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Wholesale suppliers play a crucial role in the smooth operation of your online dropshipping business. These suppliers have warehouses and distribution centers. From packaging your products to checking the product’s quality, shipping products to customers, and more, wholesale suppliers handle all these tasks. Hence, it is important to deal with wholesale suppliers diligently and ensure that the supplier never disappoints you.

What’s more, working with the right wholesale supplier can help boost your online business in a huge way! These suppliers can easily get your products on the retailers’ shelves. Likewise, the supplier can offer you lots of other exciting leads and opportunities. Here are some tips for dealing with wholesale suppliers:

Prepare for the Market

Are you ready for the market? One of the mistakes online entrepreneurs make is not getting ready for the market before contacting the wholesale supplier. At times, the market can be unpredictable. Even after your market survey, things can change unexpectedly. Hence, you need to ensure that your products are ready for the market.

Additionally, you should know the right price to sell these products, after considering logistics and all other things. Moreover, if demands skyrocket, how are you going to meet the growing needs of your customers? Remember, the wholesale supplier will only ship the products they have at their warehouse to your customer. Thus, you have to ensure that you are well-prepared for the market.

Inquire About Volumes and Buying Criteria

Furthermore, it is important that you inquire about volumes and various other buying criteria. Some wholesale suppliers only sell to buyers that have the means to purchase the products regularly and in bulk quantities. In case you do not have the capacity to meet the minimum order criteria of the supplier, you will have to source your products lower down the supply chain.

Also, some suppliers expect your online business to meet certain conditions before they can sell to you. Inquiring about the buying volumes and minimum order criteria will make it easier for you to deal with such wholesale suppliers.

Don’t Rely On A Single Supplier! Have Plan “B”

Finding the perfect wholesale supplier for your product gives you a great feeling. That amazing feeling of achievement after you have carried out your research and gotten a great deal on prices. Also, the supplier allows you to order in small quantities. Hence, you don’t have to break the bank.

However, when the demand from your customers increase, the supplier is not able to meet your customer needs anymore. This will be a huge disaster for your business. Suppliers can also run out of stock. This is why you should never rely solely on a single supplier. Thus, when sourcing products of choosing wholesale suppliers, always have a backup plan or plan “B.” In case things go wrong, you will have the peace of mind that you are well covered. You can easily change to another product or start dealing with another wholesale supplier.

Establish Great Rapport

Furthermore, when you are dealing with wholesale suppliers, it is important to establish the fact that you are a very serious buyer. Communicate constantly using the phone and not by emails. After your initial inquiry, ensure that you make contact from time to time. Feel free to ask questions about quantity, specifications, prices, delivery date, and more. 

Constant communication is a great way to build rapport with your wholesale supplier. Make the supplier recognize you as a serious buyer who goes about his business professionally. After establishing great rapport, take advantage of the exciting opportunities and leads given to you by the supplier. In case you are not offered any, be brave to request for one.

Negotiate the Best Price

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As you build relationships with your supplier, you can consider negotiating the best prices and other favorable terms. These wholesalers what you be in business with you. Hence, they are always ready to reduce their prices if you ask for it. You can offer to buy in large quantities to further reduce the prices.

Other favorable terms can include a sale or return clause. This allows you to return any stock that you are not able to sell. Also, you can negotiate hard whenever you place an additional order. Above all, ensure that you always pay on time whenever you increase your order size.

Negotiate Delivery and Payment

Finally, you have to negotiate delivery with your wholesale supplier. Let the supplier understand that you want your products to be shipped to the customer as soon as order is placed. Also, they should give you an estimated delivery time or date after each shipment.

Most suppliers often expect to receive payment after 90 days. Hence, if you do not have enough cash flow to pay for an order or you are unsure if you will sell stock quickly enough, think carefully before ordering in bulk quantities.

There you have it! Above are some tips for dealing with wholesale suppliers. As a business owner, it is important that you learn how to deal with wholesale suppliers. There are lots of stories about wholesale suppliers that deliver poor quality goods or never actually supplied the product to your customers. Hence, when it comes to pricing, quantities, shipping, and more, you simply have to deal with wholesale suppliers diligently.

Furthermore, knowing how to deal with wholesale suppliers for your online business will help to make your online dropshipping business successful. Notwithstanding your years of experience in dealing with suppliers, it is important that you learn how to deal with them professionally and properly. This will help your business to grow, increase profits, and become great.

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Dropshipping requires working as a team. To increase your chances of success, having a reliable business partner is essential. For your online business or store, your dropshipping supplier is one of your most important partners. When a product is ordered from your store, the supplier will ship the product to your customer directly.

For your online store, you have the option of teaming up with free or paid dropshipping suppliers. Most online entrepreneurs often opt for paid dropshipping suppliers. Nonetheless, it is possible to select a free dropshipper that will still meet all your business requirements. Thus, helping you save cost while still delivering excellent customer service expected. In this post, we will be discussing how to select free dropshipping suppliers for your online store.

Why Do You Need Free Dropshippers

Here are some reasons why you may need free dropshipping suppliers:

No Fees

Dropshipping has been winning the hearts and minds of a lot of people due to its flexibility. Also, it requires little or no capital to start the dropshipping business. Fortunately, if you use a free dropshipping supplier, you won’t need to pay for anything. In fact, you can even earn some extra money if you decide to use some suppliers. Such dropshipping suppliers offer you a cashback system that allows you to earn a certain percentage of the orders placed through your store.

