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Dropshipping has come to stay, and it isn’t doing otherwise anytime soon. A look at the increasing number of entrepreneurs joining the dropshipping business every day will reaffirm this. A business where you get the opportunity to make money online while you sit at home enjoying a cup of coffee. You only need a Pc and a working internet connection to start the business.

You don’t need to keep inventory, and you can even start dropshipping at little or no cost. This makes dropshipping popular among digital entrepreneurs. However, you’d need more than just a Pc and internet connection to get to really know about dropshipping platforms, especially because they are many out there.

This is why we’ve decided to write on a few of them. Fulfillman and Chinabrands are two popular dropshipping providers that many entrepreneurs use for their business. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two.


Having spent over 13 years in the dropshipping and logistics industry, Fulfillman has grown to be one of the hottest and the leading providers of dropshipping services in the world. Fulfillman is where you get efficient and complete services for dropshippers.

Talk of excellent quality, reliable, and professional dropshipping services, they are so good at it. Thanks to their state of the art and high-grade machinery and technology that they use in ensuring dropshippers get the best services available. What’s more? Fulfillman also does third party logistics, warehouse fulfillment, product sourcing, and more.

There are several benefits you can get from using Fulfillman services; some of them are:

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

With Fulfillman, mobile and desktop access can’t get any better, as you can have a go at the Fulfillman website conveniently using both platforms. The designs are great, easy on the eyes, and the navigation buttons aren’t muddled up at all to cause any difficulty in navigation.

This, in turn, allows a good user-experience while using Fulfillman, and offers clients the opportunity to operate their business across various mediums.

24/7 Excellent Customer Support

A platform without excellent customer support could be very bad for business, especially when issues arise from your store. Fulfillman, however, has one of the best customer support. They have a great support team. A reliable and efficient team that’s ever ready to have a crack at, and solve any issue that concerns you.

Quick Delivery

No customer will be happy about late delivery. Quick delivery is needed in business, as it is known to spur the growth of any business. It does the same in the dropshipping business. Fulfillman offers one of the best, and the quickest delivery services, which will help you improve relationships with your customers.


A sweet icing on the cake. If you want a brand logo on your items, the good news is Fulfillman does this too. Brand logo on packages, custom boxes, business flyers, and more. Fulfillman’s branding will make your business or brand stand out from the competitors.


Some other benefits of Fulfillman include product sourcing, affordability, quick processing time, cheaper packages, product images, and more.


Chinabrands also happens to be one of the best dropshipping, and particularly wholesale platform in the dropshipping line of business. A B2B e-commerce website that facilitates the sale of manufactured products from enterprises to buyers.

Chinabrands provides services to a large number of global sellers across 200 countries and regions, with a good number of logistics channels. Some of their services include dropshipping, distribution, logistics services, international payment services, global product distribution warehouses.

Talk of global sales, Chinabrands can also be seen as a major e-commerce platform. Benefits of using Chinabrands include:

Global Dropshipping

As mentioned earlier, Chinabrands is doing good when it comes to global dropshipping. With more than a 100 logistics route to choose from, they can easily meet the needs of customers from different countries.

Cheap Price

Due to Chinabrands prowess in wholesale, it is also not difficult for dropshippers to buy things at a wholesale price from them.

Good Customer Service

Excellent customer support is no joke for any business. Chinabrands has good support. You can ask questions and get help from their online customer service column.

Despite these benefits, Chinabrands can be said to have low inventory due to the great variety of products and quantity of goods they are working with. Pricing also varies by warehouses largely due to the same reason. Also, if there is any issue, refunds or replacement could take time.


Fulfillman and Chinabrands may be two of the most used dropshipping platforms by dropshippers. However, from the look of things, the Fulfillman results sheet looks better with more outstanding features and benefits. 

Its whole process is easy, affordable, reliable, and efficient. There’s so much you could gain by using Fulfillman; you get to maximize your productivity, boost sales, and set your brand apart as one to reckon with in dropshipping business.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.


Almost everyone who has looked up how online businesses work must have come across the word, dropshipping. A type of business where you could just sit down and run wherever you like, no need to keep inventory, warehouse, or shipping the product. The supplier does all these, and ships them directly to your customers. Fulfillman and uDroppy are among the popular dropshipping providers today.

Furthermore, knowing about dropshipping is one thing; understanding dropshipping is another thing. Almost every entrepreneur knows about the former, yet, fewer people know about the latter. Understanding dropshipping requires knowing about dropshipping companies like Fulfillman and uDroppy. This is essential in order to distinguish between dropshipping platforms that work, and the one to use. For this reason, we’ll take a look at the difference between two popular platforms, Fulfillman and uDroppy.


Created in 2016, Fulfillman has been one of the leading platforms in the world of dropshipping. Thanks to their high quality, efficient, and reliable dropshipping services. Also, the company dedicates enough resources to fulfilling orders. Which, of course, is one of the main purposes of dropshipping. Fulfilling! 

Furthermore, Fulfillman is among the leading service providers of dropshipping, china sourcing, global fulfillment, and third party logistics via sea, land, water, and air. All these services they render effectively, delivering top-notch services to you. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using the Fulfillman platform for your dropshipping business.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

There has been a great need for websites to be optimized for mobile access for some time now. Considering how mobile is used here and there these days. Therefore it isn’t just about desktop access anymore. This is a good one that Fulfillman takes seriously, as their site can be accessed from both desktop, laptops, and mobile. The design and services you get while using both platforms are easy, simple, and easy to navigate through.

