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Dropshipping has become one of the most popular ecommerce business models. There are many reasons it is flourishing. The commonest ones people can identify with are the fact that it requires very little capital and has minimal risks. Those who are doing really well understand that dropshipping becomes easier and more profitable when they incorporate innovative technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots.

Indeed, AI and chatbots can help your dropshipping business in many ways. You don’t have to be a genius to use these innovative technologies to improve your business all-round. In fact, these disruptive technologies make decision making easier for you and optimize the most important aspects of your business, like marketing and customer service. Here, we will briefly discuss the specific benefits they can offer.

AI Can Help With Personalization

It is easier to sell when you have something that your target audience needs. Marketing is more effective when it is able to present a product or service in a manner that makes the audience see it as a solution to their needs. Now, the needs of many buyers will differ slightly. That is where personalization comes in to make all the difference. Artificial Intelligence can use the data generated by customers’ personal choices to recommend something they likely need. A basic example of this is how Amazon recommends similar products after you must have checked out a particular item. AI can predict people’s purchasing behavior from their preferences and market to them on individual levels.

AI Can Help Tidy Up Your Leads’ List

When dealing with very big data, humans can make mistakes. This is not the case with AI. They will always deliver when you put them to the test. With AI, it will be a lot easier to find the all-important pattern in any data you have. Whether you are dealing with a one-off or repeater leads list, AI can help you analyze them efficiently, come to a conclusion, and feed you with the leads list that truly matters. This way, you have fewer issues to think about and can easily focus on real leads. Invariably, it will help your dropshipping business lead prospects, returning customers, and anyone else down the sales funnel smoothly.

AI Can Optimize Your Email Marketing

If you have a good idea of how AI works, you will know that it will be great for your email marketing endeavors. Data-driven email marketing works for most dropshippers, and AI can help you immensely with your data. For a start, it will help segment the data more effectively than humans can. AI can also personalize the emails you intend to send out to prospects and customers. It will take all the important information of the email recipients (age, education, budget, and more) into consideration. More than one Call-To-Actions (CTAs) will be used, and this can further help with A/B testing.

Chatbots Eliminate Waiting Time

Most customers want immediate replies to their queries. This is one of the most important things a chatbot will do for your dropshipping business. With the right chatbot, you will know that your business is active and responding to queries, even when you are taking a nap or enjoying a deep sleep. A chatbot will help to make your customers happier and also save you some stress. As well as replying to customers’ chats and resolving minor conflicts, chatbots will also acquire relevant data that you can use to improve customer experience and grow your dropshipping business even further.

Chatbots Boost Sales

A chatbot can act like a very intelligent sales assistant. It can walk a customer through the process of signing up and picking a product from your dropshipping store. The best part of the deal is that it makes the experience a lot more fun and interactive for the customers. Always, this will boost your sales over time. Just as a good salesperson can make a shopper buy more from a brick-and-mortar store, a reliable chatbot will make a shopper buy more from your dropshipping store. Again, the experience will make some customers come back for more.

Chatbots Help To Automate the Entire Process                                                                 

Chatbots are great at selling just the right thing at the right time. This is not their only great thing about them. They can be of immense help when it comes to handling sales and customer service. Actually, they can automate the entire process and make things seamless for you and your customers. Chatbots will answer such relevant questions as your working hours, how your businesses can be contacted, discounts for certain products, delivery time, and more. Your sales and customer service teams can concentrate on the bigger issues like refund, and let the chatbot deal with the trivial ones.

Final Thoughts

Using AI and chatbots for your dropshipping business offers so many benefits. They do not completely eliminate the need for a sales and customer service team, or your participation in the business, but they can help in several ways to help you and every member of your team. They have several other uses and benefits, but these are the ones that are vital for dropshipping businesses.

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It is no longer a secret that selling through storytelling works like magic. Over the years, marketers have learned that it is significantly easier to sell when there are values and trustworthiness. Now, there are many ways to get the customers to see the value you offer and fewer ways to make them trust you. The way you treat them, and the overall experience they get while transacting with your brand are the most important elements for building trust.

When it comes to the marketing angle, storytelling is one of the best ways to get to the customers and make them fall in love with your brand. It is the best way to emotionally connect with customers, make your brand relatable, and attract those who share your core values. Creating a compelling brand story is never easy, and you will have to be on top of your game to do it the right way. Here, we will briefly discuss seven essential tips that can help you achieve that.

An Original Story Is Always Better

Do you know how inspiring your original story can be? If you are honest about the struggles you had to go through to start your business and grow it to its current level. When you tell this original story honestly, it can really personalize your brand. It can effectively connect a human face and story to your business. When your audience is able to connect with your story and mirror their current struggles to yours, they can always see the light at the end of the tunnel and trust your brand to help them get there.

