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Every dropshipper understands the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is one of the most effective digital strategies to grow a dropshipping business. This is because most new customers search for products on such search engines as Google. Good SEO practice will result in favourable ranking and improved web traffic. What this means is that your dropshipping website will appear early in search results, leading prospective buyers to your website and potentially improving your sales. Increase in website traffic is one of the primary goals of SEO. It also offers so many key benefits that will boost your dropshipping business. Do you know how you can improve web traffic for your dropshipping website? Here are eight ways you can do that for the best result:

Make Sure Your Website Is Well-Structured

Ecommerce websites are expected to be well-structured to make online purchases easy for buyers. In addition to this, website structure is an important aspect of SEO. When a website is well-structured, search engines are able to find all the relevant pages that will help the site rank well. Well-structured websites have fewer codes, and this makes it easy for search engine bots to crawl through and rank the site appropriately. The structure of the website influences speed, which is also an important aspect of SEO.

Take Keyword Research Seriously

You need to know what people are searching for and how they are searching for it if you want them to land on your website. This is one of the first and most important steps in SEO. Keyword research is the process of finding out what people input in search engines when they are trying to find products. When you figure out the relevant keywords in your niche, you can strategically include them in your content and pages. When you do it the right way, your content and pages appear higher on search engine results page.

Don’t Miss Out On Competitor’s Keywords

There are millions of ecommerce websites in the world and probably hundreds of thousands in your niche. However, there are a few you can actually count as your competitions. When you identify these competitions, it is also important that you find out what they are doing right that you aren’t doing. If there are keywords they are ranking that you know nothing about, consider them carefully and test if they can help you drive more traffic to your site and potentially beat them.

Improve Your Website Speed

As hinted earlier, speed is an important aspect of SEO and will greatly affect how well your website will rank and the traffic you will get. Website speed is also very important in keeping your customers, and you don’t want your bounce rate to increase because your website takes too long to load. There are different ways to improve speed, including using a fast and responsive theme, as well as using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). You can also use Google Page Speed Insights, Pingdom, and GTMetrix for speed test and how to solve identified problems.

Take On-Page SEO Seriously

Conducting keyword research does not guarantee improved web traffic unless you know how to use the keywords properly. On-page SEO means optimizing individual website pages for SEO. This implies that you will strategically place the keywords in title, sub-headers, meta descriptions, images alt tags, descriptions and URL. You also need to learn to use influential words to increase CTR. If you know you can’t handle this, hire experts to help out.

Take Content Marketing Seriously

Content marketing is unarguably one of the most critical aspects of SEO, especially for an ecommerce website. It has a lot to do with how you utilize the keywords you generated from your research. You need to create quality content around your products niche in order to drive more visitors to your site. Considering that Google and other search engines love long quality content, optimize your content to help your website rank high and generate more traffic as a result.

Take Advantage of YouTube

Video is certainly more attractive than text. Many people who may need your products may choose to watch videos than read long text content, and you shouldn’t miss out on such potential customers. The best way to get to them and lead them to your website is through YouTube. It is easy to set up a YouTube channel, but you will need to produce quality videos to rank well and reach your target audience.

Embrace Social Media

Most of your current and prospective clients are on social media. The best way to connect with them is to join and stay active. If you can succeed at personalizing your brand on social media, you can achieve a lot with your ecommerce website. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are some of the most important social media platforms for dropshippers and other ecommerce entrepreneurs.

SEO is very important for dropshipping. Good SEO practices normally result in improved web traffic, which ultimately improves your dropshipping sales. The eight ways discussed here can help you improve your website traffic. It may take a while before you see meaningful improvement, but you need to be patient and consistent. On the long run, the results will be worth all the efforts.

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Order fulfilment is one of the most critical aspects of selling online. Irrespective of the size of your business, inefficiency in global fulfillment will affect you in many ways. In addition to the huge sums you can potentially lose, inefficiency can lead to frustrated customers who won’t return. Worse than that, your reputation will take a hit if you don’t improve. You can avoid all these and other consequences by taking a few steps to identify your challenges and address them appropriately. Thinking of ways to boost efficiency in global fulfillment? Here are eight global tips that can help:

Improve Inventory Accuracy

This is the right place to start. As funny as it may sound, the average retail inventories are only accurate 63% of the time. Poor inventory accuracy means one thing: you won’t be able to store, pick, package, and fulfill inventory efficiently. You need to be sure of what is left and update your website accurately. There are fulfillment inventory solutions that can help you boost inventory accuracy, and you should consider them.

Make Your Global Fulfillment Process Predictable

It helps when customers can predict your shipping schedule and understand when they can get the products they have ordered. Inefficiencies will arise if your process varies widely. On your end, try to be sure of what to expect each day so as to minimize variable costs. You can invest in an excellent business distribution software to help you monitor, predict, and automate your systems for ore predictability. This will allow you to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

Provide Deferred Delivery Choices

Most ecommerce entrepreneurs assume that every customer wants to get their products as soon as possible. While this is true for most customers, some will accept to wait for a while before getting hold of their products. If there are delivery methods that will add days in transit but significantly lower delivery costs, consider providing it as an option for your customers. Those who want fast delivery and can pay the extra cost will go for it while those who can wait will appreciate the differed options.

Invest In an RFID System for Your Global Fulfillment

You can benefit a lot when you have the proper systems in place. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, for instance, can help you identify budget drainers in the fulfilment process. With detailed tracking software, RFID technology can bring a lot of transparency and also help to ensure better data aggregation. This will reduce costs in the long run and boost your efficiency significantly.

