The world is yet to recover from the devastating effect of COVID-19, and the second wave is ravaging many countries again. Even as vaccination starts in different countries, we know it will take a while for most economies to recover. What could be the fate of new dropshipping businesses? Dropshipping is not like any other business model. It is arguably the easiest type of business to start in these trying times. While starting a dropshipping in 2021 may be easy, achieving success can be tougher. Here, we will discuss how you can start and make meaningful progress in dropshipping this year.

Take Your Time to Choose the Right Niche and Selling Platform

One of the biggest determinants of success in dropshipping is finding the right niche. There are several profitable niches, but you have to choose a niche and market you can penetrate. Take your time to choose a profitable niche that interests you. Research properly and make consultations if necessary.

You also need to choose a suitable dropshipping platform for your business in 2021. The right platform for you will depend on a number of factors, including your niche and location. You should research different platforms before carefully choosing the best one for you.

Sell In-Demand Products

As mentioned earlier, the coronavirus pandemic affected different economies in numerous negative ways. Several people lost their jobs. Many business owners also suffered losses due to lockdowns in many places. The implication is that many people can’t spend on frivolities.

Take time to research products you know will be in demand in 2021. You can check trends to see what is working in the niche you have chosen. When you sell in-demand products, you can sustain your business, irrespective of the general economic situation.

Choose Your Suppliers Carefully

Your suppliers are your biggest partners in your dropshipping business. You have to be very selective of your suppliers because their actions and inactions will affect how you run our business. Your choice of suppliers will also affect your customers and your business reputation.

While choosing suppliers, make sure they are reputable. You also need to choose suppliers that have the capacity to grow with your business. In order words, they should have the capacity to meet your demands when your business starts growing fast. You should also build a real relationship with sourcing agents.

Invest In an Optimized Dropshipping Website

Some people erroneously downplay the importance of optimized websites in dropshipping. You should never do this as dropshipping has become more competitive. You will be competing with established dropshippers in your chosen niche, and a poor website will jeopardize your chances.

Simple website design is highly recommended. You should also ensure that your website is easily navigable. It should also be fast. Make it super-easy for your customers to find what they want and checkout seamlessly.

Be Smart with Digital Marketing

This is 2021: you need to be very smart with digital marketing. Gone are the days people wasted money on unproductive advertising. For your dropshipping business to succeed, you will need to advertise smartly.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to build an audience and grow your dropshipping customer base. Identify the appropriate platform for your niche and make good use of it. Depending on your niche, influencer marketing can also help.

Build Up Your Customer Trust

This is probably the most important aspect of building a dropshipping business amid the pandemic. You can’t afford to lose your earliest customers, and that will be determined by the quality of your products and your approach to customer support.

To build up your customer trust, source your products from the best manufacturers. This requires working with reputable suppliers, as mentioned earlier. You should also be transparent with your pricing. Again, engage with your customers and keep them informed about good and bad developments. Inform them in time when there will be a delay and give them all the support they need.

Embrace Automation Once Your Business Starts Growing

If you do the right things, your dropshipping business can pick up and grow tremendously this year. The previous tips we’ve discussed will set you up for real growth. When you start seeing the growth, it is important that you automate as much as you can to meet the needs of your growing customer base.

Dropshipping automation comes in different ways. There are emerging technologies that help make the business easier. While you shouldn’t be in haste, try to automate any process as soon as you feel the need to do that.


It is possible to start a dropshipping business in 2021; forget what the naysayers will say. It is also possible to succeed in dropshipping amid the pandemic. The tips here can help you to a great extent. When you start the right way and keep in touch with trends, your dropshipping business can grow beyond your expectations. When this happens, automate and continue to follow trends.

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In the early days, dropshipping was clearly an easy and rewarding business model. Today, it is still rewarding but has become quite tougher. Ecommerce entrepreneurs and dropshippers, specifically, have to do more to succeed. And one of the most important things to do is to build a brand. Building a brand for your dropshipping business goes beyond coming up with a mission statement, creating a logo, and other similar petty moves. Yes, these things are parts of branding, but you have to dig deeper if you want results. Here, we will discuss eight ways to build a brand for your dropshipping business.

Research Your Target Market Even Further

What do you want to dropship, and who do you intend to sell to? These are some of the most important questions you will have to answer before starting your dropshipping business. You will have to be more detailed with your answers if you want to brand your business appropriately and make it big in your niche. Take time to research the market you are going into, as well as the people you will soon be calling customers. Keep every piece of information you find handy as you will need them every step of your effort.

Decide On a Brand Voice

Consistency is one of the most important ingredients of good branding, and you need to start in the early days to lay the foundations. There is a great need for you to define your brand voice as early as possible. This is going to be the tone, the attitude, and the entirety of your communication style with your potential customers. Your brand voice will determine most other branding elements. It will determine the language and tone in your product description, as well as how you respond to messages from customers and engage them on socials and other platforms.