No Restrictions on Doing Business

Also, most dropshipping suppliers have no restrictions on doing business with them. Regardless of the number of items ordered or price placed on the items, free dropshipping suppliers are always ready to do business with you. They are always ready to corporate with online business owners.

Warehouses Across The World

Free dropshipping suppliers also have warehouses across the world. This will help eliminate any concern of finding suppliers that store their products in your target area or countries.

Tips to Select Free Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Store

In order to select the most reliable partner for your dropshipping business, you need to analyze their profiles and evaluate these free dropshipping suppliers by several parameters. Below are some useful tips for selecting free dropshipping suppliers for your online store:

Years of Experience

How long has the supplier been selling goods or offering dropshipping services? When it comes to providing quality dropshipping services, experience is important. The last thing you want is to partner with a novice supplier because they are offering free dropshipping. Hence, ensure that you partner with a supplier that has at least a year of experience.

Online Review

Another tip to help you choose the right free dropshipping supplier for your business is the online reviews. These online reviews will tell you the experience of both current and previous customers that have partnered with the dropshipping supplier. Dropshipping suppliers with over 90% of positive feedback is good enough. Anything less might be a red flag.

Customer Feedbacks and Comments

Are the comments and feedbacks trustworthy? Today, some con artists fill their websites with fake and reviews. This shows that the reviews may be fake. Take time to read through the feedback and comments. A supplier with real comments and feedbacks is reliable and can be trusted.

Communication and Customer Support

In every business, customer support and communication is essential. How fast does the supplier reply to customer inquiries and concerns? Your supplier of choice should be in constant communication with customers and partners. Only partner with a dropshipping supplier that customers are satisfied with the supplier’s communication.

How Long It Takes to Ship or Deliver Products

Furthermore, dropshipping suppliers are responsible for shipping products to your customers directly. To ensure that products are delivered on time, the supplier must ship the product early. Hence, before you choose a supplier, ensure that the supplier delivers products to customers quickly.

The “Top Brand” Badge

Finally, always be on the lookout for the “Top Brand” badge when choosing a free dropshipping supplier. This indicates that the supplier is experienced and reliable. Your online business will benefit a lot from partnering with a supplier with the “Top Brand” badge.

There you have it! Above are some tips to help you find free dropshipping suppliers for your store. Choosing a reliable partner or dropshipping supplier for your ecommerce business is essential. Whether you are just starting your dropshipping business, you want to change your niche, or you want to expand, free suppliers can be a great option for your online store. By following the tips above, you can find a free dropshipping supplier that is reliable and trustworthy. Thus, helping you save dropshipping cost while providing quality customer service.

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This year is almost done, and winter is here. As an entrepreneur, you may be wondering how to find dropshipping products that sell for winter 2020. Luckily for you, you’re at the right place, as we’ll be going through some seasonal products that’ll surely make you a good income in this fast-approaching winter. Below are the top 9 dropshipping products for winter 2020:

Winter Hats

Image result for Winter Hats

We all know how cold it gets during this time, it’s no surprise winter hats are definitely not out of place. Due to the change in temperature to a very cold one, kids, and adults will need winter hats to provide warmth for their head while moving around or indoor.

What’s more? They’re relatively cheap. When it comes to price, many people can easily afford winter hats, which means more money for you. Also, these products are generally light and small; this means you can leverage ePacket shipping, which is faster and cheaper for buyers.

Christmas Decorations

When it’s winter, it’s Christmas! How can we make a list of the top dropshipping products for the Christmas period without mentioning Christmas decorations. The good thing about these products is that they can be sold alongside any products. No matter the niche products you’re selling, you can always add them alongside.

For instance, if you’re running a women’s clothing business, you could add some novelty Christmas earrings to your store. You could also add stuff like Christmas themed socks if you’re into men’s clothing. Are you into kid’s stuff?  How about Christmas themed toys.

Vacuum Containers

Next on the list is vacuum containers. A perfect handy product for the cold weather. It is used in keeping your drinks warm when you’re out moving around in the cold weather. You may keep hot beverages like tea or coffee inside the container when going to work, and vacuum containers keep it warm on your commute. It is a product that’ll sell, and you should consider dropshipping this product in winter 2020.


It isn’t really hard to figure out.  It’s simple; scarves are super useful during the winter. This is why you should consider dropshipping them in this coming winter 2020. The exciting thing is, scarves add a bit of style to any outfit, and they can keep the neck warm and cozy.

People will surely need this product. Just like winter hats, scarves are available in a wide range of styles and colors. They’re also eligible for ePacket shipping, which means quick delivery time to your customers and money-saving.

Winter Boots

Image result for Winter Boots

The ever classic winter boots! A quick look at Google trends will tell you how crazy people are about winter boots. The interesting part about this product is, you don’t need much energy to convince people that they need to purchase the product, you only need to focus on why they should purchase from you because they’ll definitely purchase winter boots during winter.

It’s usually freezing and wet while going out to school, workplace, sports events, or getting Christmas presents. Winter boots can solve this problem by keeping the legs warm and dry.