Optimize Your Warehouse and Facility Flow

Many ecommerce entrepreneurs and managers erroneously assume that the way their warehouse facilities are laid out has little impact on overall efficiency. The fact is that poor facility flow impedes efficiency greatly, and can have ripple effects that can undermine your entire business operations. If you can take time to create a fluid flow from accepting inbound goods to shipping out orders, you will improve efficiency in the way your orders are fulfilled. Optimized facility flow will minimize touches and handling. Overall, it will significantly help to do away with roadblocks and other causes of inefficiency.

Minimize Packaging

Packaging is another area some businesses do not consider seriously when it comes to improving efficiency. The fact remains that more packaging means more steps, more handling, more time, and more money. It also means more waste on your part as a seller as well as on the parts of your buyers. Find ways to minimize packaging without exposing the item to risks during transit. Even Amazon, the biggest ecommerce website, is doing the same thing. You can save a lot of money and labour by using less packaging.

Make Employee Training a Continuous Process

Most of your efforts to improve efficiency in your global fulfillment process will not yield big results if your employees are not properly trained to work accordingly. You have to ensure that everyone that works with you understands their roles perfectly and know how to use the tools at their disposals. As you introduce more tools and innovative ideas, you need to follow-up with adequate training for your employees. In fact, make employee training a continuous process, just as innovations must be continuous.

Make Your Returns Policy Clearly Visible

This may appear a little different from the points above, but it is as important as all of them. Many people do not buy from some websites because they are not sure if they can return products they are not satisfied with. When buyers are not too sure what your return policy states, conflicts can arise if they decide to return what they’ve bought from you. Such conflicts can ruin your online reputation, which is something you must avoid at all costs. Make your returns policy easy to find on your website, and ensure that the conditions are clearly stated. You may find that you will have fewer cases of returned products.

It is possible to boost efficiency in global fulfillment processes. You need to identify the causes of inefficiency and address them. Indeed, it is all about analytics and taking big, bold steps. With the eight tips above, you can improve efficiency in fulfillment and grow your ecommerce business efficiently.

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China is the world’s largest manufacturing country. Therefore, most retailers, online sellers, dropshipping, and ecommerce business owners from other countries have to source products from China. However, China sourcing may not be as simple as we imagine. This is because a large number of products manufactured in the country are of poor quality. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure your product quality from China.

Furthermore, foreign companies, dropshipping and ecommerce businesses must conduct due diligence when sourcing products from China. Doing this will help ensure they get top value for their money. Besides, you can maintain your business reputation by providing quality, durable, and reliable products for your customers. In this article, we will provide you with eight insightful tips to ensure you are sourcing top quality products from China.

Conduct In-Depth Research of the Company

Before going into business with a Chinese manufacturer or supplier, conduct in-depth research of the company. Request their manufacturer references, quality and compliance certificates, as well as case studies of work accomplished with other companies, preferably foreign. Reach out to companies the manufacturer has worked with and make inquiries about the quality of their manufacturing process.

Inspect the Company’s Facilities

What’s more, ensuring your product quality from China also involves inspecting the company’s facilities. The manufacturer sent you pictures of his facility, and everything looks great. But what if that isn’t his facility? While the internet is a great tool that makes communication easier, it is also one that makes deception easier.

If you can, pay a visit to the manufacturer in China. And no, do not stop at their corporate offices only but also ensure you see their factories. Conduct a thorough inspection of the factories and ensure it is not simply a front. Check the production line of the factory and also the certifications that prove their legitimacy.

However, if you cannot pay a visit to the manufacturer yourself, hire a professional inspector in the country to help you out. There is no shortage of them. Most importantly, ensure the inspecting firm you are hiring is a reputable product or facility inspector. Even better if you can get one via referrals.

Discuss the Product Standards

In addition, take time to discuss expected product standards with the manufacturer. Most manufacturers claim to produce top-quality products. While that is significant and is a step in the right direction, it won’t get you all the way there.

Endeavor to communicate the standards of products you or your customers expect to the Chinese manufacturer or supplier. Don’t mince words. Communicate every detail, no matter how small or inconsequential it might seem. Ensuring the manufacturer understands your business culture and the exact standards you have will ensure everything is in order.

Order Sample

Another way to ensure your product quality from China is to order sample items. Request for a sample product or item for inspection before proceeding with bulk orders or approving a full production run. A sample order offers you the opportunity to inspect one or two items before buying in large quantities. Also, when you order sample of products, you can test how the product will perform on your dropshipping or ecommerce store. This will help ensure that you are making the right decisions for your business.

Keep Track Of the Manufacturing Process

Despite all the fact that you have ordered sample, you should still keep track of the manufacturing process. Apply the principle of “trust, but verify.” This will help make sure that the manufacturing process is on the right track and that nothing happens midway that you didn’t assent to. The best way for this would be to have someone you trust to help monitor the process.

Ensure Everything Is In Order

Also, it is important to ensure that everything is in order and going as planned. Even though you have done due diligence and ensured your company’s standards were met, you can never be too sure. Besides, one thing you do not want to do is sell low-quality products to your customers, as this can damage your reputation irreparably. As such, conduct a final assessment of the products before shipping.

Be Clear On Your Production Schedule

Additionally, ensure that you are clear enough on the schedule times. Have an idea of the lead times and when your order will arrive. Having such crucial information will help you sort out any unexpected problems that might arise. Also, you will be able to find possible solutions to prevent delays or disappointments.

Inspect Before Shipment

Finally, ensure that you perform a pre-shipment inspection. Despite your hard work and efforts you’ve put into following up and monitoring the production process, the last thing you want is to be disappointed after receiving your products. A pre-shipment inspection will serve as the final checking stage that will put your mind at ease.

