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As a dropshipper or e-commerce business owner, if you’re thinking of hiring a sourcing agent, then it’s only logical and smart if you know the common China sourcing agent fees. Meanwhile, as you may already know, there are thousands of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and sourcing agents in China. That’s why it’s difficult to find any industry standards for China sourcing agent fees.

While many sourcing agents will try to attract customers with free service for trial orders or the cheapest rates, low-cost offers often translate into low-quality products. To make sure you’re paying the right amount, you need to understand how pricing works. Continue reading to discover some China sourcing agent fees and how much they cost.

Fixed or Flat-rate Fee

This is one of the most common pricing methods used by China sourcing agents. Just as the name implies, most agents will charge you a fixed monthly or weekly, or hourly fee for a specific product or project. In this type of arrangement, the agent will connect you with a supplier and you can directly build the business relationship.

Naturally, this is the cheapest route to hire a sourcing agent in China. However, it’s the riskiest as low-cost agents are often not qualified and have little or no genuine work experience. So, you’ll most likely end up with a poor-quality supplier.

Another way is to hire a full-time sourcing agent or company for the duration of your project for a fixed monthly fee. Although this strategy can cost you a little more, you’re more likely to find qualified and experienced individuals or agents. Additionally, they will help you to oversee your project and supplier communication.

One-time Finder’s Fee

There are sourcing agents that are only involved in the early stages of vetting manufacturers. These professionals find and identify potential suppliers, verify their credentials by checking if they are located where they claim to be, if they supply the required product, if they are a manufacturer or a trading company, and communicate the retailer’s requirements to the prospects.

When the candidates get shortlisted to just one, the role of these sourcing agents ends, and communicating with suppliers is given to the retailer. Retailers must pay the finder’s fee after a contract gets signed between the buyer and the supplier.

Manufacturing Management Fee

Partnering with a sourcing agent that offers services beyond funding a supplier is ideal for new and old dropshippers or ecommerce players. This type of sourcing liaison takes care of inspecting suppliers and managing inventory as they get manufactured. This process includes tooling, sampling, negotiating the prices, prototyping products, and arranging high-quality check control.

Commission or Percentage Service Fee

Many sourcing agents also charge buyers a percentage service fee or commission on the total value of the purchased inventory. This amount may be anywhere from 5% to 10% of the order cost as sourcing fees.

However, the percentage will depend and vary based on the product sourced and the order size. If your order is bigger, some sourcing agents may work on as low as 3% commission. Again, make sure you double-check the costs and the agent profile though, as lower costs often translate into poor product quality.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you are new to dropshipping or e-commerce business, understanding how China sourcing fees work might be confusing. Number one is that there are no industry standards. Secondly, the charges will surely vary according to the scope of services (as discussed earlier), the product size and quantity, the dollar value of the purchase order, and the complexity of the part required, among other factors.

Parting Words

Hopefully, this article has done justice to you knowing about some China sourcing agent fees and how they charge. However, when it comes to partnering with sourcing agents, going for the candidate that offers their services for the lowest prices isn’t always the best strategy. It’s crucial to vet and deliberate on each sourcing agent thoroughly.

China sourcing agents serve as a retailer’s representative abroad. They must be able to communicate a business’ demands and expectations with ease. From there, it can be deduced that finding the right sourcing agent in China, and being well-informed of their fees and how much they cost is very critical for successfully outsourcing your manufacturing needs.

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Dropshipping is a great business model, as it’s considered the only lucrative business that allows an entrepreneur to sell products without having a product inventory or stock. The dropshipping market is becoming highly competitive, and to survive in this competitive market, you need to have strategies that separate you from your competitors. Having an impactful and revenue-generating dropshipping marketing strategy can help you acquire more customers and skyrocket the success of your business. Continue reading to discover 7 amazing dropshipping marketing tips and strategies that you can use and implement to grow your dropshipping business.

Leverage On Content Creation

One of the biggest marketing strategies for dropshipping businesses is content creation. You need to create content for your products through writing, image photographs, and most especially videos for your website daily. This will allow customers to build credibility and trust in your products, and you’ll be amazed by how much traffic you’ll generate for your dropshipping store.

Create Compelling Offers

Another tip for a successful dropshipping business is creating compelling offers. You need to think about how you can make buying from you and building a relationship with you even more enticing. This could mean offering buy one, get one half off deals, bundling multiple complementary items at a discounted rate, offering a significant discount on your visitor’s first purchase, if they register for an account, creating giveaways on special occasions, and so on. Look at your offer from your visitor’s perspective, and ask, “What’s in it for me?” If the offer isn’t good or amazing, you should rethink it. By making offers that are difficult to ignore, you stand a better chance of converting more of the traffic you are driving to sales.