Round the Clock Customer Support

As a fulfillment service provider, your customer service must be excellent. This is another thing that Fulfillman takes very seriously. With them, rest assured of 24/7 customer support to provide answers or suggestions to any problems or challenges you might be facing. Their customer service is highly efficient and reliable to solve any issues that may arise.


The items offered on Fulfillman are cheaper and affordable, compared to other platforms. A quick look at the prices offered on platforms like AliExpress will testify to this. The icing on the cake is these items are not only affordable; they are of excellent quality.

Quick and Easy Access to Information

With Fulfillman, you get to have a dashboard where you can see all the available information about your business. From the information about sales to pending orders to sold items to the information about items in inventory, and lots more. This information, in turn, enables you to make an informed decision about your business.

Fast Delivery

Late deliveries are business killers. This is one thing Fulfillman will not do. On-time delivery has been known to improve relationships with buyers, and Fulfillman offers one of the best, and quickest delivery services in China.


Fulfillman keeps you updated at every point. They also do branding, product sourcing, third party logistics, and they have in house photographers for high-quality images of your items.


Sometimes, dropshipping may not be that easy as some people portray it. One of the factors that makes it not easy is product sourcing. However, if there’s anything that uDroppy has made easy, that would surely be product sourcing.

uDroppy is another dropshipping platform that is out there to provide dropshippers with the services that they might need. When integrated into your store, their service allows you to search for products that you want to sell easily. They have a database of manufacturers and suppliers; you just need to source and choose the product you’d like to sell.  They do sourcing, fulfilling, and shipping, and they offer their services to dropshippers, brand owners, advertisers, and buyers.

Right from their inception, they offer online sellers the ability to find the right products at the right price, and an all in one system that allows sellers to do their thing with just a few clicks. uDroppy ships to about 185 countries, and can also customize products.

Despite their benefits, uDroppy may not be as good as Fulfillman. They have some fast shipping with low fees; however, Fulfillman may seem to have the edge over them with faster shipping, and affordability to even starters in the dropshipping business.


Yes! These two platforms are both good. However, Fulfillman surely comes with outstanding features that edge out uDroppy. As a dropshipper, entrepreneur, or affiliate marketer, you’d want a painless experience from the start to the end, and this is what Fulfillman can give you. An easy, headache-free opportunity to maximize your productivity and boost your sales with their reliable and efficient services.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.


Choosing a platform for your e-commerce store can be daunting, primarily because there are many of them out there. Each with its pros and cons. Some are easy to use and more suitable for beginners, while some are not so easy to use, and they may require little programming knowledge. 

Instead of looking at all these platforms at a time, let’s take a look at the best two. Shopify and BigCommerce. Sooner or later, you’ll encounter this dilemma of choosing between these two if you’re planning on having an e-commerce store. So, which one to choose?  Don’t sweat it! Let’s take you through the comparison.

BigCommerce vs. Shopify: Background Info

Shopify was founded in the year 2006, with its headquarters located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They are one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies, and they boast of over 600,000 online retailers, with new additions every day. 

BigCommerce started operations in 2009 in Sydney, Australia. Although they now have their corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas. They serve more than 100,000 online stores.  

From the look of things, Shopify seems to attract much more growth than BigCommerce, thanks to its simplicity. However, both companies are growing for good reasons; they may just be slightly suited to different types of users. 

BigCommerce vs. Shopify: Pricing 

Pricing is vital when it comes to purchasing.  What’s a good product when you simply cannot afford it? Before choosing any of these two as your desired e-commerce platform, you need to know how their pricing is like. 

Shopify is cheaper to get started, and with just $9. The plan is Shopify Lite, and with this plan, you don’t need a separate new website to serve as an online store. You will get a “buy button” instead, which you can place on your existing site or anywhere online. 

BigCommerce doesn’t have any Lite option; its pricing begins with a fully-fledged online store. Their pricing starts with the BigCommerce Standard, which is at the same level as the fully-fledged own for Shopify named Shopify Basic. You’ll get Shopify Basic at $29, while BigCommerce is $29.95.

The two platforms give almost the same features for these two plans, from unlimited storage to unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 live chat + phone, blog module, and more. The only significant difference between these plans is the fact that BigCommerce number of staff accounts is unlimited compared to Shopify Basic, which allows only two.

Shopify Plan and Shopify Advanced Plan goes for $79 and $299, respectively.  Similarly, BigCommerce Plus and BigCommerce Pro go for $79.95 and $299.95, respectively. When you upgrade to these plans, you get more advanced features and support. All-encompassing, you could see both platforms look almost the same in terms of pricing, except for the availability of Shopify Lite on Shopify. 

BigCommerce vs. Shopify: Extensions 

Talking about extensions, both platforms have a great and super deal for you. They have enough extensions that you need for the proper and enhanced functioning of your store. You can find more than 500 extension apps in the Shopify store. Extensions for SEO, social media integration, fulfillment, customer support, and many others. Both free and paid ones.  