There you have it! Above are eight tips to ensure product quality from china. Most dropshipping and ecommerce businesses turn to China sourcing to get products for their online business. While it is true that low-quality products abound in China, it is equally true that high-quality products are plentiful. If you do due diligence and follow the tips provided above, you can ensure that you secure products of unquestionable quality while China sourcing.

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Do you want to take a creative approach to promote the growth of your online store? You should consider integrating the use of product pictures in your marketing campaign. A picture they say is worth a thousand words. Using product images, you can show your products and convey their essence to your audience.

Product photography requires showcasing your products in an attractive way to entice potential buyers to purchase them. How can you shoot beautiful images of your products and make the most of product images? Continue reading and find out below.

Natural Light

To shoot product images you need light. Natural light is suitable when you are on a shoestring budget to afford studio lighting. Natural light is much easier to manipulate to obtain the desired image quality you want.

If the light is too bright and harsh you can place a white cloth or cardboard over the window to diffuse the light. Shoot the product photograph at the time of the day when the sunlight is brightest. Note that you should never shoot under direct sunlight as this can create a photo with harsh shadows. This isn’t good if you want to create a high-quality product photo.

Studio Lights

An alternative to natural lights in your product photography is artificial lights. To get artificial light you will need lightbox setups to project the light needed in a studio for photography. To achieve softer shadows, consider placing white cardboard or white cloth over the light setup.

Studio lighting gives you greater control of you have lots of products to shoot over several hours. Manipulate the light angles until you have the right setup to capture a top-quality photo of your products.

A Tripod

If you want to capture an image of a product that is professional looking and stable, you need a tripod. It is easy to have blurry photos when you take snapshots with a phone or camera in hand. A tripod saves you from having blurry product photos that may end up doing little to improving sales. It brings consistency, focuses on the product photograph.

If you are on a tight budget there are decent tripods you can get on the cheap. You can search for them online. You can still go for the costly ones as they bring an impressive dimension to your photo.

Choose the Right Camera

When taking a product photograph, you have to be sure that the camera you are using has the features to give you what you want. Smartphone cameras have evolved significantly over the years that they can serve as an alternative to professional cameras.

A Samsung or iPhone smartphone camera can get the job done. These devices come with impressive cameras that often makes it difficult to tell smartphone and professional camera images apart. As long as you have a light background, place the smartphone, and snap away.

Photo Editing Software

Professional photographers these days make use of photo editing tools to fine-tune images to appear more attractive. There are tools you can use to edit your product images to look more professional and appealing to the eyes.

Photo editing tools like Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, and more can be used to enhance the aesthetics of product images. Go for one that is easy to use.

Clean Up the Products

For your product photos to be hugely appealing, you have to a snapshot of them clean. Dirt on your camera lens can produce poor quality images of your products portraying in an amateur light. Buy some wipes you can use to clean up your products and camera lens solution you can be able to capture high-quality images of your products.

Be Creative

Be daring enough to experiment with ways of shooting images of your products. Your product photos have to be portrayed in imaginative and creative ways to pique your audience’s interest. As a non-professional, you may be afraid to try out new ways to photograph your products. Brace yourself and get creative with your camera.

Take Lots of Images

Take as many shots of your products as possible. You should not just stop at one. For example, if you are shooting clothing photos, take one where the cloth is spread against a white background and another on a mannequin. Lastly, you can have a person model the cloth for you while you take shots of them in different poses and angles.

Product images are essential in the promotion and growth of a brand. These tips above when implemented will make your store appear more presentable. They will make your product images appear professional and look like you have spent thousands of dollars taking them. Apply them today and see your brand witness significant growth and development.

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Videos, over the years, have proven to be effective marketing tools. The use of video as part of a marketing campaign has been shown to capture the attention of the targeted audience. It is known to be more effective than plain texts and images. Not many content marketers are able to position properly a video as a component of a marketing campaign to yield the desired result. For this reason, we have created this article to help content creators kick things up a notch and boost conversion rate and revenue generation. Here are tips on how to utilize videos effectively in your marketing campaign.

Keep the Videos Short

The goal of the use of videos in marketing is to relate your brand with your audience. Long duration videos will not do you any service in boosting your marketing campaign. Videos should be short and cut to the chase, driving home the brand’s message. The average length of short videos is between 30 and 90 seconds. Your audience will lose interest if the video contains superfluous elements. Their attention span is short and because of this, you have to use the little time available to win their hearts.

Video Titles Should Have Keywords

Videos for marketing should be optimized in a way that they can be found on search engine result pages. Many content creators make the gaffe of not using keywords in their video titles. Some of them do this ignorant of the essence of their videos being found SERPs.

A keyword is a short phrase or word normally used by potential customers to search for your services or products on search engines. To drive traffic to your website and increase conversion rates you have to stuff the descriptive title of your video with keywords.

Video Should be Highly Descriptive

There is no point in creating a video for your marketing campaign if it is not going to be well-detailed enough to spread your brand message. The video targeted towards your audience should be descriptive to drive leads and improve conversion rates.

The video description should start from the title right down to its content. Just as you are making the video to be well descriptive, you have to make it using a language that a wide section of your audience can easily relate to. A well-described video will be able to pique the interest of your target audience in your brand.

Video Should be Based on the Story and Not Sales

What is a better way to leave an impression on your audience and make your message stuck with them? Bring storytelling into the video. You don’t want to come off as salesy and only interested in what you stand to gain from them.

Know that neurochemicals are involved when they watch your video. Capitalize on this by telling an emotional story of how your brand can bring a solution to their problem. Doing this will set you apart from your competitors.

