8 Essential Tips to Maximize Your Final Days of Summer Sales

September 18, 2021 eCommerce Tips

Summertime is advancing, and as the temperature rises, sales begin to decline. As the holiday spirits gradually begin to set in, people start shifting their focus to the beaches and hills where they can relieve themselves of the heat. But why do sales drop during summer, and how can business owners withstand this common slump in summer sales?

Overcoming the sales drop during summer is important to boost sales for your ecommerce or dropshipping business. There are several strategies that you can use to overcome the instantaneous drop in summer sales. It’s not unusual that people have low buying intent during the summer season; however, you can always adopt the right business strategy to help you stay relevant even in the warmer months.

Did you experience summer sales slump? Check out our tips to recover from the downturn maximize your final days of summer sales.

Set Goals and Track Your Progress

You might have already had a Quota, but if you’re experiencing a summer sales slump, it’s best to set smaller goals to boost your morale and help to reach your quota. Create achievable goals that are within your control, such as making prospecting calls, and ensure your track your progress. Smaller goals can help you forge ahead, and in no time, you’d be surprised how you’d be able to achieve a lot more after achieving a handful of mini-goals. So adjusting your goals is entirely okay as long as you’re progressing.

Adjust Your Content Strategy

Just as the summer season brings a feeling of cheerfulness, warmth, and excitement, your content should also reflect that. You can also tweak your website and online store page designs and make them reflect that holiday spirit. Your content could be a newsletter or blog post but ensure that the content suits the several events that occur at the final days of summer. There are a variety of opportunities during summer events to get more customers than you usually do during the season.  Whether you sell traditional summer products or not, you can create content to suit the fall of summer, target the summer events and generate more sales.

Socialize With Others

The summer season comes with various outdoor events, and you can use it to your advantage. Attending these outdoor events increases your chances of socializing, creating networks, and getting leads. People are usually more approachable, relaxed, and comfortable with making new friends. You can create rapport with them, suggest ways to need their needs, and you never can tell; you may be creating a long-term relationship.

Generate More Sales By Hosting a Photo Contest in the Final Days of Summer

You can’t go wrong with a special summer photo contest strategy. Almost everyone will be taking a vacation, so you can leverage this to drive more sales. Hold a vacation photo contest where people can participate by clicking pictures using your online products and submit them. You can have them submit their best summer vacation photo and their contact information.

Promote the contest on the various social media platforms and attach a special reward to the contest winners such as special discounts, $100 gift cards, etc. Holding contest usually create an almost instant buzz around your business which can drive more traffic to you.

Run Summer-themed Ads

If you’re a fan of paid advertising, you can leverage on the fall of summer to get more sales by creating summer-themed ads. Running a summer-themed ad or back-to-school ads would give your potential customers a feeling of urgency, making them want to buy. Additionally, the ads would help drive more traffic to your online store while you get more sales.

Get Referrals from Satisfied Customers

Undoubtedly, referrals are the best source of sales to businesses. However, many business owners do not leverage it as much as they should. Its always beneficial to reach out to your customers to refer you to anyone who can benefit from your product; this can generate more sales since most people would buy when someone they know refers them. Summertime is usually a great time to seek referrals as most people are relaxed and have more time on their hands.

Strengthen Existing Customer Relationships and Upsell

One of the easiest ways to generate sales is through existing customers. In most cases, it’s far easier to make a sale from someone who has tested your product or service before than a new customer. Leverage the summer season and nurture existing customer relationships. Since you’re checking on them, you can have an in-depth conversation about how they are using the product. You can use the opportunity to upsell and get more sales.

Get in Touch With Old Prospects with Deals that Haven’t Pulled Through.

Summertime might just be the right time to warm up that those cold deals that have been in the pipeline for months. Leverage the summer and remind them you’re available to help. The situation for prospects may be different now, so it won’t hurt to try and see if the deal is worth pursuing or not.


There you have it! Above are some important tips to maximize your final days of summer sales. Summer is usually a tough time to make sales; however, you don’t have to become unproductive. You can make the most out of it by reconnecting with old prospects and strategize future outreach.

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