With BigCommerce, you can get some of these extensions in their catalog, too, both free and paid ones. Just like Shopify, you can add additional features to your site, with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

Shopify and BigCommerce both look okay in terms of extensions; however, in terms of the selection and numbers of these extensions, BigCommerce is slightly less rich than Shopify. 

BigCommerce vs. Shopify: Features 

With every iota of truth, both platforms come with all standard e-commerce features you could think of. These platforms will both give you: 

  • Access to unlimited products in your store. 
  • Unlimited orders
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • 24/7 live chat and phone support. 
  • A fully-fledged online store. 
  • Unlimited storage
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Store optimization for mobile
  • Shipping integration 
  • Tax calculation automation 
  • Customer accounts
  • Sales reports 
  • Inventory management 
  • SSL integration 
  • And many more 

All these can be found on both platforms, although Shopify can be quite simple and easy to use when it comes to things like multilingual setups and built-in tools for dropshipping. On the flip side, BigCommerce boasts of multi-layered hosting security and DDOS protection. 

Load Time and Page Speed

A look at the load time and speed of these two great platforms show us they both load very fast and quite okay. But of course, one will be faster. Visitors expect your site to load fast. If it doesn’t, chances are they will exit. Overall, in terms of speed and load time, Shopify leads the race with an average load time of 1.3 seconds while BigCommerce’s average load time is 2.2 seconds.

There you go! The comparison you may need for you to choose between BigCommerce and Shopify. The key in choosing is to look at what each of them can do, and match it to your needs in an e-commerce platform.  Luckily, above are some keys! The features, pricing, extensions, and load time. 

Do you need help with your Shopify dropshipping business? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We are leading service provider of Drop Shipping, China sourcing, Warehouse fulfillment, Third Party Logistics, and many more. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and discuss your needs. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can help you achieve your short and long-term business goals. An amazing experience awaits you.


In terms of wholesale markets of virtually any products, China definitely is one of the biggest, if not the biggest. They are the biggest manufacturer in the world, with infrastructure and several industries to keep them atop. Buying from China suppliers directly seems to be the best way to go. Considering the fact that you’re buying directly from the source, with all the factors of go-betweens removed. However, there are whole lots of other reasons why you should buy direct from China suppliers. This is what we’re going to be looking at here. Let’s take a look at nine (9) reasons why you should:

Cheap and Quality Products

China suppliers offer a wide range of products for relatively low prices. You may want to ask why products are relatively cheap from these sources. The answer is not farfetched.  A quick look at the enormous numbers of manufacturing industry, with inexpensive labor, and you’d understand these factors contribute to the low prices of products. Now, imagine you’re even buying in large quantities, you’ll get even much lower prices for your orders.

Great Infrastructure

You’d agree with us that cheap and best product couldn’t have come as a result of anything other than great infrastructure. The developed state of China in terms of infrastructure makes production and the whole business at large easier.

A look at the number of highway roads, trains, and other transportation facilities that have risen immensely in the last twenty years will tell you how great they are in terms of infrastructure. Now, how does this huge infrastructural level helps your cause? Your products get in faster, they are safer, and with high quality.

Higher Production Capability

As mentioned earlier, China is the biggest manufacturer in the world, and they have several industries and infrastructure. This makes their manufacturing capabilities fall on a whole new level. A high one! These industries produce goods for the global economy, which of course means, they’re producing massively and in large quantities. When you order your goods directly from these suppliers, rest assured of getting quality products in a massive quantity.

Production Efficiency

In some countries, domestic manufacturing can be costly if we consider things like labor costs, training costs, and equipment costs. Often failure comes as a result of these costs. However, this isn’t the case in China with the Chinese suppliers as these costs are quite affordable. They can rarely affect their operations. Hence, the need to order direct from them. 

Latest Trending Products

They have the best manufacturing companies in the world, with all types of products being produced there. So, it is reasonable to say you’d find the latest trending products from these suppliers. Since they are the world’s top manufacturers, any slight update or trend is likely to start from there. If you’re ordering directly from these suppliers, you get to have a taste of these trending products before they become available in other countries or other stores.

Cheaper Labor

Labor in China is known to be inexpensive. The wages are significantly lower, coupled with the fact that these manufacturing companies are also sophisticated in terms of infrastructure. The production process doesn’t seem to be very hard. Tapping into these goodies is easy when you order directly from these suppliers.

Direct Access

There’s also that relationship part. Ordering from China suppliers means you must have formed some sort of connection with them. The fact is if you have established a connection or relationship with a good and reliable partner over there, chances are you’ll be treated specially in terms of getting access. You can even have direct access to their engineers and product design staff; this way, you can also chip in something in terms of product development.

Fast Response Time

If you could get direct access to China suppliers, then you should rest assured of more rapid response time in terms of your delivery and inquiries. Trading companies can generally never give you this kind of response time you’ll get when you have a relationship with these Chinese suppliers.

Cost of Product

Most times, ordering directly from China suppliers in bulk gives you the opportunity to get the best affordable price on a product. Remember, you’re buying directly from the source, so factors like trading companies have been removed. Although it can also be almost the same when you use the likes of some huge trading companies. However, be sure to put into consideration other costs that will be needed when you buy directly from the source. For instance, a 3rd party quality control company for the inspection of your products.