Add a Call to Action at the End of the Videos

As much as you are avoiding to appear salesy you need to ask your viewers to take the desired action you want. What is the point of the video if viewers don’t get to take action? After you have explained the problems your services or products can solve, let them know you are open for business at the end.

In the last few seconds of the video, urge your audience to take the next step. Whether it is clicking on an order button or filling out a form, they have to be aware of the angle you are trying to reach with the video.

Share Your Video on Social Medias

After making video content of your brand they need to get out through many channels to your targeted audience. Doing this will expand your promotion and reach to accomplish the desired lead generation. You can share videos on your website, blog, Facebook, YouTube Twitter, Instagram, email, and lots of them to increase the engagement rate. Make sure the social media network has the audience you want before publishing a video.

Add Humor

Just as your audience wants to be informed through your video content, they want to be entertained. A brand can reap bountifully from adding humor to their video content. The goal here is to avoid coming off as bland and non-interesting. For example, the Dollar Shave Club was a small company but they amped up their growth using humorous marketing videos. This has endeared them to the hearts of many.  Take a leaf out of their book.

Educate Your Customers

Customers will not be interested in your video if it has nothing to do with educating them. For example, they want to get from your video how to use your products and services and how they can make the most of it.

Be Unique

As part of the move of optimizing your video for search engines, the video has to be unique and original. Create an image that your audience can identify with. Appearing original will make you stand apart from your competitors drive up sales and profit.

There you have it! Videos are essential tools in the marketing campaign of a brand. They have gained significant traction around the globe and are not expected to lose relevance anytime soon. Adhering to these tips above will help you drive traffic to your e-commerce store, decrease bounce rates, and boost profits.

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The year 2020 may not be going according to plan due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many brick and mortar stores are closed up with some having no hope of ever recovering. While digital marketing has had its own share of COVID-19 effects, it’s noteworthy to mention that e-commerce owners are some of the little flourishing business owners at the moment. 

In this article, we will expose you to six tips you can adopt to promote your Shopify store in 2020.

The Performance of E-commerce Marketing Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

E-commerce marketing is now the new status quo in the world of businesses. Most business starters who wish to launch into the online space must know that there is an unhealthy rivalry going on, with numerous online businesses posing a severe threat. Almost all types of physical businesses have successfully found their way to the online platform, and as such, uniqueness or peculiarity is what makes the difference.

As much as a plethora of businesses has leveraged the online environment, it doesn’t make e-commerce marketing any less critical, and it doesn’t mean you won’t succeed. It has saved business owners a whole lot of hassles. Having an e-commerce website, especially a Shopify store, is one of the first things that a 21st-century internet marketer should take advantage of. Even the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made the online world all the more relevant.

However, having an e-commerce store is one thing, driving and increasing traffic and conversions are another critical determinant of success. For every online business to thrive, it must exploit the use of optimal e-commerce strategies. The online space is littered with valuable tools and various social platforms. If you can leverage them effectively for advertising and marketing your business, there’s a guaranteed massive inflow of traffic. Here are some six tips to promote your Shopify Store in 2020:

1. Leverage social media

Social media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes, have indeed been a blessing to e-commerce marketing. They have proven to be tools that can be harnessed to derive the expected result. Let’s briefly examine some of them.


In as much as Facebook has undergone a plethora of modifications, it remains a platform that can drive in massive traffic to your e-commerce website or online store.

Interestingly, with Facebook, you can drive product and brand awareness and make anticipation for new product launches with an active 2.5 billion users.

You can easily discover more leads and buyers using a simple signup process. Facebook might have started as an instant messaging app, but it has indeed revolutionized the online space, and you can leverage that in making your online biz fly. 

The platform helps in unifying the entire shopping process by linking the online spaces to the physical stores. 

With Facebook, you can accomplish a whole lot for your online e-commerce business. This popular social media platform has an audience insights tool that can fetch you credible information about your potential customers. 

You can also create a Facebook business page with a short description of your products and services. Facebook doesn’t just help in changing us from pen pals to online communicators, it also gave our online businesses numerous customers. With a mastery of Facebook uses for commercial purposes, you can send your business into the reaches of potential customers and like minds. 


Pinterest was launched back in 2010 as a platform for women to check out trending fashion styles, decors, and meal planning activities. In as much as it has fewer users compared to other social media outlets, it is indeed gaining ground in e-commerce marketing. 

It is the second biggest source that drives social media traffic to Shopify with over 800,000 online stores, up to $68 billion worth of sales. Over the years, Pinterest has evolved, adopting new changes. However, that women use it more than men, it is still a place for online e-commerce businesses to generate more sales and thrive.

With mastering Pinterest for e-commerce marketing, it comes the great opportunity of increasing traffic and sales in your online store. 


This is another social media platform that can be a highly valuable e-commerce marketing tool. Before you use the Twitter handle as a marketing tool for your online business, you must ensure your audience is using it. If not, it will simply be a waste of time.

Twitter also helps in engaging online businesses with potential and present customers, creating brand awareness, and also generating sales. It is a social platform that acts as a conduit for the communication of customers. 

Twitter operates with a conversational format that is open-ended, and as such, this makes it possible for businesses to meet online with other professionals in the same field. Thus, relationships are built and established.

Social media platforms have evolved, and it is high time you started using them to grow your online business. 

The good news is that you can integrate Spy tool across all these social media platforms to gain valuable insight into your prospects. Also, you can spy on the performances of your competitor ads.

2. Explore Shopify Spy Tools

Undoubtedly, you can find different kinds of spy tools to do product research for your e-commerce business, such as FindNiche or AmzChart, they work for different platforms, but both would save your time and money to pick out the best selling items. 

