9 Product Photography Tips To Help Increase Your Conversion

May 30, 2021 eCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

Great product images have the power to influence your website visitors to click the right buttons to order your products. On the flip side, your conversion rate will stay low if your product images are not on point. We don’t want that for you. That’s why we offer you the following product photography tips to increase your conversion rate and help show potential customers what your brand is all about.

Know Your Audience

Humans are easily affected by visuals because we tend to process what we see faster than we hear. Interestingly the way we process these visuals differ from person to person. You’d need to factor that into your product photography. Who are the products for, and what kinds of visuals influence them the most? Is the product a male-oriented one? Is it targeted at millennials, Gen X or Gen Z? Knowing your audience’s likes or dislikes will help you get the right product images that click with them.

Try to Capture the Right Context

Here’s an illustration to put things in perspective. If you are selling health and fitness products, you’d be better off with a product image that includes a fit model than you would with just the products themselves. It might cost an extra dollar to get a model to be part of the photo, but people will imagine themselves looking as fit as the model if they use the product. Naturally, they will want to get the product as soon as they can.

The Right Background is Key

It would be best to have the right environment to make that product image good enough to arrest some attention. Try taking your product photos against backgrounds that are as natural as they are captivating. You might want to try the popular white background that allows for contrast and clarity. You might also choose to experiment with a background that serves to reinforce the context of the product.

Provide Different Viewing Angles.

Nothing promotes your product better than showing the different angles to it. So when taking your product photos, aim for shots that show every aspect of the product. That way, the customer can ascertain the size of the product. Providing different angles also lets your site visitors envision what using the product will feel like since they already have a complete view of its size, branding and other key details. One great way to do that is to take close-up shots at a short distance so that the finer details of the products are revealed.

 Pay Attention to the Lighting

The lighting of the photo is just as important as the product you are taking photos of. While there are lots of studio lights that you might, nothing quite beats natural light. Aim to use it as much as you can when taking product photos. If possible, you should aim for the brightest part of the day and the location that offers the best natural light.

Capture All The Options You Stock

You want your site visitors to get an idea of all the products that you stock. That is why you want to take as many product photos as possible. Capture all the options of the product that you have to offer. For example, if you have a product that comes in different colors, you should try to capture all of those colors so that your visitors can choose which suits them the most.

Factor In The SEO Angle.

Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website ranks high on internet searches. A well-rounded SEO practice will increase your conversion rates.SEO requires metadata and captions for the photos of the products you put on your site. You’d need to include top-notch metadata that improves your SEO practices.

Use Social Media

We live in a digital age, and one of the biggest tools there is social media. Social media, among other things, is a photo-oriented platform that allows you to get traction for your website using different channels. You can do this by allowing your product photo to be shared. It is one of the best ways to get your products out there and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Get Professionals

You could go the DIY route with your product photos, but it is highly unlikely that your work can beat a seasoned product photographer. So it might be a great idea to let professionals handle your product photography. That way, you are assured of product images guaranteed to sell your products in the best light.


Believe it or not, your product photos are linked to your conversion rates. If people are not impressed by what they see, they are less likely to want to order. Use the tips we just described to create product photos that make site visitors want to order your products.

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