Make Your Business Name Memorable

This is where most people pay serious attention to their branding efforts. Almost anyone can tell you that a catchy name is important for any business undertaking. Here, we are going to advise that you go for a business name that is memorable. This doesn’t mean a catchy name is not good. Of course, catchy names will attract more customers, but it takes a memorable name to stick to the minds of the potential customers and make them identify your brand wherever it is mentioned. It is also best that your business name makes it fairly obvious what you are going to be dropshipping.

Get a Professionally Designed Logo

Creating a logo is not a big deal. Even kids in elementary schools can create good-looking logos. However, the problem is that you don’t really need a good-looking logo. Good look is important, but there are other details to pay attention to. Your logo should be distinctive and easy to recognize. Just like your business name, the logo needs to be memorable so that your customers will recognize your brand anywhere and anytime. This is why it is important to get a professional graphic designer to work on your logo. The money you will pay for it will be worth it.

Choose Your Color Design Carefully

When it comes to your dropshipping store, color selection is very important. Some erroneously assume that the color is just for aesthetic appeal. There is a psychological side to the use of color, and you need to know it and apply it while choosing your colors. Remember that this is part of your branding efforts and that you must get it right at this stage. If you are not so sure about colors and the roles they can play in your business and brand, speak with a knowledgeable individual while making the decisions.

Pick Your Fonts Carefully

This is one aspect of building dropshipping websites that people don’t take too seriously, and it affects user experience, which will directly affect branding in many negative ways. To avoid making things complicated and confusing for your website visitors, pick not more than two fonts: one for heading and the other for regular text. Of course, this has nothing to the font used in your logo.

Take Good Care Of Your Customers

When you get other things right and fall in this one, you can’t really have a successful business. The idea of branding is to improve the visibility of your dropshipping business and make it attractive to your potential customers. When the customers start coming, you need to take good care of them and their needs in order to keep them coming back. Make customer satisfaction your priority, and things will be a lot easier.

Share Your Story

Your story is an essential part of your branding efforts and must be treated as such.  Building a brand story is important. That is one of the keys to connecting with your customers. It is important to tell your brand story in a manner that builds trust. Tell your customers what you stand for and what you care about, among other things. Tell your story wildly to appeal to more potential customers and take your brand to the next level.

Branding is super-important for a dropshipping business. We have discussed some important ways to get started and build a brand for your business. We hope this piece helps you make the right decisions and succeed in dropshipping.

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Dropshipping has become a competitive business model. We can say that this is one of the disadvantages of making so many people understand the viability of the model and the potentials. With many people coming in, the competition is going to get tougher in 2021.

As we have always stated, succeeding in dropshipping is not just about being innovative. It is more about recognizing trends and taking advantage of them. Here, we will briefly discuss eight trends to expect in 2021 and how they can be helpful to your business.

Normalization of Omni-Channel Shopping

One of the secrets of success in dropshipping is making it easy for customers to buy what they want. Currently, the most progressive way to do that is to offer shoppers a seamless and consistent experience across channels and devices. This is what omnichannel retail entails. Customers are generally ready for omnichannel shopping; it is left for dropshippers to optimize their systems for omnichannel retail. Make it super-easy for customers to buy with their mobile devices, just as they can with their PCs. Creating a mobile app or a PWA will be very helpful.

The Rise of Voice Shopping

Voice assisted devices have become more popular in the last few years. They have also started creeping into the online shopping space, and we know that there will be a sharp rise in their roles in ecommerce and dropshipping in particular. In 2021, more and more people will rely on Amazon Echo, Alexa, and Google Home to do most things, including searching for relevant products and shopping. Dropshippers who are ready for this will enjoy the advantages. To enjoy the benefits, dropshippers will need to optimize their websites for voice search.

Touch-Friendly Websites

It is no longer a secret: many people are now shopping with their mobile devices. Optimizing your website for mobile search can help, but you can improve users’ experience by making the website touch-friendly. You may need to make some significant changes to your website to align with the way mobile phones are used. You may have to make your website buttons bigger. It will also help to get your calls-to-action (CTAs) in the ‘thumb zone.’ The aim is to ensure that the website layout is in a manner that maximizes the natural flow of the human thumb.

Increased AI Deployment

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in ecommerce is not so new. AI technologies have been used for different things in ecommerce websites, and we know there will be a sharp rise in its deployment by dropshippers. Some had done a lot of integrations in the past couple of years, and it is evident that the moves have been rewarding. There are many wonderful things AI can do for your dropshipping website and your customers. It can offer personalized guidance for your customers, helping them find exactly what they want on your within a short time and without any headache. While improving user experience, AI will help you sell more.

Simpler Website Layout and Design

There are so many advantages of having a simple website layout, and many dropshippers are beginning to understand better. A simpler website layout loads easily. This is one quality that consumers want. Consumers also want a website that is easy to navigate. This is another big advantage simple layout and design offers your website. Single-column layout, eliminating the use of banners, and using fewer high-resolution images are often recommended. We will see more of these changes in 2021.

Social Media Marketing Domination

For years, social media has been the champion of all advertising platforms. This is not about to change. There will be minor changes in terms of how dropshippers and marketers will advertise through social media, but we believe it will dominate other digital marketing options. We also believe that many advertisers will try some of the newer, trendy platforms like TikTok. Influencer marketing will continue to make waves.