Thermal Underwear Set

The next on the list of dropshipping products for winter 2020 is thermal underwear set. So why does this product sell? The reason is that though it’s winter and one is required to wear thick clothes, many people still don’t want to wear very thick clothes that might not allow them to move freely. Instead, they go for thin thermal underwear that has the ability to retain heat and keeps them warm due to its technology.

Ski Snowboard Mask

Winter is always a good time to engage in some sports activities. Talk of snowboarding, skiing, and other fun activities, people will definitely need ski snowboard mask. With the wind and snow everywhere, snowboarding unprotected might not be safe.

This is why you should consider this mask product as a product that’ll sell in the winter because it gives complete face protection from snow when people engage in sporting events. What’s more?  Google Trends show clear peaks in demand for such masks during winter.

Shoe Dryer

Related image

It’s winter, after all. People going for snowboarding or sledding through the slush to the office might fall victim to cold, wet shoes. This is why this product -shoe dryer- comes in handy during the winter period, and it’s still going to be the same practice during winter 2020.

It’s never out of line when it comes to winter, and you should consider dropshipping this product as it solves customers’ problems by quickly drying out their shoes and boots.


Now, you may need to get funny during the holidays. Onesies are the full-body pajamas worn indoors and in the cold weather of winter. Onesies are great products to dropship this winter 2020 because they aren’t just there to provide only warmth, but also for great photo opportunities during the winter. Kids love them!  Onesies have different colors and variants.

There you go!  Winter is surely a good time to make some money. It is the best season entrepreneurs make sales. If you’ve been getting stuck when it comes to picking products to sell, especially during winter 2020, the above products may just be the answer you’re looking for. You’re now armed with some top products that you can sell in your stores over the winter months. Now, go and make those sales!  

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Mistakes are inevitable. It’s a part of every business, and dropshipping is not left out. Well, it’s understandable to make mistakes, but why make mistakes that you can avoid? Since you’re not the first in this line of business, many seasoned entrepreneur has made one or two mistakes too.

However, focusing and having an idea of these mistakes can actually make you better in making your own decisions. This is why we’re bringing you some top Shopify dropshipping mistakes to avoid in the coming year 2020.

Fulfilling Orders Manually

C’mon! This is 2019! And it’s going to be 2020 in a few days. Fulfilling orders manually isn’t a real deal; it can be tiring and can waste your time and resources. Well, if you’re new to the business or just starting your store, manual fulfillment may still be okay because you’re dealing with few orders at this stage. However, what happens when the number of orders you’re getting reach hundreds or thousands? Manual fulfillment, at this stage, is really a bad idea. 

Choosing the Wrong Niche

This is another big mistake dropshippers make. Before you even start a dropshipping business, you should have done in-depth research on the particular niche you would like to venture in. If you’ve been choosing niches without enough ideas on them, going into 2020 -you need to stop this-

Whatever Niche you’ll be choosing, make sure you’re very good and accustomed with the basics in the area. Know all the products and everything related to them like the back of your palm. Also be sure the niche you choose adds value. The truth is customers would only part with their money if you offer them value.

Not Leveraging Product Reviews

Ooh! The power of review! Reviews are one of the tools that can give you an idea – an honest one- about a particular product. There are many winning or flashy products out there that their reviews are actually bad. Yes!  Obviously the reviews are from people that have had first hand experiences of these products.

Now, imagine not reading those reviews before placing them on your store too. It might be a disaster, especially if the products have a lot of bad reviews. Therefore, explore and know what others think about a particular product before choosing them for your store.

Depending on a Single Supplier

Remember, in dropshipping, your supplier is an integral part of your business. You most time depends on them to manufacture and ship the products to your customers. This shows how important they’re. Now, imagine your customers place an order for a product, but unfortunately, your supplier is out of this product, and they’re not going to be having it anytime soon.

What happens then? Knowing that your customers are waiting for the fulfillment of their orders. Your options are to either cancel the orders or find a new supplier, which may be quite difficult to do at the eleventh hour since you’re not prepared. You can prevent this by having backup suppliers. 

Having Too Many Suppliers

Well, we just talked about not depending on a single supplier and having backups instead. You may wonder why are we saying you shouldn’t have many suppliers again, right?  Yes, having one supplier may endanger your business, and you may need to find backups. But, the many they are, the more relationships and contacts you’ll need to manage. To be honest with you, it can cause headaches. Therefore, don’t make them too many.

Selling Product without Calculating Margins Properly

What’s the essence of selling if you can’t account for gains at the end of the day. For your business to grow and not die halfway, you need to make sure you’re gaining, which means you have to assure yourself some margins. Literally meaning you have to set a price able to pay your costs and give you something more.

Posting Unrealistic Shipping Costs and Dates

When it comes to shipping, you might never know the exact date your shipment would arrive, especially if you cannot track your order. The truth is the suppliers can only give you estimates also, though most times right.

Therefore being truthful to your customers in line with the shipping is important. If your supplier says it’s going to take 10-20 days, why not give your customers the exact time range instead of telling them it’ll only take eight days. Also, make the shipping costs clear as possible as it could be, never lie about them, and make them aware of their choices.

Forgetting About After-sale Services

Sales don’t just end at the time the goods are shipped to customers. It continues till the customers get their orders. Some dropshippers still make this mistake of forgetting about after-sale services. Whenever you convert a prospect into a client, you should give always give them an after-sale service.

