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According to statistics, about 54% of customers prefer videos over other types of content. Also, videos on your landing page will increase your conversion by 86%. Thus, videos are the best form of marketing to keep customers engaged. But what makes a video or video marketing strategy successful? Most people would say good camera, good lighting, and so on. Well, that’s true.

However, there’re some common mistakes that probably you’re not aware of that could deter the success of your video marketing. Of course, you need to be aware of them to stop your video marketing success from being hindered. Continue reading to discover 9 video marketing mistakes you should avoid.

Failing To Plan Your Video Marketing

It’s very tempting to just make a video, upload it on social media and expect the business to come rolling in. However, video marketing doesn’t work like that. You need to ask yourself if your video is purposeful?”, “Is it evolving my brand?”, “Is there a clear strategy?” and so on? If you can’t confidently answer yes, then there’s a problem. So, plan and plan well. If you plan with a clear business objective, your video marketing will be very effective.

Creating Videos That Are Too Long

People often put a lot of focus on the first 2% of your video. The initial section is key to grabbing your audience’s attention. But average engagement is much dependent on the overall length of the videos. 1-2 length videos have better engagement performance when compared to 2+ minute videos. If your videos pass the 5 minutes threshold, the engagement loss will be greater. Therefore, aim to keep your video between 1-2 minutes for optimal results. If you have a longer piece, ensure to let your audience know it will be worth their time.

Not Having A Call To Action

You’ve made a wonderful video and are getting loads of great feedback. The issue here is, nobody knows what to do next. Having a clear call to action is a no-brainer, even if it’s just pushing traffic to your website to find out more. You don’t have to overthink it, because, without it, you’re throwing away an opportunity to engage even more deeply with every viewer. Tell your audience clearly what to do next.

Flooding Your Videos With Too Much Info

If your video has too much information, it will overwhelm your audience, and they may just scroll off. So, don’t give too much information.  Even, if you have a lot of information to share, create different videos to convey the information. Don’t pack all information into a single video, which may dilute the message and confuse your viewers.

Not Implementing A Proper SEO Strategy for Video Marketing

You must put effort into directing people to watch the video you’ve made. Now, just putting it up online isn’t enough. Use proven Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to drive traffic to your video or website to increase its visibility.


Everyone has a reason to either skip or watch a video. Most often, people want to be informed, educated, or entertained. If the video is too promotional, your audience will disengage from your brand. So what you should do is build relationships by focusing on your product’s needs, and not forcing the customer to purchase your product. Thus, when viewers finish watching your video, they would be inclined to inquire more about your business.

Focusing On Product And Not Target Audience

As much as you want to tell people about your product, it would be good to focus on the value people get by using your product. Hence, show your product’s advantages.  To know how users will benefit from your product, find out what they want. What questions do they frequently ask? What problems do they want you to solve? Aim to draw attention to your product while attending to its solution.

Not Branding Your Videos

One benefit of video marketing is to increase brand awareness. This means you want people to remember your videos and your brand. Branding helps to raise awareness and improves customer loyalty. As you create your videos, tell people about your business. To make your brand stick in customers’ minds, add a company logo, or tagline at the start or close of your videos. Use the same color schemes, and font in all your videos so that they convey the same message about your brand.


The statistics are there to prove it. Videos play a vital role in a brand’s marketing campaign. Thus, using videos in content marketing is a mandatory add-on because of the massive advantages it offers. Your video marketing should improve customer satisfaction and increase retention. But for your video to achieve this, it starts by taking a roll call of the mistakes that have been discussed here. This way, you’ll create videos that connect, engage, and resonate with your target customers to bring the required leads and traffic to your website and increase sales.

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Do you know that there are 12-24 million online stores in the world, but only 650,000 make more than $1,000 of annual sales? That’s quite a competitive market. So, how do you make sure that your dropshipping business will be successful? Having a successful dropshipping business isn’t just about opening a store, and it’s not even enough to have a great product.

What good would a dropshipping business be if not to make sales and more sales? For your dropshipping business to be fruitful, it’s necessary to apply appropriate marketing tips to generate and double your sales. Continue reading to unveil the top marketing tips to double your dropshipping sales.

Sell Evergreen Products in Your Dropshipping Business

Inasmuch as it’s important to offer products that are of current trends, it’s also important to have a good mix of evergreen products. This will ensure that your sales remain consistent, regardless of what is happening in the world outside of your business. Being able to offer products that are always in demand can help you double your sales.

Build Your Brand

In order to double your dropshipping sales, you need to put in the extra effort to build a brand. This means creating a unique identity for your business and doing everything you can to ensure that customers remember who you are and what you stand for. A store that doesn’t have a brand is much more likely to collapse than one that does. So, despite it takes time and effort, it’s well worth it in the end.