Keep Your Vision in Mind While Crafting the Story

You need to make your customers understand your vision as a brand. One of the most effective ways to do this is to incorporate it into your storytelling. It is not just about telling the people what you believe in; you need to show them. While telling your story, you need to do it in such a way that they can subscribe to your vision. You need them to understand how the business has been able to overcome some of its biggest challenges while remaining steadfast and staying true to its core values.

Understand Your Audience

In all aspects of marketing and selling, you need to understand your audience before approaching them with any marketing material. Selling through storytelling can only be effective when you understand the people you are trying to sell to. You need to understand their needs and how they think. As mentioned earlier, storytelling is the best way to connect with customers emotionally. To get it right, you need to know the customers through and through.

Highlight Your Story’s Conflict

There is no great story without great conflict. Even when you are telling stories to sell your products and services, you must be able to identify the conflict and highlight it in a manner that will keep your audience interested in the story. Stories are primarily about overcoming adversity. That is the major thing that drives emotions. You should identify the major adversities your brand has overcome and highlight them. You can tell the story in different ways, but ensure that the conflict is properly highlighted. Also, make sure that it is resolved before ending the story.

Be Liberal about the Medium

There are different ways to convey your stories, but video is clearly the most popular medium today. Ideally, it is a safe choice if you truly want to reach most people. You also have to realize that many other brands are trying to reach the same audience with videos, including your competitors. Being versatile will give you an edge. There are individuals who are a little bored about videos and will easily be captivated by alternative media like comics, animations, and gaming. You can also make enough noise through virtual reality and written stories. You just need to be certain that your audience can access the medium or different media you are experimenting with.

Get an Influencer’s Validation Whenever You Can

You stand a better chance of convincing more customers when influencers in your niche are involved in your storytelling marketing approach. It is one of the most effective ways to make your stories sound less like sales stories and more like true stories that the audience can relate with. An influencer is more like a star witness that will attest to your story, maybe not directly. It is a lot better when the influencer is considered an expert in the field. His/her presence will validate your story.

Humanize Your Brand

To make your brand more relatable, you need to present it in a human form to your audience. You should start by honestly describing your brand as a person. Would you see it as an agile and adventurous person, or as a conservative and wise individual? You need to understand your brand persona and craft your stories to resonate with the persona. 

There you have it! Above are some essential tips to craft a compelling brand story. In a highly competitive market, storytelling can help you rise above the competition. You just need to know how to do it right. The seven tips discussed here will help you do just that. If you implement them effectively, you can improve your brand awareness and get the best out of your marketing endeavors.

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When it comes to building and launching an online store, and general e-commerce solutions, Shopify happens to be a popular name to reckon with. With over 800,000 active stores around the world, chances are you must have heard of this name and its unique features.

However, Shopify isn’t the only platform out there that provides e-commerce solutions; there are several other. So, are you currently using Shopify, and want to see how other alternatives fare, or you’re a newbie and want to explore all of your options before starting, we’ve come with a guide that can help you. Let’s take a look at the top eight sites like Shopify.


Create an Unfair Advantage | BigCommerce

BigCommerce comes in first place on this list because it is a close and direct competitor to Shopify. Ability to create and customize your store with no sweat, availability of a variety of channels, controlling your whole operations from one place, are some of the similar features between the two e-commerce platforms. BigCommerce is a well-known provider offering a full cycle solution for your website. It is user friendly and has a single page check out.

The platform doesn’t offer in-house payment, so they do not charge any transaction fee on their integrated payment gateways. Another unique feature of this platform is the unlimited staff accounts, Gift cards, and reporting that comes with all their plans.


DHL for WooCommerce | DHL | Sweden

WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in website, which means it’s the perfect choice for a WordPress lover. There’s a need to have a WordPress site set up before using WooCommerce. The platform is free, open-source, and user friendly.

You can get the best of features and customization with WooCommerce; they also have an inbuilt payment processing system with leading providers. With WooCommerce, you can get unlimited selling options, shipping options, taxes, and even customer management.


Volusion Pricing | Ecommerce Website Pricing & Packages

Another platform worthy of being called an alternative to Shopify. Volusion is a cloud-based shopping cart popular among the small-sized companies and dropshippers with entry-level tech skills.

Looking at the features of this platform as an alternative – it doesn’t charge any transaction fee. The design is quite great as it has an extensive library of templates to choose from, the ability to generate “Add to cart” link, gift certificate, amongst other cool features.

On the flip side, if you’re a novice in tech skills, you might have to hire a developer as it requires some coding skills. Also, the load time can be a real pain in the neck.


3dcart Review | PCMag

This is another cloud-hosted shopping cart platform that’s loaded with robust features and flexible prices. You get to use 3dcart for a price range of $19 to $229 a month, depending on the plan. With 3dcart, you’ll get loads of features like unlimited storage, SEO tools, tracking, Facebook sync, abandoned carts email, and some other cool features.

