market and the supply of the goods.

If the competition has multiplied in the market, or new businesses are coming into the market, the cost of the products can be decreased to make them affordable and attract more customers

Similarly, if there is a large demand for the goods in the market and a few distributors fulfill the demand, then a company can increase its prices. Besides, if the business has bought excess stock and fears that it will expire, go out of fashion, or get impaired. They can sell it at low rates to finish the stock.

Bundle Pricing

If you are working under an extremely competitive niche, bundle pricing is appropriate for you.  This pricing strategy is also effective for attracting visitors to your store and increasing your ecommerce sales. To discover the price under this strategy is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is create a bundle of corresponding goods and sell them together for a cheaper price.

Selling bundled goods help your business to boost its average order value. You will record a single transaction on the sale of numerous things. To create a bundle of items, check which goods are your frequent sellers.  Pair those items with low-selling goods to create a bundle.

Loss Leader Pricing

You have most likely come across those cheap products online, right? The ones where you gaze open-mouthed wondering how on earth anyone can be making a profit on the product. Well, there is a possibility they are not. Because they are loss-leaders. These are items sold at a low price as a hook to simply lure clients to your website or product listings. The loss leader pricing strategy works because once you have lured the client in, they are likely to go through your other items and purchase additional products.

Anchor Pricing

Anchor pricing is a strategy that gives clients a reference price point (the anchor) when searching for particular products. For instance, when running a discount offer for an item, your website can show the original price next to the discounted price. A good example is how an ecommerce store can list a product as ‘$200 $175′ to show the client how much money they’re saving, even if the product frequently sells for $175 on their store.

Price Skimming

You have probably come across several ‘Exclusive offers’ or ‘Limited Edition’ on different websites. The tactic of offering something rare makes the clients crave it even more. It creates a necessity and acts as an efficient catalyst for a customer to decide about purchasing the item.

Most businesses display their expensive products under the banner of special edition or limited edition. The clients believe that the collection launched is rare and will run out soon. Because of the fear of missing out, clients are ready to pay a high price because they get a limited edition item.

Final Thoughts

The most effective ecommerce pricing strategy for you will always mostly depend on the niche of your ecommerce business and your goals. You must remember that pricing can consistently change so you will need to stay on top of your pricing strategy. It’s not strange for there to be a demand that you run several pricing strategies all at once.

Be fair and ensure you offer value to your clients. They are smart, so your ecommerce pricing strategy must also be smart. Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about the Shopify dropshipping business. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. We guarantee you excellent services.


It’s time to scale your dropshipping business! You have an impressive amount of sales, and you’re ready to play in the major leagues.  Like most dropshippers, you started little but after a while, you begin to reorganize your business to compete with greater competitors on a global scale.

After all, dropshipping will be worth an estimated $590 billion worldwide five years from now. Here are some crucial steps on how to scale your dropshipping business.

Pick a Niche

The niche you choose needs to be exceptionally focused and something you are interested in. A product that lacks focus will be hard to sell. If you aren’t passionate about the niche you choose, you will be easily discouraged, because it takes a lot of work to effectively scale a drop shipping business.

Brand Yourself

As a dropshipper, you’re selling a manufacturer’s item. One of the drawbacks of dropshipping is that your competitors can dive in and sell the same item at a lower price. The best way to protect yourself against the unavoidable race to the bottom is by branding your e-commerce business.

Your dropshipping brand should be the bedrock of everything else you do. Your brand should not only instantly tell potential buyers who you are and what you stand for but should also differentiate you from other dropshippers and convince shoppers to choose your product.

Get in Your Customer’s Head

Buyers are the heart of your dropshipping business. When it’s time to scale your daily tasks, you need more than a casual understanding of your potential clients. Knowing that you sell to 35-year-old soccer moms won’t cut it at this level.

Your goal is to discover points of friction in the client experience. Go beyond statistics and try to understand why clients buy from you. This can lead to so many advancements in your product pages, website, customer portal, and more. Pay attention to the data to plan a path forward.

Perform Competition Research

Do not forget that you will be competing with other drop shipping experts as well as retail heavyweights such as Amazon and Walmart. This is where most drop shippers go wrong because they search for a product that has little to no competition. That shows that there isn’t a demand for that precise product.

There are several reasons why a product may not have lots of competition, including poor profit margins, expensive shipping costs, supplier and manufacturing problems. Find products that have competition, as it’s a sign that there is a huge demand and the business model is sustainable.