Give Outstanding Customer Service

In dropshipping business, one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is by offering outstanding customer service. This means more than selling a product at a cheap price or having a quick delivery time. It also means doing what you can to provide excellent customer service and resolving any issues that may arise timely. This will help build trust with your customers, which will make them more likely to buy from you again in the future.

Offer Discount After Purchase To Increase Customer Retention

Another tip you can use to increase your dropshipping sales is by offering a discount to customers after they make a purchase. Offering a discount code like a coupon is cheaper than showing an ad to them to come back. Another way to offer discounts is by automatically applying them to the customer’s account after they’ve made a purchase. This will encourage them to come back and buy again from you.

Promote Your Dropshipping Store On Social Media

Dropshipping and social media marketing are allies. They must co-exist to attain marketing success and double your sales. It’s not enough to build an aesthetically appealing and functional store. If you want to double your sales, you should promote your dropshipping store on social media channels.

Have Custom Product Images And Videos

Most dropshipping businesses don’t have custom images and videos of their products, which is a big mistake. Being able to offer images and videos that are unique to your business can help you stand out from the competition. This is important if you are dropshipping products that are commonly found in other stores.

Also, it will help you improve your customer’s shopping experience, as they will have a better idea of what the product looks like and how it works. And for customers to be enticed by what they see, it will swiftly prompt them to make a purchase again and again, and if possible, refer you. Only then would your sales double.

Work With Search Engine Optimization

SEO remains a central element that shouldn’t be neglected. Otherwise, your sales will stagnate. It allows natural referencing experts to influence the search results of the search engine (like Google) so that your e-store is positioned on the first page with the keywords used.

According to its algorithm, good positioning will depend on criteria like the competition of the chosen keywords. It’s therefore important to develop an SEO strategy for your dropshipping store if you want to double your dropshipping sales.

Enhance Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tip you shouldn’t put aside. It’s one of the most effective dropshipping marketing strategies to increase sales. It allows you to communicate with your customers regularly and build trust between them to drive more sales. this tip can be made effective by adding additional content like videos, or gifts to catch the reader’s attention. This will increase the chances that the reader will be interested in what you have to say and will be more likely to make a purchase.


Marketing is indispensable for any business to succeed. With that in mind, the explosion of different marketing strategies over the past years has made it challenging for a dropshipping business to keep up and soar fully. You’re going to face competition in whatever niche you choose.

Therefore, you must always keep up with industry trends, offer more trending products and develop strategies on how to increase your dropshipping sales. The tips above have been shown to work over time. They will serve as a cornerstone of your promotional strategy to grow your dropshipping business and double your sales.

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As a business owner, you have to be good at what you do for your business to be successful. Operations such as getting a good manufacturer, quality product design, prototype, product quality control, could be tasking and time-consuming.  Know that hiring a sourcing agent is the viable asset your business needs to get such tasks done in time. It’s the most efficient way to scale up your business. Continue reading to discover some reasons why your business needs a sourcing agent.

Getting Efficient Manufacturers

Getting a good manufacturer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s often difficult to ascertain whether the manufacturers you have found on sites are efficient and reliable. But a good sourcing agent will know exactly which province specializes in the product you are looking to manufacture. To verify whether the manufacturer is genuine, a factory visit is needed.

Alternatively, a good sourcing agent will have a list of reliable suppliers you can approach. Even if they don’t know a factory that can manufacture the product you want to be made; it won’t take them much time to find someone reliable and suitable. This is because they are present on the ground and have networks they can tap into.

Using an Agent Saves You Time

A sourcing agent does all the legwork for you. The fact that an agent is your local representative means that; you don’t have to travel to that country to look for manufacturers or suppliers. You probably don’t have enough time to keep traveling to source your products. To give you time to concentrate on other essential business operations, hiring a sourcing agent is highly recommended.

Product Quality Control

Insufficient quality control can ruin your entire business. This is because, the moment the consumers realize that your products are sub-standard, they will shift to your competitors. Also, your competitors might be offering high-quality products. Moreover, high-quality products always fetch a reasonable price in the market.

This is because buyers are always willing to pay for the best-in-class products. In most cases, you probably might not have enough time and resources to pull a thorough quality check yourself. Therefore, you need the help of a sourcing agent who is experienced and puts quality as a priority.

Using a Sourcing Agent is Cost-Effective

If you’re sourcing products abroad, hiring a sourcing agent can be your local representative. They will negotiate prices with local suppliers, do quality assessment and control; inspect the products before shipping and do market research without you going there.

This will save you lots of money on travel and accommodation expenses. If you’re looking for mass production, sourcing agents will connect you with a manufacturer. The manufacturer will do that for you at a low price. Hiring a sourcing agent reduces your total expenditure thereby increasing your earnings.

Safety Assurance

Sourcing agents also act as a trusted medium between you and the supplier. They can spot scammers when they come across one. This will save you the trouble of dealing with incompetent suppliers. A sourcing agent will diligently dedicate all the time he has got to get you a legitimate supplier for both your sakes.