Similarly, in e-commerce marketing, some people don’t get fearful about unhealthy competition in the online space. Instead, they see it as motivation. Having other businesses in your space is proof that there’s an audience that wants what you offer.

Interestingly, there are online tools that you can exploit to stalk or spy on your competitors. In case you are experiencing setbacks in your online business, you can employ the strategies of your successful competitors.

Keep in mind that stalking your competitors doesn’t ensure success, but it strengthens your position in the online market space.

You can use Shopify spy tools to spy on your competitor’s social media platforms, observe your ads performances, and improve your e-commerce marketing strategies. This will surely help in remodeling your online business to fit into the online competition.

BigSpy is one of the leading Shopify spy tools you can use while integrated into various social media platforms to promote the growth of your online e-commerce business.

BigSpy Integrated with Social Media

BigSpy is an amazing and free advertising spy tool, and it is highly recommended as a marketing strategy for e-commerce businesses. It stands out from many other ad spy tools online, given its unique features. When integrated with the social media platforms mentioned above, it offers you valuable insight into ads ideas, competition analysis, tracking of ads performances, and many more.  

Also, BigSpy effortlessly unifies various social media channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Admob, Yahoo, and the likes. Moreover, it possesses an ample amount of data, and you can search for any significant platform creatives of your choice.

Spy on Your Competitors 

BigSpy allows you to navigate your way into the creatives and ad strategies of your competitors, giving you an advantage to up your e-commerce marketing game. It covers many mainstream platforms, and as such, you can easily sort out keywords, categories, CTA types, and pages. 

Shopify store owners can leverage BigSpy tools to enhance their eCommerce business as it integrates numerous online platforms. 

Moreover, BigSpy is affordable, and you can even take advantage of its free features before you decide to go premium.

3. Prioritize Ad Design

Ad design has a long way to go in ensuring your online e-commerce business thrives. To successfully win customers, you must not conform to the regular ad designs that many businesses use, the peculiarity is what stands one out from the rest.

Here are some designs you can incorporate in your ad campaigns to drive traffic and increase sales in your Shopify store:

Appealing Images

In every ad you run across various online platforms, ensure you use professional and high-quality shot images. You should try to present your product in real-life situations representations instead of overly-orchestrated and fake images.

Adding Faces to Images

You must also ensure you use faces in designing your ads because at the end of the day, you are selling your products to humans, and humans have a high tendency to connect with human figures. This is why using faces in ad designs that you can use as part of your e-commerce marketing strategy.

Image Simplicity

As much as using appealing images is ideal, simplicity is also essential. Making your images overly intricate with numerous distracting features could shift attention, which will not be suitable for your business.

You must be keen on monitoring the trends in ad design and creating ads that are specifically for your target audience, but keep note that using simple images can do the trick.

4. Build Your Customer’s Trust

To take your online e-commerce business to a higher level, you must ensure you earn their trust. This is done by putting up social proof and featuring different reviews on your e-commerce website. 

Once you have earned the trust of your customers, getting more customers will be quite simple as there will be witnesses to verify the authenticity of your product or service. Trust is quite essential to any type of business, and it ensures the patronage of your customers is retained. 

Having a Shopify store with customers that trust you ordering your product gives a high level of satisfaction. 

5. Connect with Your Customers

This is another tip you can try to enhance your online e-commerce business. You can try creating a group chat on any social media platform (preferably WhatsApp, Facebook, or Telegram) and add up all your customers. This way, you can easily keep track of them. Another way to connect with your customer is by giving them rewards. Do giveaway, offer special discounts and promo code, and do well to send them personalized emails. All these will enable you to connect with them on a personal level.

6. Communicate Promotion Season

You must ensure to inform your customers in advance about a promotion season you intend to organize for them. This way, they’d all be in expectancy. If you have a fixated time of the year for hosting promotional seasons, it could also win you lots of customers.


E-commerce marketing has lots of strategies, and you must harness them for your online business to thrive in the online space. These six tips mentioned above, when fully incorporated into your online marketing strategies, will help you to create a competitive advantage over and build a healthy customer relationship while trusting BigSpy to give you valuable insights on your competitors. 


Dropshipping is a model of e-commerce that has come to stay. The number of digital entrepreneurs taking on the dropshipping is increasing by the day. Given the low cost and lack of need to have an inventory of products, the dropshipping business is becoming more popular. Fulfillman and CJDropshipping are two popular dropshipping sites that many entrepreneurs use for their dropshipping business.

It is not every online entrepreneur intending to go into a dropshipping business that knows the dropshipping platform to start, especially given the plethora of dropshipping platforms.  We understand this situation and this is the reason we have decided to write on a few of these dropshipping sites. Below, we will explain to you the differences between Fulfillman and CJDropshipping .

Fulfillman Vs CJDropshipping

Features of Fulfillman

Fulfillman is one of the leading providers of dropshipping with efficient and complete service for dropshippers. Why is this? Let us find out.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

In a bid to expand your business to various and new territories, Fulfillman can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices. The designs on both platforms are easy on the eyes and have the navigation buttons well laid out. This allows for easy communication with the support team and buyers.

Keeps You Updated

In the dropshipping business, information about the order is highly pivotal to enable you to customize your services in the best way possible. Information about the purchase and fulfillment are shared with the dropshipper throughout the transaction. To be sure that you are effectively updated, information about the order is stored in an excel file. This can be highly beneficial for you to facilitate an increase in sales in the dropshipping business.


Do you want a brand logo on the packages you are offering? Fulfillman does the brand logo on packages, custom boxes, business flyers and more. This package branding will go a long way in distinguishing you from your competitors and making your brand unique to your targeted audience.