There you have it! Buying directly from China suppliers is to your advantage. From having direct access to the production to laying hands on the trending products as quickly as possible, to paying lower prices for quality, there are more than enough reasons for you to buy direct from these suppliers.

For more information about our dropshipping services, contact us today at Fulfillman. Our services are affordable, reliable, and highly professional. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and excellent dropshipping services.

What are the Consequences of the Rising International Shipping Prices (on Dropshipping and Ecommerce) Due To Coronavirus Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the world economy in ways no one anticipated just three months ago. Businesses are feeling the heat, and this is not peculiar to brick-and-mortar stores alone. Ecommerce businesses are affected too, and many dropshippers are shocked by how far the virus has affected their businesses. One of the most spectacular things about dropshipping is that entrepreneurs don’t need to handle the products they are selling. They need no warehouses and will generally have little or no worries about how the products will be shipped to the buyer. While a lot hasn’t changed in that aspect, the rising cost of international shipping is shaking up the market. Here, we will discuss some of the prominent consequences of this problem and how best entrepreneurs can respond to them.

Delayed Order Fulfillment

One of the prime consequences of the rising cost of shipping is delayed fulfillment of orders. Since some shipping companies are not operating at the rate they use to operate due to restriction and other factors, most orders take longer to be fulfilled. While some customers understand the problems, some are not so considerate and may resort to conflict. It can be helpful to remind customers that order fulfillment may be delayed due to the pandemic and rising costs of international shipping.

High Costs of Selling Products

Dropshippers are spending more to sell as COVID-19 continues to cause havoc across the globe. In addition to the rising cost of international shipping, a few other factors contribute to this problem. When it costs more to sell products, the ripple effects will affect everyone in the circle. There is hardly anything the dropshipper can do in this case than to sell at a price that will keep the business sustainable.

Lower Profit Margins

To make sure that customers are getting their essential needs during the coronavirus pandemic, dropshippers, and other ecommerce entrepreneurs are making sacrifices in many ways. Selling at a lower profit margin is one of the major consequences in this case. With the rising costs of international shipping, the total costs of getting an order fulfilled increases. Dropshippers can keep things a little more stable by sacrificing a portion of their profits to keep the process going smoothly. It is crucial, however, that dropshippers don’t incur loses while trying to alleviate the plight of the consumers as that can be detrimental to business success.

Unsteady Pricing

Depending on who the supplier is, who is shipping, and how long it will take to get products to the customers, pricing is a little too difficult for most dropshippers. Many will need to adjust their pricing structure more often to reflect the reality on the ground. This can be viewed suspiciously by some buyers, and that will be a bad thing for the dropshipper. Unsteady pricing due to the problems of uncertainty caused by the pandemic can be enough headache for the dropshipper. It is best to keep adjusting mildly and maintain a relatively healthy profit margin.

Increased Competition

Online selling has become a little bit more competitive, as COVID-19 continues to cause lockdown in many cities. People are turning to online marketplaces more to get things they need, even as international shipping prices continue to rise. Many dropshippers are trying to gain more market share, and those who can get shipping done at a lower price due to where their suppliers are based are getting ahead. Many dropshippers will have to look elsewhere for suppliers that ship faster at a lower cost as that will be necessary to stay competitive.

Increased Headache from Returns

With international shipping become more expensive by the day, the problem of returning products is more hurting than ever. Since dropshippers have zero control over the quality of the products, they are also bearing the headache of customer’s dissatisfaction in the shipped product. Shipping back defective products to the manufacturer is harder at the moment, and the complications can make dropshippers lose loyal customers. It is always advisable to dropship from reliable suppliers with a strong reputation. In instances where a customer decides to return, dropshippers should offer all they can to make the experience easier for the customer.

Fewer Orders

While some products are selling faster because of the coronavirus menace, others are not doing so great. The higher cost of shipping and other complications it has created has discouraged people from buying things they don’t consider essential. With fewer orders, dropshippers make fewer sales and even less profit when they attempt to cushion the effect of the shipping costs for the customers. Some products will continue to receive fewer orders until the coronavirus pandemic is resolved. Adjusting prices to attract more customers may not turn out to be the right idea. 

COVID-19 has changed the world economy as we know it, and no business model has been spared. The rising cost of international shipping is just one way it has hit the dropshipping market, and the consequences are being felt by everyone from suppliers to dropshippers to customers. Entrepreneurs are advised to tread carefully to remain strong and competitive now and after the epidemic.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.


In this day and age, more digital entrepreneurs are exploring means of broadening their portfolio. This is part of the reason that so many of them are embracing the dropshipping business.

Many of us understand the dropshipping business but we do not understand how many of its platforms work, especially given its high proliferation. We are eager to understand every bit of the feature that each of them possesses.

Fulfillman and WIIO are two popular dropshipping sites that many entrepreneurs are making efforts to wrap their heads around. In this post, we will try as much as possible to clarify the differences between both platforms.


Fulfillman is a dropshipping site created in 2006 that provides high quality, reliable and professional dropshipping services. They are among the leading service providers of dropshipping, third party logistics, warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing and more. With their state-of-the-art machinery and technology, they are willing to assist dropshippers to actualize their visions. There are several benefits from using the Fulfillman platform. They include:

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

This dropshipping site can be accessed from both desktop and laptops, offering clients the privilege to operate their businesses across varying mediums. The features of both mediums are well laid out and easy to use.