It’s the way you make them trust and come back to you. For instance, customers want to know when they’ll receive their products, or the products are hanging somewhere. Here, an after-sale service – Tracking of the orders- is fundamental.

There you have it!  The top Shopify dropshipping mistakes you need to avoid in this coming year!  The truth is, the market we are in today offers you possibilities to build your dropshipping business and earn some money. However, it is only when you do it right. By noting the above mistakes and working on them, 2020 is undoubtedly going to be great!

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2020 is almost here!  As a dropshipper, or you’re just venturing into the dropshipping business, you must have been thinking of the niche products to give you that crazy sales in the coming year. Well, think no more, as the next lines will be telling you on some of the niche products you can sell!

Tech Products

Wireless Charging Stations

Image result for Wireless Charging Stations

Talk about freedom and flexibility to its users! Wireless charging stations have been the new real deal, they have been around for a while now, and will still be one of the trending products you can sell in 2020. With wireless charging stations, you can charge your mobile devices like phones or tablets or any other device conveniently.

Wearable Devices

Yes!  The need for wearing devices is also growing rapidly. They are the devices that you can just wear on yourself while they provide answers and updates to some of your daily activities. From the looks of things, the demands will be high in 2020. Maybe because they don’t cost nowadays, and many people can afford them.  Examples of these devices are watches, alarm clock, pedometer, heart rate monitor.

Drones and Its Accessories

Think about how drones are being used nowadays; obviously, you’ve likely heard a lot about drones. From using it in the military – to using it in movies – to some mega stores using it to deliver packages to various homes. It appears that drones and its accessories will still be in demand in years to come.

Some other notable products are touch control headphones, wireless keyboards, noise-canceling headphones, portable Bluetooth speakers.

Sports and Travelling

Image result for Sports and Travelling accessories

They are used daily and during some special occasions. These products satisfy customers’ needs, and they’ll always buy. Here are a few products used in sports and for traveling.

Sport Bottle

Have you seen various bottles with different designs recently?  Those are the sports bottles we’re talking about. Many people go to sports activities these days. For instance, a person jogging a few miles from home could make do with a sports bottle tied on their waste. They’re certainly products to dropship!

Luggage Suitcase

Nowadays, traveling is trending. That’s why all the items related to traveling are gaining popularity. It isn’t tough to believe, as it can be seen at various airports, train stations, and parks.

Travel Organizer

Small and ordinary things have been getting the attention of some people these days, and travel organizers are one of them. A simple and unique tool like a travel organizer is really enormously popular among online customers. You should consider dropshipping these attractive products.&

Beauty Accessories

Related image

Here are exceptional beauty accessories products you can consider!

Makeup Jewels

Face jewels are everywhere, attend or watch fashion shows and see for yourself. Well, makeup elements have been around for a while now, so it isn’t even surprising. The popularity couldn’t be any less, as there is still a strong demand for it.

Nail décor

Now, this is about nails. You shouldn’t think things like nails elements wouldn’t sell; after all, they’re noticeable too and much like the face decorations. They’re work of art, and they are going to be in crazy demand in the coming year.

Hair Clips and Pins

This is another beauty accessories to take note of. Luckily, these products have no season. They sell anytime and any season.  Hair clips and pins are always needed by people every day because hairs stay on the body every day too. So, we can call them evergreen products that’ll ever sell.

Clothing & Accessories

Titanium Rings

Related image

Titanium Rings is a trending product under the Men’s fashion and accessories niche. With the continuous increase in demand for these products, one can conclude they are a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and masculinity. There are several rings to choose from, as the demands keep growing higher every day.

Fitness Leggings

This is another great product for dropshippers. Like some other products, fitness leggings have been around for a couple of years now. However, by the look of things, they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Many people are going into fitness, fashion, and athleisure nowadays, fitness leggings are products to sell!


With different styles of backpacks available nowadays, people are going crazy about them. It’s a whole new world for backpacks, with anti-theft backpacks that safeguard the belongings of urban commuters, or the tracking systems and battery charging capabilities of high-tech urban packs. Students will need it. Professionals will need it.

Car Products

It is never easy to maintain a car, and this is why people will have to keep buying accessories to modify their automobiles and maintain them.

Rear Camera

Talk about the ability to see what’s going on behind you!  Yes, rear cameras are the best suited for this purpose. When driving, it is imperative to be able to see what’s happening at your back. As long as automobiles are still in existence, you should dropship this product.

Car LED Light

Some years ago, halogen lamps were the order of the day. Then, the xenon technology of producing light displaced the halogen due to greater performance. But nowadays, people make extensive use of car LED lights as they provide low energy consumption.

Car Charger

Being able to charge our devices anywhere has always been a welcome idea. This technology is great and has come to stay as a result of increasing energy consumption every day. Car chargers are now a big hit, and a look at Google Trends will show you.

There you have it!  Above are some of the trending niche products that you can consider dropshipping in the coming year 2020. If any of the mentioned categories or products seem interesting to you, then why not give them a trial and explore them to your advantage.