New Payment Options

Earlier, we talked about the need to mark buying seamless for dropshipping customers. This is another trend we foresee will make that possible. Dropshippers will enable different payment options to attract customers. Those who have limited options for payments will lose out in the long run. The use of digital wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal will definitely increase in the dropshipping domain.

Optimized Checkout

Express checkout is currently one of the biggest trends in ecommerce, and it is going for an improvement in 2021. Most dropshippers will optimize their checkout system to take advantage of impulse purchases. It is important to ensure that the final process of checkout in your dropshipping site is less than three taps. It should be easy and trusted for your customers to keep coming back.

Dropshipping can be very lucrative when done the right way. One of the keys to succeeding is knowing trends and following them appropriately. The eight trends discussed here can make a difference in 2021. Take them seriously, and you may achieve a lot more than your expectations.

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Ever since its establishment some 25 years ago, Amazon has grown to become a force to be reckoned with in the eCommerce industry. With the continual increase in its popularity, more sellers continue to expand their businesses on the platform. As a seller on Amazon, you can improve your income from product sales on Amazon FBA. Follow the tips mentioned below to maximize your income with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Optimize Your Listings for SEO and Include High-Quality Images

First, you have to adhere to the Amazon SEO algorithm and attract customers with your product listings. Make sure you optimize these listings for keyword relevance. Also, ensure that you properly specify your brand name and product features, such as color, size, and material. Highlight the salient features and uses of the product.

Use High-Quality Images Only

When using Amazon FBA, high quality imagery is vital to promoting your brand and your brand’s products. As such, endeavor to use professional photography in order to entice your audience and prompt them to purchase your product. If you, however, can’t get a professional photographer, you can take the images yourself by doing the following:

  • Capture the images with as much natural light as you can get. If you shoot the product closer to a window, it will produce an image with soft light and dark, soft shadows. If you shoot farther away from the window, it produces a more even image with light and brighter shadows.
  • Avoid using flash ad configure your white balance to auto.
  • Always use a tripod, even if you are shooting with a smartphone. This will prevent the device from shaking while you are capturing the images.
  • Use either a white or a light-neutral backdrop. This will provide a seamless background that enables the product to stand out.
  • Aim to produce between two and three high-quality images from different angles.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Promote and market your products on any platform that has potential customers that can patronize you. If you are doing this already, kudos to you. If not, do not restrict yourself to amazon alone. Identify the platforms where you can find a host of potential customers. Examples of these are eBay, Etsy, and PPC ads.

You should also look at affiliate marketing on blogs, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. The most important thing to note when marketing your products on multiple channels is the right channel to invest in. If one doesn’t bring profitable returns, stop putting effort in it and channel it to one bringing much reward.

Since there is no one-size-fits-all technique for investing in marketing platforms, try to approach each platform independently. This will be a great investment for your Fulfillment by Amazon.

Get Reviews and Work with Them

Most customers trust the reviews they read on products since they are personal recommendations from people who have used them. When you receive positive reviews from verified sources, it will improve your brand’s trustworthiness.

Unfortunately, buyers rarely leave reviews after they purchase products online. To circumvent this, use review programs like the Amazon vine program to see how you can improve and boost your sales. Note that seller feedbacks and product reviews enable you to improve your product’s ranking.

Maximize Your Advertising Options

To increase sales on Amazon FBA, it is imperative that you use sponsored ads. This involves creating a strong strategy to increase your presence on the platform without having to worry about keyword optimization. To become a successful seller on Amazon, you have to effectively balance both the manual and automatic campaigns through various PPC strategies. You’ll find that Amazon ads enable you to convert traffic at different points of the sales funnel. However, you have to use it properly.

Effective Inventory Management

If you can stock up your inventory, it will increase your organic ranking on Fulfillment by Amazon. In the past few years, it has become more valuable and relevant to manage your warehouse and inventory. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of warehouses in the United States has increased by up to 6.8% in the past five years alone.

Handling your warehouse and inventory management alone is time-consuming and can result in errors. You can make the task easier by automating it using appropriate inventory management software. This will enable you to improve your operations and ensure efficiency.

Adhere to the Rules and Terms of Service of Amazon

One of the biggest challenges sellers face on the Amazon FBA platform is account suspension. To avoid having your account suspended, endeavor to stay up to date with the rules and terms of service of the platform. This will also ensure that your account remains in good health.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a vital metric that renders your business more valuable on Fulfillment by Amazon. This is because the platform prioritizes customer communication and satisfaction metrics as they ensure customers have positive experiences. In your Amazon seller account, navigate to the Account health section to see an overview of the customer satisfaction metrics that you have to work on.

There you have it! Above are some essential tips to help maximize your income with Amazon FBA. Fulfillment by Amazon provides opportunities for several ecommerce business owners to leverage on the Amazon platform. On a general note, if you can focus on the aforementioned aspects, you’ll be able to increase customer satisfaction and enhance your profits on the platform.