24/7 Customer Support

On a dropshipping platform, the need to lay a complaint to the support team of the provider by the seller may arise. On Fulfillman, the support team is always available to offer consultation or estimation on any issue that concerns you. The support team is highly reliable and efficient.

Cheaper Packages

The items purchased on Fulfillman are of the cheapest rates. The prices are 5-10% cheaper than the items on Aliexpress. Not just that they are cheap, they are of the highest quality. These are vital selling points that you can use to increase order placement and income generation.

Easy Access to Information

After creating a Fulfillman account, the information about the sales, sold items, pending orders, the number of items in inventory is displayed on the dashboard. Such a feature is essential to enable you to make a more well-thought-out and informed decision to boost sales in the dropshipping business.

Quick Delivery

Delivering ordered items quickly is one of the veritable strategies of spurring the growth of your dropshipping business. Fulfillman offers one of the best, new generation and quick delivery services in the delivery company in China. This they do to help you improve relationships with your buyers.

Third-Party Logistics

When it comes to third party logistics, Fulfillman is there for you. Fulfillman offers one of the best, most efficient and reliable third party logistics in the dropshipping business. A robust 3PL warehouse management system has been developed to enable you to fulfill orders most effectively and efficiently.

Product Sourcing

In case you cannot source products by yourself, Fulfillman can do it for you. Products of cheapest rates and great quality are sourced for you and included in your stock. This gives you more time to work on other areas of your business.

Product Images

Images are highly important in the e-commerce business. Do you want high-quality images of the items in your inventory to display on your e-commerce platform? Fulfillman has in-house photographers that are ready to offer you high-quality images of the items in your inventory within hours of receiving.


CJDropshipping is a Chinese company created in the year 2000 that offers dropshippers a broad range of dropshipping services including keeping inventory of products in warehouses, the fulfillment of orders, product sourcing and shipping of products. CJDropshipping ships products to over 60 countries and has an excellent support team.

Despite these benefits, they offer to dropshippers, CJDropshipping has its downsides. One of them is that it is not user-friendly. Many users will not be able to figure out how it works, as the user-interface is complex. This may lead to a lack of proper communication with the support team when the need to contact them arises. Dropshippers because of this may not be able to communicate effectively with buyers when it comes to issues resolutions, customer service and many more.

Another con of this dropshipping platform is that they do not send receipts or invoices automatically. Invoices or receipts can still be sent only upon request. This can dissuade buyers from making regular sales on the platform, as they will opt for those that send an automatic receipt.

These drawbacks of CJDropshipping make it a not so friendly business partner for many online entrepreneurs in this modern age.


If you an online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer or dropshipper, you will have to take advantage of the reliability, efficiency, and ease-of-use that Fulfillman has to offer. Fulfillman makes the handling of the dropshipping business easy for you. This will give you an edge to maximize your asset and create a strong foothold in the e-commerce business.

Best CJDropshipping Alternative: Fulfillman

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What is Q4 Dropshipping?

Q4 dropshipping refers to dropshipping in the last quarter of the year. In other words, it is dropshipping in the last four months of the year. This dropshipping season starts in October and runs through December.

There are lots of reasons why dropshipping in the final quarter of the year is important and we shall find out in this post. Also, we will disclose to you some of the things to anticipate during this time.

Common Changes in Q4

There are certain changes that take place in the last quarter of the year. Dropshippers can capitalize on these changes to build their business and rake in profits. What are the changes that make Q4 so special for dropshippers? Let us find out below.

Increase in Sales

According to Statista, the percentage of e-commerce sales becomes higher each year towards its end. During the quarter 4, more people buy things on the internet instead of in brick and mortar stores. Due to the pandemic this year, people are expected not to queue up in retail stores in adherence to social distancing rule. Their shopping will be done online.

A Rise in Customer Service

During the quarter 4, e-commerce owners normally experience a spike in package processing as more products are bought from their store. Because of the increase in package processing, the delivery time may take longer than usual. It will to your own benefit to prepare for this particular occasion in establishing channels that ensures the orders are delivered to your customers when due.

Increased Marketing Costs

One of the common changes in Q4 is increased marketing costs on all advertising platforms. If this happens, do not worry. You will recover the money spent on marketing from the sales you will make. This is because people are more open to buying products online in the final quarter of the year.

Special Events to Prepare for In Q4

One of the things about dropshipping in Q4 is that there are events that present you with an opportunity to boost e-commerce sales. These special events include:

Halloween (October 31st)

Halloween is one of the events celebrated by Americans on the 31st of October every year. In preparation for the event, Americans spend billions of dollars purchasing costumes, candies, and decorations. This is a great time to witness a spike in your dropshipping sales.

Thanksgiving (November 26th)

Thanksgiving Day is popularly celebrated by Americans and Canadians. Thanksgiving Day is one of the busiest days where people spend so much time buying items for the celebration. According to a Business Insider report in 2019, US e-commerce saw $4 billion in sales on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday (November 27th)

Black Friday is that time of the year when e-commerce stores offer items on a discount. This has made it the biggest shopping event across the globe. E-commerce stores at this time of the year witness astronomical rise in sales. Based on a Forbes report, there were more than $7.2 billion in sales on e-commerce stores on Black Friday in 2019.

US Presidential Election

The US presidential election normally takes place in November every four years. It is an opportunity for dropshippers to make online sales of presidential election items like caps, custom shirts, bags, more.

Christmas (December 25th)

Christmas is that time of the year when dropshippers make huge sales. Around the world people in the spirit of Christmas shop for gifts for their loved ones ahead of Christmas. You can find lots of products you can offer on your dropshipping store to make sales.