Also, they go the extra mile to do thorough background checks on potential suppliers; root out any history of the suppliers, and interview them personally to be sure of their choice. As a business owner looking to source a product, it’s nearly impossible for you to do all this to perfection. This is also one of the reasons why your business needs an agent.

Communication Bridge

In scenarios where there’s a communication barrier between you and your supplier or manufacturer; the sourcing agent you’ve hired steps in and do the translations. Communication is extremely important since you’re able to relay your expectations and specifications to your supply chain effectively. This will ensure that the quality and timely delivery of your goods is not compromised.

Using a Sourcing Agent Helps with Risk Reduction

Hiring a sourcing agent will ensure that your decision to outsource meets with success. If you have a sourcing agent, you won’t even know if you’re dealing with the supplier because the agent handles everything. They ensure that you don’t have to make time-consuming and expensive trips to the factory to monitor production. An experienced sourcing agent will ensure everything goes well, reducing risk at every step of the way.


There you go with the 8 reasons why your business needs a sourcing agent. These are people who work as your representatives overseas and look after your interests. If you want to make sure that the products you have maintain quality standards; hiring a sourcing agent makes the most sense. They will know who is trustworthy in terms of manufacturing and distribution.

Also, they will save you money without sacrificing the quality of the end product. Finally, they will help you find a reliable supplier; that will see to it that your products are shipped to you within the promised lead time. Do the needful!

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An ecommerce or dropshipping business is a business that can reach the rest of the world by leveraging the unlimited power of the internet. It can open doors to a completely new segment of marketing and promote your products at a minimum cost. Just like any business, you must first understand who your market or target audience are, and how your business will attract them. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more. If you want to be among that 25%, pay attention to these ten tips. Continue reading to discover 10 essential tips to creating a successful ecommerce or dropshipping business.

Get Organize

To achieve success in your business, you need to be organized. It will help you complete tasks and stay on top of getting things done. An excellent way to be organized is to create a to-do list each day. As you complete each task, tick it off your list. This will ensure that you’re not forgetting anything and completing all the tasks that are essential to the success of your business.

Keep Detailed Records

To create successful ecommerce or dropshipping businesses, you must keep detailed records. By having records that are constantly uploaded and backed up, a business no longer has to worry about losing its data. Doing so will allow you to know where the business stands financially and what potential challenges you could be facing. Then, you’ll be able to create strategies to overcome those challenges

Analyze Your Competition

Analyze Your Competition

How you analyze competition will vary between sectors. To be successful in your business, you should study and learn from your competitors. After all, they may be doing something right that you can implement in your business to make more sales.

Be Creative in Your Dropshipping Business

Be on the lookout for ways to improve your business and make it stand out from the competition. Understand that you don’t know everything and be open to new ideas and different approaches to your business. You could start with your photo photographs and video ads. That way, you’ll attract more customers to your store, and you’ll see your business on a success boat.

Leverage on Social Media

Another tip to create a successful ecommerce or dropshipping business is to have an active account on all of the major social media platforms. This allows you to better market your business and interacts with far more potential customers. When your business has an account that you update regularly on these platforms, people can find your business more easily and are more likely to share your business with their friends. You’ll also create a more engaging experience for your audience, helping them feel more connected to your brand and cultivating trust.

Stay Focused in Your Dropshipping Business

The saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” applies here. Opening a business doesn’t mean you’re going to immediately start making money. It takes time to let people know who you are truly. So, stay focused on achieving your short-term goals. With time, you’ll start seeing positive results. However, if the business is not turning a profit after some time, it’s worth looking into if there are issues with the product or service, if the market still exists, and other possible issues that might slow or halt a business’s growth.

Create Compelling Offers

A successful dropshipping business can be judged by how much sales it makes. One great way to achieve that is by creating compelling offers. Think of ways to make buying from you and building a relationship with you even more enticing. This could mean offering a significant discount on your visitor’s first purchase, creating giveaways on special occasions, and so on. Making offers that are difficult to ignore gives you a better chance at getting more sales.

Provide Great Customer Service

People who are successful in their businesses provide great customer service. If you provide better service for your customers, they’ll be more inclined to come to you the moment they need something instead of going to your competition. In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, often, the differentiating factor between successful and unsuccessful businesses is the level of service that the business provides. A savvy business owner would be wise to follow this tip.

Be Consistent in Your Dropshipping Business

Consistency is a key component to creating success in any business. You have to keep doing what is necessary to be successful at your business. This will create long-term positive habits that will help you make money in the long run.

The Bottom Line

These insightful tips will put you on the right footing when it comes to creating a successful ecommerce or dropshipping business. Remember, put relationships with other professionals first. Prioritize effective marketing, decide on goals ahead of time, and run  metrics to test what you’re doing and if it’s s working out or not. Be open open-minded to others, leverage your opportunities and plug them into resources to achieve the dream you desire for your business.