Avoid Underpricing your Products

Just because your dropshipping business is new doesn’t mean you should underpricing your products. Offering a lower overall cost on bundled products or “buy one get one half off deals” is not the same as selling your entire inventory at just above cost. This is a massive mistake new dropshippers make all the time where they are not making any sales, and suddenly everything in their store is severely discounted. Offering your products at rock-bottom prices can have a massive negative impact on your branding. If you’re not making sales, don’t jump to assuming it’s your prices that are holding you back. Instead, reevaluate how you are driving traffic and the offers you are making. It’s better to find new ways to drive traffic than it is to slash prices.

Build a Strong Social Media Presence

Today social media is the best way to drive traffic to your website. In 2020, social media is estimated to have more than 3.6 billion active users, and it is projected to grow by 4.41billion in 2025. From the above stats, you’ll see that your target audience is hanging out on different social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Remember consistency is key when you’re creating or have created a business page for your dropshipping business and looking to gain more customers, by engaging them with the content you’ve created. Spreading awareness about your products can offer you more appealing results for your dropshipping business.

Market Through Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest marketing strategies. 49% of people take recommendations from influencers when deciding what products to buy. Consider reaching out to influencers or brand ambassadors, and asking them to advertise your business. Because, they have a good audience base, reaching out to them increases the reach of your dropshipping business, resulting in high traffic and conversion.

Offer Exceptional Customer Service

There are ways to stand out when you’re selling similar products to other companies. While you may think that offering refunds and responding to inquiries or questions is the role of customer service, however, that’s just where the job begins. Write thank you cards or messages, send surprises and go out of your way to make your customers feel special. Like the poet, Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Use ePacket Shipping Service

As a dropshipper, you are free to sort products based on ePacket shipping. Being the fastest and most affordable shipping method, you’ll be able to ensure quick delivery to customers. On average, ePacket shipping costs under $5 for most products, and will ensure your customers get your products within 7 to 20 business days, and often much faster. As little as this is, it will make customers have huge confidence in you, and refer you where and when possible.


Honestly, there are a ton of different marketing strategies and tactics you can try, that will drive a lot of traffic to your stores. As a dropshipper, whether you’re new or not, I’ll advise you to focus on the handful of tips that have been discussed earlier, and implement them. These dropshipping marketing strategies will play a key role in grabbing more customers on your website and enhancing the success of your dropshipping business.

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Dropshipping is one of the most lucrative and profitable online businesses to start in 2022. It’s not only simple to start but is nearly cost-free as well. You just need to establish a dropshipping store, import goods from a reliable and inexpensive store to your site, and begin marketing them on search engines and social media. However, the biggest issue dropshippers encounter is discovering and selecting what products to sell. The success of your dropshipping store depends on you and your ability to choose winning products. Continue reading to discover the top 10 dropshipping products for May 2022 that can skyrocket the success of your dropshipping business.

Electric Juicer

A lot of customers like fruit juice, which is possible with the aid of an electric juicer. The electric juicer is known to crush fruits slowly to extract the juice. And because, this system particularly preserves the flavor of fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and nutrients, many potential customers want to have it in their homes.

Foot Massage Mat

You should also consider including a foot massage mat in your dropshipping store. It’s one of the top dropshipping products that sell massively. The old, patients in the hospital, or people who generally have foot pains are greatly in need of it, knowing that it will relieve them of pain.

Wireless Charger

The wireless charger solves the problem of charging multiple devices at the same time. It reduces cable clutter and gives a tidy surroundings. Furthermore, nobody wishes to run out of mobile phone power. Because of that, there is an increasingly high demand for this item, making it among the top products to include for a successful dropshipping business.


Year in, year out, customers will always need flipflops and slippers, anytime, anywhere, any day. It’s the need of every person. Customers will always ask for this product, you shouldn’t miss including it in your dropshipping store as well.

Portable Washing Machine

A portable washing machine takes the hassle out of everyday household chores. Allows people to wash and rinse with ease. This washing machine adopts an integrated mini-style wash. It fits comfortably on countertops or tables that require less space. Adding this item to your dropshipping store will grow your business.

Wireless Security Camera

According to a recently released report of WBOC, the wireless camera market is expected to show huge growth in coming years. This is why it’s listed in the top dropshipping products list for 2022. It has earned great interest online for over 5 years on Google Trends.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

People consider the automatic foaming soap dispenser the best choice to be used in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, etc. This is because the past hand washing method is easy to breed bacteria. As a result, this auto soap dispenser is highly demanded by customers, and you wouldn’t want to miss including this product in your store.