Tips to Prepare Your Dropshipping Store For Q4

Here are some essential tips to prepare your dropshipping store for the last season of the year:

Utilize Email Marketing

Since marketing costs will skyrocket during Q4, you can cut costs by setting up an email marketing campaign. With email marketing, you will be able to make huge sales without breaking the bank.

Use Customer Service

During Q4, you are likely to have a delay in the shipping of products. Customers will want to know what is delaying the arrival of their ordered products and where they possibly are. Customer service will help you attend to such request and placate them. Hiring a virtual assistant for your customer service will be best as this will help you focus on other areas of the business.

Create Special Discounts

Q4 is a special opportunity to create discounts on your products and witness a rise in sales. Q4 is a time where people go online to shop. It is an opportunity for dropshippers to create special discounts and make more sales.

Monitor Order Fulfillments

This is an important metric that ensures your dropshipping business is not at risk. Check if you are having cancelations and backorders. Any of these can cause your seller account to be suspended at this bountiful time of the year.


There you have it! Above is all you need to know about Q4 dropshipping, common changes, special events, and how to prepare your dropshipping store for the last season of the year. From this article, it can be seen that there are lots of events that happen during the Q4 in the dropshipping industry. Take note of them as they will aid you to prepare better and make the most of the opportunities they present.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the various aspect of life. One of the areas its ravaging touch reached is online businesses. E-commerce businesses are facing their worst online recession for many years. Coronavirus has changed the way people buy things online, hence, the hard times that e-commerce businesses are facing.

As the world is searching for a panacea to this menacing pandemic, you can still keep your e-commerce afloat. But there are certain techniques that you must apply before this happens. Below are eight things to do for you to scale your e-commerce business during the pandemic.

Show Customers Your Worth

This COVID-19 period as much as it causing negative impacts on businesses has provided an opportunity to market their brands through ads. Many e-commerce businesses that focus only on the short-term are backing out from online marketing. This implies there is less competition, which you should capitalize on. Due to fewer e-commerce brands using digital marketing campaigns the cost is affordable. This you can use to share and remind your customers and prospective customers the potentials that you have.

Improve the Search Engine Optimization of Your Business

Due to the lockdown measures implemented in various places, there have been more people online than before. Search traffic has skyrocketed and will continue to be that way as people hunker down. They are glued to their computers searching for entertainment and products to buy. This presents an opportunity for you to make your e-commerce store more visible to the public.

Optimizing your online store for the search engines ensures that your store has good indexing on the search result pages of these search engines so that your business can be easily found. This is not the time for your business to go out of sight when the sun has come out.

Make Use of Your E-mail List

If you cannot afford paid advertising, you can still keep your business afloat using your e-mail list. Email marketing promises high returns at a low cost. Through email marketing, you can reach existing leads who have bought your product/services.

There are various email marketing automation tools you can use. These tools are easy to use and take little time to master the basic functionalities and get started with the email marketing campaign. Ensure that you show empathy while reaching out to your valuable customers with special offers.

Utilize Data Analytics

In the effective running of today’s businesses, both online and brick-and-mortar businesses, data analytics is highly essential. Data analytics offers e-commerce business information to discover new opportunities. It allows them to find a product that is in demand, analyze their website traffic, keywords, and optimize their businesses to the current trend.

During this coronavirus period as many people are in their homes, customer behaviors have changed. Data analytics will help you figure the new customer behavioral patterns. Gathering of data can be done using data analytic tools such as Google Analytics.


With your e-commerce business positioned to suit the current conditions of the coronavirus period, it is most likely that you will experience an increase in sales. Fortuitously, online sales allow you to automate a bulk of your business operations. This cuts your costs and saves you lots of time.

Set up an automation system to handle the order fulfillment, attend to customers’ complaints and questions, and more. For customer service conversations, you can use chatbots. Chatbots are capable of handling complex conversations and helping you strengthen relationships with your customers. They are configured to provide fast solutions.

Integrate App Development

More people are using a smartphone today and this number is expected to reach 3.8 billion in 2021. As people are sitting out this pandemic from their homes they will shop, read, watch movies, and order food online.

An app will enable them to accomplish these easily. Hire an app developer to capitalize on this potential and put your business on the right trajectory.

Make a Budget

Before you set out implementing techniques to scale your e-commerce business during the COVID-19 pandemic you have to have a budget. This gives you an idea of where to allocate money and scale your business effectively.

Improve Your E-commerce Site’s Landing Page

The landing page of your e-commerce plays a role in influencing the conversion rate. Optimize the landing page of your site to be easy on the eyes and allow for easy navigation. Doing this will enable you to experience improvement in conversion rates and the growth of your e-commerce business.

There you have it! Above are some of the things to do in order to scale your ecommerce business during COVID-19. The current pandemic situation has made it necessary for businesses to employ strategic techniques to stay functioning. These tips discussed when adhered to will ensure that you stay in business as the coronavirus pandemic rages on. You should note that while implementing these, recovery may take time.

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By the year 2025, some estimates suggest that the dropshipping industry will be worth more than 557.9 billion US dollars. One of the biggest factors driving the growth of this vertical is the development of digital platforms that allow dropshippers to identify the hottest trends, market their products to a wide audience, and identify the best possible providers available.

With all of the above in mind, entrepreneurs in the dropshipping industry face stiff competition from both direct and indirect sources. Traditional eCommerce sites, handmade goods, and competing dropshippers are all competing for consumer attention, so savvy entrepreneurs need to use all of the tools at their advantage to increase their chances of resonating with their target audience.