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When customers place orders on your products, it’s great news! This means your efforts really paid off. The next step is to process these orders. You need to make sure you do it right because the dropshipping process is not concluded until the products reach the customers. Below are some essential tips that you need:

Check Shipping Details for Errors

Sometimes we make mistakes when doing things, a typical example is missing some details, or not filling correctly when filling forms online. This is why checking all the details before shipping is crucial. As a dropshipping store owner, you need to check all the information your customers provided before filling in the contact form.

Why? The customers might have made mistakes when writing the names of their countries or cities, too much unnecessary information, or they forget to provide some important things. Taking time to check all the details will help you in knowing which to edit or if it will require you getting in touch with affected customers to receive more information.

Make Sure That You Don’t Entertain Frauds

Curbing frauds is very paramount, and if you notice some certain transactions look like one, make sure you don’t deal. Store owners often face situations whereby a buyer places a lot of orders at once and then decided to pay for the purchases with different cards. This definitely doesn’t sound right, as buyers in this situation are likely frauds who have hacked other people’s credit cards.

If you see situations like this, the recommendation is not to process such orders to avoid stories that touch. However, there are cases where it might be done genuinely. To confirm this – simply ask the customer(s) involved to snap and send you the photo of the last four digits of their card.

Register for A Mailing Service

This is another essential tip you need when processing dropshipping orders, sending email notifications to customers about the status of their orders is something you can’t just put off. To send these regular updates emails, you need to be registered with a mailing service.

To do this, consider choosing the mailing service you like most, create an account with them, and connect the account details with your plugin.

Regularly Track Your Traffic

Image result for Track Your Traffic

Yes! Regular tracking of your traffic while processing dropshipping orders will help you to get a sense of your customers. You might want to ask what is meant by getting a sense of your customers, right? Well, here it is. For instance, from the order details provided to you – an older woman from Cuba ordered for an expensive high-tech gadget from your store-

This seems weird, though the older woman can be interested in tech devices, it doesn’t mean all older woman want to buy. If you didn’t do a regular check on your traffic, you might think it’s a hot zone for you to penetrate and start advertising. The results might take a toll on your business, and this is why regular tracking is important.

Message Templates for Your Clients

Imagine the number of emails and hateful comments you’ll receive when customers don’t know jack about their orders. To avoid this, regular messages need to be sent to customers about the status of their orders. Most times, it is done by creating message templates that your clients will get any time their order status changes.

From the point where the orders leave the manufacturing company to their receiving point, they need to know. They need to know whether orders are on their way or got stuck somewhere.

Start the Process As Soon As Possible

Related image

Getting orders is really exciting, talk about the feelings and joy you feel at that period! Especially when the orders keep coming in large quantity, which means loads of cash for you. However, you must understand that you don’t have any all the time in this world, and you don’t have a minute to lose. Don’t procrastinate the process.

Most times, your suppliers will need some time – might be up to 7 days or even more – to process your dropshipping orders and send the products. This is why you need to start the process early, as soon as your customers place an order, begin the process immediately.

Think Up A Message for Your Suppliers

Sometimes, you need to send a message to your suppliers too. Remember, they are the ones doing the packaging of whatever orders going to your customers. Now, imagine they added some promotional materials that your store doesn’t want to be tagged with. Leaving a message for your suppliers is quite easy; some plugins have a great feature, which allows you to leave a message for your supplier. It will be sent automatically when placing an order.

Good Communication with Your Suppliers Is Essential

One of the most important things that any business can do is to know how to communicate effectively with suppliers. In dropshipping, it is vital to keep tabs of your suppliers. Although they may be the one preparing and sending products to your customers, you need to be in the know throughout the entire process. By having good communication with them, you get to know the status of your orders, and when they will get to your customers. 

There you have it! Did you just get some orders, or you are hoping to get some soon? Above are the essential tips needed for processing dropshipping orders. From the veracity of customers’ details to tracking, and follow up with your suppliers, processing these orders is as important as any stage in the dropshipping process. Make sure it is done right.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about the Shopify dropshipping business. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. We guarantee you excellent services.


Many entrepreneurs, especially those just getting started with an online store, often ask which e-commerce platform is best suited for them. Well, the answer is not far fetched. Shopify offers all the functionality that you may need. Let’s take a look!

What is Dropshipping?

Imagine an online store where you don’t have to carry any inventory; almost all the process is done while you just sit down and watch. Dropshipping is a business model in which store owners or e-commerce entrepreneurs sell products without having to carry any inventory.

The process flow of dropshipping involves the store owner receiving an order from the customer – then the store owner contacts the supplier – the supplier who will then ship the manufactured products directly to the customer. It seems less tasking, right?

What is Shopify?

Now, talking about the e-commerce platform that you can start your store with, this is where Shopify comes in.  Shopify is the lead when it comes to e-commerce platforms, and it enables entrepreneurs to start their online store with little or no experience.  It is the answer for entrepreneurs who want to build or launch their e-commerce store without any hassle whatsoever.

Dropshipping with Shopify

There are various wags to sell with Shopify, and one of them is dropshipping. As said earlier, you don’t have to carry any inventory when it comes to dropshipping. No worries about storing your cargo or shipping, as the supplier will do all these for you.

There aren’t so many CRM tools that are useful for supporting dropshipping. But, luckily, Shopify can. Why?  It offers a wide range of dropshipping apps that can help you find and sell your products. Many people have claimed that Shopify is the best option for dropshipping.

Why is Shopify that Good?

