Branding: How to Improve Sales and Engage Customers with Brand Storytelling

April 28, 2021 DesigneCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

Everyone loves a good story. We all love the entertainment that it offers. Plus, a good story provides a great opportunity for the storyteller and the listeners to bond. Brand storytelling provides an amazing way to help customers connect with your business.

A wise man once observed that “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell.” And true to form, if you took the time to study the strategy of some of the best marketers, you’d find that they have all incorporated great brand storytelling.

Businesses that are in the know are constantly looking to maintain customer loyalty and engagement via brand storytelling. That’s why we have come up with some tips on how you can optimize brand storytelling for your business.

Know What Matters to Your Customers

As much as you are looking to market your brand via brand stories, it would be best to make your CUSTOMER the focus of your brand storytelling. And to do that, you need to know what matters to them. What are their values, beliefs, desires, motivations, and experiences? In essence, what do your target customers relate to? What do they care about the most? What are their pain points, and how do you plan on addressing them?

The answers to these questions will create the right foundation for brand storytelling that increases customer engagement.

Humanize Your Story

What is the point of a story that people can’t relate to? Now that you know what matters to your customers, the next point is to humanize your brand story. By this, we mean that you should give your stories some personality that your customers can relate to.

Let your brand stories have a face. Let your customers feel that they could easily be the characters that the brand stories are about. At the same time, try to make the stories fun and engaging enough to create an emotional connection with your customers.

Another way to humanize your brand storytelling is to encourage your customers to offer user-generated content. Get them to tell their own stories and the impact of using your products and services.

Be Honest and Genuine

Much as you are looking to create relatable content, ensure that your brand stories are genuine stories about your identity, what you offer, and how you intend to go about it. You can’t afford to offer fake brand stories. At a point, the stories become inconsistent, and you might lose your customers’ trust. Always be honest and genuine about your brand stories.

Craft a Great Origin Story

An origin story sheds light on who you are, how your business started, the milestones covered in the course of the journey, why you are in business, the target audience you’re trying to help, how you intend to go about it, and the next destination in your journey.

A great origin story should answer let prospective clients understand why you are in business, how you are different from other businesses in your industry and why they should patronize you. It should relate to your business values, mission, and vision.

Incorporate Great Visuals

Great visuals add a lot of value to your brand storytelling because people process and remember visuals much better than they do text. So while taking the time and effort to create a brand story, remember to incorporate some great visuals to make your brand storytelling a lot more robust and catchy enough. A good idea of visuals to use in your brand stories in lifestyle imagery. This kind of visuals uses your team, customers, and loyal fans to showcase your products and services. It is a great way to emotionally connect with your audience.

Keep Your Stories Simple and Short

People on the internet have a short attention span, so for your brand stories to be effective, keep them short, simple, and straight to the point always. You are not trying to win a Nobel Prize in literature so do away with plot twists and the other elements of the best novels. Focus on giving your readers short snippets of everything about you without losing the charm of a great brand story.

Promote Your Brand Stories Online

The best way to get your brand storytelling out there is to promote it online. You want to try several online platforms like social media, websites, emails, online forums, and marketing channels too.


Your business will be a lot better with a brand story that captures the essence of your business and what you have to offer. It puts you out there as a brand that people should do business with because you understand their needs and know the best way to meet those needs. When well-executed, a brand story generates enough emotional appeal and credibility in your target audience to increase sales and improve customer engagement.

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