Screen Protector

The screen is the most sensitive part of a smartphone, and screen protectors have become top items for current and future generations. Google trends show prospective growth in demand for screen protectors. With 3.5 billion people using smartphones, you can easily search and get potential customers for this product.

Bluetooth Headphones

With Apple removing the headphone jack from the newest version of the iPhone, BlueTooth headphones and earphones have become hotcake products. It’s good news for users as they no longer have to struggle with tangled headphone cords. The headphone and earphone market is anticipated to exceed over $150 billion by 2026, and Bluetooth technology fosters that growth. Therefore, it’s undeniable that you should choose Bluetooth headphones as dropshipping products for your store this year.

Mini Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are always bestsellers on summer days. It’s a perfect dropshipping item to sell in countries that have high temperatures. But, what you need to bear in mind is that this product is a seasonal item, and you should do your timing accurately.

Start Selling

The fastest way for you to know what to sell is to look for trending items within a profitable niche and sell them to the right customers through powerful target marketing strategies. Though, there is a wide range of dropshipping products for you to sell in May 2022. Since 10 top dropshipping products have been discussed, if you include them in your store, then you can be sure of a successful dropshipping business.

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Video marketing is one of the most powerful, influential, and effective means of marketing your products and services.  According to a recent survey, about 84% of potential customers are convinced to buy a product after watching an interesting video. But, what makes a great video? You need to include some spicy ingredients in your videos before marketing, to become successful at it. Continue reading to discover some top secrets of super-successful video marketing that will put your dropshipping business or ecommerce business on the path to success.

Upload Interesting Thumbnails

A thumbnail is the first thing that viewers see before clicking your video and should provide them with a brief introduction to what’s coming up. Thumbnails are the best way to grab someone’s attention before your video starts playing. So if you want prospects to get excited about watching, then upload some attractive thumbnails.

A Successful Video Depends On A Good Story

To be super-successful in video marketing, you need to inject storytelling into your videos. As humans, we are wired to crave a story. A story ticks all of the boxes inherent in great marketing. A video with a good story grabs more attention, engagement, and sells than a video that just tries to push a product directly. A video content expressing values like knowledge, information, and concepts attracts more viewers as opposed to promotional videos talking about a product or service directly.

Get Your Logistics in Order

Video marketing is fun once you leverage creativity alongside it. To see the value in the time and effort you’ve invested in it, it’s crucial to set a foundation for success. Define the goals of your video marketing endeavor, outline your video marketing budget, your unique value proposition, and basics like where your video will be hosted and shared. That way, you’ll get a glimpse of being super successful in video marketing.

Know Your Audience, and Speak To Them

It’s no new thing, that people have different interests and preferences, which means you’ll need to tailor your message accordingly. One of the best practices of super-successful video marketing is to know your selected audience and speak to them in a relevant tone. Be sure to deliver a speech through an engaging perspective so as not to let them down!

Grab Your Viewer’s Attention At The Beginning

To be super-successful in video marketing, your videos need a hook. The first few seconds of a video whether a viewer keeps watching or not. 5% of videos keep viewers watching until the relatively end, the average video only retains 37% of viewers from start to finish. So, it’s important to hook viewers in at the beginning of your videos. Intrigue them by showing them a surprising fact or posing a tricky question. Just be creative enough to grab the attention of your audience at the beginning of your videos.

Make Your Videos Mobile-Friendly

According to experts at Facebook, people are 1.5 times more likely to watch a video on a smartphone than on a . With people switching to mobile browsing extensively, videos that are compatible with smartphones and are downloadable on mobiles do better business. It’s a mobile world. Capitalize on this trend by adopting video formats and live video stories popularized by platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This will also help you be successful at video marketing.

Always Optimize For Search

A successful video used for marketing is well optimized for search. Your videos should have a title with the most searched or relevant keywords, tags, and descriptions. As video becomes a more popular web traffic driver, you’ll want to keep up by optimizing your videos. Consider your goals when choosing a hosting platform. Then continue to boost your optimization potential by doing things like adding a video transcript, creating an engaging thumbnail image, and paying attention to the keywords in your video headlines and descriptions.

Collaboration With Brand Ambassadors And Influencers

Peer recommendations over company advertisements are trusted by 90% of people. More than any brand or product claiming itself to be good, what works better is a trusted influencer of the product, service, or brand. 49% of people take recommendations from influencers when purchasing anything. Therefore, collaboration with brand ambassadors and influencers in your niche to increase the reach of your video content will propel you for successful video marketing.