There are other e-commerce platforms or solutions out there that allow for dropshipping. Shopify, however, seems to be the best. Are you wondering why?  Well, here you go! 

  • Simple to use: It actually turns out to be one of the most user-friendly e-commerce and CRM solutions on the market. It’s packed with functionality, and it is easy to use. You can also turn to an expert should you need any help.
  •  Fully packed: Shopify is fully packed with solutions that enable easy communication between a store owner and suppliers. One popular option is Oberlo – which is a dedicated dropshipping app designed to work exclusively with Shopify.
  •  Great Features: You can expect excellent features with Shopify, as it comes with everything you may need to create a perfect e-commerce business. What’s more? You get solutions to manage your payments, marketing, shipping methods, and many more.
  •  It’s Extensible: You might want to add new features to your Shopify solution; luckily, there’s an entire marketplace dedicated to apps.

Shopify Themes and Design

We have talked about how excellent Shopify features could be; one of the areas where Shopify really excels at is its themes and design. It offers professional-looking themes, from which you can choose from, for your store. It is worth knowing that there are free themes on Shopify, as well as nicer ones, which are paid themes.

After getting these themes, you can then go on to use the template editor to edit or customize the theme to your taste. What’s more?  Do you have your copy of theme you would like to upload? You can also do that by going to the theme page and using the Upload Theme button.

Mobile App Enhancement

It’s 2019! Another great feature of Shopify is the ability to manage most of your operations from the mobile app.  The app is supported on both iPhone and Android, as is available in English and Dutch. From taking and uploading products photo to fulfilling orders and receiving notifications. Here are some of the tasks you can do on the app:

  •       Take and upload product photos.
  •       Editing of products details.
  •       Fulfilling orders
  •       Offering refunds
  •       Viewing real-time traffic of your store
  •       Receiving order notifications
  •       And many more.


Inventory management is an integral part of any business. Remember how we said you don’t have to carry any inventory? Yes!  Shopify has got you covered in this area. To add inventory to your store, use the Products tab in the sidebar of your dashboard to be taken to the inventory page.

The inventory tab features all the items in your store, all organized in a clean and manageable manner. The product page also offers several options for things like SEO, shipping, and the imagery that users are going to see when landing on this product page.

Optimization and Marketing

Imagine having a fantastic store with no traffic; it will definitely affect sales. However, Shopify offers excellent features for both SEO and marketing, as the built-in Search Engine Optimization features take care of the visibility and traffic of your store. Your site will easily be found on all major search engines.

Customer Support

Should you find yourself in need of any support, Shopify has one of the best customer services in the industry. With their 24/7 full customer support, chat, and email support, you can be sure of getting your problems solved.

What’s more? Shopify offers access to a sizeable support system such as user forums, tutorials, and more directly through their website. Also, with their e-commerce university, users can have access to loads of e-books, videos, webinars, and guides on running their stores.

There you have it! Above is a comprehensive review of Shopify dropshipping store. From the brief introduction – to why Shopify seems to be the best e-commerce platform right now – to the various attributes and features of this e-commerce platform. It shows the efficient and effective operations one may experience with a Shopify dropshipping store. 

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about the Shopify dropshipping business. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. We guarantee you excellent services.


Finding products to dropship in your store is one of the essential parts of the dropshipping process. Sometimes, finding products might be difficult, especially if you are new to dropshipping. After all, it isn’t about finding ordinary products for your store but finding excellent and high-quality products that you can sell at an affordable price point for your customers. The best things are never easy to come by; it can be tricky finding products to dropship if you don’t know how to. Below are some tips that can help you in the quest:

Check Out Trending Products

Well, they’re trending after all. Which means there’s been a lot of traffic on the particular product. Trending products are usually great options for any dropshipping business; you don’t want your store to be left out in your niche. When you can’t decide what products to dropship, you should consider looking out for products that are currently trending.

In addition, if you can source trending products before they hit the masses, chances are you’ll establish your brand as a leader in that field and enjoy some other advantages.

Check Social Shopping Sites

Searching social shopping sites for products that sell is another good way of finding products for your dropshipping store. When you search these platforms, you’re definitely going to find what you are looking for. Why?

These platforms – social shopping sites- are ecommerce enabled websites where the shopping experience is shared with a social network of people. Sharing can come in the form of likes, comments, recommending products to each other. Your primary mission on these sites is to use other people’s recommendations to influence yours.

Join Online Communities

There are several online communities and forums that you can join and begin to do research through. One of the platforms that offer these online communities is Facebook. Facebook has been known to have hundreds of open and close communities that can help you understand the needs and wants of people in many areas of the world.

Knowing what people want will help you in finding the products for your store. Search for these groups and join the one related to your niche. Engage in discussion; if a particular problem is being discussed, you can find a product you could sell to overcome it.

Competitor Product Research

The best way you could improve on yourself and your business is to be on the lookout for your competitors and how they do their things. To find products to dropship, you need to look at possible competitors and research their products, how they source, and how they sell them.

Luckily, competitors’ product research is not a hard task, as you can do a quick Google search for a product, and highlight a range of competitors in a matter of seconds. Then, you can go through their websites to find information on the products.

Get the Right Profit Margin

Finding products to dropship on your store can turn sour if you don’t consider the profit margin of products. You need to get the margin right. Some people may say or go with a 20% profit margin, but it is better and a more effective way when you go with products that you can sell with a 30% or more profit margin.