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When eCommerce began, it was fairly limited in terms of operability and capabilities. Over the years, however, it has revolutionized retail. If you own an eCommerce brand, you have to stay ahead of the curve to gain more traction and generate more traffic. With how eCommerce trends and changes are continuous in this industry, that means you have to stay up to date with the new eCommerce trends in the industry.

Why Should You Watch Out for Trends?

If there is one thing you can be sure of in the eCommerce industry, it is that it increases in competitiveness. As a result, you have to be innovative to remain competitive. Even if your brand has grown in recent times, you cannot afford to slack. Being aware of trends and incorporating them into your business will ensure you are not left behind.

As we look toward 2021, there are a number of eCommerce trends you should take note of. Analyze and adopt these trends as early as you can and your business will grow as a result. These trends are discussed below.

Online Sales Will Grow beyond B2C Products

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in 2020 caused businesses to rapidly expand their digital efforts. It also prompted consumers to rely more on purchasing their necessary items through eCommerce.

This resulted in an expansion of the range of goods available for sale through it. As such, you can now buy groceries, furniture, and vehicle parts among others via eCommerce. Although this purchasing habit will slow down when everything returns to normal, it is not likely to stop. Instead, it is projected to pick up pace again, although at a later time.

Offline eCommerce

It is not news that eCommerce is rapidly expanding, especially since eCommerce businesses make sales that rival traditional retail businesses these days.

Despite this, there is a growing trend to take eCommerce stores offline to connect with the high streets. Hence, more and more operators are building pop-up shops, brick and mortar stores, and interactive eCommerce kiosks.

There is no bigger illustration of this than Amazon; its chain of physical convenience stores is sprouting up all over the country.

Artificial Intelligence Customer Sourcing

Artificial intelligence is currently used in the eCommerce Industry to make smart product recommendations. Businesses also use it to respond to customer queries and enhance product visualization.

In 2021, AI is bound to find new applications. For instances, it be deployed to source for new customers. With intelligent algorithms, businesses will be able to analyze current trends while factoring in their products, sales channels, buyer and consumer behaviors.

As a result, they will be better able to identify the best time, prices, and channels to list their products. This will ultimately boost sales and enhance profits.


Also known as second-hand commerce, ReCommerce will experience a resurgence in 2021. This is primarily because consumers are increasingly being motivated by durability and sustainability rather than price. As such, the second-hand sale of sustainable and luxurious items will run rampant in the industry. You can key into this opportunity by creating your own reCommerce platform.

Improved Customization

Several businesses currently allow you to customize every part of the product you want to purchase. Using Nike as a case study, you can now customize every aspect of your Nike Airs, down to the script on the back.

While product customization isn’t new to trading, providing this personalization last-minute and at an affordable cost is. This basically uses 3D printing which is gradually becoming more common as it becomes more affordable.

Peer-to-Peer Platforms and Rentals

The eCommerce industry faces a huge returns problem, with customers returning a vast number of products they purchased from them. While some consumers return these items in perfect conditions, others do not. The reason is that some of them use these items to take pictures for their social media before deeming it fit for a return.

To circumvent these while maintaining the growth of P2P platforms, several companies are venturing into rental eCommerce. This involves renting items, such as clothing, electronics or furniture, to customers. This not only reduces returns, it also increases audience base.

eCommerce Logistics

Another growing eCommerce trend to watch out for in 2021, is an increased use of smart sensors, blockchain tracking, autonomous deliveries and other such features. This will save costs, increase the speed of product deliveries, and improve efficiency.

Shoppable Ads

eCommerce brands are already getting value by placing ads in stories of specific social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat. There is bound to be an increase in this in 2021. The fact that more social media apps are incorporating stories on their platforms will contribute to this increment.

Besides, shoppable ads will be available on smart TVs, thereby placing your products directly in your audience’s eyes. You should adopt this trend because it will make it easier for customers to purchase your products, and also because not doing will lose you major ground.

Smart Home Assistants

Smart home assistants are highly useful for turning off the lights and playing our favorite songs. Interestingly, they are also getting involved in the eCommerce industry.

At the moment, only about 20% of people with home assistants use them for shopping activities, such as ordering products, tracking deliveries, creating reminders, etc. This figure will increase in 2021 and you can improve your brand by optimizing it for voice search as well.


2020 is a year that no one will forget, especially eCommerce business owners, as it presented several growth opportunities. 2021, on the other hand, will be the year to ride on these opportunities and build on them. By adopting these trends, you will be placing your business on a path to greater success.

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With the dropshipping landscape changing constantly, there is a need for ecommerce entrepreneurs to adapt strategically to keep their businesses viable. Recently, it has become obvious that the traditional method of dropshipping is not as viable as it used to be in the past. Selling private label products have become one of the best new things for entrepreneurs.

Previously, we have covered what private labeling means and the benefits it offers to dropshippers. We also discussed a little on how entrepreneurs can embrace the model and hit the ground running. In this post, we will discuss a few viable private label products. Without further ado, here are some of the best private label products you can sell on Amazon.

Apparel and Accessories

Clothing will forever remain a profitable market. It is also a wonderful market for private label brands. It is never too late to start a clothing line, and there is no better way to do it these days than through private labeling.