Secure a Supplier

Teaming with the wrong supplier can wreck your business, so you mustn’t overlook this step. Carry out appropriate due diligence. Most dropshipping suppliers reside overseas, making communication greatly essential, both in terms of response time and the ability to understand each other. If you are not completely confident in the communication abilities of a possible supplier, continue your search.

Alibaba has become one of the biggest online tools to recognize and communicate with potential suppliers and manufacturers. Ensure to ask a lot of questions and know what their production capabilities are. If your business expands enormously, you want to be sure that they have the potential to scale with you.

Automate and Outsource

It’s very hard to scale a dropshipping business without some kind of help. Automation and outsourcing help to free up your time so you can focus on expanding your business. Automation is awesome for manual tasks like fulfillment and repricing that take up the majority of your time.

For instance, their inventory fulfillment tool is available online that helps you logically route orders with zero manual efforts. Instead of letting orders accumulate, automated fulfillment helps to prevent customer service headaches and backlogs.

Invest in Customer Support

Poor customer service can lead to several headaches, but when done properly, it gives you an unbelievable edge over your competitors. That’s because 84% of buyers say customer service is a major factor in their decision to buy a product. The drawback here is that 75% of all buyers want to talk to a human support agent, not a chatbot.

That means your dropshipping business needs breathing, living humans available for customer support. Customer experience is essential. If you’re finding it difficult to surpass your competitors, you can win buyers over by offering top-notch customer service.

Build Your Ecommerce Website

The quickest way to launch a website that supports your drop shipping operation is to use a straightforward e-commerce platform such as Shopify. You don’t need tech knowledge to get it up and running, and it has lots of apps to help boost sales.

Even if you have an ample budget that would allow you to seek the services of a web designer to create a custom solution, it’s a much smarter move to use one of the plug-and-play alternatives, particularly in the beginning. Once you are well known and the revenue is coming in, then you can explore more website customization.

Bottom Line

In dropshipping, you have to move fast and efficiently to increase revenue. It requires hard work, but you can increase profits by streamlining and simplifying your dropshipping operations as you grow. Follow these insightful steps to preserve your sanity, earn more profit, and scale your dropshipping business to greater heights.

For more information about how we can help grow your dropshipping business, contact us today at Fulfillman. We are experts in Dropshipping services, China sourcing, Warehouse fulfillment, Third Party Logistics, and many more. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. We guarantee you excellent services.


China is the hub for great and affordable goods. Because of this advantage, most people prefer to get the products for their drop shipping business from there. Since most drop shippers are not residents in China, they need the right sourcing agent among many sourcing agents in China. This article will be reviewing two of the leading sourcing agents in China: Fulfillman and KMH Promo Company. If you are looking for the best sourcing agent to work within China, you might want to read this article until the end.


Fulfillman has been able to situate itself in the China dropshipping space within half a decade of emerging on the scene, all thanks to its innovative approach to product sourcing. The company has kept evolving over the years and going by its current direction,it is only a matter of time before they take over the whole industry. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why many dropshippers prefer their sourcing services

Top-Notch Software

Fulfillman is in the vanguard of sourcing companies leveraging technology the right way. Based on their desire to make the dropshipping process seamless for their customers, the company has one of the best dropshipping software in the industry. This software has been optimized for desktop and mobile platforms and is as efficient as it is user-centric.

Excellent Product Sourcing and Quality Checks

Quite a number of sourcing agents do not offer excellent sourcing services. Some of them also do not carry out quality checks on the products that they source. Fulfillman offers excellent sourcing services in addition to providing great quality checks. They have several seasoned and professional agents in China who understand the market and can leverage this knowledge to get the best products. You can also count on the quality checks on the products before they are shipped to you.

Product Branding

With Fulfillman, customers can count on excellent product branding, which sets their brands apart while guaranteeing client retention. The best part is that their product branding services is top quality, so their clients know that they are getting the best product branding for their money.

Fast Shipping

Speedy shipping is crucial to every dropshipping venture. The Fulfillman company understands this. That is why they offer fast shipping services that can deliver your products to you on time. You don’t get to experience any hassles or delays because your goods are delivered to you ASAP.

Pocket-Friendly Rates 

Fulfillman offers great sourcing services at some of the best pocket-friendly rates in the industry. This way, online entrepreneurs who are low on funds can still get excellent dropshipping services. The best part of these rates is that they are transparent, so you don’t get hit by any hidden charges

24/7 Customer Support 

The Fulfillman company has one of the best customer support services in the industry as their customers have round-the-clock access to excellent, prompt support when necessary.