It’s highly scalable and versatile, and you shouldn’t have any problems getting started with 3dcart, thanks to its in-house web design services.


Magento | Ruler Analytics

Magento remains of the most well-known open-source e-commerce solutions out there. Used by mid-sized to large businesses and big brands, Magento offers a fully hosted solution to dropshipping, which makes them a worthy alternative to Shopify.

Magento is free, although not so easy to use, especially for beginners, as it requires some programming or coding knowledge. It is mostly used by businesses that have in-house programmers and resources to tweak the platform to their needs.


Weebly'nin 43 milyon hesap bilgisi çalındı - Webrazzi

One of the easiest platform to use when it comes to dropshipping. Weebly offers an easy and free way of building an online store for your business. With Weebly, you’re assured of several professionally designed free templates and themes for your store. All these themes can easily be modified by a simple drag and drop editor. 

The price range of its paid plans ranges from $12 to $38 per month, and you can get some cool features like SSL security, web hosting cart options, shipping tools, and some other essentials needed to manage an online store.


Wix Website Builder Review – Is Wix the Best Website Builder ...

Wix happens to be a similar platform to Weebly in terms of building and functionality. Wix offers more and advanced options in terms of features and functionality, though. The design and customization are great, and you can easily choose from different templates, or building methods available to build your online store.

Also, you can utilize some of its tools like Wix Web Editor, ADI, drag and drop builder, Corvid, and some other tools and add-ons to build and customize your store. You can use the platform for free; however, for selling, their plan starts around $23.


ShopBase (@ShopBase2) | Twitter

Last on our list of Shopify alternatives for dropshipping is ShopBase. ShopBase happens to be the first white-label, dropshipping, and print on demand (POD) platform in the world. The website offers a powerful website builder, as well as a set of conversion optimization tools to help you create a profitable online, ecommerce, or dropshipping business.

Also, the ShopBase platform is completely developer-friendly. You can easily customize your store to your preferred design. All pages are well-optimized for conversion. If you need a platform to help you grow your dropshipping business easily and quickly, ShopBase may be the ideal option for you.

There you have it! Shopify is an obvious choice for ecommerce, due to its features and popularity. However, you might outgrow it at some point, or simply need a more flexible solution. Luckily, the above alternatives seem the best eight you could try out. You won’t go wrong with any of those eight.

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When starting a dropshipping business, one of the most vital elements is finding a reliable product shipping strategy. Even though dropshipping allows you to make profits without maintaining an inventory, you still need to deliver excellent shipping experiences to your customers. In this article, we will be providing you with some essential product shipping tips to boost your dropshipping business.

Shipping Strategies for Dropshipping

There are a variety of shipping strategies available to dropshipping businesses. These include:

  • Offer free shipping and increase the prices of the products
  • Offer free shipping and have the shipping costs come out of your profits
  • Slightly increase the cost of your products while charging a low flat shipping rate
  • Charge your customer a flat shipping rate
  • Also, you can decide to pass on the exact shipping cost to your customer

Dropshipping business owners can choose to have different strategies for different products, for instance, free shipping, per-item shipping rates, tiered flat rates, or single flat shipping rates.

Some Shipping Tips to Boost Your Dropshipping Business

Below are some product shipping tips to boost your dropshipping or ecommerce business:

Work with a Reliable Supplier and Shipping Company

As mentioned earlier, delivering great shipping experiences to your customers is crucial to the success of your dropshipping business. Customers hate unnecessary delays. Once an order has been confirmed, you need to process how it will be shipped as soon as possible. This is why working with a reliable supplier or shipping company is important. With this, you can have the needed assurance that your supplier or the shipping company will deliver the products to customers in due time and in excellent condition.

Borrow a Leaf from Competitors

Another effective shipping tip to boost your dropshipping business is to borrow a leaf from your competitor’s shipping strategies. Take time to observe what your competitors are doing on their dropshipping or ecommerce stores, social media, and more. Note how their campaigns and promotions work for them. Having an idea of your competitor’s product shipping strategies can help you create an effective shipping strategy that will drive more sales.

Order Some Samples

Also, ordering samples of products you intend to sell in your dropshipping store will provide you with first-hand experience of what customers think about the product. You will also be able to examine the type of packaging and delivery time the supplier used. From here, you can make suitable changes to improve customer experience.

Analyze Average Shipping Time

Unfortunately, most suppliers don’t provide reliable information about the estimated shipping time of a product. Regardless, you can still estimate the average order processing time, as well as the time it takes to deliver a product. By analyzing the average shipping time, you can choose the right shipping strategy or dropshipping delivery method for your business.

Employ a Unique but Effective Shipping Model

One thing that can make your dropshipping business stand out and boost revenue is by employing a unique but effective shipping model. In fact, this can be the major selling point of your dropshipping business. When setting product prices, you can absorb the shipping costs to generate enough profit. Also, ensure that you take the effectiveness of delivery methods into account when choosing your dropshipping model.