Choosing a sub-niche can make your entry into the private label apparel market easier. For instance, you can concentrate on one or more of these highly-searched niches (yoga pants for women, hiking boots, maternity dresses, and jean shorts for women). You can choose a different niche, of course.

Reusable Water Bottles

Demand for water bottles has been on the rise, and we are confident that it will continue to rise even more steadily. Another important trend is the rise of reusable water bottles. Some brands in the niche have experienced remarkable growth, and it is not late to start.

Safety and quality are the keywords in water bottles. If your private label water bottles tick the two boxes and you grow your brand, it can be a major hit.

Reusable Bags

No matter what you think about it, consumers are actually going crazy about reusable bags. It is not just about reducing cost, but also about saving the environment by reducing plastic pollution.

Reusable bags are marketed as eco-friendly, and you must know how to take full advantage of the trend (which is actually a good course). You should be practical and fashionable with your concepts, also.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are mostly used in the manufacturer of other products. Recently, consumers are beginning to order for them so much for different DIY uses. This is still a good time to tap into the market.

The essential oils market can be a little tricky. In the beginning, you need to define your brand properly and decide to target either high-end or low-end consumers.

Phone Accessories

Humans are steadily becoming more dependent on their mobile devices, especially smartphones. We all want to use our phones in different situations, and we need different accessories for these different situations.

Phone accessories have always been a gold mine, but the time is just ripe for private label dropshippers to crack the market further. You can private label all the different little products lumped into the phone accessories category. It is truly a huge market.

Cosmetic and Skin Care Products

The skincare industry is another huge market that is enticing for private label brands. Some who have succeeded in this niche are super-rich because of the insanely huge margin for cosmetics and skincare products.

It may take a lot of work to build a thriving brand in the skincare and cosmetic industry, but once you do, the reward can be mind-blowing. The market may favor celebrities and famous people more, but any creative individual can crack the code. Consider going natural or vegan; you can get some loyal customers pretty soon. Also, insist on quality and safe products.

Packaged Food

If you are looking for a relatively easy way to start a private label brand, packaged food is the niche to try. This doesn’t mean the industry is less valuable than others. Far from that, it is a big market that a few individuals think about.

You should realize that people have many options when it comes to buying food. Find something cool to attract them. Think vegan, gluten-free, organic foods, keto diet, and more.

Tracking Devices

The GPS tracking device market is estimated to reach $2.89 billion by 2023. There are several factors spurring the growth, and we are very confident that the growth will continue for a long time. This is still a good time to start building your brand in the niche.

In addition to tracking their vehicles, people are beginning to track personal items like phones, keys, pets, and even their kids’ backpacks. As people become more security conscious about the most valuable things in their lives, the market will continue to grow. It is time to get in and stand in a firm position to hit it big in the growing market.

Final Words

Running a private label brand can be very profitable. One of the most important keys to success is identifying the right products and choosing the right suppliers. As rewarding as it is, the business model is a little tougher than regular dropshipping. It demands constant innovations and bold moves. When you do the right things, the rewards will be befitting.

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Dropshipping may be one of the best business models out there, but you need to know and do the right things in order to succeed. With competitions getting tougher in different niches, dropshippers need to be bold and creative. One of the strategies many successful dropshippers are adopting is private label dropshipping.

Dropshipping has changed a lot over the years. Sticking to the old methods doesn’t work for anyone again. If you are interested in creating a dropshipping business that can stand the test of time, private label dropshipping is the way to go.

What Is Private Label Dropshipping?

In real sense, private labeling is when a manufacturer creates a product exclusively for a retailer. This means the retailer will sell the product under its own brand. It has been a common practice between big manufacturing firms and big international distributors and retail outlets.

In dropshipping, white labeling is when a product is packaged for a specific brand. In this case, the manufacturer doesn’t have to make the products exclusively for the dropshipper but will package them exclusively for the dropshipping brand. It can also be referred to as branding.

In private label dropshipping, products your customers will buy from your online store will be branded as yours. You don’t have to handle the inventory to achieve this. It works just like regular dropshipping, only that you may have to pay a little more for branding, depending on your supplier.

What Are The Advantages Of Private Labeling?

Firstly, it is important that we state here that many successful dropshippers are using private labeling as a strategy to grow their brand and conquer their respective niches and markets. Clearly, the strategy has many advantages. Here, we will concentrate on the most significant advantages:

Increased Margin

Private label products command higher prices in dropshipping. When your products are of the right quality and properly branded, you can price more competitively and enjoy an increased profit margin. Many retailers reportedly earn as much as 25 – 30% higher gross margins on private labels compared to manufacturer’s brands.

Customer Loyalty

With white labeling dropshipping, it is easier to build customer loyalty. People love to buy from brands they can identify with, and once you are able to make them love your brand, your private label products will sell better.

Lower Marketing Costs

It may appear like private label dropshipping attracts more costs, but the fact is that it actually reduces operating costs in the long run. After a while, your private label products will begin to sell themselves. This means you will spend less on advertising campaigns.

Greater Market Stability

When you are able to get your customers to love your private label products, you can be sure of improved market stability. Many consumers choose products because of quality, consistency, and affordability. Once your products meet their needs, they will likely continue to buy even during economic downturns.