Final Thoughts

In a business world full of, you need to create something extraordinary for your brand or business to outshine others. Following these top 8 secrets of super-successful video marketing for different marketing platforms, you’ll have no problem getting a large customer base that is hungry for what you offer, and ultimately achieve massive success with your business.

Do you need an expert for your video marketing? Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our Video Marketing Services. We have a proven track record of delivering engaging and viral videos for all types of eCommerce video marketing campaigns. Our expert team can help you get the best out of your video marketing endeavors. We guarantee you quality and excellent services.


It’s a known fact that dropshippers need a sourcing agent to get their purchased goods from China for their dropshipping business. Since there are over a million sourcing agents companies in China, choosing the right one might pose difficulties. The penalty of entrusting your dropshipping business to the hands of inexperienced and unreliable China sourcing agents will be upsetting. Therefore, this article will juxtapose two of the leading sourcing agent companies in China – Fulfillman and YaChina Sourcing Agent. Continue reading to determine the best sourcing agent in China to work with among these two companies.


Fulfillman has an unbeatable reputation for providing the best sourcing services for dropshippers that products from China. Let’s dive into some of the reasons why dropshippers prefer their sourcing services to any other sourcing agent.

Leading Dropshipping Software that Simplifies the Process

Fulfillman has the desire to make dropshipping processes easy for their customers. They have one of the best dropshipping software that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on both desktop and mobile devices. With the app, you can carry out your dropshipping business transactions with little or no stress.

Competitive and Pocket-Friendly Rates

Sometimes, Fulfillman offers as much as 5-10% off the prices that are obtainable on other e-commerce or dropshipping platforms. This allows customers to receive great sourcing services at inexpensive rates.

Swift Shipping Services

Swift shipping services are important in every dropshipping business. Noone No one delays when their goods are to be delivered. Note that the Fulfillman Company offers swift shipping services that can deliver your goods quickly.

Round-the-Clock Customer Services and Support

The Fulfillman Company also provides 24/7 customers services and support so that customers can get replies to any questions they have. They also ensure that customers have access to excellent, and prompt support whenever they need them.

Product Branding

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition in the dropshipping space? Then, you need product branding. Fulfillman offers you premium and excellent product branding. Moreover, the product branding services come at a budget friendly price!

Products Quality Control Checks and Evaluation

Fulfillman takes strict quality control checks, to ensure that they are involved with nothing but the top and best products. This allows them to evaluate the products before shipment to ensure you get quality goods.

YaChina Sourcing Agent

YaChina Sourcing Agent is a China sourcing agent company based in the most famous and largest trading city in China, the Yiwu Market. They are likewise one of the most professional sourcing agent partners in China. Let’s get to know some of the services they offer.


YaChina’s team of amazing consultants will work with you one-on-one at your site to create exceptional branding and marketing themes to make your business noticeable in all the right ways. They will help you polish your business’ public face to perfection.


YaChina understands that many entrepreneurs don’t have time to pick up a marketing degree. Meanwhile, YaChina has some marketing programs like content marketing, social media marketing, conversion ratios, etc., that will give you the basics to get the word out there about your business.

Selective Suppliers

YaChina doesn’t just work with any suppliers. They work with quality ones. There are thousands of sellers, direct vendors, and manufacturers in Yiwu Market. It takes over 150 days to visit all the wholesale stalls with only a 1-minute stay at each stall, and that can be quite stressful for you. But with YaChina’s experience, they will help you identify the one with the best quality and value within the shortest time.

On-Time Services

The YaChina Sourcing Agent is also aware that building your business makes might make your schedule crazy. For that reason, their consultants help you to maintain a flexible schedule to meet your needs within your timeframe.


Final Thoughts

Well, the ball is in your court! Since two of the leading sourcing agents in China have been compared, you’ll realize that choosing Fulfillman is highly profitable for your dropshipping business considering the services they offer. They have an unranked record in the dropshipping industry. The excellent record of their services has made them a force to reckon with when it comes to sourcing products from China.

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Dropshipping and Amazon FBA are game-changers for business models, and both strategies are widely considered options for new start-ups. First, let’s understand the concept of dropshipping business and Amazon FBA.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a storage and fulfillment service that allows small businesses to start up quickly and easily. Importantly, dropshipping doesn’t require you to invest massive capital upfront.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon is an eCommerce platform where you can list and sell products, and either dispatch them yourself or through the FBA service.

Having understood these concepts, an eCommerce business needs a certain approach to be successful at it. But how do you know which is best for you to implement? Continue reading to discover some of the differences between dropshipping and Amazon FBA to help you make an informed decision as you prepare to start or expand your enterprise.

Pros of Dropshipping

It’s important to weigh out the pros of both dropshipping against those of Amazon FBA. Below are the pros of dropshipping.