24/7 Customer Support

There is the round the clock availability of customer support that is well trained to receive complaints, estimate any issue and offer a lasting solution. The support team is highly efficient and reliable to make your operation on the platform worth the while.


The items offered on Fulfillman are cheaper compared to most other platforms. Not only are these items of cheap price, but they also have top-of-the-shelf quality. The affordability of the Fulfillman items has been one of its features dropshippers bank on to increase order placement and revenue generation. This is a vital selling points that you can use to increase order placement and income generation.

Quick Delivery

Fulfillman offers quick delivery services in the dropshipping business in China. This is normally done in a bid to help dropshippers enhance the relationship with their clients, boost sales and income.

Product Branding and Videos

Fulfillman also has a reputation for branding products. The branding is essential to distinguish dropshippers from its competitors. If you want to market your items using their videos, WIIO can offer you a high-quality video of these items.

High-Quality Product Sourcing

For dropshippers that are unable to source the items to have in their inventory, Fulfillman takes on this responsibility to ensure that you have topnotch items in your stock. This avails dropshippers more time to work on other areas of their businesses.

Easy Access to Information

Once you have created a Fulfillman account, you have several information about the sales, sold items, pending orders, and the number of items in inventory. These information will be displayed on the dashboard. Such a feature is important. It enables sellers to make informed decision and determine how best to boost sales in the dropshipping business.

Product Sourcing

Furthermore, Fulfillman provides products sourcing services. If you are unable to source products by yourself, Fulfillman can help you out. Products will be available at the cheapest rates. The company will also source the best quality products for you. These will be added to your stock. This gives you more time to work on other areas of your business.


In addition, Fulfillman makes room for third party logistics, and availability of product images to dropshippers and more. Other benefits of using Fulfillman include super quick processing times, automation software and more.


WIIO is an all-in-one dropshipping platform that offers fulfillment solutions to e-commerce businesses. They have a sole vision that involves making dropshipping business for you while you focus on the marketing aspects. Based in China, they have over 200 professional workers working behind the scenes to ensure that your dropshipping business is made as easy as possible.

Benefits of Using WIIO include:

One Sales Channel: WIIO offers dropshippers a one sales channel eliminating the need for multiple vendors like Aliexpress. Dealing with multiple vendors is highly time-consuming and this is what WIIO has eliminated with its one sales channel.

Customer Service: The customer service on WIIO is topnotch. The response is quick and very professional. There is a chat function on their website that enables you to talk with them if you have any dropshipping issue. The customer support team is available to you 24/7 to make your dropshipping business better.

Quality Control: Products stored in their inventory are kept under good conditions that preserve their qualities. Before products leave their warehouse to a customer’s destination, quality control is conducted on them to ensure that they in great shape. This is done in line to assist their clients to build and sustain healthy relationships with their customers.

Affordable Prices: How affordable the items on WIIO are has been one of its features that are making it the dropshippers destination. Items offered on this platform are cheap compared to Aliexpress and other dropshipping platforms. The product that they do not have, they source it from Aliexpress. The products are cheap and of great quality.

Inventory: There is a dedicated warehouse to help dropshippers hold their items. The warehouses are in good condition to help dropshippers preserve the items’ qualities.

Manager Account: There is a dedicated manager account made available to you run operations easily with your supplier on a single channel.


Fulfillman and WIIO are two of the most used dropshipping sites by dropshippers. However, Fulfillman comes with outstanding features that make it very handy. Whether you are a dropshipper, online entrepreneur, or affiliate marketer, you have a lot to gain by using Fulfillman. With Fulfillman, you can have the edge to maximize your productivity, boost sales, and create a strong foothold in the e-commerce business.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.


Determining the actual price or pricing strategy for your dropship products may not be as easy as you think. You don’t want to be too high or too low. If you feel the need to maximize your profits by increasing your prices, it may result in decreased sales volume. Also, if you lower the prices so you could sell more in volume, then you may be making less profit.

Now, the question is, how do you avoid all these imbalances. How do you find the perfect balance of how to price your dropship products. This is what this article is about to solve. Below are some of the pricing strategies for your dropship products:

Fixed Markup

This pricing strategy is quite simple. It involves setting out a profit margin that you want on all your products. Fixed markup comes as percentages. Therefore, if you want a 25% markup on all your products, this means if you have an item you bought for $30, you would add $7.5 to the price of the product when selling it. It is easy and simple to use; however, the amount of profit you will make depends on the retail price of the product you’re selling.

Tiered Markup

This pricing strategy is best used when you’re selling different types of products. With tiered markup, you can tweak your markup percentage based on the overall price of the item, which in turn allows individual product pricing. For instance, a 20% markup on a $600 product will be $120.

When you add this markup to $600 to make $720 selling price, it seems to be on the high side, and may even be way too much compared to your competition and what your customers can afford. However, you can use a 50% markup on a $10 product to cover your costs. 50% markup is $5, which sounds feasible.

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price

Also called MSRP, this pricing strategy is for the people who would like to find a safe middle ground to pricing. It’s all about staying safe and making a profit after all. Not too high, and not low, the strategy keeps you out of the race to the bottom.