Well, the more popular a product is, the more likely you will need to sell at a lower price to stay competitive. But there are some products that you can make a reasonable amount of profit on. You just have to find them and make sure the pass percentage for the profit margin is reached. 

Check Other Store for Inspiration

There have been dropshippers and stores before yours. Right? Don’t you think you can draw some inspiration from them? Well, you actually can. Learning from the best and the established in the business can help you as a dropshipping store owner. When it’s time to find products for your store, you can check these successful stores out and see what they are selling. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to do it like them, but you can actually draw inspiration to come up with your product ideas. What’s more? You also get to visualize how your online store might look and feel.

Find a Niche

Finding and majoring in a particular niche is a way of clearing the path towards finding the products you can dropship. Since there are too many competitors, the most popular products on the big and established stores might not be easy to sell, especially for a small retailer or growing store owner.

But if you can narrow down your search and find a popular product that you can make unique to your store in some way, this product can be the answer.

Check Google Trend

Yes! We all know Google helps and does a lot of things by now. One of them is the ability to check the amount of traffic keywords related to a particular niche. When finding products to dropship, consider checking Google trend, with Google trend, you can easily know the market size, and popularity of any products.

You can also check Google Trend for the trend of people’s interest in your niche over time in case the demand of the niche or product is a seasonal one. 

There you have it! Above are some valuable tips that will help you to find products to dropship. As said earlier, it can be tricky finding products to dropship if you don’t know how to. It is a crucial task that can sometimes be herculean. However, with the tips mentioned above and ways to discover the products, this quest shouldn’t be a tough call anymore.  

Do you need a reliable drop shipping company for your ecommerce business? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent and top class Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and many more. Our trusted experts will be available to speak with you and discuss your needs. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives complete customer satisfaction. An amazing experience awaits you.


Finding the best dropshipping suppliers for your store is one critical requirement of running a dropshipping business. The supplier is the one that’s going to be in charge of packaging your products, checking the products for quality, and shipping the product to your customers. They’ll be handling some critical parts of the dropshipping process, hence, the need to find the best suppliers you could get.

How do you know which drop ship wholesalers are reliable and would get your products to the customer on time? Getting the right suppliers is not an easy task and can be tricky. Luckily, here are some tips that can help you in finding the best one for your store.


Yes! To find the best dropshipping suppliers for your store, you need to do some homework and research by yourself. You know your needs, as you must have probably decided on which products to dropship, therefore, research which dropshipping suppliers are out there, and which ones suit your needs best.

 You might need to choose whether to go with a domestic or overseas supplier, depending on the number of suppliers in your chosen product niche. Some of the things to look for when making the research are delivery time, service potential, review.

Search the Web

Well, the web is a very resourceful place we are lucky to be blessed with. You can search the web for wholesale dropshippers. A deep search on Google will give you a lot of dropshippers and dropshipping companies. For instance, to conduct these searches, you can search for the keywords “wholesale distributors handbags” if you are into bags, or “wholesale distributors” plus some keywords related to your niche or product if you’re not into bags. Google will present you with a list of results, which you can go through each URL and search for a phone number or email ID where you can get more details.

Join Social Media Groups

Another way of finding the best dropshipping suppliers is by joining and engaging in the conversation on various social media groups that involve experienced dropshippers. There are several experienced dropshippers and store owners out there that have been in the business for some time.

Chances are these dropshippers will know the best suppliers to deal with. Social media groups are places where several people come together to share and help each other to succeed. You can find many entrepreneurs in these groups. So, join groups, mingle, ask supplier-related questions, answer questions, and build vital relationships that would be useful to you.

Subscribe to A Dropshipping Supplier Directory.

Dropshipping suppliers’ directory is a database where you can find the details of wholesalers that you want to research on. Subscribing to these directories is one of the easiest, although expensive ways in finding the best dropshipping suppliers out there, as these directories are already populated with verified details on the suppliers.

 Every listed supplier or company in the database must have gone through some screening before getting verified; it saves you time from having to contact companies one by one.

Attend Trade Shows

Attending and taking part in trade shows is a good way of getting reliable and right suppliers for your dropshipping store. Trade shows are an ideal avenue to mix with other dropshippers for you to find wholesalers and manufacturers in all areas of e-commerce, especially in your niche where you want to dropship.

Trade shows also offer a way for you to keep yourself updated with the happenings, latest methods, trends, and technologies used in manufacturing. It helps you to grow your business and network with the opportunity to interact with the manufacturers, wholesalers, and other stakeholders of your industry.

Consider Ordering from the Competition

There’s usually something to gain or learn from competitions. When you notice a competitor having a regular flow from the supplier to the customers, you should consider trying them out. You can order from these competitors’ suppliers to get an idea of the level of service they’re getting for you to rank amongst them or even higher.

Focus on Networking

There’s the saying that your network is your worth. Yes, to be successful in any area of life, you have to build and focus on networking. Good ones at that! These days people aren’t ready to just give out information; this is why it is advisable to build and focus on networking with other people in the niche.

A strong relationship with them will help both parties in acquiring beneficial information, such as finding the best dropshipping suppliers.