Create Appealing Shipping Campaigns

Furthermore, appealing shipping campaigns can encourage buyers to make purchases. For instance, free shipping or single flat shipping rates can convince a customer that making the purchase now may look like an excellent idea. Besides, these shipping campaigns can improve marketing opportunities and help offset your own shipping costs. By creating an appealing shipping campaign, you can increase the prospect that a customer will place an order.

Inform Visitors about Your Appealing Shipping Campaigns

To improve the visibility of your shipping campaigns, you can post them on product pages or attach them to your mailing lists. However, it is important to ensure that both current and potential visitors have access to such information. This will help increase the conversion rate and boost revenue. Also, you can include head banners about your shipping campaigns on your online store. This can help lead both new and existing customers to the pages that contain information about your shipping strategy.

Prioritize Free Shipping for Loyal Customers and First Time Buyers

Recent studies have shown that a large number of customers consider shipping as an incentive to make a purchase on an online store. These customers want the best value for their bucks. Thus, you can use free shipping to entice first time buyers and visitors to your store. Likewise, you can reward your loyal customers by offering them free shipping.


There you have it! Above are some effective product shipping tips to boost your dropshipping business. For the success of your dropshipping business, it is important to optimize your shipping times, costs, and delivery methods. This ensures that you are able to deliver great customer experiences that will exceed their expectations. Remember, the ultimate goal here is to strengthen your dropshipping or ecommerce brand while establishing a loyal customer base. By following the insightful product shipping tips provided above, you can boost your dropshipping business.

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For the past 11 years, the US economy has been in an expansion period. This is the longest period of experiencing no recession in the history of the nation. As the saying goes, all good things will eventually come to an end. With the uncertainty brought to the US workforce by the COVID-19 pandemic, a potential recession may be looming. It is important that consumers, ecommerce business, dropshipping business, and other brick-and-mortar establishments across the nation take caution.

Furthermore, the novel coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of jobs, thus, leaving millions of Americans unemployed. The current economic situation has also taken a huge toll on the stock market. Updates from Bloomberg Economics have indicated that there is a 100% chance for a recession to occur anytime from now or within the next 12 months. In this article, we will be providing you with a couple of tips to help owners of ecommerce and dropshipping businesses prepare for a potential recession.

What are the Possible Impacts of a Recession on Your Ecommerce or Dropshipping Business?

When recession strikes, ecommerce and dropshipping businesses are highly vulnerable to economic difficulties. In fact, these business models are often in a more difficult position to get through an economic downturn. Based on occurrences from past recessions, your ecommerce business may be affected in the following ways:

Reduction in Sales: As a result of personal financial hardship, consumers are likely to spend less money than usual.

Stern Competition: Ecommerce and dropshipping businesses within the same niche or market will need to compete harder to maintain sales.

Inflation: Inflation will occur as suppliers and retailers adjust pricing to make up for decreased sales from anxious consumers.

Decreased Interest Rates: Also, interest rates will decrease, thus, making it a difficult time to borrow money for general shopping or spending.

Tips to Prepare Your Ecommerce or Dropshipping Business for a Recession

Below are some insightful tips to help you strategize and cushion the effect of the recession on your business:

Focus on Your Best Selling Products

In a booming economy, ecommerce and dropshipping businesses tend to spread their advertising budget across various products. However, with a looming recession, it is advisable that you change this and concentrate more on your best-sellers. The idea is to conserve and get the best out of the little that you have during trying times. Focus on the products that are often in high demand by your customers. Consider halting other product marketing. By concentrating your marketing efforts on your best selling products, you can derive the best return for your efforts.

Improve Customer Value

As mentioned earlier, consumers are likely to spend less money than usual due to personal financial difficulty. How do you convince them to keep patronizing? – By offering value. Customers always want to get the best value for their bucks. A recession may be a great time to take a comprehensive look at your current customers and increase the value of products or services you offer to them.

Evaluate your current customer base, and think about ways you can encourage them to keep coming back, especially during difficult times. A great idea is to offer possible incentives like free shipping, extra fast delivery, discounts, commissions, points programs, and more. Doing these may help you earn more revenue without having to source for new customers.

Monitor Your Spending

What’s more, recession is brutal and very unforgiving! When it occurs, it may not be the best time to take financial risks. This is the time to monitor your spending. No need for any bold financial move or major business purchase. The financial stress that comes with recession is enough. It is important that you keep your spending in check. With this, you can prevent engaging in outrageous spending, which may likely affect you and your ecommerce or dropshipping business in the long run.

Optimize Your Costs

Another way to prepare for a possible recession is to optimize your cost. When the economy is booming, ecommerce and dropshipping businesses enjoy increased sales. Often times, this may lead to reckless spending or low operating margins. During the rapid business growth, inefficiencies like using larger boxes for packaging are often overlooked. This results in higher dimensional weights.