KMH Promo Company

KMH Promo company is a leading promotional supplier and wholesaler in China. They are also a sourcing agent with a knack for producing promotional products. Here are some reasons why they have a claim on the China dropshipping space.

Promised Lead-time

The promotional product industry is highly time-sensitive, where dispatch dates matter a lot. KMH Promo company has a reputation for sticking to the dispatch dates that they give their clients. They understand the nature of the industry and the need to be as reliable as possible. They never make promises that they can’t keep, and they are always looking for ways to keep their clients for the long term.

Great Response Time

KMH Promo Company has a 6700+ promotional product database growing as you read this. They can provide prompt information to their clients as soon as possible. Better still, they have trained staff to offer round-the-clock service.

The reason for their great response time is that they understand that things can go wrong with promotional product orders. And when something like that happens, prompt communication is the best way out. In addition, prompt responses minimize any issues as solutions are easily proferred.

Affordable Bulk Purchasing

KMH offers great in-hand price or distribution service for all organizations. This enables their clients to benefit from bulk purchasing straight from China. In addition, they have a great network of agents who make the bulk purchase of customized products a lot easier and more affordable for clients on a budget. They also offer excellent payment terms for clients who have reached their target for the month.

Sourcing Services

You can also count on KMH to provide quality sourcing services. For example, they deliver a range of promotional gifts for their products. But they have long-standing relationships with many manufacturers and suppliers in China. Having such an extensive network and a team of sourcing agents makes it easier to source your products.

So when looking for bulk custom giveaway products in China, you might want to contact KMH. They also offer to brand such goods with your custom logo to save money.


If we had a say in the matter, we’d suggest that you choose the Fulfillman company because of their track record in the industry. Fulfillman  has what it takes to deliver all your dropshipping and China sourcing needs. Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We provide a wide range of services including Global Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Drop Shipping, Third Party Logistics, and lots more. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.


Choosing a reliable private label manufacturer can give you enough time to focus on marketing, product development, and other vital business-related activities. Actually, there are several advantages to working with a private label company. However, finding the most suitable match can be sometimes difficult. In this article, we share tips on how to get started working with private label products and manufacturers.


Tips for Starting a Private Label Business

Now that you’ve made up your mind to start your own private label dropshipping business, congratulations! it’s going to be an entertaining and fascinating journey! Here are 4 tips to help you start a private label business.

Research Your Niche

This step is potentially the most essential step of starting a private label business. The secret to this stage is research – you have to find out which services or products are in demand and which are regularly out of stock.

When you begin your private label business on platforms like Amazon, make use of an efficient research application that monitors what costumers search for within.

Know Your Target Audience

Who’s your target client? Who’s most likely going to purchase your particular product? Being able to answer these questions will enable you to find out the kinds of products or services you will offer, and how you will market them. Costumers are your key to making profit – with a chosen target market, you can easily decide what product you will most likely sell.

Research Possible Competitors

What’ll make you stand out from the competitors in your niche is your ability to look at the competition and determine what their target is. Finding out where they are most likely lacking can help you to properly position your business. For example, if you notice that lots of your competitors have a firm business tone; having a homey tone can help set your brand apart.

Create Your Brand

When starting your private label business, you want a unique logo that emulates your brand. Your logo tells your customers who you are and where the product is from. You must utilise this logo in all of your correspondences, labels, and packages.


What to Look For in Private Label Manufacturers

After deciding what products you are going into, the next step is to search for an exceptional manufacturer. When choosing a private label manufacturer that specializes in producing the product you want, also look out for these 4 things:

Product Quality

This is the major aspect of picking a private label manufacturer. Make sure you get the samples from them and test the products before making a deal. Confirm the features like size, dimensions, color, and style of the product they offer.

Reliable Delivery

A dependable and efficient delivery system is the key to retaining customers, particularly in an e-commerce business. Try as much as you can to find out the production time ahead and ensure that your products are delivered promptly with extreme care because no one likes damaged goods.

Check for Ratings and Reviews

The right private label manufacturer should have glowing reviews, after shortlisting potential suppliers, ensure you look for their ratings and reviews. If the information is not available on their website, make sure that you get those details in-hand before agreeing to sign a contract or deal with them.

Negotiate Prices Based on Quantity

Shopping on different platforms is an effective way to observe quality and pricing. Get a quote from the manufacturers so that you can compare them to choose the most suitable price range for your private label business. Along with that ask prices for minimum volumes, discounts for bulk goods, their preferred payment option, and shipping costs.