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With several established brands and new businesses to compete with, anyone that wishes to be successful in dropshipping must be willing to learn every day. The one thing you should not forget when you want to boost your business and revenue is having top products in your dropshipping store that are high in demand. That’s why this article is there to always help you. Continue reading to discover the top 10 dropshipping products for September 2022.

4 In 1 Handheld Electric Vegetable Cutter Set

This automatically cut vegetables immediately. With it, one can simultaneously have an electric vegetable cutter, an electric meat mincer, an electric cleaning brush, and a multi-functional set. It is more convenient to cut and side dishes, have fresh ingredients, and is easy to clean. Use it once and fall in love with it! Let your customers be aware of the benefits this product has to offer, and you’ll see your sales increasing.

Multifunction Anti-theft USB Shoulder Bag

This product is greatly practical, stylish, and has a lot of features. It protects one’s stuff from strangers. It’s spacious and has a 3.0 USB connector making it easy to charge phones or other gadgets (power bank not included). Add it to your store.


Slide Projector Torch Projection Light

Unlike most of the projectors on the market, the Slide Projector Torch Projection Light has more images and vivid colors. It stimulates 21 different pictures, just twist the lens head to focus and customers will enter a magical universe. Moreover, it allows one to know optical common sense. The projected images at different distances will look different, which is fantastic. This product is also good to stimulate one’s curiosity and imagination. Since this product fascinates a lot of customers, you should include it in your store.

Collagen Milk Whitening Soap

The Collagen Milk Whitening Soap contains active ingredients that are gentle on the skin to improve skin texture. Often use can reduce elbow, knee, armpits, and other colors such as dark and rough areas of the skin. This product is a super soft silk protein soap used to improve, rejuvenate dull and tired skin, nourish and smoothen the skin. It’s perfect for all skin types and can be used everyday due to its gentle nature. Include it in your store!

Multifunction Mini Phone Gadgets & Cable Conversion Box

People don’t have to carry a bunch of cables when going out anymore. This product also comes with a card tray eject pin, which can be used directly when customers need to change their SIM card. It has four different ports: Android, lightning, USB, and a TYPE C cable that you can convert into the type of port you need for data transmission, charging, etc. It’s suitable for cars, homes, work, coffee shops, outdoors, and other scenarios, making it widely used. Of course, no one should tell you that this is now a top product.

Microwave Non-Stick Long Grill

This is also one top dropshipping products you should put in your store. The Microwave Non-Stick Long Grill cooks juicy meat. It helps save time, and energy, and keeps the kitchen clean and safe since there are no hot metal surfaces to touch. It’s also safe to use, with durable handles and a non-stick coating that makes it simple to clean. As a bonus, a recipe book for some tasty meals that you can cook has been included in the product.

Anti Cellulite Firming Soap

Here is another top beauty product. The Anti Cellulite Firming Soap is known to effectively slow down and reverse skin aging and other adverse effects of UV radiation on the skin. It also works by repairing and Moisturizing at the same time. This product has worked for Over 90% of Users, which is enough proof for you to add it to your dropshipping store.

Body Floating Shelves

The U-shape shelves featuring a white finish will be a perfect complement to your bedroom, living room, office, or more. With the Body Floating Shelves, there’ll be no more blank and dull walls in your home. The modern minimalist wall shelf can easily go with any decorating approach by bringing life and adding beauty to your walls and room. Customers will purchase this product if you add it to your store and make them know about it.

Plant Nutrient Solution

This product is suitable for plants raised on the balcony, which can prevent mosquitoes from breeding, and the fruits cultivated can be eaten safely. It contains a blend of all of the essential micronutrients and minerals required by many fruits, vegetables, and plants. It helps maximize plants’ health and growth. Whether the goal is to get bigger vegetables, healthier turf, or larger, or more vibrant flowers, this will help achieve the results one dreams of.

Large Capacity Travel Cosmetic Bag

As the name implies, this product is for all the cosmetics people want to bring on a trip, or a delicate trip. It’s a double-layer bag in creamy leather that’s soft and premium like a cloud. The bag pays attention to every stitch, and every detail, from designing, to thinking and selecting materials, just to provide customers with better cosmetic bags. Make-up artists out there are in search of such products.


Start Selling Dropshipping Products

There you go! The top 10 dropshipping products for September 2022! Right now, the fastest way to sell massively is to allow your customers to be aware of the benefits of some products you’re convinced they will need or want. That way, not only will they make a purchase, but they will also advertise the products to the people around them. Luckily for you, you’ll be on your way to making more and more sales.

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Are you into e-commerce or dropshipping? The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program helps you to focus on the entrepreneurial part of your business. It eliminates the day-to-day operations that can cause burnout. FBA means that your inventory has been fulfilled by Amazon. Here’s how it works. Amazon sellers register with Amazon’s FBA program and create their product listings on Amazon. Then, they prepare their products and ship them to an Amazon warehouse. So, when someone purchases a product, Amazon selects the product from their inventory, packs it, and ships it to the customer. If you’re thinking of using FBA services to handle your orders, here are 8 important facts you should know about them before getting started.