Little Investments

Dropshipping doesn’t require any large capital to start your business. It is affordable and saves you from making huge initial investments that can be a huge burden for many new businessmen.

Fewer Responsibilities

When customers place an order with you on your online store, all you need to do is place the same order with your supplier. Your supplier won’t only prepare the order, but also ship it to your customers, and handle any returns for you.

Saves Time

Though, every business requires time and dedication. With drop shipping, you don’t have to indulge in product packing, shipping process, or managing your inventory. It is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who desire to save time.

Independent Location

Another advantage of dropshipping is that you don’t have to be in a particular area. You can run the transaction of your online store by just remaining in touch with your suppliers and customers.

Cons of Dropshipping

Anything that has an advantage has a disadvantage. Let’s look at some of the cons of dropshipping.

Less Profit Margin

Although dropshipping doesn’t demand a high initial investment, the returns in terms of revenue are comparatively low.

Customer Service Issues

Dropshipping allows you to enjoy a lot of freedom, but when it comes to answering customer concerns, you have to rely on the information provided by your supplier. It is their product and you don’t know whether they described the product accurately or not.

Intense Competition

When it comes to dropshipping, the competition is quite fierce. There are large numbers of dropshippers who are selling the same products as you. Some may even offer these products at a cheaper price while compensating for their profits from elsewhere.

Pros of Amazon FBA

Now you know the pros of dropshipping. Here are some pros of Amazon FBA.

Sufficient Time to Focus and Scale Your Business

Amazon takes care of product packaging and shipping processes for you. It also provides great customer care services. Keeping that in mind, there is nothing much left to do. Hence, you have enough time to focus on scaling your business efficiently.

Successive Goodwill

Amazon FBA allows you to establish a brand name for yourself. Thanks to their goodwill, you will get all the brand recognition you need, and your online store will be able to scale significantly.

Larger Customer Base

Developing a customer base is one of the most difficult tasks that any entrepreneur has to face. Nevertheless, Amazon FBA allows you to enjoy a massive customer base and extract fruitful outcomes.

Returns and Replacement Policies

With Amazon FBA, you don’t have to worry about packaging, shipping, or returns. Customer services are Amazon FBA’s primary task, and they allow you to maintain loyal customers.

Better Profits

For Amazon FBA, the products that you are unable to sell for a good profit margin on your website can be sold at higher prices there.

Cons of Amazon FBA

There are cons associated with Amazon FBA as well. Let’s juxtapose some of them against the cons of dropshipping to make an informed decision.

No Documentation of Inventory

Unfortunately, your unsold products get accumulated. It might become large enough that you won’t be able to maintain proper documentation of your stock.

High Competition

Undeniably, Amazon’s FBA program is full of competitors. You won’t be able to take sole advantage of FBA. Many business people are selling the same products as you. So, it might be difficult to compete with experienced entrepreneurs.

Blind Dependency

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do if Amazon FBA decides to change its regulations, and remove your store from its platform.

No Direct Contact with Customers

Amazon FBA has a grip over the entire record of your customers. Even if you wish to sell the same products to the same customers, you can’t do that because you are dependent on Amazon.

Large Capital

You won’t be able to start your online business with Amazon FBA if you don’t have a large amount of capital. Also, you need to pay a fixed amount to them to avail of their services.


The main difference between dropshipping and Amazon FBA is stock possession. When you are dropshipping, you don’t own any merchandise and act as a middleman between suppliers and customers. Meanwhile, when using Amazon’s FBA program, you have to invest in merchandise and store it in Amazon’s warehouse. In return, Amazon takes care of all your shipments and returns.

Which of them should you go for? Well, it’s simple. If you’re just starting your online business then opt for the dropshipping business model. It comparatively provides more perks than Amazon’s FBA program. If you are already running an online business, and wish to further scale, then opt for Amazon FBA.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.


On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. It has undoubtedly been a huge shock to the global economy and trade since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Considering that these two are major exporting countries, this conflict will have short-term and long-term effects on dropshipping business and shipping costs of products as well. Even though it’s hard to predict how the situation will develop, here are some effects on dropshipping business and shipping costs due to the escalation between Russia and Ukraine.

Supply Chain Disruption

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic was already greatly complicating the supply chain from the beginning to the end, starting with the fact that it stopped the extraction of raw materials and the production of manufactured goods. Now let’s add that Russia is the leading producer of metals such as palladium and nickel, and the third-largest exporter of steel globally, to which we can add construction materials and machinery.

As for Ukraine, it is one of the largest exporters in the area of sunflower oils, agricultural feed, and fertilizers. By the time trade was reactivated simultaneously around the world, China found itself unable to meet global demand. In a way, we can say that this role as the world’s largest manufacturer has caused it to generate a very important collapse.

