A Beginners’ Guide to International Dropshipping

February 14, 2020 eCommerce Tips

Dropshipping is an online business where an eCommerce store doesn’t keep the products in stock, which means no inventory cost or headaches. Simply put, as a store owner, when a product is sold through your online store, you simply forward the purchase order to a wholesaler or manufacturer who fulfills it.

Since the only thing you need for dropshipping business is a PC and internet connection, you have the opportunity to operate anywhere. Dropshipping allows you to sell products worldwide without even leaving your home. You can live in Africa and sell goods to the USA or Europe. It’s that flexible! The question now is, how do you do this internationally in an effective way. Below is a perfect guide for you:

Make a List of the Countries You Want to Dropship To

A product that sells in country A might not bring in the same high number of sales in country B; you need to know where your products could do the trick and bring money in. Luckily, some tools can be used to ascertain this.

With tools like Google Trends, you can easily evaluate the level of demand for certain items, even by region. You just need to type your keywords in the search field and see how people’s interest in the product has been changing. If your product is not trending in the country, or the demand for it is very low, then you need to weed out these countries from your list and put the big ones.

Do Market Research

Market research is another vital part of international dropshipping. It gives you the answer to how the competition is in your niche. It would help if you sized up the level of competition in your niche, as too many people doing the same thing isn’t good.

If there are many online stores of the same niche in a country, and you go into the same blindly without proper research, the end result might not be favorable. However, if there’s proper market research, you’ll be able to break into the market and hit the jackpot.

Run Separate Promotional Campaigns for Each Country

Remember, every country has a distinct history, culture, or traditions. If you’re in Rome, you should do as the Romans do. This means while dropshipping internationally, you need to consider the diversity between countries. Running promotional campaigns for your business is vital, and you need to do it right.

While creating your commercial, you should have a special approach to each country you target. Also, if you want your campaigns to have the maximum impact on the country, you need to translate it into the local language.

Provide a Great Customer Service

There’s nothing like tremendous and top-notch customer service! When you provide excellent customer service, you give your customers that a good impression of you and your brand, they’ll be happy, satisfied, feel they are part of your brand, and they’ll want more of your products.

In contrast, unsatisfied customers are more inclined to take their anger out on you by leaving negative feedback; and you don’t want to have negative feedback all over your store.

Translate Customer Reviews

Believe it or not, your store visitors read the reviews that the previous buyers have left about your products and your customer service before thinking about ordering the same. Translating customer reviews is another essential part of providing excellent customer service and building your reputation as a brand.

You need to know that customer feedback could be posted in different languages. When this happens, how do other countries understand what is written? Especially your target countries. Thus, it would help if you translated the positive reviews into English, at least. For better results, you need your product reviews to include comments in all the languages your potential clients speak.

Suitable and Effective Payment Gateways

What do you think happens when a customer is about to make payment for an order, but the store doesn’t accept their credit card, or the gateway is just unresponsive? They’ll quit, of course. If you don’t want this, you need to integrate suitable payment gateways in your online store. Also, make sure that the gateways you’re about to set are available in the countries you’re going to target.

Choose Suitable Dropshipping Suppliers

The necessity of a reliable business partner cannot be overemphasized, especially in dropshipping, where your supplier has a lot to say in the success of your business. If you want to dropship internationally, you need to choose suitable suppliers that will be able to deliver the products to every country you target. Also, the supplier must not only be able to deliver to every target country but to deliver the products fast.

Choose Suppliers Close to Your Customers

When doing international dropshipping, try to find the suppliers storing their products nearby your customers. Why? Well, you must know that the longer the shipping time, the more questions your clients will be bombarding you with.

The most impatient and irritable of them could be a real pain in your neck and cause some troubles or reputation damage for your business. To avoid this, you should work towards reducing the delivery time. The best way to achieve this is to search for the sellers that are nearby who store their products in the countries you target or in the neighboring states.

There you have it! Above is the guide that you need for international dropshipping. From the guide, we’ve seen how vital it is to make necessary market research, ensuring effective payment gateway, effective customer service, and how getting everything right with the suppliers is essential!

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