Your product’s pricing is according to their worth. What’s more? You can also pair this strategy with discounts to advertise your products, and compete with people who may have lower prices.

Psychological Pricing

You might be familiar with this, ever come across a product with a price of $89.99? It’s a way of playing with human psychology. There’s this belief that an uneven price looks cheaper than a price with a full number.

Another example is that of a variety of items. An item categorized into three (3), say “Basic,” “Medium,” and “Large.” To bring psychological pricing in, you could say the prices are $1.49, $4.49, and $4.99, respectively. Now, the basic price is so low that people will think it’s not good enough, and they will want to go for more.

But then, they look at the medium and large, and they see how close the price is. At this point, they would think or conclude to go for the large since it’s just a difference of 50 cents in price. Why not go, all-in? The truth is the medium is just a decoy. Most times, they won’t go for it!

Competition-Based Pricing

Competition based pricing is more like spying on your competitors to see how they go about their pricing. The idea behind this is to offer your products at a slightly lower price than theirs. This way, you steal their sales. There are many tools built for this purpose; some of them are Prisync and DSM tool.

However, there is the need to know that other online stores are leveraging these tools too. When they get a notification that someone beats their price, chances are they will lower down their price too. Sometimes, competition-based pricing is like racing to the bottom where everyone loses their margins, and at a point, no one would make a profit.

Bundle Pricing

One interesting advantage of bundle pricing is it sets you apart from your competition. This pricing strategy can be seen everywhere, as online store owners are using it to pad profit on low margin items.

You can bundle your product pricing by adding accessories to larger products. For example, if your store sells shoes, many stores do the same. However, you can set your store apart from the competition by creating a bundle where you sell shoes, with socks, and shiners. 

Free Plus Shipping

Simply put, free plus shipping is the act of selling your product for free, but indirectly using the shipping cost to cover the loss.

Have you come across Facebook ads that say, “I’ll give you an ebook for free; you just need to pay for shipping only.” Most times, this pricing strategy is used by influencers or stores to sell books so they can move people into their funnel, and sell something on the backend.

You can use this pricing strategy if you would like to do same thing as selling something on the backend. If you don’t plan on selling on the backend, then this method may not be suitable for you. The goal of free plus shipping is to get people to your store so that you could sell something else for them.

There you go! The ultimate pricing strategy for your dropship products. As shown above, there is no singular pricing strategy for your dropship products; there are many. You can try them all out and choose the ones best for your business.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.


Face masks are popular tools that are used to limit the spread of viral infections. They can also be called surgical, procedure, dental or surgical masks. They are characteristically loose-fitting and have straps that allow them to be worn around the face covering the nose and mouth. In this period of the COVID-19 viral infection, face masks are among the things that can prevent the spread of the disease. Here, we will take a look at some of the benefits of wearing face masks. Also, we will provide you with face mask recommendations to choose from.

Benefits of Face Masks

Some of the benefits of wearing face masks include:

Glowing Skin

To keep the face glowing at all times, there should be proper blood circulation. Face masks can aid in the circulation of blood around the face, which is necessary to keep the facial skin glowing. Facial masks with a mint in its formulation inspire the expansion of blood vessels in your face to boost blood circulation. You will be left with a skin tone that is more revitalized, refreshed, and glowing. When next you come across a minty facial mask, do not hesitate to pick up one to enhance the appearance of your face.

Remove Dirt

Another benefit that accompanies wearing the face mask is dirt removal from the skin. Masking that contains Bentonite can unclog skin pores. The skin has a buildup of dead cells that will lead to clogged pores if not removed. Clogged skin can lead to skin conditions such as acne or pimples. Once the bacteria that is clogged inside the skin pore begins to grow, the skin is petty with blemishes. A face mask will help you remove the dirt that piles up on your skin and eventually clogs it. You should wear face masks to unclog skin pores and keep them healthy.  

Prevents Contraction and Spread of Diseases

Amidst the pandemic widespread of the novel virus, COVID-19, one of the gears that are highly effective in the prevention of its spread is the face mask. Though it is being touted by some quarters as ineffective, it is to an extent. 

The virus can be contracted from the droplet from an infected person getting through the nasal cavities or mouth of an uninfected. Masking can help one become conscious of not inserting their hands into their nose or mouth. This way, one can prevent the contraction and spread of the virus.  


Face masks have therapeutic properties that improve the overall appearance of the skin. Some face masks are infused with essential oils that are skin stimulating to make it healthier. Having healthy skin makes you have a relaxed mind and body. You will have great skin that you will be proud to boast of. 

Face Mask Recommendations to Protect Yourself

Before you walk into any store to get a medical mask, it is pertinent to know which one to aim for. There are various face masks you will find on the shelves but we are going to discuss two that are very effective, especially in protecting yourself from the COVID-19. Read below to find out more about them.

KN95 Face Mask

The KN95 face mask is a disposable face mask that is made of high-quality material. The mask gets its name from the fact that it blocks up to 95% of particulates. The mask cannot only protect you from airborne particulates but is also highly comfortable to wear. It is designed practically for personal and medical use. Users can wear them on daily use.