How to Find a Reputable Private Label Company

The internet holds a lot of resources for linking you with private label manufacturers. Here are some places you can find the industry’s top private label manufacturers.


Where else will you begin your search if not on the world’s largest search engine? Search results will show the biggest players in your chosen niche or industry. You can also tailor your search terms to easily find private label manufacturers serving more niche markets or those with specialized credentials.

Trade Shows

Industry trade shows can be an awesome way to connect with some of the best private label manufacturers. This congregation provides a chance to cover a lot of ground in a small amount of time. Meeting each private label manufacturer’s agent in person also allows you to ask certain questions and get a better feel for the company’s heritage.

Online Communities

Industry-specific chat boards are also a magnificent way to collect information on independent private label manufacturers and learn about other people’s experiences working with them.



After you have decided what product you want to sell online and confirmed that the manufacturers will private label for you, you’ll need to talk to them for samples and estimates. With this, you’ll find out whose fees you can work with. You will also know how well the product can portray your idea and brand.

At Fulfillman, we offer dropshipping business owners the opportunity to private label their dropshipping products. Call us today to know more about our private label dropshipping services. Our experienced team will be available to speak with you and discuss your available options. An amazing experience awaits you.



Whether you’re considering performing orders in-house or are already carrying on order fulfillment internally, it’s crucial to understand some of the most common lapses you may face so you can fervently work toward evading them.

Understanding where you’re going wrong and what you can do to enhance order fulfillment will help you better manage order fulfillment and deliver improved customers experiences while still making a profit. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common problem with order fulfillment and how to solve them and explain what you need to do to avoid them altogether.

Not Finding the Right Products in the Locations

If a product is not where it should be in your store or warehouse, this means the selector needs to spend time trying to find it. This sets back the order fulfillment, which can lead to unsatisfied customers and bad reviews. On top of that, it also makes for a highly incapable warehouse operation. With a warehouse management system (WMS), every product is scanned into a location. This means that when a selector is looking for a product, it will always be absolutely where it should be.

Impaired or Incorrect Inventory

When a client waits weeks or months for a much-desired product, receiving the wrong goods or damaged goods can be annoying. Some ecommerce businesses intentionally send out slightly impaired inventory in the hopes a client won’t notice. Some examples of this are a book with a crumpled cover, a binder with floppy rings, and a lipstick tube with a dent. Be sure that they notice.

When clients receive a damaged or wrong item, it costs them money to replace the item. In worse cases, the client may likely not order from you again. Proper inventory management on the front end can stop many of these issues from becoming a reality. Keep your inventory safe, and ensure it is checked twice before sending. It is good you spend on quality packaging, and always pay for insurance.

International Shipping

International shipping usually takes anywhere from a week to multiple months. While international customers do not expect to get their items overnight but they might look elsewhere if they have to wait too long. Offer multiple shipping options to your international customers. You may be surprised to find out that many are willing to pay an exceptional premium to get their goods sooner. You might also want to consider negotiating a large quantity international shipping rate if you do a bulk volume of international business.

You Have Hard Copy Picking

In this type of operation, you are required to print the paper and it must be carried by the picker. This process not only takes lots of time is but is also extremely incompetent and leaves a large margin for error due to missing or unfulfilled orders. This can be solved easily by eliminating paper from your warehouse by using warehouse management software with a mobile app. The mobile app displaces the paper, a bit like how your smartphone replaced the handwritten letter. When you take out the chances for human error, you’re in a good position to make sure that you’re able to ship every order at the right time, without failing

Shipping Notifications

Shipping notifications can look like such a minor thing, especially if the item is expected to arrive in two or three days. Most clients expect to get them. Many customers stalk their goods, confirming their location multiple times a day. Because most sellers offer shipping notifications, your client will probably want them. If they don’t get a notification, they might think the item hasn’t shipped. That leads to several unnecessary calls to customer service.

Labor-Intensive Picking

The truth is If you have too many selectors working at the same time, you will probably be spending more money on labor than you are getting back in return. Overtime is beginning to crawl in and in situations the time limit for fulfillment is missed. The most effective method to decrease the number of selectors needed for a single time frame is to start using automation in your warehouse. Automation should boost the productivity of all your selectors, meaning that fewer of them are needed to carry out the same amount of orders.