Order Samples from the Suppliers

Ordering samples from the suppliers for validation is a typical way of separating the wheat from the chaff. No matter how many reviews or how good testimonials are, it can’t be compared to you having a firsthand experience of the product.

This is why it is a good idea by ordering samples from the suppliers so you could know which one is right for your dropshipping business. By ordering samples, you get to know some things about the suppliers, like the product quality, how they handle fulfillment, their packaging, and how fast their delivery is. With this, you can choose one that best serves your needs.

There you have it! Above are some useful tips to help you find the best dropshipping supplier for your store. In the dropshipping business, you are going to need topnotch service from a supplier to have a successful business. Poor service from a supplier can cause damage to your brand. The above tips are what you need to ensure this doesn’t happen, and the solution to choosing the best dropshipping supplier for your store.

In case you will like to know more about our dropshipping services, contact us today at Fulfillman. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. An amazing experience awaits you.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Remember that’s just a picture, how about a stunning, great photo? What’s it worth?  Well, I’ll leave you to answer that. Product photography isn’t as simple as pointing and shooting; there are a lot of techniques and tools needed to produce excellent images for your product. Here’s a complete guide to product photography. 


Talking about the main tool with which the shots are taken. You most definitely need the best camera for your product photography. Well, for those that are new to product photography or with limited resources, smartphones with excellent cameras can do the trick. Whichever type of cameras you want to use, the idea is to make sure you invest in great camera for excellent and high-quality photos.

An example is a DSLR camera, which is known as a professional camera. They’re high-end cameras, and they produce the best resolution. It has many features that can help you get the best output possible and also enhancing the pictures. To take excellent photos that will represent your product, you need the best cameras out there.

Use a Tripod

When taking your photo photography, there’s a need for photo consistency, and this is what a tripod can do for you.  While there’s no harm in taking these shots by yourself without a tripod, you’ll agree with us that hands can be shaky, and proper focus on the object can not be attained when the hands are shaky.

The results of a camera not stabilized is not always good, as they can sometimes come out as blurry images.  Tripod, however, is a tool that can stabilize your camera to ensure the best photos are taken with consistency and preciseness.

Shoot a Variety of Images

When you shoot not just one, but a variety of images, your customers get to know what exactly your products look like from all possible angles. For instance, if you have a clothing store, and you’re preparing an item of particular clothing for a shooting.

Consider capturing the clothing alone, then have the clothing modeled on a person. The person can now pose for the pictures to be taken from different angles. This way,  your customers get to know how the back or sides look, and not just the front.

Get a Backdrop

White background has been generally known to give the best results in photo photography. To ensure that you have the best results, you need to get a backdrop. A white backdrop can do a lot for your photos on making them look attractive and professional.

When you take your product photography shots with a white backdrop, there’s a tendency of a significant reduction in the amount of editing you’ll have to do later on. Getting a backdrop is not hard, as you can easily get a basic poster card, or buy an already setup backdrop like Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio.

Know Your Tools

Well, maybe you’re just starting product photography, or you’re an expert. Some tools are needed in photo photography to get that perfect photo. Here are some of these tools.

  • Tape: is used in keeping things in place while they’re being photographed.
  • Pencil and Paper: You can use them to jot down anything you want to be remembered later.
  • Clamps: are used in holding equipment like the backdrop
  • Fishing Line: If you’re into jewelry, you’ll need this tool for holding tiny items up, and keeping them steady.
  • Scissors: you can use scissors for getting rid of loose fabric threads or for cutting the fishing line.
  • Safety Pins: used in ensuring clothing fitness.
  • Iron or Clothes Steamer: Of course, you’ll need to steam or iron your dress before taking the photo.
  • Memory Card: Remember, you’ll be taking hundreds of photos, especially if you have a lot of products. You must have a reserve memory card in place for storing your photos. 

Lifestyle Product Shoot

Lifestyle images bring your products to life. Sometimes some products need more than a white background; they need to be photographed along with other objects for them to pass the best message to your customers. Lifestyle product shoot is another form of product shooting entirely.

It allows you to play around with the photo. When taking a lifestyle photo of a product, you can feature them alongside some other subjects. This way, a potential customer can imagine themselves in the picture.

Product Photo Lighting

Lighting is one of the things that separate a professionally created photo and amateur photography. It is so important in photography that good lighting will improve the quality of your photos than anything else. It is key to creating high-quality product photos, by determining the darkness or brightness of photos, establishing tone, highlighting the textures and colors. Before taking your product photos, make sure everything is in place about the lighting setup.

Take a Photo Editing Class

You’ll need the knowledge of photo editing at some point in your product photography career, except if you’re not planning on doing all the photography by yourself. Taking a basic photo editing class is not a bad idea. Remember, product photography is an investment; taking a photo editing class makes you a professional in the line, and you get to know all that could be done to have that perfect photo. 

There you have it! A proper guide, showing you most of the things you need to know about product photography. From getting the right set of tools to the lighting to exploring the lifestyle product shoot. Proper application of this guide will ensure great photos for your product photography.

At Fulfillman, we specialize in offering excellent Product Photography services. We are experts in Ghost Mannequin Photography, Hero Shots, as well as Jewelry Product Photography. Our services are well-detailed and highly professional. We offer the best quality photos that highlights your product in a way that will get your customers to pay attention. Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. An amazing experience awaits you.

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