Unstable Logistics

Closely related to the previous point, logistics simply could not absorb the volume of shipments being generated. There weren’t enough ships, and road transport was also stretched to the limit. Hence the famous container crisis. With the ripple effect between these two countries in full swing, dropshipping businesses will be faced with two additional circumstances that everything even further:

Airspace and Road Closures: the international community has chosen to close Ukraine’s airspace, where the fighting is taking place, and also vetoed Russian airlines over its territories. Commercial flights are disappearing, and roads are impassable.

The Energy Crisis: While China is one of the largest manufacturers, Russia is the largest distributor of oil and gas to Europe (40% of that consumed in Europe). All this war has had a determining influence on the price of fuel and this makes absolutely everything more costly, an increase that is passed on to the end customer because it is unaffordable for many margins, this reduces consumption.

Higher Costs of Both Products and Shipping

Affected by the rise in international crude oil prices, the adjustment of China-Europe routes, and the shortage of shipping capacity, even if the conflict ends soon, the lifting of sanctions may take longer. And detour options time, this means that shipping costs of products will rise in near future. Energy shortages will likewise inevitably happen all over the world. Changes in demand and supply will lead to tax increases, which means that the cost of materials manufactured by factories will increase, resulting in higher costs and reduced production capacity.

Borrowing Cost

The ripple effect could boater inflation worldwide. The U.S Federal Reserve has already increased rates, but rising prices from the war will likely increase them further. This will in turn drive up borrowing costs for dropshipping businesses and consumers. Therefore, dropshippers should review their lines of credit to understand the impact of these hikes.

Shipping Routes Disruption

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has disrupted key rail routes to some countries like Europe, which operate via China. Some companies have also suspended rail freight due to concerns over disruptions at the borders. Though there could be alternative routes for drop shipping businesses seeking to reroute shipments from Russia, these routes are already facing significant delays.

Bottom line

One way to defend your dropshipping business against price fluctuations when importing is to always stock up in advance. Also, consider importing alternatives for a while, that will give you more time to decide what steps to take next. Right now, it’s hard to say what the Ukraine-Russia conflict will bring, and a lot depends on how long it lasts. At the moment, all you can do is stay safe and prepare your supply chain for any instance.


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Are you looking for ways to get more customers and sales for your dropshipping business? You need to have great marketing strategies for your dropshipping store to be successful. This is because you’re not the only person selling your products online. So you need to make yours stand out. Continue reading to discover some effective dropshipping marketing tips to boost your sales.

 Add Customers Reviews to Your Site

Customers are often skeptical when they find a new dropshipping store, and they need to be sure about the quality of the products before making a purchase decision. This is why reviews are so important. It helps customers to build trust. Having positive reviews available makes it much easier for customers to quickly buy from you.

Focus on Retargeting Customers

97% of visitors on your dropshipping site won’t purchase anything on their first visit. Instead of just hoping for sales from the remaining 3%, and focusing your marketing efforts on gaining new traffic, you should be retargeting all those people who have been on your site. Retargeting is when you display relevant ads and marketing content to visitors who have been on your site but didn’t take any actions. These ads appear on other sites after visitors have left your store. After visitors have been retargeted, there would be a 70% better chance of them becoming your customers, and then increasing your sales.

Leverage On Email Marketing

Email marketing is also an effective dropshipping marketing tip that offers a great return on investments. This tip can be used to retain customers, and inspire new customers to make a purchase. With the right email marketing tool, you can also create custom email lists based on your customers’ past actions. This allows you to send relevant updates and special offers to them, thereby boosting your sales.

Optimize Your Social Media Handles

Another effective dropshipping marketing tip to boost sales is social media marketing. Choose the best channels for your business, focus on two or three channels, and give these channels the attention they deserve. Visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram work well to highlight your products. Create clear social media goals, and choose the platforms that support this. Developing your social media with writing, photos, and video is an excellent way to show your products in action. This will help build up more viewers leading to more customers, and more sales.

Find Important Communities Online and Join Them

If you want to get customers, then you need to know where they are. One of the best ways to do this is to join appropriate online communities and connect with them. Joining relevant communities on business platforms like Linkedin will help you reach your exact customers. It’s an excellent space to get your brand out there, answer your audience’s questions, and build up authority within your niche. Then, you’ll be on your way to making massive sales.