If there is a recession, issues like this should be spotted with and replaced with cost-effective practice solutions. Also, you can optimize your cost by keeping your ecommerce, and dropshipping order fulfillment costs relatively low.

Content is King – Create Informative and Engaging Contents

Also, having a well-thought-out content marketing strategy is crucial during a recession period. Creating engaging and informative content will position your brand as an industry leader. You can also establish authority in your niche and attract more customers to your business with proper content marketing.

Contents such as blog posts, videos, and newsletters can help drive organic traffic to your store and generate leads for your ecommerce business. Also, you can leverage SEO through content marketing. This will increase your store’s rankings in search engine results, which in turn drives more traffic to your store.

Keep Your Business in the Spotlight

Finally, you can keep your business in the spotlight by increasing your brand awareness endeavors. Brand awareness, during a recession period, may be a great way to combat the problem of dwindling sales. Remember that customers are hesitant to spend during this period. Increasing brand awareness will put your business at the forefront of both current and potential customers. This is the ideal way to secure a purchase.


There you have it! Above are some tips to prepare your ecommerce or dropshipping business for a potential recession. Just as you should take adequate measures to prepare for an adventure, you should also prepare your ecommerce business for a possible recession. Whether the recession hits within the next couple of months, next year, or whenever, applying the insightful tips provided above before it hits can help lessen the impact on your business.

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Reports have shown that over 60% of people click on Google Ads when searching for an item to buy online. Another juicy stat is that a business will average $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. The good thing is these results can be gotten in less than an hour of startup if you do everything right.

This has made Google Ads the option to go for if you need an instant results ad campaign. Even if it’s your first time using Google Ads, you can start generating sales within the hour of creation. Although it’s not difficult to get things going with Google Ads, it can be quite overwhelming and not yield the best results if you don’t do it the right way. In this article, we will show you some steps you can take to success with Google Ads.

Create a Google Ads Account

The first step towards achieving success with Google Ads is by creating a Google Ads account. You can set up your account at .  The link will take you to a page where all the setup is done. You’d be asked to answer some essential questions like your email address, country, time zone, and of course, the website you want your ads to be going to, which is usually called the landing page.

Choose your Campaign Name and Type

After creating an account, the next step is to choose a campaign name and the type you want for your ad campaigns. It’s pretty straightforward too; you just need to provide a name for your campaign, then when it comes to selecting the campaign type, go for the “Search Network Only” option. You can also uncheck the “Include Search Partners” box for now.

Choose a Location for Your Ads Display

When selecting a location, you have many options available for you. You can go for the option of whole countries, specific parts of the countries, states, cities, or use latitude-longitude coordinates if you want a specific area.

If you’re a local business owner, you may choose your locality as the location for your ads display. This way, only people in your area get to see the ads. Conversely, if you’re selling to a large base of people throughout the country or countries, you can set up your display location to suit this.

Bidding Strategy and Daily Budget

This step is about choosing which bid strategy you will use alongside your desired daily budget. For better results and control, consider changing from default strategy to the option related to set bids for clicks manually. You also get the understand the ways of Google Ads more this way.

The daily budget is the reasonable maximum amount that your bank account can do, and you authorize Google to charge you every day. When setting your daily limit, ensure it’s the amount that your bank account will not go empty if taken.

Choosing Your Keywords

Keywords are the phrases people use in searching on search engines like Google, and when they search with keywords, solutions, and ads would then appear for them based on the keywords they used.

Choosing your keywords is all about ensuring your keywords will match those phrases web users or potential customers will use when doing their searches. To ensure that you get this stage right, always focus on the bull’ s-eye keywords, as they are the keywords that the people searching for a product or services related to yours will definitely use.

Creating an Ad

The ad you will create must be able to catch consumers’ attention when they see it in search results. You should consider using your keyword within the ad headlines too, because people are more likely to click an ad that shows their search phrase.

When you’re done with the headlines, you can provide a short and concise ad description that focuses on the key benefits of your product or service, and then you end it with a strong CTA.

Create a Landing Page that Matches Your Ad

Often people make the mistake of setting up a Google Ad that advertises a special deal and then sending the prospect to their homepage directly instead of a page that talks about this special deal. To get good results and success from your Google Ads campaign, you need to avoid this and create a landing page specifically to match your ad, then send people there.

Set Up Conversion Tracking

To measure your progress with Google Ads, you need to set up conversion tracking for your business. It is a way of knowing how effective those ads you’re paying for is. There are options available for you in this regard – Webform leads, e-commerce orders, calls from website, calls gotten from the ads, etc. Ensure you set all appropriate conversion tracking before turning the ads on.


There you go! Above are some of the vital steps towards achieving success with Google Ads. After all these steps, review carefully and ensure everything is in place before making payments. Use bull’ s-eye keywords that people will surely search with, and ensure you write a compelling ad that they’d have no other option but to click.

