9 Top Secrets of Super Successful Video Marketing

November 28, 2019 Video Marketing

Getting the attention of people nowadays with video is not an easy task. Researches have shown that one-fifth of viewers are likely to click away from a video within 10 seconds of playing. This is why you need the best practices and top tips for ensuring your video marketing campaigns smash your objectives. Below are some top secrets of super successful video marketing.

Make the First Few Seconds Worthwhile

One top-secret about video marketing is making use of your first few seconds wisely. The truth is one-fifth of viewers are likely to click away from a video within 10 seconds of playing. This is why you need to capture the attention of your viewers right from the start of the video. Give them something to keep them yearning for more. A good way to keep them glued is to spark their curiosity by asking questions and using teasers.

Let Your Video Be Full of Life and Humor

Sometimes you need a bit of comedy and humor incorporated into your video to pass an effective message. Maybe your video is dealing with a corporate world; it still doesn’t take away the fact that a little humor shouldn’t be included. Most of these corporate workers have had a busy or boring day.

Don’t you think your video should include humor to enlighten their mood?  Making your video full of life and humor can actually do so much more in getting you that success tag.

Be Story Centered

The idea here is to concentrate on telling an outstanding story, and not on sales. People tend to be very bad at video marketing because they are unaware or feel this secret is no biggie. However, it’s really a big one. They fail because the purpose is being ignored, and greediness has set in. When a customer feels they are not connecting to the story, and all that they need to convince them to purchase is not there, they back out.

To avoid this, you should be story centered, talk about the story, and focusing on the value you are providing to consumers rather than tricking them into buying. If they’re convinced to buy as a result of your story, chances are they’ll be satisfied and still come back for more.

Optimize Your Video with SEO

Before you upload your video to any sharing site, there’s a need to ensure you got the maximum value from it. You can host it on your domain, and you can also embed it to increase the chances of getting more inbound links.

 Also, get the video optimized by adding the necessary details needed. Descriptions, tags, and relevant keywords are things that shouldn’t be missing in your video to have a successful video marketing. 

Include Calls to Action

This is another top secret that will influence how successful you can be in video marketing. When making videos, it is vital to optimize your content with calls to action. Calls to action don’t necessarily lead to a sale, for instance, it could be a call to subscribe to your channel, to follow or like your page, to share with friends, to comment on the video, or probably to check out other exciting content.

Where to Place CTA- Calls to Action in Your Videos

Well, there are three common positions to place your calls to action in your videos. It can be at the. Beginning of the video, at the middle, or the end of the video. Pre-roll calls to action are the ones placed at the start of a video for people to click. Midroll calls are usually between the start and the end of the video. Post-roll calls to action are the ones at the end of the video; it ensures the viewer is highly interested before being presented with the CTA.

Make it Emotional

When making your marketing videos, you need to add spice it up with a tune of emotion. When there’s emotion, there’s a potential to be noticed. Some things are just natural and quicker to get the attention of viewers. Apparently, emotion is one of them. It doesn’t mean you want them to cry, but to adding something that triggers their emotion and get them hooked to the video.

Educate & Prove Yourself

Well, education comes in many forms, and one of the top secrets of a successful video marketing campaign is not to just upload any video, but educate your audience with it. For instance, you can teach your customers how to use your product or service from the video. Also, you can create a webinar to create more awareness for your brand, showcase your industry knowledge, add values to your customers’ lives. All of which, in turn, can lead to more lead generation.

Videos Should Be Directed at Specific Audience

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For every video that you’re making, there should be a specific goal behind it. Having a goal and plan will make video marketing a successful one. The secret is to make sure the audience you’re directing your video really needed it. Posting a retirement plan video to a young group of people or community occupied by students would be a wrong move. Know your target market and how to reach them. 


There you have it! Above are the top secrets of super successful video marketing. It is sad to see that when it comes to being successful at video marketing, some video marketers are still not having it easy. Well, it might be because they aren’t informed up to some point. Luckily, the above secrets have dealt with it, and they’re all that you need to be super successful at video marketing.

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