What Are Possible Disadvantages Of Private Label Dropshipping?

While there are several positive things about Private label dropshipping, there are possible downsides you need to be aware of. Here are the most notorious ones:

Minimum Orders

Some manufacturers insist that dropshippers place a minimum order that may be beyond their reach when they want private label products. This can force some to order more than necessary.

Dead Inventory

This is a problem that is mostly experienced by new entrants. The retailer may order a line of private label products that customers do not like, and clearing the inventor will become a big problem.

How to Dropship Private Label

Private label dropshipping is not hard to start and run. Here are the critical steps you need to take if this is the part you want to go:

Find a Dropshipping Supplier

This is the most important aspect of the journey. You need to find a supplier or dropshipping platform that will agree to source and handle private labeling for you. Fulfillman is one of the best platforms for this.

Define Your Brand Identity

This is a critical step that can determine your success or otherwise. Branding is very important, and you need to define your brand identity carefully. It will determine how your audience will perceive you and how well your products will sell.

Improve Your Brand Awareness

This is the final foundation stage of private label dropshipping. Here, you find the best way to boost brand awareness and become a darling to your customers. Among other things, make sure you include SEO, social media, and quality content in your strategy.

Using Fulfillman for Private Label Dropshipping

As hinted earlier, Fulfillman is one of the best platforms you can use for private label dropshipping. The company offers the best branding services in the industry. When you choose Fulfillman, they will deliver the ultimate private label dropshipping experience through:

  • Branding flyers that can help boost your sales
  • Custom branding packages that will give your stock the ultimate look of a real brand
  • Logo stickers that can unify your brand and give it a professional look
  • Gift cards for your customers to boost loyalty
  • And many more.

Working with Fulfillman will give you an edge over others who are also involved in private label dropshipping, but using other suppliers.

Final Words

Dropshipping is changing at an unprecedented pace. Online store owners who can’t adapt to the changing climate will be pushed out. It is important that you stay ahead of trends and use the best strategies to build your business. Private label dropshipping is the real deal now, and choosing Fulfillman as your supplier will give you an edge over your competition.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.


Contrary to what some people will want you to believe, dropshipping is still a viable business model. While there are many dropshippers who are going out of business, many are still grinding. In fact, some new entrants are even making it big in dropshipping. What many have failed to understand is that there is a system to success in dropshipping. In addition to using the right dropshipping platform, knowing and following trends helps a lot. To give you some sort of head start, we will briefly discuss the top eight dropshipping trends of the holiday season right here.

Sweatshirts, Hoodies, and Joggers

The holiday season of 2020 is all about comfortable clothing. The year has really been tough, and no one should let the weather add to their tribulations. To make the season as comfortable as possible, sweatshirts, hoodies, and joggers are going to be so helpful. They are no longer relegated to the sportswear section.

Smart dropshippers have seen the inclusion of these items in loungewear as well as streetwear collections. Consider designing a line of sweatsuits for your customers this season. They may be your biggest sales in the casual clothing section this holiday.

Exercise Bands

Workout enthusiasts were among the group affected most by the coronavirus pandemic as quarantine meant that gym houses were shut down all over the world. While a few were able to set up home gyms, most relied on exercise resistance bands. At the moment, the products are still selling like crazy.

Even if you did not tap into the exercise bands market in the early days, the holiday season is another excellent opportunity to take advantage of it. They are still trending, as the second phase of lockdown stares many countries and regions in the face. Most people will also prefer to exercise at home this season, so the market is still booming.

Animal Novelty Socks

There are so many animal lovers in the world, and most will quickly buy anything that features their favorite creature. Marketers have been taking advantage of that for so long, and dropshippers are embracing the trends. A pair of socks that has animals printed on them will always sell fast, but it is not often easy to find such socks in regular stores.

Animal novelty socks sell out fast. They will definitely make a great addition to your online store this season. People turn to them when they are unsure of the right, affordable gift to buy for their loved ones who are animal lovers. You will be solving a problem for many this season, and the reward can be great.


T-shirts are all-season products, and many will argue that they are not the best for the season. Though they are not the most appropriate pieces of clothing for the winter season, they are actually the bread and butter of e-commerce apparel. They will sell greatly this season, just like before.

There are a few ways to ensure that your T-shirts are perfect for this holiday season. When you sell premium quality shirts produced in an eco-friendly manner, you will attract many buyers. You should style the shirts to suit your niche and the season.

Nail Polish

It is expected that the global nail polish market will hit $15.6 billion by 2024. A few dropshippers have gotten wind of what is happening in the industry and are cashing out massively. Starting from March when the coronavirus hit hard, the trend started as people needed to personally take care of their nails at home.

It is not late to join the trend and make some cool cash this season. There is a new trend in designer nails among the younger population, and it is poised to continue for the foreseeable future.

Phone Tripods

Phone tripods are fast becoming the most popular items in the ever-growing niche of phone accessories. This is basically because people are using their mobiles for so many things that require a hands-free operation. From business professionals who need to make more zoom calls to teens who need to take amazing selfies to regular folks who need to be on Facetime, the list is endless. Another wonderful reason phone tripods sell fast is the fact that they are affordable.