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Marketing is an integral part of e-commerce; as a newbie to the e-commerce world, you need to know this. After building your store and choosing what products you want to be selling, the next point on the agenda is always how to drive more traffic to your site to drive your brand and further increase order value.

You probably have some strategies in mind already to drive your brand. Unless you do the right ones and in the right way, chances are your efforts might not yield the right results. To prevent this, we’ve come up with something. Below are the perfect e-commerce marketing plans to drive your brand and increase order value.

Define Your Target Audience

One marketing plan that you can’t go wrong with is defining whom or the set of people you want to attract in the first place. It is what every person going into e-commerce marketing must do.  You need to do solid market research about the people you want to engage.

Make research to know what an ideal client think of products like the one you’re planning on selling. Also, know the various ways or platforms they use to look for information relevant to the product, their lifestyle, and the drivers behind their decision-making when shopping online. It’s all about knowing the audience best for your product and brand.

Define Your Value Proposition

Apart from defining your brand, you need to define your value proposition too. E-commerce business is a very competitive one because many other stores are selling the same product as yours.  Surviving this challenge and standing out tall is where the value proposition comes in.

A value proposition is all about what your brand brings to the market that’s different from others or unique. Your unique value proposition (UVP) tells customers why they should consider buying from you. For instance, your UVP could be offering free shipping if your competitors don’t or faster delivery times. Having a better return policy, or it could be being best at customer service.

Evaluate the Competition

As mentioned earlier, the e-commerce business is very competitive. However, the good news is these competitions can actually help you in some ways. These other stores in your niche could help power your marketing and sales. You only need to do your research and evaluate your competitors carefully. The fact is – chances are your competitors have been in business before you and have tested many strategies you haven’t think of yet. Therefore, by carefully analyzing how they work, or what factors drive their own success or brand, you’re indirectly getting strategies to drive your own brand.

Work Out Possible Offers

Everybody likes free things! Offering freebies is one of the ways to get customers to know more about your brand. Maybe you don’t know; most e-commerce customers actually expect you to offer them something like an incentive for buying on your store.

So, as a way to drive your brand, make it a habit of offering your customers some form of incentives you can afford, it could be in the form of discount or even free shipping. Do this, and you’d see the rise in comebacks and order value.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-friendly

Like it or not, a website that’s not mobile-friendly can not drive a brand. Even if your marketing plan works and drives in enough traffic, you will need a good and mobile-friendly website to retain these customers. Online sales on mobile devices are over 60%, and this says a lot about the need for a store to ensure their site works well and responsive for mobile.

Create Awesome Content

Another excellent plan to drive your brand and ensure your brand stands out tall out there is by creating awesome and quality content for your customers. Quality and topnotch content wins over a target audience and can lead to high conversion for your business. Here is a way to create quality content:

For instance, if you sell handbags, then chances are a good number of your visitors would be young ladies. So, to attract these young ladies, you could write content or articles on different trending handbags, and how different handbags fit different occasions.

This way, you’re killing two birds with a stone. You’re showcasing your knowledge about your products, and at the same time advertising them because customers will surely want to have a feel of a product you just wrote on beautifully. They’ll want to discover more; this action will, in turn, drive your brand and increase your sales and order value. You can also add videos and infographics to these content.


There you go! There are loads of plans out there, but the right ones aren’t easy to come by. Luckily you have the above ideas at your disposal now. If implemented collectively, these plans can draw in much more traffic, with an increase in your brand reach and order value assured.

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Like a machine with many moving parts, so is dropshipping and its many operations. Dropshipping is a business model with many sections and parts; from finding the right products to forming supplier relationships to organizing the product data to listing the products to the customer service, all working together to provide the best of services to shoppers.

Now, about the suppliers – We’ve practically been preaching the -Don’t put all your eggs in one basket-when it comes to choosing a supplier for your dropshipping business. Not doing so can be very risky to you as a dropshipper and to your business.

If you only use one supplier, what happens if your single supplier’s product is out of stock and re-stocking will take weeks? Or a natural disaster like flood, fire, affected their warehouse? And hosts of some other reason. Dropshipping from multiple suppliers, on the other hand, lessens the risk of supply disruption. You also get to have the best price and terms from these suppliers.

However, just like many other things, dropshipping from multiple suppliers has its own setbacks and challenges too. Below are a few of these setbacks

  • Managing processes will require more effort than the case of a single supplier.
  • Negotiating with multiple suppliers can take more time and energy.
  • Less bargaining power because of order splitting to several dropshipping suppliers.
  • Higher prices for a low number of order

These setbacks, if not careful, can cause the shut down of a business. Luckily, you can actually handle this by establishing a process that will make things easier for you. Now, let’s take a look at how you can handle dropshipping from multiple suppliers.