Amazon FBA Is Costly

I’m not going to sugar-coat it. You’re going to spend money when you use FBA. Amazon charges FBA sellers for both storage and fulfillment. Even with the fees, Amazon reports that 64% of sellers earn profits in their first year, and 20% of them earn a profit within the first 3 months. Like any other business, fees and costs will occur. Consider FBA fees as an investment in inventory management, operations, and marketing.

Amazon FBA

There Is No Sales Quota

Amazon doesn’t require you to move a certain amount of merchandise every month if you want to be part of the FBA program. They understand that not all products are created equal. The demand for some products is different than for others.

Therefore, the company offers FBA services to all business owners, even those who don’t move inventory quickly. Most FBA sellers make $1,000 to $25,000 per month in sales. It all depends on what you are selling and how much.

Inbound Transportation Has No Limits

Amazon has neither minimum nor maximum limits on the amount of product you can send to a fulfillment center in a single shipment. This is encouraging news, particularly given the greater transportation costs coupled with restocking with smaller, more regular shipments rather than a single big supply. If you’re an Amazon FBA seller, you may send as much of your product line as you like in a single shipment.

Amazon Uses FIFO Method To Determine Storage Fees

Amazon charges for storing your products in its warehouse. These fees change seasonally or depend on volume. You’re likely curious about how Amazon charges for storage space. It uses the First In, First Out (FIFO) method. Your first batch of products that arrived at the warehouse will be the first to go out when customers order them.

Once they’re gone, storage fees aren’t needed. New products that arrive to replace old ones are subject to a storage fee until they’re sold. You are also subject to varying FBA fees if you send in some inventory during a lower-rate season and send an additional shipment during a high-rate season.

Amazon FBA Fees Are In Addition To Commissions

Amazon fulfillment and storage costs are in addition to your commission expenses and other selling fees. If you decide to handle shipping on your own, you’d still owe Amazon a percentage of your sale as a commission regardless of the sale plan you operate on. That sale plan doesn’t vanish away just because you’re using FBA. Ensure you factor in commission in addition to all the other expenses associated with selling products on Amazon and using Amazon fulfillment services.

You Can Save Money By Creating Your Shipping Plan

When you ship products to Amazon for the fulfillment, the company will decide which warehouse is best suited for your products. After a while, Amazon might think it’s a better idea to move your products to another warehouse. When that happens, the seller is responsible for the shipping costs.

Amazon doesn’t cover freight to the new warehouse. You can avoid these warehouse changes and unexpected fees by requesting your shipping plan.  If you want to develop an effective shipping plan, you need to understand your target demographics and where most of your orders are being shipped.

Amazon Charges A Long-Term Storage Fee

If your inventory moves slowly, you might be slapped with a long-term storage fee, in addition to the other FBA fees. Products left in the warehouse for longer than six months are subject to a long-term fee. If you have products that are in very low demand, you will have to factor that fee into your cost-benefit analysis. You can use Amazon’s Inventory Age and Inventory Health reports to identify which products in your inventory may be subject to long-term fees.

Amazon FBA

Your FBA Account Can Be Suspended

When you sell on Amazon, you’ve to play by the company’s rules. Or else, you lose your account. Some infractions that can cause you to lose your selling privileges on Amazon are having more than one seller account except you take permission and it’s approved, manipulating or falsifying reviews, poor quality products, violating intellectual property laws, and so on.

Final Thoughts

FBA is a great way to delegate a lot of hassles associated with e-commerce or dropshipping to a company with an outstanding reputation online. If you’re building your business, it can be hard to ignore the giant that is Amazon. No matter what you’re selling, someone is likely searching for it on the site.

You should take advantage of the built-in audience and brand awareness behind the large Amazon name. However, there are times when selling your products elsewhere may be a better idea. When you enlist Amazon’s aid, you’ll pay the price. Ensure you calculate the cost and factor it into your potential profit margin before you enroll in Amazon FBA.

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According to a new study, private label products are more profitable than their national brand counterparts. Private label products yield 35% profit margins compared to 26% for national brands. Sourcing private label products from China is often seen as an easier and faster way to launch new products. This is quite true, only if done correctly. The benefit of private labeling is that you can create a branded product, without investing too much time, effort, and money in product development and tooling. Therefore, you can launch a product much faster, and at a lower cost. Continue reading to discover 8 essential tips for sourcing private label products from China.