Wall Art

Wall arts are as popular as ever. Actually, more people are buying large pictures that can say a thousand words more this season. The time is right to get in and be part of the best-selling home décor products out there. Wall arts make great personalized holiday gifts. There should be flexibility to your design in a manner that lets your customers have what they have creatively shipped to them.


Mugs will always be part of any season’s trends. They are universal products that appeal to most shoppers, and you will do well to have them in your online store this holiday season. It is important to make your designs unique, as other dropshippers are clearly trying to sell mugs too. Remember that many will buy them as gifts for their loved ones, so your niche is not the only thing to consider when designing. Design gift-appropriate mugs for the season, and the sales will amaze you.

We have discussed the best trending products to dropship during the 2020 holiday season. The ball is in your court right now. Remember that the products in your store should reflect your brand. We hope this piece helps you sell more this season and beyond.

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Dropshipping has become one of the most popular business models in the world. It is one of the easiest ways to get into e-commerce, and the profit potentials are equally enticing. As more and more people join platforms like Fulfillman and CJ Dropship, the dropshipping industry, competition is becoming more serious, and only innovative entrepreneurs who understand the secrets to success in the industry succeed.

Fun fact: there are no big secrets in dropshipping, especially today. In the past, dropshipping was a little bit tougher to handle. These days, dropshippers just have to choose the right platforms, and everything can fall into place. This doesn’t mean dropshippers have nothing else to do to ensure success. What we are trying to say is that choosing the right platform plays a huge role in every dropshipping success story these days.

But how do you choose the right dropshipping platform since there are so many of them out there? The answer is simple; research all platforms and compare the best ones before making a decision. To help make the process simpler for you, we will compare two of the top platforms most dropshippers are using these days: Fulfillman and CJ Dropship.


Considering that this company was just formed in 2016, the achievements it has recorded is mind-blowing. In less than five years, Fulfillman has become one of the top dropshipping platforms in the world, offering all kinds of services that make dropshipping as simple as ABC for online entrepreneurs.

Fulfillman was launched at a challenging period for dropshippers. The team behind the company was smart enough to address some of the major problems dropshippers were facing, and their ingenuity was rewarded tremendously. They were able to attract several dropshippers. In their four years of operation, they have improved further, which is why dropshippers are continually moving to them. Here, we will summarize some of the qualities that make Fulfillman super-attractive.

Product Sourcing

Fulfillman is strategically located in China to source products directly from manufacturers. They have a large network that allows them to get the best goods at the best prices. The team takes the headache of sourcing away from their customers. They also check every product to ensure they are compliant with quality standards before purchasing on your behalf.

Product Branding

Fulfillman understands the need to have their clients’ products branded appropriately. They do that for clients in a manner that will set their products apart from similar products from direct competition. Fulfillman branding is done without extra charges for the clients. It can help any dropshipper promote brand awareness and enhance customer retention.

Fast Delivery

One of the best ways to keep customers satisfied is to deliver their products as fast as possible. Most consumers want to get their products soon after placing their orders. They will cling to dropshippers and e-commerce brands that make this happen. By choosing Fulfillman as your dropshipping platform, you will be able to please most customers. They use the fastest shipping methods to get products to the doorsteps of your customer without you breaking a sweat.


Despite being among the very best dropshipping platforms in terms of infrastructures and process, Fulfillman still offers the cheapest rates to its customers. Another major reason dropshippers love this platform is the fact that it is transparent. There are no hidden charges of any sort.

Customer Support 

This is another major reason Fulfillman users never think of leaving the platform for any other. In addition to delivering the best services, the company has the best customer support service in the industry. The team has several capable hands that are eager to help clients resolve any issue as quickly as possible. Support is available 24/7.

CJ Dropship

CJ Dropship is an all-in-one dropshipping solution provider. The company has some solid infrastructure that makes dropshipping smooth and easy for online entrepreneurs. The company prides itself as one of the best global dropshipping platforms for many reasons. They have warehouses in China, The United States, Thailand, Germany, Indonesia, and a few more under construction. Their robust infrastructure gives them an advantage over many other companies. Here are a few other strong points of the company.

Fast Processing and Shipping

For a company that has warehouses in different parts of the world, it is understandable that CJ Dropshipping processes and ships as fast as possible. Sourcing is pretty easy as they have agents, and they will ship as fast as possible.

Quality Check

Before shipping, CJ Dropship gets the right individuals to check products for quality compliance. This ensures that your buyers get the right quality of product at all times.

Affordable Dropshipping Solution

CJ Dropship is a big player in the industry, so it is understandable that its services are rendered at affordable rates. They also offer free personal agents for dropshippers; $0 start-up fee, $0 investment on inventory, $0 warehouse storage fee, and many other free goodies for its customers.

Curriculum Support

CJ Dropship tries to make starting dropshipping as easy as possible. It has a free course on YouTube that can help anyone to start dropshipping. They also provide popular product recommendations as well as regular Q&A to make the journey easy for beginner dropshippers.