Vet Your Dropshipping Suppliers

Before you even choose these suppliers, you need to do your homework very well. You need to be mindful of the kind of suppliers you choose for your dropshipping business because the fake ones are many out there, and we’ve emphasized how vital it is to have reliable and credible suppliers.

Vetting your suppliers before you order from them will eliminate any availability or supply issues that may arise. It would be ideal to have a main supplier and at least a couple of back-up suppliers for the products you sell. You just need to vet them and be sure they are up to the game. Also, make sure that the suppliers’ products are identical, for you to be able to switch them or compare prices when the need arises.

Use SKU Differentiation for Products

Another way of handling multiple suppliers is by using SKU differentiation to differentiate one from another. SKU identification can be based on color, size, manufacturer, and so on.  With SKU, you can easily know the best selling items, the suppliers you ordered from, and which suppliers sell the most.

How Do You Apply SKU

Once you have all of the product data from the supplier, enter them into your own spreadsheet so that it’s easy to manipulate and list. Then, take the supplier SKU or item number that they provided and turn it into your own unique SKU that you can use to identify it on your orders and then in your spreadsheets.

For example, a supplier BESTSUPPLY provided you with an SKU – BESTSUPPLY-1289. This means the item number is 1289. So, your own company’s unique SKU could be BS-1289. BS is for the supplier BESTSUPPLY.  Easy right?

Now, say you have 50 suppliers. Each day, you get orders, and you can easily see who they are coming from. With enough data, you can figure out which suppliers are selling the most and which are your hottest sellers based on the SKUs you created.

Handling Split Orders

Split orders happen to be one of the setbacks and challenges with multiple suppliers. For instance, a customer orders multiple items in one transaction, and these items are ordered from different suppliers on your store. When a situation like this happens, it’ll be difficult to ensure all the items get delivered to the customer at the same time. Needless to say, we all know most customers might like these orders delivered at the same time.

To resolve this problem, you can get a fulfillment company to help consolidate your orders. When items from various suppliers get to the fulfillment company, they repack them in one box and ship them to your customers at once. Although it may cost you more money, you’ll have more control over the packing and shipping of products to customers.

Alternatively, you can inform your customer beforehand that the items will be delivered in separate packages. Then, ensure that you provide the tracking numbers so both you and the customer can track the progress of the delivery of the item.


When it comes to dropshipping with multiple suppliers, it can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to manage it correctly. However, with the above tips on handling dropshipping from multiple suppliers, you should be able to get the best out of your dropshipping business.

Do you need a reliable drop shipping company for your business? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that give 100% client satisfaction.


Brand identity is the image, personality, and values that set your brand apart from the others. It is how the world views your brand, and it is critical for every business to have one, a very good one. The reason for every business to have one or maintain one is not farfetched. To succeed in the world of business today, you need to commit to your customers truly. You need to show them how exactly you understand their problems, why they need to solve them, and how your brand is the best option to go to for the solution.

A lot of online content could help you in building this brand identity. However, there’s one that stands out, and it involves using custom animated videos.  In this article, we’re going to show you how to build your brand identity with custom animated videos.

Create a Buyer Persona

The first step in the creation of any brand identity is knowing your target audience. Creating a buyer persona works in such a way that the brand gets to create a detailed character that represents the target audience.  As a brand, you need to learn as many things as possible from your audience to create that perfect representation or character you’re going to use for the animated video.

Some insights you can use are: the average age of audience, location, dress style, how they talk, and any other valuable information you can get.  All of these incorporated into a virtual character will then make a buyer persona that will be used to portray your target audience. This action prompts immediate identification and trust within your audience, as they feel the animated video is about them.

Use a Voice the Audience Can Relate With

Somewhat related to a buyer persona, a voice that the audience can relate with will make the audience feel as part of the animated marketing video, and trust the message you’re trying to pass across.

Therefore, when building a brand identity with an animated video, the brand should ensure they use a professional voice, preferably a voice from the native area the message is meant for. A video that’s intended for Africa audience might not work effectively if an American native gives the voice-over. A voice that feels like them (African) would be much accepting, and the purpose of the video to build brand identity will be well served.

Your Brand Colors and Style is Important

Your brand color is also your identity, and you need to make sure they are in all your brand stuff. Be it the products, pages, website, social media, and other related things pertaining to your brand. Custom animated videos are for your brand; hence, you’d need to apply brand color to it.

When making these custom animated marketing videos, brands should ensure that their brand color can be seen at every point in the video as much as possible. These explainer videos speak directly to your audience and frame the entire perception of your brand.

Choose the Right Animated Video Style

When it comes to animated marketing videos, there are many of them in different styles. It is then up to you to choose the right style for your target audience. There’s whiteboard animations, cartoon, and motion graphic videos.

If you want to build your brand identity effectively, then you need to choose the style that allows optimum character animation and some humor/human approach. This style would be able to communicate your message with great visual quality that the audience can relate with.