  • Perfect for outdoor activities and daily use
  • Made of soft, safe, and high-quality material
  • Elastic straps and loose-fitting for comfort
  • Adjustable nose clip for different nose sizes and face shapes

OP Mask

Image result for OP MASK 3 layer protection

Made of high-quality materials, the OP mask is one that is designed to offer users optimal protection against particulates. It is made of skin-friendly filter cloth and has three layers of purifying dust to give users multiple protections.

  • Perfect edging
  • Three layers to offer optimal protection against dust and related particulates
  • Easy to maintain
  • Protects against dust, contaminants, and allergens
  • Easily adjustable straps
  • Loose-fitting and adjustable nose clip for different face shapes and nose sizes
  • Made of safe and high-quality material


How to Wear a Face Mask

  • Before touching the masks wash your hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer or with running water and soap
  • Remove mask from its box and be sure there is no tear or hole on its surface
  • Figure out which side of the mask is the top
  • Determine which side of the mask is the front. The colored side is the front and should face away from you. The white part should face inwards, in contact with your skin.
  • Hold the mask by the ear loops and place the loops around each ear
  • Get the mask to your nose level and place the ties over the crown of your head and secure using a bow
  • Pull the bottom of the mask over your mouth and chin


There you have it! Above are some face masks benefits, recommendations, and how to wear them. In a time where the world is being rocked by the novel coronavirus, using a face mask can help you prevent contracting it. Going for either the KN95 mask or OP Mask will be a great choice. You can visit our website today to purchase a face mask to help keep you safe.

For more information about our products and services, get in touch with us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent and top class Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and many more. Our trusted experts will be available to speak with you and discuss your needs. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives complete customer satisfaction. An amazing experience awaits you.



Dropshipping is a model of e-commerce that has come to stay. The number of digital entrepreneurs taking on the dropshipping is increasing by the day. Given the low cost and lack of need to have an inventory of products, the dropshipping business is becoming more popular. Fulfillman and CJDropShipping are two popular dropshipping sites that many entrepreneurs use for their dropshipping business.

It is not every online entrepreneur intending to go into a dropshipping business that knows the dropshipping platform to start, especially given the plethora of dropshipping platforms.  We understand this situation and this is the reason we have decided to write on a few of these dropshipping sites. Below, we will explain to you the differences between Fulfillman and CJDropShipping .


Fulfillman is one of the leading providers of dropshipping with efficient and complete service for dropshippers. Why is this? Let us find out.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

In a bid to expand your business to various and new territories, Fulfillman can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices. The designs on both platforms are easy on the eyes and have the navigation buttons well laid out. This allows for easy communication with the support team and buyers.

Keeps You Updated

In the dropshipping business, information about the order is highly pivotal to enable you to customize your services in the best way possible. Information about the purchase and fulfillment are shared with the dropshipper throughout the transaction. To be sure that you are effectively updated, information about the order is stored in an excel file. This can be highly beneficial for you to facilitate an increase in sales in the dropshipping business.


Do you want a brand logo on the packages you are offering? Fulfillman does the brand logo on packages, custom boxes, business flyers and more. This package branding will go a long way in distinguishing you from your competitors and making your brand unique to your targeted audience.

24/7 Customer Support

On a dropshipping platform, the need to lay a complaint to the support team of the provider by the seller may arise. On Fulfillman, the support team is always available to offer consultation or estimation on any issue that concerns you. The support team is highly reliable and efficient.

Cheaper Packages

The items purchased on Fulfillman are of the cheapest rates. The prices are 5-10% cheaper than the items on Aliexpress. Not just that they are cheap, they are of the highest quality. These are vital selling points that you can use to increase order placement and income generation.

Easy Access to Information

After creating a Fulfillman account, the information about the sales, sold items, pending orders, the number of items in inventory is displayed on the dashboard. Such a feature is essential to enable you to make a more well-thought-out and informed decision to boost sales in the dropshipping business.

Quick Delivery

Delivering ordered items quickly is one of the veritable strategies of spurring the growth of your dropshipping business. Fulfillman offers one of the best, new generation and quick delivery services in the delivery company in China. This they do to help you improve relationships with your buyers.

Third-Party Logistics

When it comes to third party logistics, Fulfillman is there for you. Fulfillman offers one of the best, most efficient and reliable third party logistics in the dropshipping business. A robust 3PL warehouse management system has been developed to enable you to fulfill orders most effectively and efficiently.

Product Sourcing

In case you cannot source products by yourself, Fulfillman can do it for you. Products of cheapest rates and great quality are sourced for you and included in your stock. This gives you more time to work on other areas of your business.

Product Images

Images are highly important in the e-commerce business. Do you want high-quality images of the items in your inventory to display on your e-commerce platform? Fulfillman has in-house photographers that are ready to offer you high-quality images of the items in your inventory within hours of receiving.


CJDropShipping is a Chinese company created in the year 2000 that offers dropshippers a broad range of dropshipping services including keeping inventory of products in warehouses, the fulfillment of orders, product sourcing and shipping of products. CJDropShipping ships products to over 60 countries and has an excellent support team.

Despite these benefits, they offer to dropshippers, CJDropShipping has its downsides. One of them is that it is not user-friendly. Many users will not be able to figure out how it works, as the user-interface is complex. This may lead to a lack of proper communication with the support team when the need to contact them arises. Dropshippers because of this may not be able to communicate effectively with buyers when it comes to issues resolutions, customer service and many more.