Fulfillman and CJ Dropship are two wonderful dropshipping platforms that make things easy for online entrepreneurs. If we are to pick a winner between the two, it will be Fulfillman. While CJ Dropship offers features that make things easier for beginner dropshippers to find their ground, Fulfillman offers conducive infrastructure and processes for everyone. From beginners to experienced dropshippers, everyone will enjoy using Fulfillman. Excellent customer support also means problems and challenges can be handled easily. Looking at the reviews from Fulfillman users will convince you more about the company. The company receives nothing but praises from its users, who are mostly impressed by the reliability, efficiency, and ease of running their dropshipping businesses with Fulfillman. To let more about this amazing company, contact us straight away.

Contact us today at Fulfillman. We provide a wide range of services including Global Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Dropshipping, Third Party Logistics, and lots more. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.



Many people are drawn to dropshipping because of the freedom it offers. It is one of the easiest business models and can be very rewarding in the long run. Becoming a successful dropshipper may not be as easy as it used to be before, but the business model is still potent and profitable. The entrepreneur just has to realize that a lot has changed in the last few years and align their practices with what works now. Fulfillman and SourcinBox are among the two platforms used for dropshipping.

In terms of success in dropshipping currently, it is all about automation. There are different tools that can help dropshippers run their businesses better, and knowing the right ones to choose is what matters most. Among the companies making waves in the dropshipping industry are Fulfillman and SourcinBox. The two are recognized platforms used by many dropshippers, but they have notable differences dropshippers need to know about. Here, we will compare the two platforms to provide readers with adequate information to make informed decisions.


Established in 2016, Fulfillman is one of the new ecommerce platforms changing the game in dropshipping. Within a few years of operation, the company has established itself as one of the leading providers of dropshipping services to clients in different parts of the world. It is recognized for its holistic and efficient approach to dropshipping that makes business operations smooth and easy for dropshippers.

In under five years, Fulfillman has been able to attract so many dropshippers. We have noticed that many informed entrepreneurs are switching to Fulfillman for their dropshipping business, and the company continues to make necessary improvements to cater to their needs and that of their customers. Here are some of the major reasons Fulfillman is attracting more dropshippers:

Excellent Desktop and Mobile Platforms

Fulfillman entered the dropshipping industry when the need for mobile optimization became a critical issue. The company created one of the best platforms for both desktop and mobile users. Over the years, it has kept its platforms in excellent conditions to support all desktop and mobile users, making it easy for dropshippers to conduct businesses with any device of their choice.

Product Sourcing and Quality Checks

Fulfillman helps its customers to source products in China. The company is located in one of the most strategic industrial areas and have access to some of the best manufacturing companies in the country. They are able to source products at the best prices for their customers. In addition, they offer quality checks to ensure that the products meet the set standards.

Product Branding

Many dropshippers also prefer Fulfillman because of its product branding services that do not attract extra charges. Dropshippers who want to grow their brands understand the importance of product branding. Fulfillman happens to be the best in this regard.

Fast Shipping Services

Customers want to receive their products as early as possible after purchase. Fulfillman is one of the companies that make that possible in the shortest possible time. They use the fastest shipping method to get the product to the doorstep of your customers in the quickest time. This is beneficial for dropshippers in many ways.

Unsurpassed Customer Support

This is one factor that distinguishes Fulfillman from the other top-ranking dropshipping platforms. Over the years, it has distinguished itself as the ultimate champion when it comes to customer support. The team is available 24/7 to help dropshippers handle any problem that arises. This makes the experience of dealing with the company exciting and fulfilling.


SourcinBox is regarded as one of the top dropshipping agents offering a number of services for dropshippers. The agency boasts of offering a 100% free app that lets dropshippers access some of the most important services they need to run their business. Overall, it is an impressive agency that excels at the services it offers.

SourcinBox is a Chinese dropshipping agency with a difference. Over the years, it has attracted many dropshipper due to some important factors. Here are some of SourcinBox services and reasons it is loved by some businesses:

Sourcing and Quality Check

Just as the name suggests, SourcinBox is a good sourcing agency. They are strategically located in an industrial area where they can source quality products directly from manufacturers. They also check product quality to ensure they meet the necessary standard.

Purchasing and Warehousing

Like most Chinese sourcing agencies, SourcinBox will purchase and warehouse products for dropshippers pending shipping. The warehousing is also done free, which is normal in dropshipping.


SourcinBox is also involved in order fulfillment. They are also fast with their fulfillment services as orders are fulfilled within 24 hours of order placement.


We have tried to compare Fulfillman and SourcinBox in a fair manner. From the important information we have provided, you can tell that the two companies are different in some important ways. While Fulfillman is a complete dropshipping platform involved in all aspects of dropshipping, SourcinBox is a sourcing agency that offers extra services. For established dropshippers that have a standard to maintain, Fulfillman is the better company. In addition to the qualities mentioned above, it is involved in product photography, its packages are very affordable, and the team will keep you updated. Real ecommerce entrepreneurs will benefit more from the Fulfillman than SourcinBox.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Dropshipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.