Improve Your Product Photographs

Your product photo is essential piece customers look at to decide, whether to click on a product or just scroll past. According to studies by Justuno, 93% of customers consider visual appearance the major factor in purchasing anything. Photos play a big role in converting impressions into sales, as people consume visual content more than written content. This means that depending on how your product photos look, determine the number of potential customers you will have, and the number of sales you will make. Therefore, make it a must to have beautiful product photographs if you want to boost your sales.

Consider Video Marketing

84% of consumers are convinced to buy a product after watching a brand’s video. Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to attract customers’ attention and get more people interested in what you sell. This is relevant when it comes to physical products. You can use video to show how your dropshipping products can be used in real life. This will help to engage your audience and build trust. A study on dropshipping business reveals that using product videos increases sales by 144%. So, don’t sleep on using videos to market your products.

Get Help from Influencers or Brand Ambassadors

49% of people say that they take recommendations from influencers when deciding what products to buy. Getting influencers for your product is one big way to increase sales. These are people who have a huge presence on social media platforms. You can collaborate with them, and they will be promoting your brand/product to their audience. The value in this is because they’ve worked hard to build an audience that knows, likes, and trusts them, if they recommend a product to their audience, their audience is going to listen to their recommendation, and potentially buy your product, helping you to boost your sales.

Use Upselling and Cross-Marketing to Increase Your Sales

The cost of acquiring new customers and generating new sales is a lot higher than upselling to existing customers. There’s also a much better chance of selling to people who already trust your brand, than selling to a completely new audience. Upselling and cross-marketing allow you to make the most of every dropshipping transaction. These processes encourage impulse buys, which can boost your sales in a big way.


Getting dropshipping the right way requires a lot of dedication and the right marketing tactics. Make a concerted effort to follow the tips that have been listed above, and you will be on your way to boosting your sales and setting your dropshipping business up for success. In case you will like to know more about our services, contact us today at Fulfillman. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. An amazing experience awaits you.

ePacket delivery is one of the most popular, amazing shipping methods offered by merchants from China and Hong Kong, on top ecommerce and dropshipping websites like eBay, AliExpress, Fulfillman, and However, the ePacket shipment is not limited to just these. For good reason, it’s one of the best options for international shipping.

Furthermore, ePacket delivery started as a quick and low-cost shipping solution for conventional and dropshipping companies shipping items to over 40 countries. Those countries that have access to ePacket delivery such as the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, etc. are constantly growing. This is not surprising considering the huge benefits of using ePacket delivery. Continue reading to discover 7 amazing benefits of using ePacket delivery.

Quick Delivery

Every potential customer wants their package to get to them as fast as possible. Previously, products purchased from China were shipped by sea,  making a delivery take over two months. Now, unlike other standard methods that take several months, ePacket delivery ensures that most orders are delivered within 3 to 4 weeks. With ePacket delivery, you rest assured that your packages arrive sooner; it helps maintain your business’ positive relationship with your customers, both new and returning.


International shipping is extremely costly. If you want to ship from one country to another, you might pay $50 to $100 to get it delivered. No one wants to pay that, especially when the product costs lower than the delivery fees. ePacket delivery significantly reduces these costs so that customers aren’t slammed with a high delivery fee. It has lower shipping rates, so you can price your products more competitively.

Door-to-door ePacket Tracking

One of the benefits of using ePacket delivery is its tracking facility through official websites like USPS, EMS, China Post, or It can be worrisome to keep track of all your parcels, especially when shipping a large number of products at once. Customs, foreign postal services, and other barriers might hinder the tracking of any single product, let alone a large amount. But with ePacket tracking information, you can know the location of your delivery. It prevents any concerns regarding scams, if say, a package isn’t delivered within the given time frame.

Free Returns On Any Undeliverable Products

Another amazing benefit of using ePacket delivery is the sense of security of customers from knowing that any undeliverable product is returned, without any additional cost. This helps maintain trust between merchants and customers, as the online merchants will be able to provide refunds also on any packages that were not successfully delivered to customers.

Postal Customs Payment

If any of your products go through customs or are required to pay extra taxes, the recipient of that delivery is responsible for the payments. Although this might not happen on all of your products, you won’t be required to pay any unexpected fees after your products from China are delivered.

More Sales and Profits

You’re not going to be able to compete in terms of shipping times compared to large marketplaces like Amazon. However many people realize that some products only come from China. Many customers probably know that a merchant that offers ePacket delivery is going to deliver their package much faster. Therefore, you should see higher conversions if you are selling products from China by using ePacket. Customers want instant gratification so, reducing shipping times will only help you to make more sales and more profits.


Most people like online shopping and that is why e-commerce businesses are booming. Imagine if you had the possibility of receiving the goods you bought online within a few days, and with the lowest delivery cost. Sounds like a “mission impossible”, right? Well, with ePacket, these services are possible. They are almost always faster compared to other international shipping options, their shipping costs are much lower, and you would be able to make your customers happier by providing them options for interesting products they can’t buy elsewhere.