Another con of this dropshipping platform is that they do not send receipts or invoices automatically. Invoices or receipts can still be sent only upon request. This can dissuade buyers from making regular sales on the platform, as they will opt for those that send an automatic receipt.

These drawbacks of CJDropShipping make it a not so friendly business partner for many online entrepreneurs in this modern age.


If you an online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer or dropshipper, you will have to take advantage of the reliability, efficiency, and ease-of-use that Fulfillman has to offer. Fulfillman makes the handling of the dropshipping business easy for you. This will give you an edge to maximize your asset and create a strong foothold in the e-commerce business.

If you want to discover more about our services, contact us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our trusted experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that give complete client satisfaction.


Dropshipping remains one of the most attractive business models out there. Many individuals across the world are jumping into the ship but not too many are seeing the sort of success they imagined before jumping in. Succeeding in online business requires so many things and using the right tools is one of the most important. Here, we will briefly discuss some of the best 11 dropshipping tools that can help boost your online business:

Google Trends

Keeping up with trends is one of the surest ways to boost your online business and achieve success. Google Trends makes that very easy. It is a tool that will show you what real people are searching across the world. In addition to showing the latest trending topics, Google Trends will show you the total search-volume across different countries and in various languages. The amount of information you will get from this tool will help you discover profitable niches and take advantage. Another good news – it is a free service from Google.

Google Keyword Planner

Image result for Google Keyword Planner

Extracting relevant information about trending keywords from Google is another important way to boost your online business. Few tools can help you do that efficiently and Google Keyword Planner is one of the best. All you need to do is feed a search item to the tool and watch it return a handful of information including average monthly searches, competition for the search item, relevant keywords that are related, and more. Using the tool will help you improve search visibility, which often results in higher traffic and improved conversion.

Inventory Source

Sourcing your inventory is one critical aspect of dropshipping that you have to perfect to achieve real success. Several tools can help do this but Inventory Source remains one of the top options. It is an effective tool that will help you find more products with ease and dropship on more than 20 marketplaces including Amazon and eBay. It can upload, catch product automatically and also track your inventory. It is a paid service that will deliver lots of value.


This is an excellent dropshipping tool that will help you import with ease. The remarkable thing is that you will be able to import from more than 20 suppliers with ease. You will have seamless access to some of the biggest suppliers across the world including Aliexpress, Chinabrands, 1688 and many more. They also have a plugin that will help dropshippers to place orders automatically and make the process of importation a lot easier.

AutoDS Dropshipping Platform

This is an all-in-one dropshipping tool that can change the game for you. It is a comprehensive tool that will start by monitoring and optimizing product stocks and prices. It will also conveniently list products from such marketplaces as Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, Home Depot and many more. The Product Finder will help you target bestselling products and latest coupon deals. Another factor you will enjoy with this tool is efficient customer support. Some of the extra services you will enjoy from this tool include assistance in order automation, automated tracking, and creation of bulk listing.

Zik Analytics

Image result for Zik Analytics

If you hope to get the best result from eBay, this is one of the best tools to get. It will efficiently help you to find the hottest products on the market with ease. It will help you in such other areas as the creation of terrific titles for your listings, research your competition, and improve overall efficiency on eBay. It will help you to fully optimize your online business and enhance your chances of experiencing real success. It is run by some truly successful dropshippers who are eager to help others succeed.

Social Report

Learning to integrate data from different relevant sources is one of the most effective to make improvements in your online business. This is one of the tools that will take the stress away. It will integrate social media data and e-commerce platform data from such platforms as Shopify, eBay, Etsy and more. The results will guide you to better optimize your social media marketing efforts.


This is another integration tool to get. It will help you connect better with your supplier as a serious retailer. It will make it easier for you to exchange the most important data about inventory, order, category and more with all your suppliers. Exchanging accurate information with all suppliers will make your transactions smoother. This tool also offers mapping and monitoring functions.

Asana Virtual Assistance Management

To make your processes smoother, Virtual Assistants (VAs) can help to a great extent. Depending on the size of your online business, you may need several VAs to keep things going smoothly. The only problem is that it can be difficult to manage them all, especially if they are in different countries. Asana VA management is one tool that will make that easier for you. It will help you keep track of the tasks assigned to these VAs and establish smooth communication with them.


Have you ever considered the possibility of having a search engine dedicated to dropshipping? Well, that is pretty much what dropshipper represents. It is an efficient tool that boasts of an advanced scanner with intelligent search algorithms to help you to find bestselling products on Amazon. With the tool, you can easily find the most profit-generating products and dropship on eBay in record time. The tool is offered in different packages that will suit different business owners.


It is a known fact that images play huge roles in dropshipping. It is also known among the most successful business owners that using unique images is essential. A certain level of image editing is needed by top dropshippers always and Canva is one of the best tools for that. There are more than 8,000 templates to explore and using this tool is super-easy.

How many of these tools are you using already? If you are using only a few, it is time to up your game and they can all help meaningfully. Good luck as you try to boost your online business. Contact Us today at Fulfillman in case you will like to know more about our business. Our services are affordable, reliable, and highly professional. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and excellent dropshipping services.