8 Top Tips to Create a Brand Voice as Unique as Your Business

February 19, 2022 eCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

Branding is the foundation for long-term company success. Companies that recognize this tend to be the most well-liked and long-lasting. Throughout their whole marketing plan, they put effort into developing a consistent presence and personality. People usually consider a brand’s brand image while analyzing it. However, another factor sometimes disregarded is voice and tone.

What Does Brand Voice Mean

The identity and emotions that a company’s messages are embedded with are referred to as Brand Voice. It includes everything from the words and expressions you use to the identity and impression you want to convey through your marketing channels. It is critical in ensuring that your message is heard above the bustle and leaves a lasting impact on target customers.

The Difference between Tone and Voice

Voice: This is your company’s personality. The voice is usually consistent and constant.

Tone: The tone refers to your voice’s emotional expression. It is usually dynamic as it changes to match the message at hand.

While your voice remains constant, your tone may shift depending on the situation. A social media message promoting a fun sale, for example, might have a lighter tone than one conveying information about losses.

How to Establish Your Company’s Brand Voice

Here are some essential tips to establish your company’s brand voice:

Examine Your Mission Statement and Brand Promise

The brand promise is how you’ve structured the face of the company to give excellent services and goods to your clients and consumers, while your mission statement is how you’ve arranged your firm’s fundamental viewpoint to attract and encourage staff. These two statements, although appearing to be on opposing ends of the scale, work together to produce a consistent message that encourages all employees to represent the company effectively and contribute to its positive reputation.

Use Your Brand Tone of Voice

The tone of voice expresses the personality of your company via the words you write and say. Your message isn’t the key focus here but how you pass the message and how it affects everyone who reads or listens to the message. The consistency of your brand voice is critical because it establishes your business culture, conveys a message to your target consumers, and serves as a remarkable reflection of what your company offers.

Conduct a Thorough Examination Of Your Entire Content

To evaluate your present branding, compile all of your marketing content. Audit the content with your staff, from your website text to newsletters and printed materials, and embrace any favorable feedback. Is any of the content likely to be distributed by your industry’s competitors? Which content items stand out as exemplifying your unique value proposition’s mission, promise, and standards? Save those pieces and use them as models for rewriting any other content and any future content that will be posted on social media and in marketing materials. You may establish an effective brand voice by keeping an eye on your competitors.

Perform Market Research

You adopt a unique voice while communicating with your intended audience. Examine and update your market research – who are you selling to, and what are their problems? What are their ages, and what languages do they speak? Create a profile for your target customer, immerse yourself in their thoughts, and tailor your brand voice to appeal directly to them. Examine what your competitors are doing, how they are positioning themselves, and the messages they are passing.

Get Feedback

Communicate with your audience and your staff to see whether your brand message conforms to what is being conveyed. If there are any inconsistencies in the feedback, you’ll know where to concentrate your efforts. If the feedback corresponds to your desired brand voice, then you all know you’re doing it correctly.

Pay Attention to Your Clients Language

Many businesses do not pay attention to their customers or grasp their language. The customer’s voice is the one that stands out the most. What they say should be recorded. Create word clouds based on recurring themes, phrases, and a small number of high-impact words that are important to them and make use of it; this is an effective strategy.

Make Guidelines And Circulate Them

To maintain uniformity, develop a list of rules; keep a strong and thorough collection of notes for reference as you proceed through the aforementioned steps of building your brand’s voice and tone. Then create brand voice guidelines, which establish best practices for articulating corporate values and ensuring consistency across digital and printed communications. This is especially true if you’re using a content writing service with authors who aren’t as familiar with your brand’s contents as an in-house writer. When writing, marketing agencies, and public relations firms can also use a tone-of-voice guide.

Maintain Consistency in Your Voice

Through our vision, goal, and fundamental principles, we invest a lot of work developing a unique voice for our organization. It’s a challenging task to establish a brand voice. Consistency is essential while using so many avenues to deliver our message. Ensure that your voice is audible across all platforms. Consumers must recognize that same voice when they open your email, browse your website, or get direct mail.


Establishing a tone that speaks directly to your customers and building a strong community is essential to developing a successful brand voice. Your brand’s voice is the warm, genuine tone that keeps your customers pleased and engaged. It’s crucial to remember that while consistency is important, flexibility is equally necessary. Be ready to modify your brand’s tone as client preferences and the market can change.

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