Go Social

The brand needs to make these videos social as much as possible. As a brand, if you want to get close and personal with your audience, you need to have a good strategy. Luckily, you have a video now; the next thing is making it be a hit online.

Video marketing happens to be the best online strategy with the highest ROI, and it is the most thriving and cost-effective content on social media. You can build that brand identity fast by using the custom animated video vis-a-vis leveraging social media to get to a large base of your target audience.

Be Authentic

Lastly, if you want to build brand identity and trust with your customers, you need to be yourself. It’s no time to be a copycat; it’s time to show your audience that you’re authentic and unique. You need to be your true self to build a top brand identity and stand out from the competition. Also, ensure this uniqueness shows in the custom animated video your brand makes.


There you go! From creating the best possible buyer persona to incorporating your brand’s color and style in videos to having a voice over that your audience can relate with. You can not go wrong with these tips when trying to build a brand identity with custom animated marketing videos.

For more information about our custom animation video ads and other services, contact us today at Fulfillman. We offer affordable, reliable, and detailed services. Our experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We will create an animated video ad from scratch while ensuring that the video is better than your competitors. We guarantee you quality and excellent services. A wonderful experience awaits you!


The feeling of opening your store and seeing a discouraging sales stat is a real one. It happens to many dropshippers, and it means they are not getting enough customers to add stuff to their cart or buy stuff. The product page is where the sale is happening. You might even be getting enough visitors or traffic to your store, but are you getting them to add things to their carts?

The likely reason for this is your product page isn’t convincing enough to make them add your product to their carts. Our guess is you’re already looking for ways to fix this. Luckily, we have some tips for you on how to optimize your product pages for more sales.

Optimize for Mobile

Today, a lot of people are now going the mobile way, they go online and shop with their mobile. Who would go through the stress of using a computer when they can just, at anywhere, access the internet and shop with their mobile phone.

Statistics show that 82% of online shoppers in the United States shop using mobile devices at the end of 2017. Therefore there’s a need to optimize your product pages for mobile and make it mobile friendly and easy to use for your customers that will likely shop using mobile.

Detailed Product Content

While you must have great product images, and get the pages optimized for mobile, they aren’t enough to get those fast sales. Product content is another factor in the equation. Product content gives the customers information about the features and benefits they will derive from the product.

Hence, the need to provide detailed information about the product on the product page. Your product page should contain details like a relevant product title, price, features, benefits, size/dimension/capacity, instructions.  Also, when writing these descriptions, ensure you use polite and engaging words.

Use a Clear Call-to-Action -CTA

A clear call-to-action (CTA) is another feature that can help you get those sales quickly. To optimize your product pages for more sales, you need to ensure each product page features this call-to-action.

A call-to-action is like direct instruction, although not mandatory, telling the customers to ensure they add a product to the cart and buy. Sometimes, telling people to buy does the magic. You can use phrases like “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” colored and placed in a visible strategic location on the product pages.

Add Customer Reviews and Ratings

Product reviews and ratings have their way of building trust and increasing conversions. Before buying a product, you will likely want to know what previous buyers’ experiences are about the product, right. This will prompt you to go over previous customer reviews and ratings. The same thing happens with your visitors while trying to buy from your store.

This is why you need to add social proof like reviews and testimonials. You could also encourage buyers to leave a review or rating. Some customers don’t have the time to read reviews. For them, you should display the average review score summaries on your product page. This will help them get an idea of the overall ratings at a glance.

Try Upselling and Cross-Selling

While your product page should be focused on selling that product, you could also use a small part of the page to promote other products. Have you been to a store to buy a shoe, and you saw suggestions of a matching polish somewhere on the page? That’s what we’re talking about.

Many e-commerce and dropshipping store are doing this, and it works by recommending relevant or similar products to your shoppers. The trick is to encourage them to make more purchases. If a customer is on a product page of a phone, you can suggest relevant products such as a case or screen protector.

Product Page Speed

Does your product pages load fast?  Maybe you don’t know, the speed at which your product pages load is critical. No visitor is ready to wait while your product page loads sluggishly, chances are they will close that tab. So, if you want to make more sales and not lose visitors, you should ensure the product page is light as much as possible. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to test your page loading speed.

Create Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is another way of getting better conversions on your product pages. The fear of missing out on a good deal actually works on people. You could create this fear and get them to think they are about to lose a great opportunity if they don’t click that button. You could add a countdown clock to the product pages; you can also let them know there’s a limited quantity available.

Above are the various ways you can optimize your product pages for more sales. It’s all about sales at the end of the day.  Nobody is business to make losses or not to sell; you’re in business to make sales and make some money. The above tips, if well followed, would bring you more sales in no time.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about the dropshipping and ecommerce fulfilment services. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. We guarantee you quality and excellent services.