You may have been hearing, or may not have heard about these ePacket delivery options in the recent past. Hopefully, this article has allowed you to know about it, learn more about it, and understand if ePacket would be beneficial for your online business or not. ePacket delivery has consistently integrated customers globally. It has offered convenient, reliable, and efficient delivery for more than 10 years. Now that you are well-informed of the 7 amazing benefits of using ePacket delivery, the choice is yours to use it!

For more information about us or if you will like to know more about the products and services we provide, give us a call today at Fulfillman. We provide a wide range of services including Drop Shipping services, China sourcing, Warehouse fulfillment, Third Party Logistics, Product Photography, and many more. Our trusted professional team will be on ground to speak with you and discuss your available options. With us, you are certain to get quality and excellent services that give 100% customer satisfaction.


What to sell is one of the biggest questions you’ll be asking yourself when building your dropshipping business. How do some dropshippers end up making 6-7 figures while others have big, fat zero? It boils down to having winning products.

A winning product is a product that is consistently profitable on purchase conversion on any platform you are optimizing for purchase. They are products that are different, unique, solve human problems, and have no advertising restrictions.

In this article, we will answer a common dropshipping FAQ: “How can I find winning products?” Continue reading to unveil the step-by-step guide that teaches how to find the best dropshipping products in 2022 to make a real living out of your dropshipping business and online store.


This might sound quite simple, but you have to start somewhere. So, get a piece of paper and a pen, and write down everything that pops into your mind. It can be products you are passionate about, trending products, products that you use, or products that you saw on your socials lately. If you need inspiration, browse other popular shops and check out Amazon’s bestseller list or go to see products that are listed on Oberlo’s what to sell list. Try to get a wide range of products. This will assist you to get a feeling of which niches work, and which don’t for your dropshipping business.

Check Out Trending Products

For you to find winning products, you’ve got to find products that are trending. Once you do that, you will be able to establish a store before your competition does, and become a leader in that niche. You’ll have the services and expertise ready when customers are looking for it. A good sources to find these products are Amazon, Google Trends, Cool Hunting, Treadhunter, etc. Amazon is the Google of the e-commerce or dropshipping world.

According to the data from eMarketer, Jeff Bezos’ empire controls almost 40% of US e-commerce. Therefore, it only makes sense to look at this platform for product trends. As for Google Trends, it will give you the perfect idea of how popular a product at the moment is, and how much potential there is for future sales.

Narrow Down Your Ideas

By now, you would have a long list of great ideas for your dropshipping. Unfortunately, not all the items are suitable for this type of business model. That’s why you have to sort them out and find the best ones. You can do this by checking out “What’s Hot on eBay?” on eBay Watch Count. That way, you’ll be able to filter out unnecessary ones and get a glimpse of the ones that would work out.


This depends on the market you are selling your products. While a 50 USD product might not be expensive in Australia, it might be a lot of money in India. Expensive products might make more profit per unit. Meanwhile, you need to put in the effort to sell them. On the other hand, cheap products often have a way better conversion rate, but you might not make much profit. So, you have to find the sweetest spot in the middle, by playing around a bit, and see what works best for you. Find out at what price you have a good conversion, cover all your costs, and make enough profit. I suggest you start with a profit margin of 25% to 50% per product. That should make enough to re-invest and shouldn’t make it too hard to sell the product.

Shipment Criteria

Try to keep it as simple as possible. Winning products are easy to ship. Do yourself a favor by making sure your products are fairly easy to ship. Consider the size and weight of your products when narrowing down your list. If they are hard to pack and expensive to ship, your customers will not be too happy about paying extra for them. Customers love free deliveries and want their order(s) to get to them as fast as possible.


Finding a winning product for your dropshipping business requires you to get a reliable supplier. So, before you create a detailed plan for your product, do your research and contact potential manufacturers or retailers. Check their pricing and logistic conditions. See if you can get reviews about them to find out how reliable they are. You can use platforms like Oberlo and AliExpress. They are popular and have high-quality products you can choose from.


The key to building a successful dropshipping business is selling niche products that are trending. From all that was discussed, you will discover that the main secret ingredient to finding winning products comes down to research. If your goal is to find and sell winning products, you need to do your homework well, do some competitor research, and monitor what customers are talking about online. By paying attention to all these, you’ll inch closer to finding high-performing winning products for your dropshipping business.

For more information about our services, contact us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent and top class Dropshipping Services, Warehouse Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. An amazing experience awaits you.