This is the reason why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you achieve dropshipping success by finding the perfect niche. In this article, we’ll go over the current industry outlook and give you tips on how to find dropshipping niches that produce stellar results.

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Niches

Whether you’re located in the US, Europe, or Asia, choosing the best dropshipping niches will have a direct impact on the performance of your business. Therefore, entrepreneurs that want to ensure success early on the need to focus on spotting the best specialties.

Taking the time to track new trends is important, but remember that there are many elements that will affect the product and overall customer experience. If you can’t set up a system where orders are processed and delivered quickly, your chances of succeeding will not be as high as dropshippers that have a solid mechanism in place.

This is where FindNiche and similar market analysis platforms can be extremely useful. Through these tools, you can explore different market trends and additional factors that will guide you to the right choice. While this should not constitute your entire research, these tools can ensure that you are on the right track, so you will focus mostly on making adjustments to your dropshipping business as a whole.

If you want to choose the best dropshipping niche, you have to: 

Track Trends on Big ECommerce Sites

The first and perhaps most important step is to track the different trends on large eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay. Most consumers still shop from big platforms because of convenience and the size of their inventory. Therefore, analyzing the traffic patterns, most popular products available, and the niches with the best performance in these leading eCommerce platforms can reveal valuable insights to usher you in the right direction.

For example, since the beginning of 2020, most consumers around the world have been limited in one way or another due to the global health crisis. Although some verticals suffered due to these restrictions, consumers also focused on self-development and exercise at home. The result was a huge rise in demand for home gym equipment, sports clothing, yoga mats, and similar products on Amazon and other sites.

Dropshippers that are able to analyze these trends would identify these products before the demand increases, allowing them to set up effective campaigns that reeling in more customers once the demand wave hit. Furthermore, this allowed these dropshippers to establish the best deals and find providers that offered the best prices, allowing them to stay more profitable for longer.

Follow Influencers in Your Field

One of the best ways to identify different trends before they are obvious is to follow influencers in the fields you want to focus on. Influencers have a significant amount of power over consumers because they not only highlight new trends, but they also start these movements by bringing attention to innovative products and solutions consumers would not know about otherwise.

Dropshippers should always choose a relevant influencer, for instance, businesses that specialize in women’s clothing should follow fashion brands and similar influencers. 

However, it’s important to note that there are different types of influencers, so you need to research each option carefully in order to find the right fit. You want to follow an influencer who is creative and engaging, but that also avoids controversy. Getting negative attention will not yield a loyal base of followers, so you should avoid taking tips and ideas from an influencer who publishes insensitive or potentially offensive content.

It’s worth noting that micro-influencers are also gaining a lot of traction with consumers. Micro-influencers have between 500 and 5,000 social media followers, which is a relatively small base. However, because most micro-influencers avoid paying for traffic, their audiences are much more engaged, so getting feedback from these users is much more valuable than larger samples.

Evaluate the Competition

Through FindNiche and similar tools, you can analyze what your competitors are doing and how well they’re performing to get a good idea of the potential of a specific niche. You should also pay close attention to how competitive each industry is. For instance, you should see how many Shopify stores are selling the products you’re interested in and decide whether you want to join the fight for the top or focus your efforts elsewhere.

What’s more, FindNiche allows you to directly sort products depending on how competitive they are. You can choose between “High,” “Medium,” and “Low” competition and browse through the selection of products that are available. This is a great way to find a niche if your specialty is too competitive or if you have not found one yet because you can see a wide list of options that have the competition level you’re most comfortable with.

In parallel, if you are interested in Amazon product research, you can refer to the Best Sellers on Amazon to get some ideas, or you can apply some tools, such as AmzChart. It does not have a specific filter about competition, but you can analyze the winning products on Amazon based on the Best Seller Rank, star ratings, reviews, and other indexes. It’s a free tool, so it would save your time and money to get some ideas about the best dropshipping niches. 

Consider Shipping and Other Logistics Elements

In addition to the products, trends, and influencers, there are dozens of other logistical elements that may and will affect the performance of the products you sell.  Comparing the price and quality of each product are good places to start, but you’ll also want to explore the shipping options available. 

For instance, if you’re getting products from Alibaba, shipping to the South American market may take months, which would increase turnaround and force you to go a long period without getting a return on investment.

Likewise, your customers may experience delivery issues if you choose a country with strict import regulations. Instead of having to return money to your customers because your products are stuck in customs, do your research and only sell products to certain areas.

Read Consumer Patterns to Predict Which Niches Will Perform Best

Reading consumer patterns takes a lot of practice and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Entrepreneurs have to examine local, regional, national, and global factors to determine which niches will perform best.

A great example would be some home fitness and entertainment equipment during the global health pandemic. Since the global COVID-19 outbreak began, people have to keep staying at home. To kill time, there has been a huge demand for home workout tools, DIY materials, and similar products. According to the data from FindNiche, they were once in the top sellers with a large number of orders. Undoubtedly, dropshippers that identified these trends early on were able to benefit from the surge in demand. That said, it’s important to remain ethical and avoid overpricing products as this is not a sustainable business strategy.

Learn more About the Best Dropshipping Niches Today

Entering and establishing yourself in the dropshipping industry may be challenging, but knowing what steps to take can help simplify the process and increase your chances of success.

The tips above should help you identify the top dropshipping niches in 2020 and allow you to set up a successful Shopify store. Having tools like FindNiche is crucial for your success, but you should also evaluate any other factor that may potentially affect the performance of your campaign.

If you want to learn more about finding the best dropshipping and eCommerce niches, follow our blog or contact the team at FindNiche today for more assistance.