Draw Your Business Plan

This tip may add a little cost but will help you realign your private label business plan with the estimated budget. Starting a private labeling business can cost you between $1,000 -$1,500 – private label budget for small businesses. Among the private labeling costs to include in this budget are manufacturing, logistics, product acquisition, marketing, branding, and licenses. To have a stress-free workable plan, research is needed to evaluate all private label costs.

private label products

Research For A Niche Market

Market saturation and dominance of other brands are among the few market entry barriers you need to overcome from the beginning.  Finding private label products that fill a particular market gap will reduce competition and have smooth market entry. Based on your preferred target market, research for products that people claim to be inferior and plan for a better product. Or, research for products that are out of stock and you can offer an alternative. Among the niches, you’ll likely find private label products to dropship are beauty and cosmetic products, fashion and clothing, gadgets and electronics, etc.

 Get The Best Private Label Manufacturer For Your Private Label Products

Getting the best private label manufacturer who would manufacture the product of your dream isn’t a challenge to wish away. To find a good and reliable manufacturer, you should visit online private label manufacturing directories. After settling on one, make a direct call or send an email to enquire about the company’s manufacturing process and costs. Remember to ask for samples before placing your first order. Also start with a small order and if sales catch up, you continue.

Brand Your Products

Hoping you’ve created your brand and designed a logo, you also have the option to source branding services from your manufacturer or hire a third party. To avoid trademark and patent rights problems, do thorough research on your brand name and logo before using them on your products. A nice and cute packaging, branding, and logo design will contribute to the success of your product. Do the best or hire a top-notch graphic designer.

Capitalize On Online Marketing

How customers find their ideal product has changed and everybody has gone online. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. have become a marketing hub for many entrepreneurs. Almost all these platforms have an interactive feature that you can use to launch your private label products. Use every online marketing strategy at your disposal to create awareness of your products before releasing them to the market. Initiate, encourage, and carry-on social media discussions about your private label products, branding, and packaging design.

Be Consistent On Quality And Supply

Private labels have control over production and supply chains. Many are tempted to minimize the costs of production by reducing the costly raw materials. The first factor potential customers will consider before buying a product is value. Will your store brand satisfy customers’ needs?
Keep improving your value and build loyalty around it through consistent marketing. Don’t allow gaps to sneak in due to stockouts. Monitor your sales and ensure you have a steady supply from your chosen third-party manufacturer.

Focus On Product Value

What will make customers used to a competitor’s product turn to yours? It takes a lot to convince them to buy a new product unless it’s generic clothing or a water bottle. Ensure your branding describes the value of your products. Cost is the second factor old and new customers will consider. First, hook them with value and they’ll fall into your base. When designing and developing your product, try to add spices that will add real value to your products.

private label products

Be Flexible

Don’t stop after you’ve done first-time branding. After collecting all the reviews about the branding, packaging, quality, and customer experience, do some tweaking to suit your customer’s needs. Enhance the quality, taste, and value of your private label products while keeping your pricing competitive. And since you’ve calculated your costs, remember to offer discounts but don’t go too deep. Otherwise, your brands might be perceived as being inferior.


Before launching your private label brand, you have to strategically position it to break all market entry barriers. With almost every market segment saturated with different product lines, uniqueness and branding will play a significant role in placing your store brand in an elevated position. These 8 essential tips for sourcing private label products from China that have been discussed above will put you on the boat of a flourishing business.

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There’re numerous issues with any investment opportunity that you pursue. With bank loans, you have to be sure to pay back the loan or face bankruptcy. Crowdfunding almost seems risk-free when compared to this. There is neither anyone vying for control of your business nor do you have to pay back any money. However, fulfillment problems do arise when it comes to satisfying the contributors. Handling these problems the wrong way can be harmful to your business and reputation. Continue reading to discover 7 common crowdfunding fulfillment problems and ways to avoid them ahead of time of solve them.

Promising Too Much

Popular crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter have attracted tons of creators who want to introduce the world to amazing new products. The issue is sometimes, the features they promise are too good to be true. As a creator, make sure you promise what you know you can do, instead of having to explain to backers why you can’t later. As a general rule, start with something simple that you know you can produce. If your project is successful and you start growing your capital, you can always test later to see if you can add new features and launch a newer and better version of the product.

International Shipping Issues

Figuring out how to include the cost of international shipping in your crowdfunding campaign can be frustrating. And if it isn’t done properly, it can cripple your chances of success. Crowdfunding platforms usually give you the option to ship within your country only or to ship anywhere in the world. However, shipping anywhere in the world can be expensive and time-consuming. Getting it right, depends on the amount of experience you have and your willingness to search for the right option for you. Research reward fulfillment companies and e-commerce services to find the best option for you.


Forgetting To Calculate Costs For Packaging And Postage

Cost isn’t the only problem for international shipping. You need to consider the cost of packaging and shipping all of your rewards. Understanding how to calculate these costs and rounding your estimates up if you are unsure can help you make sure that you don’t run short on your budget for fulfillment. The first step in this process is finding out how much your packaging is going to cost. Once you know that, you can use online solutions to calculate the postage. Remember to figure out average costs for different countries if you are doing international shipping.