Incompetent Customer Service

Where do clients go when their items are nowhere to be found, damaged, or delayed? Customer service. Incompetent customer service might be the worst fulfillment mistake you can make. If your customer service representatives cannot swiftly and adequately respond to customer concerns, why bother even employing them? You may as well set your money ablaze. Invest in good customer service representatives, even if it costs slightly more. They’ll be better qualified to address fulfillment issues, and you’ll have lesser furious customers on your hands.

Bottom Line

There you have it! These are just some different problems your warehouse may be facing, with plenty of ways to settle them. At the center of it all is being clever about your techniques and people, with the appropriate tools and software you will be able to successfully fulfill your orders.

Do you need a reputable order fulfillment services company for your ecommerce business? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We provide a wide range of services including Global Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Drop Shipping, Third Party Logistics, and lots more. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.


Did you just design your online store but are finding it difficult to get your first dropshipping sale? Don’t panic; you’re not the only one with this issue. Unless you get lucky or you’re inherently gifted, securing your first few Dropshipping sales can require an insignificant effort. Arguably, it’s more difficult to go from 0 to 10 sales than going from 100 to 1000 sales. Here are some tips to get your first Dropshipping sale.

Try Out Affiliate Marketing

Since you are having difficulties getting your first sale, you can try seeking the help of affiliates to do your marketing for you. Since no one currently knows your brand, you need to offer an incentive that’ll thrill possible affiliates. Large cash incentives and gift offers can go a long way in bringing them to your side. You can go online and search for affiliate networks.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog can better your chances of getting your first Dropshipping sale. It essentially adds another method for possible customers to locate your online store. When searching for certain information, people might land on your blog, after which they will go through your store and might even end up purchasing a product! Additionally, having a blog on your online store will also definitely enhance your store’s SEO, which means people can discover your products on Google more easily.

Handle Your Inventory Levels

Most professional dropshippers would agree that managing the condition of inventory across several suppliers is the greatest threat you’ll face running a Dropshipping or ecommerce business. If you do not do this properly, you’ll consistently be informing clients that their order is out of stock which is not a good way to get your first Dropshipping sale.

Offer Discounts

The thing is everyone loves discounts. So what better way to get that first sale than offering discounts to your potential customers. For instance, you can try to offer a discount in your header while a customer is viewing the product. Or, you can offer customers a discount when they subscribe to your email newsletter.

Fulfil Orders Judiciously

Using numerous suppliers is a step in the right direction to get your first sale. It also betters the chances of you always have items in stock, offers geographical distinction for quicker delivery times, and stops you from depending on one source for your goods or products, this is an effective fall-back plan if your main supplier runs out of stock on special days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But with several options for filling an order, choosing the right supplier might sometimes be an issue.

Target the Right Audience

It can be very difficult to get your first sale if you target the wrong audience. For example, you could offer cat toys to dog owners a million times, and it won’t better your chance: they won’t buy a thing. Additionally, this just could annoy them. Thus, you should try and focus on people who want to buy your goods or products. If you know who they are, you can conveniently target them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Write an Efficient Return Policy

Before drafting your return policy, you’ll want to ensure that you comprehend and know-how all your suppliers handle returns. If they have a loose 45-day return policy, you can afford to be kind with your terms. A harsh return policy can drastically affect your chances of getting your first sale.

Offer Customer Support

Dropshipping allows you to sell similar products as everyone else. Besides the tips discussed above, offering great support is one of the most effective ways to help you stand out when Dropshipping. Although replying to customer inquiries and offering refunds does not detach you from the majority of the big brands, it can help you secure your first Dropshipping sale.

Focus On a Single Niche

Getting your first sale focusing on one niche is hard enough. Imagine how difficult it will be when your attention is divided. There are millions of sellers selling similar products with Dropshipping. So, if you want to make your goods alluring and make the first sale, the best way is to focus on a single niche

Sell Wholesale to Other Retailers

Selling to end-users is good, but selling wholesale might be just what you need to get your first sale. One of the major benefits of selling wholesale is the obvious boost in cash flow. There will be a lower profit, but with time, quantity can cover up for the difference. Furthermore, you’re enabling other organizations and resellers to promote your goods, broadcasting the word about your product as they buy it themselves.


These ten tips will help better your chances of getting your first dropshipping sale. However, as your business starts to expand, you’ll need to try out more prudent tactics to continue growing your business. Your first dropshipping sale can be a supernatural moment. You have worked hard for it, and once it takes place, it will increase your motivation to continue working on your business.

Do you need help with your dropshipping business? Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Dropshipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.