Unexpectedly High Demand

For instance, you come to a deal with a manufacturer and your crowdfunding goal is to reach their minimum order quantity. After you launch, your project went viral and your manufacturer can’t handle the demand. Now you’ve to find someone who can. Save yourself from this scenario by planning for it ahead of time and having a backup plan. Having a manufacturing plan before you launch can make you more prepared throughout your campaign. If you see that your demand is going to be higher, you can go to your manufacturer early and try to find a solution before you’re already running late on shipping and need to find an alternative fast.

Copyright Issues

This problem is about individuals looking to steal your ideas and then fund their projects to beat you to market. Some people look through projects to create and complete theirs before the original or real campaigner does. To avoid this, you need to use private chat areas to discuss projects, and non-disclosure agreements and constantly monitor who is looking at your data and for how long.

Managing Compliance and Accounting Problems

There is a huge amount of doubt when it comes to the accounting rules for funds raised through crowdfunding. Should they be affirmed as an income or as capital? The answer might tend to be different depending on which expert you ask. Furthermore, states in the US will have their own rules on how this money should be taxed. So always seek out a highly qualified expert to advise you.


Offering Too Many Options

Having a variety of rewards for different pledge levels sounds like a great idea, but beware of the migraines it may cause when it comes to fulfilling them all. In addition to your main rewards, dealing with things like t-shirt sizes and other small rewards can set you back more than you think. Having a low pledge option is nice, but it doesn’t always have to come with something. Many just include email newsletters. If you want to include a smaller reward, ensure you include it in your budget and that these rewards aren’t going to take too much time to put together. You want to focus on getting your main rewards out to backers.

Parting Words

That’s it! The above are some common crowdfunding fulfillment problems and how you can avoid them. Crowdfunding is an excellent way to generate funds for your business or project.
It avoids most undesirable problems that can be found with other fundraising projects but it does have its own. By knowing what these problems are, you can reasonably find ways to avoid or solve them, without them costing you later on.

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Do you know that the time people spend watching videos online increases at an average rate of 32% per year? Research also says that the average person will spend 100 minutes a day watching videos. To put that in perspective, that’s 25 whole days. Dropshippers need to take note of this if they want to plan on developing their video marketing strategy for their business. Continue reading to discover 7 ways to develop the perfect video marketing strategy for your dropshiping business.

Set Goals For Video Marketing

At the beginning of any social media undertaking, you need to set goals. What do you want your videos to accomplish? Where in the marketing funnel will these videos fall? An example of video marketing is creating brand awareness. Videos are used heavily for advertising. They may start on a product page on the website and then branch out to land in a social ad. Setting your goals and identifying the funnel stage will help you create highly effective calls to action in your video content.

Decide On Your Platforms

Research and data prove that audiences on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat spend half of their time on the network watching videos. Choosing any of these three to begin your video marketing game would be a good step. If you’ve never used video on any platform, begin with the ones where you have audiences established. Another consideration for choosing the right platform is for you to understand what each one offers and what video dimensions can be displayed. This is essential as if you’d like to repurpose your videos, it’s best to choose platforms that complement each other.

video marketing

Select Your Video Types

There are many types of videos out there, and we don’t mean where the videos will be placed. Social media videos can be used for many different purposes to support your overall content strategy. Determining the type of video that works best for your brand is an important step in your marketing strategy. Not all videos are made the same and that’s okay. What is most important is that they are supporting your key goals. The videos could be educational, behind the scenes, entertaining, customer reviews, and so on. Once you’ve determined which types of videos to tackle, it’s time to move on to planning the actual video.

Plan The Content Production

When you plan your content production, you will save time and money in the long run. Whether you plan it with a flowchart or old-fashioned pen and paper, you need to know how videos will be created and filmed. You have options for content production and post-production.  As you run through the content plan, you’ll find some ways that you need to tweak it or things you missed earlier, especially if this is one of your first efforts in putting together a comprehensive video content plan. After a solid plan is executed, it’s time to move on to post-production.

Know What Post-Production Entails

You want to allow plenty of time for post-production, especially if your videos will be used for ads or have heavier editing needs. Post-production does not mean just cutting scenes and putting them back together to music. It also includes additions like closed captions, text overlays, call-to-action screens, and more. The more you film and the more polished you want it, the more time you’ll need.

Schedule And Promote The Videos

Now that you have the completed video, it’s time to schedule and promote it. Some management platforms like Sprout offer publishing options for videos. Don’t think of your videos on social media as one-and-done. One fully produced video could be uploaded to several networks over a month, a long period, depending on your social schedule. On Twitter, you could promote it many times. For live streams, you’ll need to promote often to ensure lots of people will join in at the right time. One film recording session can produce multiple videos. Different clips can be used for promotion or spliced together to create new videos. Think big when promoting your videos.

Video Marketing

Understand And Analyze Metrics

This strategy is important. You won’t know how a video operates unless you take a look at the statistics associated with it. What are the view counts and the watch times? The shares, likes, and comments? Each network provides different sets of metrics. So you need to know what they are before you start in on production. It’s also important to keep in mind that older videos will be watched. With the right combination of keywords and an evergreen topic, a three-year-old video might still be relevant to your users today.

Parting Words

Now we’ve come to the end of 7 ways to develop the perfect video marketing strategy for your dropshipping business. We hope this inspires you and your business, or your brand to plan your next set of videos, which will help you be on top of the game of your dropshipping business.

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Fulfillment drives success for ecommerce business owners and dropshippers. Hence, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with the processes and tools you rely on to get the job done. As you consider maintaining efficiency at every stage of order fulfillment, you may ask yourself questions like: how do I ensure orders are always delivered on time? Are there gaps in my current process?

Answering these questions sincerely will help you save money, work efficiently, and guarantee satisfied customers who receive the right thing in the right packaging at the right time. No matter where you stand, there’s always room for improvement. Therefore, we’ve put together the top 8 order fulfillment best practices to help you step up your business.

Ecommerce business: Prioritize Your Inventory’s Accuracy

If you look at it from a customer’s perspective, which do you think is annoying? Seeing that a product is sold out before you order it, or ordering and paying for a product that’s listed as in stock, only to find out later that the product was not actually in stock.

Most customers would prefer bad news upfront. Inventory inaccuracies invite a host of customer frustration that your business would surely prefer to avoid. Have it at the back of your mind that the more accurate your inventory, the more success you’ll have in delivering the right products in time.

Ecommerce business

Increase Data Visibility

Before you can start improving, you need a vivid understanding of your team’s current performance. Real-time updates and visibility into operational efficiency, timelines, and supply levels mean accurate shipping times, consistent packaging quality, and clear expectations across the board.

Also, good internal visibility helps you identify critical process gaps that could negatively affect your business down the line. Data insights help you find patterns and anticipate problems, so you can mitigate challenges before they occur and provide better estimates of delivery times and quality.

Automate Key Processes

Manual operations may be the most feasible and cost-effective option for ecommerce and dropshipping businesses, but they can quickly become a risk as you grow. You’ll probably run into human error and still rely on manual processes that prohibit the same level of performance.

Replace manual tools like spreadsheets or pencil-and-paper lists with innovative automation tools. Automated tools help streamline decision-making for all inbound, warehouse, and shipping processes and rapid yet sustainable growth.

Organize Your Inventory And Warehouse Operations

To ship and deliver orders with maximum efficiency, you need more than a quick turnaround time or a centrally-located fulfillment center. End-to-end warehouse organization supports how well you store, pick, pack, and ship orders out to your customers. A great way to step up your shipping game is with order consolidation. Order consolidation will help you meet demands and optimize order fulfillment.

Use Order Fulfilment Software That Integrates With Customer Service Software

As your business grows, you’ll eventually turn into some kind of order fulfillment software. When you do, choose the one that integrates well with your customer service software. You surely don’t want siloed information systems that can’t communicate with each other.

Unify Data Systems

The accuracy of your product data relates to the accuracy of each order you fulfill. Robust, real-time data help to ensure you store, pack, and ship products correctly and keeps vendors accountable for supplying you with the correct number of each unit, tracked by accurate unit and serial numbers.

Choose a WMS (Warehouse Management System) that can collect and store comprehensive data related to product size, unit information, storage requirements, packaging guidelines, etc. Then use the insights to shape your order fulfillment processes.

Increase Follow-Up

The only way to be sure you have a happy customer is to ask them what they think. Follow up orders with quick text messages or emails to be certain that the customer is 100% satisfied. Try to resolve any issue if it arises. This doesn’t only build a good relationship with your customers, but it also helps you to prevent chargebacks.

Ecommerce business

Keep Returns in Mind

An inevitable aspect of online sales is order returns. The way you manage the returns process affects your revenue, warehouse workflows, and customer satisfaction. Instead of addressing each return on a tedious, case-by-case basis, create a cost-effective, hassle-free returns process that will benefit you and your end-buyers alike. Define a convenient, user-friendly return policy and support it with a reliable WMS.

The right WMS can manage the entire returns process, including sending a return label with the package, tracking return status for client communication, and streamlining the inventory management process. That makes the barriers and costs of returns as low as possible for customers and keeps you firmly in control.

Take Away

Order fulfillment is more complicated than the name implies. It encompasses much more than tossing a product into a box and dropping it inside a mail. But are you ready to dive into an actionable solution for your order fulfillment process?

If yes, then you shouldn’t miss out on implementing these 8 order fulfillment best practices that have been discussed. To improve every of your business, like revenue, speed, and order accuracy, start by taking a closer look at the driving forces behind each success metric, then work proactively to optimize them at a high level.

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